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  1. 1. The difference is: in many cases, it is a distress sale BECAUSE Chinese players had put the industry in that jam in the first place. Sometimes, that means buying up compeitiors, dropping the price and waiting to snag control - and in others it is simply because circumstances made it a good opportunity to do so. Had a friend in RSA who built coffins from Canadian hardwoods. He suffered exactly the former circumstance - as did many other industries in sub-Saharan Africa. 2. Of course, you or I will take whatever is available in crisis. No choice. 3. Again, I speak from personal experience, you seem to be arguing from an arms length perspective based on ideology, not reality. 4. Lack of standards for imports from day 1, and no enforcement of what little consumer protection exists. You are quite right that we are not strong enough (mostly due to lack of anatomical equipment) to stand up to China, so we need to count on BC and his buddies to do it for us. BTW: how do you think all of this fentanyl gets here? 5. We actually HAVE the money, but we let Bay Street speculate with it instead of putting into productive use. Doesn't really matter, because we don't seem to be prepared to actually DO any work with it anyhow. Our entrepreneurial culture is miniscule and far too risk averse.
  2. What many tell me in Africa is that the Chinese send people from prisons over to work on infrastructure and other projects, then abandon them in country when they have what they want. Again: I am not anti-Chinese. I have spent a lot of time and money there and my best friend from China is now my Canadian business partner, and we WILL use Chinese investment, but NOT government money. It is not true that private FDI is not allowed. We have many first hand examples of that. What IS true is that if you want to be a big player within China, you will do exactly what government tells you to do, when, where, how and without question. BTW: there is a heck of an interesting story how China scooped so much of the R&D and production from GM when they went bankrupt by SAIC advancing GM China enough money to become controlling interest and scooped a lot of everything else from the rest of Asia. There is a lot to be done WITH China, but you need to go in with eyes wide open and hand firmly on your wallet.
  3. I have a similar political background to yourself, but with a bit of international involvement thrown in. I can agree on the intent of most candidates and elected officials, but I can also tell you that once they get welcomed into the back rooms, the harsh reality of WHO actually runs things comes forward. Since many were something else before being Minster of something or another, few actually know diddly squat about much of anything, and their bureaucrats know that and snow them endlessly. "Yes Minister" is a lot closer to the truth than we would like to believe. I watched on of my closest friends (who's campaigns I managed) get his first cabinet appointment, sit down the the senior staff who told him "We will now show you how the department runs" - to which he replied: it has been a long campaign and I think I will send a month or so with my friends and families to recover before we have this meeting". After we left, they bureaucrats were ecstatic, proclaiming how easy it was going to be to keep the new Minister where they want him. A month later, same meeting. When they gave the same line, he said: " No, I am going to tell YOU how this department is going to run. While you have been busy scheming and plotting your next move, I have been to every office of this department in the province, and NOW we will go forward with the facts". That was a very rare Minister indeed, and when the back room guys figured out he couldn't be bought or coerced, his influence on the overall direction of that government wained - but his department ran like a well oiled machine and made national headlines for its innovative approach to problems. I have also enjoyed time with Sir Roger Douglas - one of the few living persons who managed to take an entire national economy back from the brink of collapse by using his own discipline (economist - but a recognized rogue one). From him, I learned that you can't reason a political system into reform in good times, but when things go sideways (as they are now) THAT is the time you can have everyone's ear IF you know WTF you are doing. He did (and I believe to this day does moreso than any other economist). Sadly, Ottawa has no such people in its confines today.
  4. As they have in the rest of the world. What many of those companies have come to understand is that they are predatory investors - not competitors happy to work within the marketplace but driven and heavily capitalized to conquer and dominate - by ANY means needed. Now, not ever Chinese incursion is successful. We have watched AVIC and now KOMAC (Chinese state owned aviation industry giants) take over virtually ALL aircraft diesel engine development and production in North America - and most of the world. There are other players who now own the largest genav engine OEM replacement parts business and others who have had a run a Beechcraft, took over Mooney, own Diamond, own Cirrus (largest manufacturer in the world of certificated general aviation piston singles) https://china-aerospace.blog/2018/10/17/overview-of-chinese-investments-in-the-western-aviation-industry/. Of those, Mooney recently suspended production because the smaller Chinese player just didn't understand the genav market well enough. This is one of the LEAST affected economic segments of Chinese interest. Think of Huawei dong all of our G5 network and consider that there is not a hope in HELL that it will not be used to mine every bit of data on that network for Chinese interests - commercial, economic, political, diplomatic and military. Don;t missunderstand me: to survive (never mind prosper) in the future, we NEED to be engaged with China in both economic and diplomatic relations, but to simply bend over and pass them a jar of vaseline is irresponsible and idiotic. Canada will be the last to stand up to them as our national character is marked by a distinct lack of balls (take a quick look at what passes for political leadership these days and you can see what I mean).
  5. I have been involved with and promoted the idea of using trade instead of diplomacy or military alliances to dismantle communism and socialism for many decades. I also had offices in China throughout the '90s and into this millennium. I can assure readers that China has not had "slave labour" since the ascendance of Deng and the Four Pillars of Modern Reform. What I have learned, though, is exactly what the Chinese version of business and culture is, and going back 25 years, cautioned by complacent and greedy American friends that China would steam roller them dead flat if they weren't cautious about setting controllable barriers to market entry. I was laughed at - a LOT. Nobody's laughing now. It is only true that cheap Chinese (or any other imported goods) are good for SOME within our economy, and only for a short period of time. While China is quite capable of producing top quality products (if you have ridden in a big bizjet lately, much of it might well have been made near Shanghai) not understanding the Chinese belief that NOTHING should stand in the way of reaching whatever personal, familial, corporate or national goal - thus if as an importer if you don't have your own QA/QC (and even engineering) DIRECTLY on hand and in control, product specifications are going to drift...and that can be a LOT. The ultimate control SHOULD have been at the border and ports where if a product can not be demonstrated and INDEPENDENTLY certified to meet our health, safety and contracted quality standards, they simply should not get in. The garbage that we get now at the consumer and industrial level can cost far, far more to our economy than the immediate rush of profit the original importers made. Remember about 20 years ago when airplanes started falling out of the sky because of counterfeit parts? Even the FAA and AF1 were found to have some installed on their own planes. That was because a LOT of Chinese figured out in a hurry they could make a "X" size bolt for hardware stores for $0.01, or they could make it look and measure exactly like an AN fastener, and provide all of the correct (but forged) documentation and get $1.00 for the same thing. In a country with a contextual language what I say or write today can mean something very different tomorrow if I (or you, etc. who are bound by much more definitive language rules and contract enforcement) am not there to stop the drift.\ It is exactly the bullshit that "our economy benefits" from cheap imports that puts us in the mess we have today. If we sold on the product to another country, or if the cheap crap had a lifespan longer than a flashbulb, it would set the stage to BE ABLE to benefit, but instead of shifting our capital and skills to higher value added production, we got drunk on the "information age" koolaid and simply stopped working and gave our economy over to Wall Street to speculate with. Those are not zero sum strategies, they are "end-of-the-era-of-productivity" and wealth creation guarantees. Now that Wuhan Virus is exposing the weaknesses in our supply chains, we MIGHT learn to fix the f-ups, but experience has shown that won't happen. BTW: one of the FEW voices (albeit not a very articulate one) that speaks up to check Chinese bahaviour is one DJT .
  6. Gee, who would have thought that if we give ALL of our productive work to China and one day something goes sideways when we are running massive government, personal and corporate debt that the people smart and ambitious enough to do the work that we are too important to do would come in with OUR (former) cash and buy up distress sales? And we are trying to blame CHINA!?!?!?!
  7. I have to make some very clear distinctions about both the left and right political and ideological alignments of capitalist and socialist dogma. Neither system of beliefs is perfect and neither is totally bad. And neither is fully encompassing of the simple right/capitalist - left/socialist division. In my mind, there are five stages from left to right of economic ideology: absolute socialism, social democracy, pragmatic democracy, capitalist democracy and absolute laissez faire capitalist. The left extreme must by example be an absolute dictatorship - such as USSR and Mao's China where the state owns virtually ALL of the means of production and as history shows, it is not sustainable nor a very nice place for most of its citizens to live. It fails because human greed allows a tiny ruling elite to distribute wealth based on their absolute control. The second, social democracy happens when for the sake of being able to inspire people to actually work for common good, they must have some freedom, sense of choice, purpose and most of all self-determination. . This is where China is today. The state still owns and controls much of the means of production, but the people have freedoms INCLUDING the right to personal property and some form of self determination at the polls. Where Mao's China was a hell hole that could not even get the people to feed themselves (starving about 100,000,000 - compare THAT with Wuhan Virus death rate) Deng's China went from zero to hero to clobber the largest economy in the world (and become that) in 30 odd very short years. The middle ground, that I have labelled pragmatic democracy will freely take from the left and right whatever suits its needs. Canada fits somewhere within that spectrum and has the potential to exploit that if it ever realizes the perils of the extremes on either side of it (both ideologically and geographically). Category #4 is a capitalist philosophy that ignores the fact that social policies and systems are essential to a functioning and sustainable society. The US started off somewhere in that category and has been drifting further to the "right" over time (note: neither political faction of the US Uniparty is any different at all...read on). It also ignores (and is ignorant of) what exists at the right extreme where wealth redistribution is once again controlled by a tiny number of people who have absolute control over virtually everything to satiate their incredible greed. That is NOT capitalism - as capitalism implies that the means of production are privately owned for the purposes of CREATING wealth, whereas this category amends that to mean MAKING PROFIT. Once you use the rules to redistribute wealth without adding any value (exactly what the extreme left category does) you have a cadre of people you can label "globalists", "corporatists" or whatever, but in the end they are simply greedy bastards who can take money from your pocket without doing any work and taking little risk and put it in theirs WITHOUT employing capital - just as I said, re-distributing it. This is what Wall Street and Bay Street do and where it will take us - essentially back to enslavement. I call this category "Casino Capitalists" because 99% of what it does - trading equities, creating completely artificial instruments (derivatives), M&A activities and most of all BUYING CONTROL OF GOVERNMENT BY OWNING THE OFFICERS AND THE CENTRAL BANK is already in place and moving the US and other parts of the world firmly away from where the democratic process gives the people control of their lives. The "1%" protests could sense this, but did not seem to understand what was actually happening and form a cohesive and coherent response. Yes, I am clearly stating that a Wall Street mavern or dot.com hero is no different from an African dictator - just may not use as many bullets on their opponents whom they exploit. You will note that the common denominator throughout the three sustainable categories is democracy, and the definition of what is not sustainable is the lack of control over their lives and livelihoods by the people. As is often said: not the perfect system of government, but by far the best one we have ever found.
  8. One of my offices is in WY, and we have assets scattered all over the place in remote areas. They simply don't get bothered by criminals. When someone first gets there, they are given the instruction to call out to an invader - so they will look at you. You are advised to put a round right between their eyes. You can legally kill someone in self defense, but there needs to be evidence that they are coming towards you rather than away. The placement of the shot is so you don't have to waste any time with cops and lawyers. Since nearly every adult male is carrying (and a significant number of females), seldom does anyone provoke a response by trying a criminal act. The remote areas? I assume even the bad guys know that if you do a nasty, someone, somewhere in the state is going to catch up with you and the consequences will be severe. Here is SK, we have an area around the Battlefords that is the highest crime rate in Canada. A few years back, someone people came into the farm yard of the Stanley farm, armed and inebriated and began stealing vehicles and accosting family members. The driver (who had a loaded rifle) was approached by Mr. Stanley with a handgun and in the ensuing scuffle, the gun accidentally discharged and killed the driver. After an armed conflict, it took the police well over a quarter hour to respond. SO, what was he to do? Watch his property and family suffer at the hands of the armed, drunken criminals or try to do SOMETHING to stop the attacks and theft. The law is AT LEAST 15 minutes away. Ask the criminals to wait??????? (BTW: spare me the violins from the Liberal talking sheets - you weren't in the interview room or courtroom to hear the whole story). In a rare instance of judicial clarity, he was found not guilty of second degree murder. I don't like the idea of a bunch of weapons in every household, but I like even less the idea that the virtue signalling politicians will take away the rights and privileges of millions of law-abiding Canadians to buy the votes of the politically correct set while doing NOTHING to protect the citizens from actual criminals. When the consequences of getting caught are essentially nothing at worst and getting sent to a rest home to get a good education in how to commit more and better crimes while furthering your criminal network we are going in the wrong direction. BTW: I caught a guy who had broken into one of my trucks a few years ago, and held him physically (until his accomplice arrived and helped him get free, grabbed him again and once more he managed to slip out of his jacket and with help of second guy got away. I was sorely, sorely tempted to pound the living crap out of him when he was alone and even more when his backup arrived, but a little voice in my head said: "you are in Canada and can NOT afford a charge of any kind that would screw up passport, etc.". We are in a small city, I live three blocks from the cop shop and it was almost a half hour before they got here. The only thing that saved the day was that when I was holding the thief down against the seat of my truck, his wallet slipped out of his back pocket and the RCMP found it burried in the snow. The little bastard snowed the courts and some kind of feel-good group who seemed to think that all he had to do was apologize to me and I would show up at his sentencing and put in a good word. When I pointed out that the little bastard was a career criminal in an organized crime spree who did NOT give up his accomplice, her response was that "there was no accomplice". She was so frigging stupid as not to realize she was speaking to the one of two people who knew with absolute certainty there was a second and critically important person (his handler - kid was a juvie, other was not). RCMP told me in no uncertain terms they would have charged me with a crime if I had tuned up either one of the pricks. We will move out to our farm in the future, and you can believe I will keep a really mean dog or two and any threat will be met with canine violence that the perpetrator will NEVER forget.
  9. It IS true that vaccines CAN be harmful. Of course, it is also true that water can be toxic. ANYTHING you put into your body presents some kind of risk, and given the billions of users of water and vaccine, there is going to be thousands of bad reactions. It has to be weighed against the BILLIONS of extremely good outcomes that are the norm. While Big Pharma is not on my Christmas list, to state that they are conspiring with dozens of other major players to make us ill to be able to sell vaccine is letting the tinfoil hat get a little bit too tight. Those kinds of elaborate conspiracy theories miss the one thing that is obvious to anyone experienced in investigations: you can't keep that many mouths shut for more than a very, very short time. Of course, the conspiracy theory nutjobs think they all just get murdered to keep them quiet. Problem with that is if you call all of your members, there is no one left to carry out the conspiracy.
  10. Not what most Chinese would tell you. Of course, they conveniently forget that Chairman Mao ran a totalitarian state - but life since Deng and now with Xi is pretty good for them and improving daily.
  11. But the press doesn't blow that up blame it on China.
  12. Please note that these are not ".556" - those would be HUGE weapons, cartridges and projectiles - not something you would want to hand carry at all - they are 5.56 MILLIMETERS - same bore as your 22 caliber but with 223 sized brass (chamber). Your truck problem would be solved if you dumped the Datsun and drove a Hilux.
  13. You are assuming the drama queen...er - teacher...even knows what a rifle IS (he should have learned when he was on the set of The Great War where he played Papineau - and from what others on that set tell me, he was already the most ignorant and arrogant idiot they have ever encountered). You are right, nobody issues 556 calibre (0.556") weapons, but there is a NATO standard 5.56mm cartridge that fits several weapons from several countries. Yet another leftover from Big Tur...TRUdeau's ill planned metrification drive.
  14. The 13 colony "army" was simply civilians who wanted to win their independence from the Crown. From what I understand, there really wasn't any actual army before the Declaration - except of course for 10,000 British troops. Needless to say, to deal with them, the colonials needed to be armed, and it would be more correct to call them a militia at the beginning, not an Army per se. So, yes, the British were killing civilians who opposed them. The civilians BECAME military when they were fully organized. Worth noting: there was a significant policy to NOT have a standing army as a nation at the 1776 point in time (we can see where that one went now!!)
  15. All of those hundreds of people coming in from the US are definitely the result of the US not securing their borders, but what is that saying about Canada - who also had similar intelligence reports DEEP into 2019 that there was a serious problem in China? What's good for the goose is good for the gander: Trump is no different in the screw-up department than the little Tur...I mean... ah.....TRUdeau.
  16. Those of us who are old enough to remember can appreciate how much the Vietnam war changed the politics of the USA forever. Now that WV deaths have surpassed those of Vietnam, it should be some kind of benchmark to denote the changes that are sure to come. I was a conscientious objector who passed on a great scholarship because I did not want to study in the US. While both of these events are horrible inasmuch as they resulted in a lot of people dying, I think the country will come out of it a better place as it did post Vietnam. While we all enjoy taking pot shots at our friends and neighbours just across the 49th, their resilience and capacity for introspect is something I admire. I expect this disaster will have the whole nation look more carefully at how international relations and trade directly impacts the economy and security of the nation.
  17. Obama and Klinton doubled down on Wall Street (i.e. Casino Capitalists) at the express expense of Main Street (actual Capitalists). Seems that when you have key cabinet members responsible for economic and monetary that come from the Street, and usually Goldman SUCKS, the legislative and regulatory tilt of the country tends to favour those who own the government lock, stock and barrel. (had to use a firearms analogy so you, and an American, could understand).
  18. The US government already made two attempts to wipe out its own people. One was the British government of the day attacking its citizens in the "war of independence" and later the new government openly declaring genocide on its aboriginal population. The former is the very reason for the 2nd amendment and the latter is simply swept under the carpet with a red face.
  19. One HELL of a lot more credible than CBC. For that matter, so is the National Enquirer.
  20. Oh...I didn't realize we were going to discuss Huawei getting our G5 business.
  21. Hitler could not even imagine how effective and thorough contact tracing was done with cell phones. I did a little project for a Chinese province in the early '90s and found while doing the research, at that time fewer than 6% of the population that lived along rail lines had access to copper wire. The rest of the country had no telecom. As you can imagine, all of China pretty much figured this out and went fiber to hub and wireless to client. So, pretty much EVERYONE in China has a cell phone, and they are all tracked (talk about Big Brother that would make Hitler green with envy). They also had a LOT of fast turnaround serological testing that could identify someone as positive, negative or needs more testing. At the moment you were tested (required at several checkpoints) an algorithm located everyone who had been near you in the max incubation period and informed both them and authorities that they had to go immediately to isolation, and of course determined who THEIR contacts were, etc. All in less time than it would take Hitler's guys to hand someone a bar of soap. Sometimes totalitarian power works against the people, and sometimes it works for them.
  22. What I can't understand is if Sikhs need to wear their headgear, and we need them to have a smash-hat, some entrepreneurial Indian should make and get CSA approval for a brain bucket that will fit over their rag. After all, people make special safety goggles that fit over eyeglass frames, gloves big enough to fit my ape palms, etc.
  23. Sorry if you missed my implied sarcasm. It is ridiculous to not include the largest economy in the world (especially since they seem to set all of the rules today - and where "going viral" has taken on a new meaning), thus G8. I wish I could find the citation but I think it was based on combined public and private debt, not just federal accumulated deficit. But: thanks for catching it anyway.
  24. and the answer was to your question of anything else needed.
  25. Yes: to be economically productive and not a drain on our already wildly indebted nation. You do realize that we are in worse per capita debt than any other G8 nation except Japan - and Japan has the one thing we do NOT: business that adds value and creates a tremendous amount of wealth - whereas we just rob the piggy bank of debt and resource depletion from our grandchildren - all to buy Liberal votes.
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