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  1. Bringing it back to the topic at hand, does anyone know why Kellie Leitch did not speak at the Manning Conference in the If I Run series?
  2. A little over 3 weeks until Morneau's first budget. The topic of this thread will definitely be more clearer post the 22nd. I have no doubt Morneau is a competent business man, I just don't know if politically he is up to the task. Time will definitely tell.
  3. Not necessarily a bad thing, but the main point of my post was his questionable performance so far.
  4. It will be a wide field I think, which can be a good thing for party renewal, however, it increases the chances of a wildcard... i.e. O'Leary.
  5. Lets face it, Morneau has had a rough go in the early months of this government. The media has actually been fairly critical of him, he has proven to not do well in the HOC, doesn't seem to answer questions very directly and now is tasked with a budget that is going to have a deficit way bigger than was promised in the election. Just how is he going to handle scrums that day?! Plus, lots of questions have been raised on his financial holdings and potential conflict of interest situations going forward... Don't get me wrong, Bill Morneau should no doubt be in Trudeau's cabinet and a prominent
  6. Trump has a chance to sweep Super Tuesday because some polls have him very competitive with Cruz in his home state of Texas. According to 538.com, Rubio currently is not projected to win a single sate. Pretty damning for the so called Trump alternative. Crazy, me and everyone else figured Trump was just a side show... well he clearly is the Republican Party's Obama insofar as he can attract new voters to the polls. The race for November will be the most interesting in decades I think.
  7. I don't believe I ever said ranked balloting was a system. The Liberals should be reminded on that too, because they seem to view changing the "mechanism" as a system change as well. All I was saying is the Conservatives obviously know with the ranked balloting mechanism, they would not fair well, so they figure they might as well push the discussion on changing the whole system forward because there is more potential for them and other parties there. I understand Giorno is acting independent of the Conservative Party in this new role, but I am sure the general consensus in the party brass i
  8. I agree, however, on Super Tuesday, the so called Trump alternative, Rubio, is not favoured to win any contests... If I was a Republican, I would be supporting Gov. Kasich, its a shame he has not gotten more attention. He is the only sensible person left in the race and being from one of the biggest electoral prizes in Ohio and being a moderate, he is probably the most electable too. Disappointing. He is the only one that did not get caught up in the side show fray that was that Republican debate the other night on CNN.
  9. I think Guy Giorno obviously sees better paths to victory for the right in PR than ranked ballots, which would clearly favour the Liberals since they are almost everyone's 2nd choice party... I am all for electoral reform discussion, but not one that is fixed from the outset as the Liberal plan seems to be. If there is no referendum, the committee tasked with deciding this should not be stacked with a Liberal majority, and I think if all parties don't agree, it should not go through. Canadians didn't vote for ranked balloting, they voted for the issue to be looked at.
  10. Page was on The House today basically saying the Liberals are even less transparent with their financial data than the Conservatives were. He says the trend they are displaying is very alarming and they have only been in office a few months. This budget will be the most interesting in years, I can't wait to see how many "promises" are scaled back or canceled all together and the spin will be that Harper left them in more of a mess than they could have imagined. Is this the Trudeau government or the McGuinty government? Get ready folks, OHIP Tax 2.0 is coming
  11. My friend always sneaks out at 1pm, or "works from home" to work on report cards. PD days are a farce in most cases.
  12. In the end this pension will give people what, $6k a year? I mean that's better than nothing, but lets call this what it is, its not meant to bring more retirement stability to Canadians, its meant to line Liberal government coffers to just justify more spending and waste, and also reinforce the paternalistic attitude the Liberal Party has always had. We as citizens are too dumb to take care of ourselves, so let us take care of you for you. No thanks.
  13. Sons of Anarchy! I think Maxime has been positioning himself subtly as a leadership candidate long before Harper stepped down. I think obviously if Jason Kenney does run, he is the clear favourite. If he stays out, this race is pretty wide open. I hope Kenney stays out, and I think its more likely for him to pursue a united right in AB and go after Notley in the next AB election. I don't think it would be good for the CPC to go with Harper's "heir apparent". If she runs, I will be supporting Lisa Raitt.
  14. Its a Liberal government, its a fallacy that they allow their MPs to be more autonomous than a Conservative government, in recent times, they have been far worse.
  15. Maxime Bernier today during his talk at the Manning Conference cleared up any doubt on him running. He laughed every time he said "If I run..." I don't think Bernier would have much of a shot appealing to many voters outside of Quebec, but he definitely would be a factor in the race, and a potential key endorsement at some point. By the way, it has yet to be decided what kind of leadership convention it will be, right? Or is it assumed it will be the "points" system from 2004 when Harper won?
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