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  1. I put the blame for this squarely on Harper. He had adequate time and a mandate wherein he should have dismantled the communist broadcasting corp. Now, since MH is about to loose his cool, I de-capitalized the name. After all: it IS a state owned broadcast organization that spews endless BS on behalf of ONLY one brand of political ideology. The phrase is appropriately descriptive.
  2. Uh...it was never IN the window from day 1.
  3. My greatest fear is that you may be right on all counts.
  4. oops, pushed the wrong button. At least I didn't lie about it. Guess I can't get a Liberal membership.
  5. The problem is people who do not expect and are not expected to take responsibility for the decisions they make.
  6. I could cut some of the classic artsy subjects a bit of slack IF once again actual academic requirements to get in were strong and graduation was based on actual academic achievement at a high level. I can NOT however, endorse any sort of the really flakey stuff under any terms at a University. Do that kind of crap in the private sector, and if lifestyle studies, etc. are all that important to someone, let them pony up the cash to do so.
  7. because booze is the drug of choice for society in general, it gets a big pass in courts. A-G has been around the military long enough to know it is the drug that is used to promote esprit-de-corps. When you see a parking lot full of cars behind/beside EVERY bar in Canada every Friday and Saturday night, how can "law enforcement" possibly just sit by knowing a significant number of those vehicles are going to be driven by drunks that very night - and they do little or nothing? Why? Because their off-duty members may well be inside too. Drugs are indeed a HUGE problem in Canada, but t
  8. Sorry to take so long to reply, getting in a panic to get things done around farm and shop before we lose this summer/fall weather. I object to paying for basket weaving courses, and I don't appreciate paying for someone who is there just to pass tests and get a degree. I will gladly pay for someone to actually learn useful subject matter, and understand the subject at hand - and believe they have no business being graduated until demonstrating mastery of the subject matter and concepts. I REALLY object to paying for the exceedingly politicized part of today's Universities. Outside o
  9. Navarro's ignorance is only offensive to conservatives, so actually a big boost to what is in power now. BTW: I actually DO appreciate our resident Can/US troll for bringing up and out a lot of good points and a different perspective.
  10. At the risk of feeding our resident Can/US troll: It is far worse than you could ever imagine. Liberals (and this is regretfully a "Liberal/liberal" country by and large) were already soft on defense when Paul Hellyer (Minister of National Defense under Pearson) issued his White Paper in 1964 that wiped out the three independent branches of the military in a move to reduce costs by "unification". Now, bear in mind this guy believes in UFOs and alien invaders, crossed the floor to sit for a while as a "Conservative" (where his views were considered "too right wing"!!!!!) and back to the LPC,
  11. 1. I can see some marginal increment of this being valid, but when you have especially tech stocks trading at many, many times book value, the argument becomes nonsensical that such values have any relationship whatsoever to economic or accounting reality. I am biting my tongue over bringing something REALLY ridiculous in such as Tesla, but I think you can get my drift. 2. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. First, we need to recognize what my definition of "investment" would be: i.e. the placement of capital into an entity for the purposes of adding value and creating wealth. Th
  12. That's making quite a jump in assuming her degrees are "useless". She didn't get them for vocational reasons, but because she wanted to learn. Her grad studies/theses established some key reference points and understanding of the applied science side of that discipline that are the foundation of much more to come in a useful and environmentally important way for many industries. Her last degree was in education since she wanted to enhance her teaching skills while raising her own children. She will probably return to academia later in life as there is a lot more she can and will accomplis
  13. Yes, price speculation in equities trading is an extremely bad thing. Once the IPO is placed the equity has nothing to do with the company other than be the landing place for dividends. When you see market values 10x, 100x even 1,000x book value, you are seeing capital that is NOT available to be invested on Main Street or the next IPO. A good company could pay a 5% dividend from actual profits, and a great one maybe 10%. The promise from the casino capitalists of making 1,000% or more drives capital into the casino and out of the market for actual investment. You MIGHT choose not to in
  14. 2. Would love to have the time to collect data and citations, but unless someone is paying my bill that isn't going to happen. 3. Some do, but from what I understand many have great difficulty getting what they consider adequate and/or appropriate placements. One of our kids did vetmed, so had no trouble doing exactly what she trained to do. The other has four different degrees, and has never had to apply for a job (always sought out) until now that she is way overqualified for just about anything and works far below the kinds of offers she got from the science community. She was a c
  15. The ONLY benefit to the economy from equities is an IPO or a PO. The vast majority of what Wall/Bay Street does is merely speculating (and driving speculation) on trading equities that have by that point in the cycle NOTHING to do with the company (except, of course, in the compensation package of execs who then proceed to rob real investors of their equity position). Every inflation of the market value over book value removes investment capital from Main Street or another PO. It is what has destroyed our economy and built massive inflationary forces into our currencies (particularly the G
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