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  1. accurate assessment It's not just that China is aggressive, they simply don't play by ANY set of rules. What Westerners don't understand about Chinese culture is that it is the results that matter. You simply ignore what had to be done to get them.
  2. What else would you call Chinese export, investment and business practices? In countries all over Asia Pacific and Africa, they came in, raided the resources, killed off competitors with merciless tactics, sold their junk into those markets, moved on to screw over the next place. There are several countries that just don't let China in any more. China does not need to use their military to take over a country, they use their money and business tactics.
  3. The US marketplace at 10x ours is the logical one to use to fight Chinese aggression. China is not just aggressive in business and trade, it is predatory. While Yurp is also a large market, can you imagine the Euroweenies standing up to anyone? It would be as ridiculous as expecting the moron in Ottawa to rise above his Mr. Dressup personna.
  4. Zeit: you pretty much sum up my take on this matter - and probably more accurately and concisely than I would have written. In the end, goal of 2030 is to reduce population. That is one thing that lies at the bottom of almost ALL of our problems in sustainability. What I DON"T like, is the collectivist, Marxist globalist undertones of the UN. What is needed is some kind of clear agenda that the world as a whole can buy, not some socialist pipedream that can be rammed down our throats.
  5. I didn't get to see it all, but what I did see held few surprises. Trudeau continued to show himself as an arrogant idiot, Scheer still seems to lack any testes or life experience - Singh actually carried himself well for the slimey ambulance chaser that he is - landing that fabulous "Mr. Delany and Mr. Deny" punch, Bernier was predictably the only mature, intelligent and reasonable person there, May did not surprise by breaking out of here wingnut niche and Blanchet made it crystal clear that the Bloc is in no way tolerating sovereignty. It was hillarious to see the bloody lot of them pader to PQ by tiptoing around SNC and 21.
  6. You haven't been listening to the left, have you? Simply tax the rich...who will gladly just stay here, keep their money here and endlessly reward failure to the very bottom of their bank accounts.
  7. and you would need an intelligent and informed public to get one...not gonna happen.
  8. I grew up in a military family, raised on bases. I had friends who's Fathers served as Canadian soldiers IN Vietnam. That was on an artillery base, but there were infantry units there as well. I don't know the numbers nor their actual duties, but you can rest assured a teenage kid who's old man wore our uniform in theater at the height of US involvement doesn't make mistakes about such things. Being strongly anti-Vietnam myself, hearing such a shocking thing from an extremely credible and reliable source is not the kind of thing I will ever forget. It was something that was definitely NOT supposed to be known or discussed. Another thing I remember very well was my Father's multiple exchanges with US forces of new weapons systems, tactics, strategies, etc. during lengthy visits and assignments in USA. The Canadian Army worked VERY closely with the US in the '50s and '60s.
  9. It bothers me that Dimples can't seem to grow a pair and wants to be just like Little Tur......TRUdeau. Bothers me more that the so-called "Conservative" party lets it happen,.
  10. Yeah, sadly Dimples is a Conservative, no a conservative. The notion that you can only elect a red tory is a red herring IMHO. People are looking for some strong leadership and clear difference, again, once more through my eyes. I knew the mushy middle was in deep doo doo when they were too inept to deal with Max and keep him on board. Of course, the REAL problem is that the politicos no longer set the agenda, the media does. With a billion plus in bribe money, the Libs are in far better position to cash in, but not since Erik Nielsen has there been a hope of anyone calling out the incredible waste and debt from our complete ignorance of the financial affairs of this "nation" (yes, tipping my hat to Dougie on that one).
  11. Greens and NDP have no expectation of actually winning a majority, so what they say is pretty much irrelevant. As power brokers in a minority, might be a different story, but I still doubt their election platform will be adopted as policy, never mind legislation - even by a minority co-alition.
  12. Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, etc. who migrate to Canada need to assimilate. The rest are welcome to blow each other to bits - at HOME.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Well, almost. The pressure on the planet due to our economy is a direct result of people wasting all of their time and money trying to figure out how to do the same things in a slightly different way - while NEVER addressing the real problem. I we don't control population pretty soon, it will control (as in destroy) us.
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