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  1. They are not even juicy, never mind jewsey.
  2. I have to chuckle about the very title of this thread "Far Right" terrorists???? What in any sane world it would say is simply "terrorists". This is little if anything to do with politics of the "right" or "left", it simply is about religious differences and intolerance. If you want to see a really strong reaction, just go and build a church, temple or synagogue in Jeddah and see how quickly the shit hits the fan.
  3. You clearly haven't spent any time inside any Communist or other dictatorships (about the only "other" choice). In case you haven't noticed, people are lined up to legally or illegally enter predominantly white, western democracies. Last time I checked, none were trying to get into Venezuela, Cuba, Mao's China, Russia pretty much anywhere in Africa and on goes the list.
  4. He's just pissed off because he got caught picking an ugly one.
  5. You are making the case for why religion and the free ride on the law it gets is the real problem. Think back to the Mt. Cashel affair - I happen to know the RCMP Sergeant who finally made the case - after another went down in flames trying to counter the endless lies and coverups from the Catholic cult and the government of Nfld. He could go on forever about how EVERYONE including the print media simply gave a complete pass the the Church for decades - even when there were admissions of guilt https://www.heritage.nf.ca/articles/politics/wells-government-mt-cashel.php We are doing the same thing now with Islamic fundamentalism and that which is part of their doctrine - to spread hate. Preaching the quran that includes "death to the infidels" in so many passages is no different. Instead of prosecuting, we excuse. THAT is the kind of BS that incites a violent backlash from white supremacist extremists. While I can not condone their actions (nor those of Daesh, Al Queda, etc.) I can understand how easily they can be wound up.,
  6. It is not only immigration that is causing so many problems, it is religion. If you look around for the last few centuries, one of the most consistent divisive forces is organized religion. If the human race ever matures to the point of understanding that Santa Claus is not real, there might be hope for the end of this BS. Meanwhile, the left leaning media gives the Muslim terrorists and the skin-head terrorists exactly what they want - coverage. Throw in a lot of editorializing from their political agenda, and you can imagine how they help the kind of backlash against Muslim terrorism that we saw in NZ this week.
  7. You are saying that as a defeatest who has not tried. I am telling you as someone who has been successful in doing so. The backroooms ARE all about money, but the floor of a convention is something you can not buy (at least in practical terms).
  8. Yeah, who would want a lawyer, judge and Minister of Justice who would uphold the law?
  9. If it is all that important and issue, I can see no reason it can not be discussed in public. We pay 100% of the bills, so we deserve 100% accountability
  10. It's politics - the question is WHY would someone do what Trudeau (and many others) are doing? The former occupation of the Prime Mistake was to make believe things, and teach others to make believe - and the consequences of his behaviour were essentially zero. The occupation of JWR was a lawyer (who one could argue was to 50% of the time on average be a liar), an experienced community leader and a judge - all with VERY significant consequences to telling or knowing the law and the truth. Their past very much defines their ability and discipline in telling the truth and understanding what the law is, what it means and what is stands for (please forgive the dangling participle).
  11. I long ago did the partisan thing, and it was a lot easier than you believe. Leadership is what they generally lack - at all levels. Show them some, and they will follow. BTW: I got into it when an MLA tried to buy my loyalty with promises of making work with his agencies "easy". He did his share of time behind bars when we were finished.
  12. The answer is to get honest people of genuine character to infiltrate top levels of major parties (we have done that before, it was easy). Once you put a few of them in jail, you'd be surprised how carefully the will listen to what you have to say. If Sikhs can infiltrate their choice of the left so easily and command the agenda, why would you expect it to be so hard for some traditional Canadians???
  13. Dude, give yourself some credit!!!! Eliminating any kind of sustainable fishing would be equivalent of eliminating farming. You are talking about our food supply - one of the most important things for the country and the economy to have. Lobbyists, on the other hand, contribute nothing but privilege for their sponsors to tilt what should be level playing fields of marketplaces and other advantages to screw the world out of $$$$$$$$. Hardly productive and contributory. Also, ever lobbyist is a potential worker who is removed from the possibility of contributing to the country and the economy instead of their boss. I agree with your comments of at least letting politicos take a dump in private - as long as they are doing so without communicating with the outside world. So, give them a private home, and when they are in it, keep it 100% off line. Every other minute of their life should be subject to full transparency. As I was trying to explain: the business of government should be to govern = create a dead level playing field for everyone, legislate such, regulate and enforce. 99% of what government does now is grant privilege in a world of rule-by-special interest. IMHO, the ultimate test of ANY legislation, regulation or enforcement is does it grant anyone any special privilege? If so, it is simply not right (please note this very much applies to virtually EVERYTHING the current government and cabinet does - especially dealing with SNC).
  14. going back to the world map: interesting that with the obvious exception of Russia and Canada, most of the "brown = average intel" countries have functional democracies. China stands alone as above average people who can even make communism work (albeit with a healthy dose of exploiting capitalist policies and strategies). The green and yellow countries pretty much all have basket cases of dysfunctional government (Venezuela being a great example - you know, the place the NDP would like us to emulate). The relative red core of Yurp seems to be struggling with the whole thing of trying to keep the EU together, with the outlier of Italy being a relatively intelligent gong show.
  15. CM: Interesting maps. I would concur with most of its findings, but wonder what the values attached to the shaded areas of ON, North, BC and much of Russia represent. If it is green creeping in, that sure explains how Liberals get elected and BC bud gets grown and tested to extreme. Too bad there is no map/data for cultural ethical values. Last thing we would want is the eugenicists selecting a bunch of smart assholes.
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