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  1. Anthro contribution is too small to be effective, especially when we are increasing population in areas that are not financially able to limit anthro carbon. EVERY developing economy will mimick the exact path of waste and pollution that we took to get to where we are. Only way to duck that is to stop population growth. Yes, it will be very hard, but it will be a hell of a lot easier than the world that will exist when we reach the absolute limit (that in many estimations is not much over 10Bn...and we are not that far from there). Not ignoring you, BTW, just haven't been in country and near communications for a while.
  2. First problem: everyone seems to want to put everyone else clearly in one extreme camp or the other. Reality of the overall positions, as well as the facts around climate change lie somewhere in the middle. Yes, oxides of carbon as we have recorded in recent history is rising, and yes, in our idiotic pattern of letting population run wild and uncontrolled, we are using resources, clear cutting forests, and generally polluting the crap out of everything we touch. BUT: there should be two takeaways from this: #1 is that our real problem is population. By existing, and using technologies to make our life comfortable, we are going to pollute - and in particular release carbon. Now, the Earth has had some REALLY high carbon concentrations in the past - how do you think all of this limestone came to be? Yup, atmospheric carbon. #2 is that the biggest carbon sink is not forests, it is oceans by a long stretch. What gets ignored a lot, though, is the oceans RELEASE carbon as they warm. From what I have read, atmospheric carbon levels rise AFTER ocean temps increase, not the other way around. In the grand scheme of things. we are not nearly as significant in carbon contribution as Mamma Nature herself. Does that mean we should just pollute the planet at will?? Not IMHO. While going to electric cars, etc. is a really bad idea, being aware of our contribution - even though changing it will simply accelerate or delay the ultimate conclusion - is a pretty good idea, as is doing our best to minimize our impact. And, the real place to start is with population. We live on a nice 1Bn or so planet, but 10+ is right over the horizon. As with many extinctions that have gone on before us, we too will simply screw ourselves to death. Or kill ourselves off by forcing evolution of drug resistant strains of viri.
  3. cannuck

    Gay Loonie

    Diddle whoever you want in your own goddamn bedroom. Keep this shit they hell out of my view. Tolerance is one thing. Promoting deviance is another. Pissing away my tax dollar to do so is way over the top.
  4. Since something like 45% of the World Bank's shit list of companies barred from bidding on projects it funds consist of SNC and its subsidiaries, they genuinely lead the world in corrupt construction and engineering business practice.
  5. It is the $600 million that Morneau promised (and started to deliver to CBC) for the "independence" of the media that caused that...that and most faculties offering journalism degrees being let's just say "left of center".
  6. You seem to be one of only a tiny handful worshiping the lying sack of ... well, Mr. Dressup.
  7. That's funny: I was about to ask you the same thing.
  8. Only under a government that has absolutely no respect for the rule of law. This is starting to look more like Russia than Canada.
  9. They haven't "conformed" to any law in any country for decades, are obviously guilty (have already been convicted of the related crimes in 3 countries) so are NOT eligible for deferment.
  10. You would be surprised if you knew who scratches who's back in the Uniparty.
  11. And you need to go back to Rue's review of the law involved. SNC does not qualify.
  12. Libya now is a lot worse than it was before the end of Ghadaffi. Essentially a bunch of warlords squabbling over the fantastic oil resources. Better now than two/three years ago, but hardly a safe place to be. Genuine PITA to do business with as the US and UN sanctions are very complex to comply or verify compliance with.
  13. And, once again, the people punching the time clocks can continue to punch the same time clock on the same job, just for an honest employer instead of organized crime.
  14. Why I say we need to close the border to immigration is exactly because we really do NOT have anything in place to effectively screen. Once that is there, I can see allowing real refugees. It is not something unique to Canada, but the hoardes of people migrating to Europe and North America (and out of Venezuela) are not what most countries' immigration departments were set up to deal with. Instead of doing so, our idiot Mr. Dressup just simply put the word out for everyone to come, and everyone INCLUDING a lot of very undesireable people who have fostered to growth of the "immigration consultants" rings are flocking into here - because they KNOW they will very likely be accepted. Just have to say what you are told, write what you are told, and present the documents you have paid for.
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