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  1. I will give you that but certainly not the case North of 49.
  2. 1. I would agree with that for fundamental research, but when it comes to development of ideas going from science to technology, government is a 100% fail. However, in that vein: applied research needs a very disciplined patriarch to allow things to go where the science is capable - the kind of things entrepreneurs are good at. In today's world, companies with significant R&D budgets tend to be controlled by finance, not engineering and definitely NOT entrepreneurs so your observation is relevant. 2. this would be a great thing if it was true, but a total fallacy. Governments pick winners and losers because there is simply NO WAY anyone who has chosen or can tolerate to work for government can have any idea at all what business actually IS. Instead, when government sticks its bungling nose into markets, it picks winners and losers based upon what's good for politics and what pays the biggest kickbacks to the bureaucracy. In other words: total fuckups. To support business, what government SHOULD (AND NEVER DOES) do is provide a level playing field based on law, regulation and enforcement that give NO advantage to anyone other than from merit. NOTE: NONE of that would involve writing a check or not collecting a cheque from anyone related. Any time money is involved, having the power to dispense privilege (i.e. the total failure of government and thus why anyone involved should have NO right to determine and NO access to spending). I should add: I have done several investigations of government programmes and have NEVER seen anything where money was involved that did not also include influence peddling and/or other criminal corruption.
  3. By productive, I mean something that creates wealth. There are only 2 ways you can do that: by adding value to a resource or by performing a service in support of those activities. R&D, and even fundamental research is supportive, but government funded fundamental research IMHO is far enough removed that it is non productive in the short term but possibly VERY productive in the long term. Difficult to draw the line in those kinds of activities but REALLY EASY for many of the thousands of things government does that it has no business doing. Social services, which can be supportive of productive endeavor are one of those difficult things to determine. Paying someone not to work - be you government, finance, etc. (i.e. wealth re-distributing activies) is probably outside, but supporting a productive worker very much wihtin. I did say not an easy thing (I think)
  4. 1. KILL them? You have hanging around ANTIFA and the other Yanks too long. 2. Look what the Little T has done and tell me you don't think this should be top priority 3. Inheritance - IMHO, not a problem. Accumulating wealth by merely privileged re-distribution - NO EFFING WAY! If money is earned and tax paid, don't care who gets it. If you put it to work productively - light tax bite. If you use it to speculate - I would dump most of your gains into the public purse - as I stated and have many times. 4. Yes, it is all "trickey" but we have been "trickied" out of trillion$$$ that dumps the inflationary load back on John Q. EVery time "the Street" doubles the money supply to cover their inflated speculative gains, it essentially devalues everything John Q, has in the bank by 50%. Of course, finance solves that problem by fixing the interest rate near zero, so John Q carries a massive amount of debt instead of savings. Trickie indeed.
  5. You assume all disabled are non-productive. IMHO, when you take a government dollar for ANY reason, you need to give up any ability to affect policy or dispensation of $$. That means government employees, unemployed, welfare, etc. Only those who PAY the bills should have any right to determine how that money is spent. You of all people should have a clear image of SNC, WE, etc. in you mind when I say this and WHY it is so appropriate. As far as hereditary bux - too late, you have to fix that problem at the source. Money that is earned by speculative gain creates no wealth, is in no way productive, so "kill" by taxing. If you make a speculative gain, 99% tax on day one, 95% year one, and so on. Finance is the problem, not the solution. We need to de-fund Wall/Bay Street, not Main Street and the cops!
  6. The ONLY group deserving any equity in ANYTHING are those who actually perform productive work.
  7. Both Russia and China make it the full time occupation of a large number of people to hack into and steal as much information - technology, science and most of all business - as they possibly can. But in BOTH cases, do not doubt that they can and DO develop all of this further. It is right to say most of what China has and does is BASED upon what they have stolen from the West, but don't make the mistake that the West made when opening up trade with no consequence or rules by assuming they are any less capable than any other major power can be.
  8. It is a much more complicated thing that that. Beijing has its finger on the pulse of EVERY major business in one way or another. While there may not be a written directive, anyone running a hybrid (official government interest), state owned or "private" large company knows the drill and realizes you follow the unwritten but clearly understood path or let's just say business won't go so well for you. There are genuine high quality products in China. Some because of Western QA/QC, some from domestic efforts. But quality is not as important to China as money. It is a culture that worships results without getting hung up on process. These days: it all centers around "One Road, One Belt" and assembling all of the lands that China considers to be (or should be) China proper.
  9. China is capable of producing anything it wants at any level of quality and technology. Problem is: it is a centrally planned economy that doesn't at this time WANT to make the best stuff it can - just the most to forward its geopolitical ideologies and ambitions.
  10. I will grant that what was done with residential schools resulted in "cultural genocide" - but this was done with the belief of the time that this would (and many would argue DID) facilitate aboriginal assimilation into this country. The implication that these graves represent some kind of physical genocide is way off base. EVERY institution that was to house a lot of people of any age over much of the past century was likely to have a graveyard, as death from disease was very common. On top of that, aboriginal immune systems were not well suited to the addition of European infectious agents and no doubt suffered far higher death rates. Markers would probably have been wooden if used at all. Hopefully, when some of the cult's records are revealed, so better idea of who is who, how the died, etc. can be produced.
  11. I can forgive the rhetoric in the linked article, but I can say with some certainty that everything the totally idiotic anti-carbon, knee jerk response to "climate change" is extremely bad. Switching to immature technologies without giving a moment's thought to the resource and environmental considerations (i.e. lithium ion battery powered vehicles) was something so stupid and so damaging that only government-sponsored morons could possibly have thought it a good idea. Reality is: we don't have so much a carbon emissions problem, we have a severe carbon absorption deficit. That is due to killing off the oceans with our chemical pollution. To get a genuinely sustainable solution, and do it in a hurry the solution is simply to stop killing the oceans (i.e. plankton and all up along the food chain). Since combustion engines are a very well established way to move people and things: the first thing we need to do there is STOP moving people and things. De-globalization is probably the best thing we could do for so many reasons. But, we are still going to do SOME of this, so in that light, hydrogen IS an extremely good fuel source. Not sure that NH3 is the best storage medium, but we can use most of the existing prime power infrastructure to move things by using hydrogen as a supplemental fuel or even a primary fuel. I have second hand experience with one particular project where the original proponent wanted to power their moving devices with hydrogen fuel cells. They HAVE a functioning and effective storage medium (sorry, can't discuss that), so the put the whole thing together with state-of-the-art fuel cells to generate power to run the devices and power the vehicle. Turns out, they found the weight and energy consumption to manage the fuel cells made it much heavier than simply using an internal combustion engine to turn a generator and motive power train. The second phase involved using hydrogen from their storage system to run two nice little compression ignition engines.
  12. With the help of the CBC and rest of the media, whose complicity has been bought and paid for with billions of our tax dollars everyone seems to have forgotten the the Little Tur....er....TRUdeau and his "cabinet" first strategized to use Chinese vaccine. Fortunately, their ineptitude in managing the Huawei affair resulted in China cutting us off from this route. Once again, the total incompetence of LPC and our bureaucracies were saved from total disaster by more of their ineptitude. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/22/business/economy/china-vaccines-covid-outbreak.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20210623&instance_id=33644&nl=the-morning&regi_id=100982531&segment_id=61457&te=1&user_id=2a3e757b2285568cc6aee5465e9acea4 If you can't read the NYT article, here is another from Forbes (but less to the point) https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2021/05/11/covid-surges-in-4-of-5-worlds-most-vaccinated-countries-heres-why-the-us-should-worry/?sh=6a0ba8fed677 Countries that embraced the Sinopharm vaccine are now suffering huge outbreaks. Depending on OUR elected officials, we would have been one of them. Curiously, it was China itself that saved thousands of Canadian lives, so we owe a great debt to Ms. Meng.
  13. The OP makes a point that aboriginal culture is not one thing, but several of which some share a few characteristics. I would add to that: these things vary from tribe to tribe, and even band to band. I hesitate to call any "nations" as that is a concept that came long after colonization. While they should be allowed to exist I really question what Canada's obligation is to PAY for their restitution, promotion, etc. I find that just as objectionable as giving other fairy tales, such as religion and kind of free ride on the taxpayer's back (or more to the point, on our grandchildren's back).
  14. The Catholic cult should be the first to be forced to PAY any and all costs up to their percentage of participation, followed proportionally by other denominations. Yes, it is possible that deaths were "natural" but not likely with those numbers that there is any excuse for the lack of accountability. As has been mentioned: there was obviously some record of who was taken TO the schools, so strongly suspect same exist(ed?) for those who did and did not make it out. Also: you want to believe that the Little Tur....uh....um...TRUdeau is covering for his cult. He is not exactly the sharpest tack in the box, and just exactly what the cult leaders count on.
  15. I can agree that the problems with residential schools were from the top down, but from what I have read, the government thought it was doing a good thing. What WAS intolerable and ignorant was trusting churches to do the work. In our naiive and ignorant past, we were taught that churches were all good things and could do no wrong. I have a close friend who along with his siblings were raised for several years in a '50s Winnipeg Catholic orphanage. You can believe that they were treated no better than aboriginals in residential schools. I also happened to have met the cop who finally made the Mt. Cashel investigation go forward - and more of the same stories. It is not government that should be at the top of the list, it is the churches (ESPECIALLY the Catholic ones).
  16. I don't think you have spent any time IN some of these countries and understand how things actually work. Hamas, for instance, controls pretty much everything in Palestine. ALL aid will be claimed to be "for the children" as it is in so many other states. In truth, the money seldom sees a child unless the child labour doing whatever turns the ruling body's crank (and for Hamas, that means building rockets to shoot at Israel). To think this will ever be "humanitarian aid" is naive in the extreme.
  17. I think Pierre is EXACTLY PM material - and the ONLY such in Canada right now.
  18. I am painfully aware of that, but my choice is to build things in Canada and sell them to Canadians and Americans at a competitive price, not just be a consumer of their production. I am on a project in a remote area working on some very large and expensive equipment that I helped install and commission 45 years ago. Just going through the manuals and drawings, I realized that it was originally built in Canada (by one of my clients) from materials and components that were almost ALL sourced from North of the 49th. Products from that same plant (now once again Canadian owned) now must use components from many other countries (usually USA) simply because we don't make a large number of the things we once did. I would be ashamed to raise my children and grand children to surrender to a foreign power - even one that I so much like and enjoy.
  19. Since much of my business is in the US I can somewhat agree with you, but I also spent a few years travelling the planet looking for the best place to raise a family - and as a result stayed in Canada. No regrets. I greatly enjoy most things and places in the US, but at the bottom of it all, I am a Canadian as are my children and grand children. I would rather try to improve the country I love for others to benefit and enjoy than run and hide in a foreign land.
  20. And you think the financial status of that family dismisses the fact that they took money in an arrangement that was fraught with conflicts of interest on so many levels?????? So, being a totally useless tit that stumbles into a life of financial security excuses Liberals from their crimes? Damn, even I can't afford you. The taxpayers of Canada sure as hell can't afford any more Trudeaus.
  21. India happens to be a very accomplished country in the business of pharmaceutical research and manufacture. Corona virus vaccine research has been going on for 20 years (since SARS 1) and India has contributed to some of the ideas. However: to develop the actual vaccine Oxford University and Astra Zeneca did the work that took it into production and approvals.
  22. You start off with a good observation (ocean die-off) then without bother to learn what the is and why, get onto the looney left bandwagon of atmospheric issues in abstract and attacking geopolitical/economic boogiemen. First of all, the oceans are THE largest sink for carbon (di-oxide) - and the majority of our atmospheric problems are due to oceanic die-off of plankton - that is the very apex of the food chain - and the primary site for carbon fixation (far ahead of forests). We don't have so much an atmospheric carbon emissions problem, we have an oceanic kill off of the plankton that not only absorbs the vast majority of CO2, but ultimately feeds the rest of the species. Now, we keep neglecting the REAL problem and it crosses all political and diplomatic lines: population. We are up shit creek without a paddle because nobody (except China) has ever had the sense to stop runaway population growth. ALL of the oceanic damage (largely caused by the garbage we throw into it) and all other environmental damage is directly proportional to population x prosperity. Overfishing, soil and water damage also same, same. Look at our response? Gee, let's stop driving hydrocarbon cars and let's use public funds around the planet to subsidize the hell out of producing electric cars - to not only do more of the same thing, but to do it with THE most polluting power system available (lithium ion batteries) that are FAR more damaging than combustion engine emissions - that all could have easily been absorbed by a healthier ocean. And we are doing diddly squat about the oceans (largely because they are outside of government boundaries). See, I could care less which partisan "ism" one chooses, they have ALL screwed up 100% when it comes to environmental protection - and chasing the hydrocarbon boogieman is just more gesturing.
  23. The partisan arguments that "conservative" governments in Canada have not been fiscally responsible hold a lot of water. However, comparing the "Red Torries" to ANY of the left side parties is not completely honest, since they are anything but "conservative" and with the notable exception of Chretien's Liberals the left is anything but fiscally responsible. History shows the the NDP can run ANY economy into the trash can with legislation and spending, and the LPC is doing a fine job of muscling the NDP out of the left side of the spectrum by immitation. Now, on vaccines: I keep coming back to one simple theme - that sick care and health care are SOCIAL SERVICES, not business, and until we (the royal global "we") figure that out, it will continue to be a gong show. I agree fully with our left leaning members that making profit from people's illness and misfortune is ethically wrong. From a business perspective: not having to fund the two of the three biggest killers of business - medicine and legal costs - open up the economy for entrepreneurs to build and develop business and products. It is VITALLY important to realize the jobs and wealth are created mostly by entrepreneurial/smaller business, NOT big biz and Wall Street/Bay Street.
  24. Yeah, I sure remember those extravagant days of flying around the bush to fix airplanes, mining equipment, fishing boats, wild rice harvesters and many other things so the army of useless tits in the big cities can live off of the avails of our work. THAT is extravagant!
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