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  1. Except it is not "their" moneybags. If the Indians who couldn't be bothered (or have the influence within their OWN ranks) to get back to the treaty table had an issue with government, they should have gone after government. To cost railroad, farmers, companies and workers literally hundreds of millions of dollars and to turn the country into the laughing stock of the world - they had no right nor reason to do so.
  2. I can guarantee you that there is NO union worker getting paid more than the 2,000 people I work with at largest client. That includes a lot of trades. Some non-union shops might well do as you say, but by no means do all. The workplace is not all about wages. Quality of work and accountability are a considerable portion of what matters, and that is what unions no longer represent - quite the opposite. It is often a race to the bottom for accountability and responsibility. The Co-op refinery is a perfect example of that. The money they want for the work they do is simply not sustainable. You call it a race to the bottom, anyone else calls it a need to get some balance back into work vs. pay vs. responsibility vs. sustainability. I remember having this same conversation with a shop steward of one of the unions (electical) when the regional union movement in Indiana was going to "show the paper companies" who is in control. They did just that, now there are no more paper or printing jobs left in IN. Would like to be able to speak with him today.
  3. was that when he was on or off the wagon? Ah...the Libs pick 'em well.
  4. Yes, I believe we are neither fish nor fowl on this one. First of all, there is simply NO country that doesn't have social policies and programmes. That doesn't make them socialIST countries. You only get to be that IMHO when you meet the standards of the Regina Manifesto regarding property - i.e. the means of production belonging to the state. Since this is also the communist requirement, you now need to look at how decisions and laws are made. If that, too is exclusively the purview of the state, then IMHO you are truly communist. I think the right term for Canada would be Social Democracy (kind of fits the first answer, but not exactly). None of that precludes being a capitalist state, since the means of production in our social democracy can and do mostly belong to the people as private owners. By the same token: our constitutional disdain for personal property rights definitely takes the word "capitalist" out of the running to describe the whole country, if not the means of production. I guess the answer is that capitalist/socialist is about who owns material things and means of production, not the kind of government one has.
  5. Gee, I made the "follow the gold" comment in the other thread, then ran into yours. IF there is Qatari coin contributing, ever think about why? The Coastal Link is there to feed to potential LNG projects, big ones. Qatar's total economy is based on exports of gas...as a liquid (i.e. LNG). Duh.
  6. What bothers me about it is that everyone of these protesters must somehow make a living. Who is paying them? Certainly not the kind of thing the Looney Left Media is about to investigate. You want to understand the agenda, it's the Golden Rule (i.e., follow the gold).
  7. The "messey" part of oil sands is the "mineable area" around (mostly North of) Fort McMurray. It is open pit mined because it is very close to the surface. It is also a relatively small part of the massive Athabasca deposit the dips deeper to the East. Depending on how you measure it, it is either one of the three largest reserves (based on proven and probable definitions) or knowing what is there, larger than ALL other reserves of petroleum hydrocarbons - possibly combined. It is not something we can afford to ignore, since HCs will be used for a very long time in the future, like it or not. What we CAN do, is concentrate on the deeper reserves that can be extracted now by steam assisted gravity drainage, but that and the much more energy efficient methods on the shelf require a much higher oil price to support. We can (and will) extract heavy reserves far more efficiently and sustainably, but it will depend on the $$$$ as these are very expensive ways of recovering oil. Once it is out of the ground, my own bias is towards NOT allowing heavy oil in the form of diluted bitumen to be shipped at all. By far the best thing to do is upgrade it on the spot (as both Syncrude and Suncor have done for decades) and ship synthetic crude with value added within Canada. Far safer, and far better basic economics. The mere presence of a LPC that is governing from the far left fringe and on top of that the end of rule-of-law in this country has scared off a LOT of investment in resources that will not be back our way for a very long time. At least the oil will still be there and by then with any luck the price will be sufficient to do it better (in political, environmental and economic terms).
  8. I don't hate unions (uh...OK, maybe a little) but what I DO object to is the removal of freedoms for companies and/or individuals to work as they see fit. Once a company has been organized, it is no longer free to seek other arrangements for workers and some times contractors. Success laws can even be attached to the BUILDING - and thus directly affects the value. Unions DID once serve a really important purpose: they provided trades training and certification to protect the world from incompetent work - but today they CAN and often ARE a haven for poor quality workers to hide from the repercussions of their ineptitude. The collective bargaining thing came in after the trade unions were already established as training and certification organizations. The money part for the trades and non-trade workers started from INDUSTRY, not the unions. It was Henry Ford - admitedly to serve his personal vision of what the overall marketplace should be - that got the ball rolling at $5 a day. When the US unions were invaded by the Mafia and Canadian ones by socialists, the role shifted to one of money ruling over professionalism and the political element becoming EXTREMELY partisan. Again, all things I can live with...ONLY IF there is no special privilege granted to organized labour that workers and companies should be free to seek alternatives if they so choose. There is NO REASON that organized labour can not co-exist within a right-to-work environment. They just have to be competitive in both cost AND responsibility. I should add: we work regularly with some VERY reasonable unions in Canada and the US, even as non-union contractors. Those reasonable unions realize that we are there to give them our particular skill and experience that allows them to keep their jobs and do them in a safer and more sustainable manner. We also supplement our engineering, CET and trades staff with calls to the hall for trades on many, many projects.
  9. That is nothing but a union scare tactic. There are a lot of non-union companies that treat their workers easily as well as union shops. I am sitting in one of them right now (have been my clients for decades), co-incidentally, within a 1/4 mile of the blockade at the Regina refinery. They will be on that site doing work next week. While I have been here, of course there is a lot of discussion about the strike. The deal the unifor has been offered is FAR, FAR better than any government agency or any other union around here has been offered. The one they have now is in no way sustainable. Sadly, I will finish my project on Friday and will not have the privilege of crossing the picket line next week with my friends.
  10. Which would be fine if that was actually what it was about. It is not.
  11. If the shop I work in gets certified, I am NOT free to work in a non-union shop. If the building I want to buy was formerly occupied by a union business, I am NOT free to run that as a non-union facility. If the work I am bidding on is in a closed shop collective agreement, I am NOT free to work there as non-union. The whole legislative and regulatory framework is one sided for organized labour.
  12. Just a little technical point: there are NO vessels capable of carrying 4mm bbls at one time. There WAS one, long ago scrapped, and there are only two remaining ULCCs at 3mm. The normal size is VLCCs that are either 1mm or 2mm. Anything larger has too much draft to use the English Channel.
  13. Fair enough. I have lived and worked with prairie and northern bands. You can very quickly get their political pulse by looking at how they vote...extremely biased to the left. The difference may well be that you are familiar with some who WORK for a living. The ones who can spend weeks travelling to and sitting on protest lines obviously do NOT work for their living. Curiously, one of my closest "right wing" friends was once my NDP MLA in the bush. Once one grows up one tends to shift your political benchmark.
  14. You win the interwebs! That is definitely the funniest thing written in this world on this day.
  15. What precious little credibility the state or its police might have thought they had vanished on day 1. The only thing a Liberal has ever done to jail a Canadian standing on principal was to lock up Andy McMechan for committing no crime whatsoever - just LEGALLY standing up to the Canadian Wheat Board's presumed government granted monopoly. You need to look at this from an obvious and logical perspective: in the world of virtue-signaling globalists only white men can be jailed for such crimes.Visible minorities are free to seek refuge behind the idiocy that is Liberalism/liberalism. On the subject of "no balls at all": I lump Canadian business leaders in with the Liberal government. If someone had this protest, they were obviously organized. The organizers should be sued IMMEDIATELY, as well as whatever organizations in affiliation - for the business losses incurred. I do a lot of business internationally, usually representing US interests. When asked how to tell the difference between Canadians and Americans, I simply reply: "If you want to tell them apart, just look between their legs. The nice guys with no balls are the Canadians."
  16. You definitely have the real issue identified. The concept of 200 sovereign indigenous nations contained within one nation is simply not viable they way we are doing it. As with the federal/provincial/municipal layers of government, Indian bands need to be seen as exactly what they are: a level of MUNICIPAL government, that must follow the laws of the province and country in which they are contained. Sadly, one of the first pre-requisites to working for government in a senior capacity is to first undergo a successful pre-frontal lobotomy. Seems about the same for politicians. In combination, this lot is far too short on even a functioning level of intellectual capacity to deal with this issue (or pretty much any other, it seems).
  17. To have wages, they would have to have a job. If they had a job, they could not be hanging around smoking dope and 'protesting".
  18. What the anti-pipeline and anti petro fruticakes do not seem to understand is that while it would be nice NOT to use petroleum hydrocarbons, until someone figures out how to ACTUALLY be able to live without them, they will continue to be produced, shipped and used. Since we are sitting on one of (actually THE) largest deposits, to get from where we are to where we need to be, our main source of revenue is some of those very finite resources that EVERYONE is using...because THAT is what the infrastructure in place is designed and in place to use. When you stop some oil going down a pipeline, it just gets stuffed into a train. BUT: when you do that to Alberta, you cut the revenue we get to FIX these problems pretty much in half. On top of that, over here in SK, we are suffering the second dillbit derailment and massive spill and fire in a month. What do we need to do to get the left coast loonies collective head out of their ass? Arrange a Lac Megantique in one of their drug parlours?
  19. Ontario does that because it is the seat of the Federal government and the home of the ultra-left wing media. They have learned that they can pay for their virtue signalling by taxing the crap out of the productive economies of the West.
  20. Compared with the life-long achievements and current display of ineptitude of our PM, Trump IS a genius. We are not talking absolutes here, just relative.
  21. Western separation would require IMHO everything from Thunder Bay to the West Coast. People in Nortern Ontario hate the East almost as much as we do. Yeah, the druggies of BC lower mainland would be tough to swallow, but it would be our albatross. Since all we get from Ontario is grief and looney leftwing politics (not that there hasn't been NDP governments in ALL of the Western provinces - but we are mostly cured of that ailment now), we would be free to source stuff directly from the US that we now waste billion$$ and a lot of time sending from the "distributors" in Toronto down the only road connecting us to our biggest problem. We pretty much get everything else from China, thus the need to keep Port of Vancouver.
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