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  1. Thanks for reminding...I had forgotten that. Notice that Trudeau government didn't bother following that law. Not sure if they had to be convicted in Canada, or was conviction in the other 3 countries adequate?
  2. I could not imagine what Harper did or did not know, but EVERYONE in several industries knew full well just how SNC did business and no department of Justice stepped in until the Gadaffi stuff surfaced, and it was IIRC 3 other countries that DID prosecute SNC.
  3. The only surprise is that Canadian voters are collectively so stupid they will probably re-elect the criminals who enabled SNC at the Federal, provincial and municipal level over and over and over again.
  4. Yeah, same thing happened as far out as Peterborough. My Mother retired there, and the city moved in - so she moved out - to Saskatoon area. Said those were the best years of her life (being close to grandkids and great grands - but also returning to her Mennonite roots - her Dad Amish from PA).
  5. Our ancestral homes were Dunnville and Port Colborne, I was borne in Welland, raised in several locations on or near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, all smaller towns until moving out to Southern MB with parents. Wife is from MB (Selkirk settler family), and we have lived in small towns, Winnipeg and the far North before CAREFULLY choosing to raise kids in close proximity to Saskatoon SK. My sister lived in Hamilton and Grimsby before downsizing to Binbrook. I have family and friends all over the province (including GTA) and my wife had lived on both coasts before we met. I have also traveled extensively on business for a half century all over Canada (and much of the world), so my opinions about Toronto are not abstract. I would never live there, much less inflict such a horrible fate upon my children. AB was on our short list, but I did not particularly like the flavour of either Edmonton nor Calgary, and we wanted to live close enough to a University with every possible faculty so kids to live at home when going there. Both AB big cities were simply too big to fit our profile of things we wanted. We needed to be outside of a city, but with easy and quick access to facilities, so 250,000 was our limit to be near. Our youngest now lives in Edmonton, but they (also extensive world travelers) are trying to get back to Saskatoon. The Guess Who got it right (Runnin' Back to Saskatoon), pretty much my/our theme song. I agree with J4, though. Most large cities, while very diverse and dynamic are cliquey - essentially assemblies of ghettos.
  6. EXACTLY why I like Max: he has at least been blessed with a pair of cojones whereas Dimples has yet to grow or show any. Also, Max will gladly tell you what he believes and believes in, whereas tweedledee seems spellbound. Only thing I can say is that NOBODY could be as stupid as tweedleDUMB, but Canadians elected that mindless fool (and a cabinet befitting) so maybe they can only vote for people of no substance and intellect.
  7. It is refreshing to see/read some of what is going on in Quebec politics. The national media is so Toronto-centric that Montreal is only grudgingly admitted as being part of Canada. We are, though, cut off from our French bretheren by the very francophone extremism that DOES now exist within the province. QOC's post is one of those rare, and to me most welcome attempts to reach across the Ottawa river past the Rideau Canal. Because of the language barrier, I see more of and know far more about local politics in LA or Boston than Montreal, and that to me is a failure of Canada as a nation. One of the BIG reasons for the rift, though, is the development of the institutions of the Government of Canada to pander to Quebec - at the expense of the ROC. It is these misguided efforts to "hold Canada together" that are the greatest element of what may eventually tear it apart. In a lifetime of involvement with Federal politics and bureaucrats in Canada and its embassies around the world, I am painfully aware of just how extreme that sentiment and effort...let me just call it the Federal drive to put "Quebec of Canada" in virtually everything that wears very thin my tolerance for the federation. Quebec seems susceptible to a sharp left movement in its politics mostly because it IS organized to exist largely as a dependent state. Quebec business turns to Ottawa for endless "special privilege" as does the province itself - and the ROC validates this by continuing to grant such special privileges to Quebec of the ROC. Take a close look how interprovincial trade protectionism exists within la belle province, and many, many other circumstances and one can see that the path to power in the province is to be in political spheres of influence. When government is the master instead of the servant, you will see that movements want and NEED to be in political power to validate and execute their agenda.
  8. If the news media in this country had even the tiniest bit of integrity, they would blast the Trudeau government hard on this one. My guess: you will only read about it here (or maybe in Yurp)
  9. Sadly, I really like Max, and blame the CPC for this situation, not him. THEY turned their back on him leaving him to turn his on them. Canada will pay the price for that, and the very large price may well be re-electing the most idiotic and incompetent individual to ever run for office in this country.
  10. My wife and I spent nearly two years looking for the best place in the world to live and raise a family. Southern Ontario (where I was borne) never came close to making on any list. Prairies were always there for Canada (WI for USA, several in EU, only one in N Africa was Maroc but Toronto???? Not the "engine" of Canada, more like the anal sphincter.)
  11. That is quite disturbing. I will discuss with my Chinese business partner, who toes the party line and is my source of "official" policy information. No, not a communist, VERY much a capitalist, but a realist and above all, Chinese (which means a lot more than it seems to suggest). Thanks for posting.
  12. Let's see how serious and open minded the participants in this thread can be. Here is a link about one of my personal heroes. This is a guy who is extremely capable technically and about as honest as honest can be (hallmark of a great engineer). I have known of him for 40-odd years since one of my best friends built his first design, and found many ways to improve it. My buddy is a Swedish engineer (also internationally reknown) who gave the younger engineer some good advice that I imagine contributed to his future successes. I will leave it to those who read the article to comment, but IMHO, this is about the most honest, thorough and accurate summation of the subject you will find. forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2012/09/09/a-cool-headed-climate-conversation-with-aerospace-legend-burt-rutan/#2a1c00cf7e03
  13. You bring me to think of this in a far different way. I don't know if you ever had much to do with NYC in the '60s or '70s, but I can vividly recall the level of gun crimes, and crime in general. It made Somalia seem like a nice beach resort. Rudy didn't clean that mess up by controlling the guns, he did it by controlling the criminals. We really CAN learn from our Southern neighbours. The problems in Toronto are largely due to street gangs (most of whom are there due to really stupid and inept immigration policies not just from the present, but for many administrations past...and here is where Dougie's comments about liberal/Liberals being entrenched in the bureaucracy are spot on).
  14. Dougie, you're no fun at all. I can't disagree with you, try as I might.
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