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  1. The AG just asked the SCoC for a 6 month extension.
  2. Ranked ballots favor the liberals as stated earlier the liberals would be everyone's second choice. FPTP favour the Conservatives.
  3. What percentage of prostitutes are on crack?
  4. A lot of people clueless on this subject. Nice to see people referring to "Escorts" as "Street Workers". Escorts are NOT Street Workers.
  5. I want to jump in on this and the problem with our new prostitution laws is that is paints ALL sex workers with the same paint brush. exploited, drug addicted, abused etc. Like some have pointed out their are survival sex workers and they make up around 10% of the sex trade in Canada. The other 90% are "indoor" sex workers mostly working from condo's and hotels. Some of these women charge $300 per hour they are not victims. As for pimping it is illegal and it should be. As for Johns studies have showed that 10% of men have paid for sex before in their life. This could be your dad, son, boss, co-worker, neighbor, think about that. Anyways Bill C-36 is a terrible bill and is one of many reasons why Canadians made the right choice in government on October 19.
  6. JT is expected to ask the SC for an extension of 6 months. I wonder if they will give it to him.
  7. I believe that we need to have strong democratic institutions in the long run will have a strong economy if we have strong democratic institutions.
  8. I hope that within 4 years we have electoral reform and have a proper representation of everybodies point of view in Canada.
  9. Anyone think the Jays game will effect the polls?
  10. webc5


    ^^^^ I'm really hoping for this kind of seat projection.
  11. webc5


    Is it safe to say at this point that the Conservatives will NOT win a majority?
  12. webc5


    I can't see a world where the NDP drops below 50 seats. They will likely end up with 60-80 seats.
  13. Anything short of a Conservative Majority and Harper is a goner.
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