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  1. I could almost agree with that. I would strongly agree that there should be absolutely NO religious ANYTHING in public schools - and that includes "accommodating" any religious BS in dress, behaviour, schedules, etc. On the other hand, we allow religious schools (such as SK's Catholic system) where there are classes in religion, but the balance of the curriculum is devoid of any bias within STEM, history, language and social studies from religious beliefs. I could live with the schools going either way, but absolutely no tolerance for distorting the truth and reality from religious
  2. Real estate price increases are NOT an economic driver, they are simply inflationary. Economies are driven by creating wealth, and doubling the price of an existing asset or resource simply re-distributes wealth and adds an inflationary pressure from the requisite increase in money supply. The problem lies in how economists measure the economy. Just counting the dollars changing hands is a fool's game...and economists (a function far more of banking than of actual management of our economy) seems to be stuck on stupid for that reason. To correct speculation (the driver of inflatio
  3. It is not a mathematical principal, it is carved in stone in the left wing playbook. Non productive people always vote left.
  4. You are probably right. I can say that his vaccination was over 6 weeks ago, not sure when others received the Oxford vaccine, and I doubt there is any study showing any numbers as yet, but I did say HELPED by the vaccine. The UK has delivered far more than 20 million vaccinations (in 2 - 3 weeks after first injection, effectively decreases probability of severe effects from infection) and that could well have taken the supply of severe cases down notably (as these would tend to be elderly patients who were among the first to be vaccinated).
  5. Why would you assume just because someone has a position they are the ultimate "expert" on any given occasion? Further: why would you assume someone else is NOT an "expert" on any particular subject just because they don't work for the government and bear the title? Reality in MANY cases is that only some tiny percentage of ANY profession are actually at the top of their game most of the time. In many cases, taking a government job for a professional is something you do because you can't cut it in the more competitive private sector. Governments - especially Canadian - are famous for
  6. Yes, that is what I hear from my closest friend in UK. A month ago, 6 of his 8 wards (ped surg) were tied up with adult COVID cases, A-Z helping reduce that significantly. To the naysayers: NO vaccine or any other pharmaceutical is 100% effective or safe. There are risks and the consequences CAN be serious - but overall in the Western world, we do a decent job of measuring and communicating those risks. BUT: don't ever doubt that the dollars involved can significantly distort what you see and hear. I was told months ago that the NHS (obviously in UK) would be paying $15-16 US per dos
  7. This is something I deal with ever day, and have for decades. While an epidemiologist may have reasonable credibility when assessing the biological and even bio-chemical aspects of their day (although that is something my bio-chemist would argue vigorously), that is in no way any endorsement that they can deal with the physics of things involved in transmission. One thing that is noteably deficient in North America (and even worse in Asia) is inter-disciplinary knowledge and exchange). Putting blind faith in someone based on their professional accreditation and far worse than that thei
  8. I am not a medical guy, but I do support some of them from a mech-tech perspective. Rather than quote all of your posts, let me first thank you for posting the BC source data. Yes, serology is a valid science for contact tracing, and how such data has been generated worldwide. At least here, the chances of the sources being credible are significant. Serology is retrocative and not nearly the kind of accuracy required for infection indentification but it is not intended to do so. PCR may be the gold standard, but CRISPR blows it out of the water - and I am extremely disappointed in govern
  9. This is true for the most part. It occurs because we so horribly mismanage how government works. It is in the business of dispensing privilege, not being egalitarian. While these lopsided benefits are available to those your political agenda targets, they are also available on a racial preference basis to aboriginals and many other minorities. I always go back to what Sir Roger Douglas once taught me about how to do legislation properly. In his words: "We simply removed privilege". Instead of you or I choosing to rant over OUR preferential access to the privilege of screwing over t
  10. Management is not science, it is just management. When it was clear to the world that the center of a SERIOUS problem was in Wuhan, our Liberal government welcomed any and all flights, not even bothering to question, never mind scan for temperature thousands of travellers DAILY. It was THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT that totally ignored the science from day one. UK is a worthwhile note: they had no vaccine production capacity at the start, and have a large capacity to serve both their domestic and many international needs while our truly STUPID government made are really STUPID deal with China
  11. If you worked with ANY of those professions, you would know that the flow of immigrant professionals with degrees based on privilege rather than merit and from cultures where integrity is simply not part of the way of doing business, you would also know that in many cases, those immigrants have damaged and/or destroyed those professions. Best example is the Liberals' favourite criminal organization: SNC Lavalin. They are famous in the engineering business for hiring cheap Asian (mostly Indian) engineers to fill chairs. The result is a reputation for such horrible quality work that the o
  12. we went down that road with Eric Nielsen. He found 1100 departments and programmes that spent money. The bureaucrats showed us who was actually runnung the country and he was gone overnight. To this day unions talk about being "Nielsenized"..i.e. being found that they really serve no purpose...except their own.
  13. agreed. It is just as you will now experience with slow Joe - time to kiss commie ass.
  14. Things such as this actually DO happen, but through back channels and completely out of sight. Spooks tend to be camera shy.
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