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  1. You start off with a good observation (ocean die-off) then without bother to learn what the is and why, get onto the looney left bandwagon of atmospheric issues in abstract and attacking geopolitical/economic boogiemen. First of all, the oceans are THE largest sink for carbon (di-oxide) - and the majority of our atmospheric problems are due to oceanic die-off of plankton - that is the very apex of the food chain - and the primary site for carbon fixation (far ahead of forests). We don't have so much an atmospheric carbon emissions problem, we have an oceanic kill off of the plankton that
  2. The partisan arguments that "conservative" governments in Canada have not been fiscally responsible hold a lot of water. However, comparing the "Red Torries" to ANY of the left side parties is not completely honest, since they are anything but "conservative" and with the notable exception of Chretien's Liberals the left is anything but fiscally responsible. History shows the the NDP can run ANY economy into the trash can with legislation and spending, and the LPC is doing a fine job of muscling the NDP out of the left side of the spectrum by immitation. Now, on vaccines: I keep coming
  3. Yeah, I sure remember those extravagant days of flying around the bush to fix airplanes, mining equipment, fishing boats, wild rice harvesters and many other things so the army of useless tits in the big cities can live off of the avails of our work. THAT is extravagant!
  4. I can't buy into your tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, but you DO hit on one key point quite accurately Canada is stuck in the no-man's land between the "everything is business" neighbour to the South and Uncle Karl;s "means of production" all belonging "to the people. But, being in that position, we need to learn what should be business and what should be public and social service. Sick care and health care are two of those that really need to be seen for what they are (or SHOULD be) - social service. This is a unique opportunity, since we can look at what others have done and choose
  5. Spoken by someone who obviously has no clue about transportation in the North. i have owned, rented and used general aviation aircraft for 49 years involving thousands of hours of travel. I would estimate fewer than 5% of those hours were recreational use (family holidays). In much of the North of this vast country, they are the only practical and often possible way to get around. Between the total BS "carbon tax" and this exceedingly political tax it is a severe penalty on small business. The Liberals count on public ignorance to pull this shit off. Butts in a supreme a-hole - but
  6. I have to laugh at this post. Many years ago, we had just bought a new and quite expensive piece of equipment for our business, and my wife had been asking to think about a larger car for her as our 2 kids she hauled all over the place were becoming teens and were quite tall. We thought that we would look at a minivan because, what the heck, everyone else has one. Went to local Chrysler store and asked to see a loaded up AWD Grand Caravan - and they had one in off of lease with low miles. They gave it to us for weekend, and we left them telling that we would need to finance for a couple m
  7. d: I don't mean to tax the asset value, just the capital gain - at 99% day one, 95% first year, and so on down to nominal tax rate. The vast majority of big money comes from speculative gain - and it not only creates no wealth - it removes investment capital from the reach of Main Street. So, to summarize: you and everyone else should pay capital gain tax on you primary real estate as well as non-residential. Do that and you remove the incentive to inflate real estate values. You can ASK for whatever you want, but tax the gain and the practice will go away. Needed to be done a long t
  8. https://www.thestar.com/business/2021/04/19/federal-budget-2021-ottawa-proposes-luxury-tax-on-pricey-cars-boats-planes.html As usual, the Libs waste no opportunity to stick it to successful Canadians, but play politics with the cutoff limits and exemptions. WTF is with allowing 250k baseline for boats (that start at a few thousand) but put $100k on a new airplane - NONE of which can sell anywhere near that price. Similarly, why are motorhomes exempt??????? The NDP comment in this article is a bit closer to common sense - but they want to tax assets instead of income. The rea
  9. As usual, the LPC would gladly bury a Canadian over lose a vote.
  10. That is absolutely wrong. BUT: I have to qualify my assertion as to what is "capitalism" vs. what we have now as a dominant force that I call "Casino Capitalism". The ONLY way we can afford to help our neighbours in a sustainable manner is to create wealth from our endeavors. THAT is what capitalism does and far, far better than any socialistic version of economics has EVER been able to provide. You worship the kind of equality among neighbours that Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. have succeeded in achieving - so why don't you and the rest of the LL live there?????? Capitalism is the m
  11. No, setting a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD is a very right-wing (and not exclusive to much of the left wing) is what government can and should be doing. You seem to get hung up in ideology and not appreciate reality.
  12. With China, it was a choice to either trade with them and include them in the world's economy or shun them and create a possible military enemy. I applaud the choice of the former, but deride the ineptitude of diplomats and politicians who didn't bother to learn to understand the values of the country they were inviting UNRESTRICTED into our lives. The sad part is: we could have simply asked the Nationalists who fled to Formosa who would have gladly taught us how and why to be wary of the Communists. I was fortunate enough to have been in business with one of the latter who actually played
  13. I certainly don't want to cut us off from China, Iran or ESECIALLY KSA, as these are all places I do business in and have for decades. My business partners carry passports from those places. Doesn't mean I agree in any way with HOW we do trade relations with them (ESPECIALLY CHINA). You have to first understand that China has a very different culture and values from Canada and the West in general. To think you will do business with them as an equal in good faith - as we have come to expect from the USA and Europe - is a fallacy in the extreme. They expect to "win" in all deals - and
  14. First of all, GOOD article from MacLean's - not somewhere I would expect. 1) Must apologize for the cryptic response, had to move equipment early this morning, so was rushing through things. By this, I mean the direction our economy is taking. B the end of WWII, we had hoisted ourselves by the bootstraps from being a "hewer of wood and drawer of water" to an integrated economy that could and DID add value to our resources domestically to meet our own needs and sell into the export market. Yes, a significant part of that was dominated by US products coming in, but that also included a
  15. It is not only "worth" it, but required to restore our "direction" within the continuum. We are sliding into useless tit hell from our dependence on consumerism and cheap shit from China. It is just that the borrowing power of governments can mask the decline from Joe Lunchbucket - who seems to be exactly as his white collar compatriots totally ignorant of just how much debt we have racked up both publicly and privately - and what could ultimately cost in the end.
  16. But, we CAN change things. That is the very nature of human nature. We can implement rules and enforcement of same that gives a predictable result. First, though, we have to learn what it is we are trying to control - and THAT is the other naure of the beast - collective ignorance.
  17. Once again: it is not exactly accurate to call these people "capitalists" since they don't spend money they have earned, but money that was simply re-distributed from speculative gains of equities. That is why I reserve the term "Casino Capitalists" for them. In a sane world, such activity would be taxed out of existance or otherwise made criminal - as you hit this one on the head: what finance does today is indeed organized crime at a level no Mafiosa could ever have imagined.
  18. But, that is EXACTLY what we have done letting the banksters become involved in the process. A commodities exchange should be EXACTLY what it was and it's name implies: the marketplace is between a producer or owner of a physical commodity and a buyer. The way to get the thieving bastards the hell out of being able to set barriers to entry and market manipulation is to simply require that if you want to buy a commodity you MUST both own what you are selling and take physical possession when you are buying. When banks get involved, the "market" is no longer a response to buyers and sell
  19. You need a reality check on the "economic hardships" front. What we HAVE is economic hardship from shipping all of our value added production to a foreign nation that does not share our ideas of quality control, honesty and ethics in making the things that are draining OUR economy dry. If full and meaningful employment and using the financial and natural resources on hand are your idea of "economic hardship" then bring it on.
  20. By "We the People" being so ignorant and complacent as to allow banks to place their speculative activity above real business financing.
  21. The speculative activity of finance is what is the cause of problem #1 - and that is easily stopped by taxing speculative gain - hard. When it comes to oil, mineral, gold, etc. this is once again where we have let finance stick their very unwelcome nose in the door of commodities markets. They add no value but play all kinds of manipulative games not because they are delivering some useful service but because they interfere with actual markets that will exist all on their own. Once again, being a speculative activity, you just tax it 99% of day one and it stops. The ONLY people that shoul
  22. VERY different. First, you need to understand the proportion of Wall/Bay Street that is involved with IPOs and POs. That is miniscule but their ONLY contribution TO business. Once the placement is made, the Street has nothing to do with the company at all. Go to a balance sheet and you will see clearly there is a P&L but the "Market Value" is something mentioned in a note and does not and can not appear on the balance sheet - as it has NOTHING to do with the company. the Street then proceeds to trade the equity created by the placement. And THAT is where it all falls apart.
  23. You NEED to be worried what people do with their own money. It directly affects what value you money has (drastically dilluted by speculative gain, as the needed increase in the money supply is YOUR/OUR liability). The useless tits in government are once again - no different from the welfare bum and the Bay Street mogul - they create no wealth (from which we all benefit and pay the bills) to simply re-distributing wealth - that simply costs us directly. The more we shift our economy to wealth re-distribution from the speculative economy of Casino Capitalists to the re-distribution by the r
  24. It REALLY needs to change. There is a dramatic difference between "investing" (what markets SHOULD be for - i.e. IPOs and POs) and simply gambling (buying existing equities or artificial instruments such as derivatives to speculate on their value). We have let the banksters move the movement of money from Main Street (funding that guy who MAKES the gizzmos) to simply trading speculative devices. This is what allows them to re-distribute trillion$$ that must be covered by inflating the money supply to cover their speculative gains. THAT is a direct liability to the taxpayer. Also, shiftin
  25. The LPC has bought and paid for the Canadian media with well over $2 Bn of our grandchildren's money, so the idiot-in-chief thinks he can bully ANY new media with impunity...and he can. Mostly because we are so stupid we fit the LPC mold and allow it with typical ignorance and complacency. Going back to Zeiteists post: we now have several generations who think a disaster is going from 3 chickens in the pot to two. Soft would be an understatement in the extreme.
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