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  1. The correct option is not there: NONE. For a lot of reasons, some as has been mentioned that it cuts out some people from being able to work, and most of all there is no such thing as one price/wage that fits all situations, all locations, etc. What I CAN support is the elimination of social assistance, unemployment enjoyment and pretty much every other government programme for ABLE BODIED people. Hard to believe that a right winger such as myself can say this: but I believe there should be a GAI paid by the state to EVERY citizen, and it then gets taxed back at a flat rate on every penny of EARNINGS (NOTE: NOT speculative gains of any kind - that need to be taxed at a much, much higher rate). We already have universal sick care, but that should be reduced to just insurance, leaving service delivery open to anyone who can provide (including government as a competitor, not a monopoly). Do these things and all of the squabbling over who gets what is gone: EVERYONE gets it, and EVERYONE pays into with the same rate of taxation. Now, add to that elimination of deficit spending and we will be on a new and much better path. On edit: people with decent incomes could forgo the GAI by simply taking the equivalent as a tax credit, reducing their tax payable dollar for dollar.
  2. The average tax burden in Canada is just over 50%. We don't need more taxation (except for capital gains - THAT needs to be taxed all to shit) we need a hell of a lot less tax spending. IMHO, NO government should be allowed to run a deficit. Back OT: my favourite politician by a country mile is Sir Roger Douglas. He is the one who taught me the difference between good government and bad government. His skill in rescuing New Zealand's economy from the brink of collapse was fantastic. My second favourite is William Z. Neudorf, former Minister of Social Services in SK. His skill at handling bureaucrats, the media and situations is second to none...or was, he died some time ago. Both could get by nicely without resorting to partisanship.
  3. No different from Kalifornication of 50 years ago. EVERY nation develops by exploiting resources and the environment, and China is no exception. The real difference is that things that took decades here happen in a few years there. Their environmental legislation and regulation has come a very long way over the last few years, and actual enforcement is stepping up quite quickly. EVERYONE in Beijing is painfully aware of how serious the problem is (exacerbated by the rapid pace of economic growth that needed energy NOW and was met by burning coal - as it was what was avaialble and cheap at the time...just as we did here.
  4. Clearly they can't see anything wrong, or see much of anything at all or they wouldn't vote liberal
  5. That depends upon where you live and how wisely you spend your available resources
  6. You are right, I can not claim it to be any worse under Communism that Capitalism, just that I should point out to you that I didn't say it was, just the this is an incredibly corrupt p[lace. If you want to talk numbers, though, the whole 2008/9 SHOULD have been collapse that turned into an extremely dishonest bailout of "too big to fail" pretty much tops anything any Commie country could gain access to pull off. We're not talking Nigerian or Venezuelan billions here, but TRILLION$$ of greenbacks.
  7. Our elder daughter was the ONLY student in her department grad school with fluency in English. As a result, she had to vet EVERY paper written by the others. Her duty to the department, but also my understanding is that they greatly appreciated this contribution. My concern is several of these students would be TAs, and not just linguistically challenged, but culturally many only interested in their own situation and specialty.
  8. that's because those other cities are not Toronto
  9. Toronto is the cultural, economic and political center of Ontario, not Canada. The rest of us see it accurately as the rectum of this dysfunctional mess.
  10. Posting on the run, but let me throw a few fast ones over the plate. Ever heard of that social club they call the Mafia? Flourishes in North America. There's another fine group of boys called "Hell's Angels", then there is those pesky drug cartels. But wait: I am sure you agree the cartels are corrupt (and can only exist with some "inside" help) but what about the whole drug industry that teaches quacks to peddle lies for them? Don't think that isn't corruption? Or how about Wall Street? Every piece of legislation passed after 1929 to keep them in check has now been repealed and the Street has set off on a multi TRILLION dollar orgy of greed with derivatives that crashed hard. Repeat of 29? No? Trillions of dollars of bailout? Uh YEAH! That my young friend is corruption at work in the very heart of the capitalist system. Don't even get me started on what happens behind the scenes with US DoD contracts (a topic which I am familiar on a first hand basis). Of course, SNC Lavalin up here is just a nice bunch of engineers who are as honest as the day is long. Quadafi kids were nice guys they just decided to help out of the goodness of their hearts. When politician pork barrel, THAT is corruption - and is what most government spending undergoes - and now in North America we are talking about trillions a year, each year, every year. And on, and on, and ON it goes. I/we also spent years working with illegal farm foreclosures in SK. Yeah, our courts were the scene of that corrupt behaviour - practiced by EVERY chartered bank in Canada. One of our band of merry shit disturbers even managed to penetrate an offshore meeting where a major international energy player was asking him to put a few million into a bank accouint in Kiev for one of our former premiers. I have been there, seen it up close and managed to do my bit put some TINY percentage of the players in jail. But in doing so, I/we have seen first hand the extent of corruption in crown corporations, government agencies, political party backrooms, etc. Involved in a MAJOR case in USA now, and all about corruption ("Deep State" players in current lingo).
  11. Because in the capitalist nations, the skill at hiding corruption is better. But, it is there, in spades.
  12. Exactly my point. It is greed that drives corruption, not political ideology
  13. Murica and a shitload of valuable resources...that we rip out of the ground for pennies and buy back as US/Euro/Chinese crap for hundred$$
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