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  1. cannuck

    Are Cultural Laws against Free Speech?...

    sorry, you are quite right. I should have written "liberal" - although historically the separation between Liberals and all of the versions of "conservative" is a very fine and fuzzy line indeed.
  2. cannuck

    Are Cultural Laws against Free Speech?...

    1. The CPC is about one millimeter to the right of the LPC. 2. Bible, tora, Quran, Mein Kampf - all just a bunch of pure bullshit. Same/same. Also, those condemnations were what guided the sponsors of the Crusades, which are simply the counterpart of jihad, which is no different from the Final Solution.
  3. There is some truth to what you say, but the fact is only governments have the power to fix it. Of course, when you consider that Goldman Sucks has owned the last ten or so US administrations...
  4. Governments have 100% control over both regulatory and taxation regimes. Those two things define exactly what business and finance can do.
  5. I thought I made it clear it was just the LAST of many, many acts and a signal, not a cause due to its regulatory content. I will be more specific next time (under big time crunch as trying to get some of that good old capitalist pig stuff out of the way from year end).
  6. The opening volley was bank deregulation. When Klinton wrote off Glass-Steagall that was the last remaining check on the banks and a green flag to simply "do whatever you want", and they did. The resulting orgy of incredible greed and corruption led to '08 The nukes were already dropped when instead of letting the street crash when it had to they were declared "too big to fail" and bailed out whilly nilly on the taxpayers' backs. You want me to take a pocket knife to a nuclear war.
  7. It was (and IS) our responsibility to get involved in the political process to stop those things from happening. Before you say one person can't make any difference, I can assure you that all differences start with one person. In my own daliances into partisan politics, our very small band of shit disturbers have had VERY large impact.
  8. legal because WE granted through our governments the privilege to do so with a free ride on the tax system - thus driving "investment" money into speculative activity and not into productive financing. The big whoop is all of that speculative gain increases the money supply, diluting the taxpayers' equity in the money supply. No different from execs getting stock options that dillute the shareholders to nothing, but since we let ourselves get switched from a capitalist economy to a casino capitalist economy, nobody is buying equities for the dividends, just the profits from speculative trading.
  9. As I said, all that is merely the diversion from the main event. The rise of Casino Capitalism was the result of giving government free reign to bestow the privilege of raping and pillaging the real economy. Anyone who was alive and mentally capable of understanding is responsible for simply letting it happen when WE had the tools (of what was once at least some kind of functioning democracy) to prevent it. If you drank from the speculative cup, IMHO that makes one an unaccused co-conspirator.
  10. Because you, and anyone else intellectually capable of being objective are fighting the diversionary battle and surrendering the main prize to those who are simply steeling it by privilege.
  11. Canada as a country wil never go bankrupt - it has too much in real value in resource wealth. The government, on the other hand, will some day reach a point where it is no longer credit worthy as we will not be able to service our debt. You and I will be worm feed by then, but it is our responsibility to those left behind to right the wrongs that we have allowed to develop.
  12. Merely suggesting you pick the fight that is underlying pretty much everything. You are concentrating on the tactics but missing the strategy. The political wrangling is nothing but a diversion.
  13. Banks/finance are waging all out war on the consumer/taxpayer. They lost one battle after the 1929 debacle, and should have been wiped out in 2009, but instead they have been rewarded for their treachery instead of being punished. Not standing up to right that wrong is an extreme lack of courage, sense and conviction. You (and most of the world) are tilting at procurement and poltical windmills all day long, while the foxes are emptying our chicken coop (intentional pun).
  14. Main street doesn't get funded now. When you put money in Bay Street or Wall Street's hands, all it is used for is to inflate the value of the underlying equities. Business needs to be an investment target, not a plaything for financiers. THIS is why corporate governance has gone to hell - it is not the best business person running things, it is those who will best give the finance community gains without the bother of being a business. Reality is: we need the US to do the same thing, but after seeing what it is like to run a branch plant economy at the whims of American masters, we really don't need THAT kind of investment at all - as it is seldom an actual investment. You are exhibiting the kind of cowardice that lets us screw up the entire world of business and simply surrendering it to the world of finance without a fight because we are individually to frigging greedy and useless to actually be productive and too gutless to stand up for what is right.