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  1. I am glad to see you phrase it that way. As someone with a vested interest in immigration overall and more immigration in particular, it is vital that you, your industry and the idiotic enablers within government understand that we who actually PAY the bills and suffer the consequences of the gaping holes in immigration systems are NOT happy with just immigration for the sake of the political and economic gain of "the system". I can agree that SOME immigration is beneficial (usually in the second generation) but a significant part of immigration today enables totally unqualified, ill fittin
  2. Business that wastes its time chasing government money isn't business, it is just another version of looking for and depending on handouts. You have also made the same mistake as does virtually every politician and ec-dev officer: that large business create jobs. They seldom do. The largest segment of the economy that creates new employment (vs. moving jobs from one big handout place to another - as this is what most big biz will do) is small business. IMHO, one of the reasons that the maritimes have such weak economies is that people have been trained like monkeys to turn to the most inc
  3. Just a little more equal for those who will cut a big cheque to the LPC or a Trudeau family member.
  4. Couple of comments: "lack of GOVERNMENT funding for business"?!?!?! Surely, you have to be kidding. Government has no business sticking its nose anywhere near business. And business has no business sucking up government frigging welfare. MARKETS choose winners and losers, not bureaucrats. First generation newly arrived might leave, but they might stay. In my experience, you can't really expect them to do much adapting, but similarly, many second generation immigrants seem to be motivated by their parents to become very successful. Of course, when success if measured by being a bet
  5. I think you have that pretty much spot on. ANY religious fundamentalist/fanatic from ANY religion can and often IS picking and choosing the worst part of whatever storybook their cult/fantasies refers to that suits the agenda of their faction. Muslims are little different from Christians for the most part - tolerance is preached to and given credence in most major religions, and intolerance is similarly a common trait of fundamentalism.
  6. The only conservative on Canadian political radar is Max. In our national rush to be a cold version of Venezuela the ignorant and idiotic citizenry can be and has been bought by indebting future generations to pursue an unsustainable agenda from the left. In other words: a failed (yes, past failing) state. Stooping low enough to elect Dimples and now an ambulance chaser to lead their party is indeed a return to the "PC" days.
  7. One of my closest friends is a computer geek who works in ag. As the lead designer, he was isolated about 10 years ago for nearly 2 years to do a complete re-design of their automated feed blending systems (customized by ROP records - record of performance - so each area, pen, or even single animal could be fed a particular quantity and quality as needed). He headed out at the end to their first international high tech business exhibition, where they were going to introduce their new feed management software as a presenter on day 2. On day 1 he was approached more than once and proposition
  8. This is exactly correct, but isolating China as you suggest in your later post is to create yet another cold war - except this time with an adversary that makes Russia look like schoolboys. You have to meet China head on, and to exclude them is not doing that. You give them continued access to our markets but with 100% requirement to meet labour, human rights, product safety and environmental standards for each and every product to gain access. Similarly, go right back to the source for such stuff as fentanyl smugglers and hold China responsible for them. What they really don't want is
  9. I/we were in China from the mid-90s and one of our frequent discussions was how the West saw the light at the end of the "normalization" tunnel. Such discussions always ended with the comment that that light was a very large, very fast train that would flatten the West if we didn't get a grasp on reality early on.
  10. Interesting choice of countries. Their Bolivarian Revolution is similar to the charge to the left in Canada. They have as much heavy oil as we do (just measured as more since it is easier to classify and quantify). Corruption is endemic in politics, as has become the way of the LPC. Their economy has been destroyed by ineptitude of government. They are in crisis level of debt. About the only big difference is that it is warmer there and they speak Spanish but they are further down the looney left fork in the road than we have come...yet.
  11. To be fair: Canada was invaded and conquered by both France and England. The Yanks did once in the War of Independence, and tried again in 1812 but had their ass handed to them quickly that time. The Fenians did again but worst of all in 1921 the US had a battle plan the included invading Canada.
  12. And any such discussion is impossible to have without considering the contributing factors - the largest one of which is our shared border, economies, services and culture. Since I have a responsibility to shareholders and employees wherever we do business, it is indeed my responsibility to promote any change for the better. There is one hell of a difference between speculating on what someone else does managing the equities underlying your 401k might do vs. having to be directly responsible for a company and all of its component parts.
  13. I am a Canadian citizen, but 80% of my corporate presence is US domiciled. So it IS "mine" to change as the status of sick care directly impacts our employees and how we conduct business (and how much money we can make). The advanced state of decay of the US economy, the over-regulation and risks and costs of the LLL and incredible risk of serious illness bankrupting employees, employers and small companies means our strategy these days is to move production to safer countries (that include Canada). When opening a business outside of the US, sick care protection for workers is a minor cons
  14. What amuses me is how the looney left media screams bloody blue murder of the "democratic" process when what Trump is doing is USING the democratic process as put in place by law to PROTECT legitimate democracy to challenge what may or many not be credible claims of voting fraud. While Trump may be a right proper A-Hole about it, he IS using and respecting the democratic process as it was put in place to do. When the Dems did this, never a peep from the media about "destroying democracy" or any such crap.
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