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  1. 1 year later and how is that North American Ebola epidemic coming along? Looks like another FOX news tempest in a tea pot
  2. I'm starting to lose interest in regular tv programming as there are are very few shows worthy of watching and those that i do watch are nearly 50% commercials, most of which are that scruffy bum on the Trivago commercials..
  3. Living in Quebec through 2 referendums i can assure you there will be some animosity from the yes side toward the no side, Excuses as to the yes sides loss will be aimed at many.. And expect another referendum in the next 10 years.
  4. I hope most of the voters are voting for more than mere national pride as separating from the UK will require the making from scratch a new country the infrastructure required will be a nightmare and will take many years and there will be no guarantee of Scotland being a better place when its all said and done. If many are voting to separate because they think their taxes will be less i feel they'll be in for a big disappointment. http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/scotland-independence-vote/ten-things-know-about-scotlands-independence-referendum-n203511
  5. Who owns that oil,the government of Scotland or the oil companies.? makes a big difference in who gets most of the money from that oil
  6. Sugar or some variant of it is used as a preservative in most products to increase shelf-life.
  7. I sure hope those voting for independence have looked at the big picture as to how Scotland will support itself after a separation. All federal programs will be gone,all government jobs will be gone, All federal subsidies will be gone,all monies coming from the federal government will be gone Post offices healthcare Pensions Government buildings will all of a sudden be Scotlands to fund. What will be Scotlands source of income to replace all the benefits it now receives from being part of the British collective.?
  8. Care to elaborate on this point as every liberal i've spoken to and every leftwing talking head i've listened to are apalled by the barbarity of this terrorist group and would be more than happy to see all members of ISIS dead
  9. Not sure if these web pages are non biased but they do list many of the pros and cons of the move to independance. https://www.google.ca/#safe=active&q=pros+and+cons+of+scottish+independence
  10. All the Liberals i know would agree with what Mahre said in the video so what Liberal Utopian vision of Islam is Bill supposedly destroying?
  11. IMO what the cop did was murder the kid..
  12. While not Canadian they do have Canadian sections. A couple of big active forums Democratic Underground or its sibling Discussionist. leftwing orientated Another good one if you dont piss off the mods is City-Data.com, rightwing orientated. Theres other Canadian forums like =Canadiancontent but they seem to be populated by a small group that delights in attacking noobs.
  13. People with company pensions take that benefit very seriously, the government has decided to change major aspects of public employee pension plan in mid contract,thus the turmoil. Usually you wait till the contract is over before negotiating new terms in a union contract.
  14. Being into Sci-fi my current book is a re-reading of Arthur C Clarkes classic `Rendez-vous with Rama`` Wow this book never gets old.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendezvous_with_Rama
  15. I've been using a Kobo for the last year. Works great.charge it once a month and what i really like is being able to download any book ever written merely by going to the devices bookstore. it also has the capacity to go online through Google if needed
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