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  1. And, I think THAT is also obvious - to anyone with any sense of reason at all.
  2. Dougie, not at all the case here. One of Manitoba's main sources of revenue is Manitoba Hydro, and this election is largely about what Pallister has already started to do...downsizing the massive bureaucratic bloat at Hydro (as well as MPIC and others). I agree there are no Conservatives running for or in office in Canada, but Canadians are far too ignorant and complacent to be able to understand genuine conservatism. Also, dogmatic Conservatives are too ideologically limited to understand what social services ARE needed in a modern society. Provinces such as MB and SK were the birthplace of Marxist socialism on this continent and are not going to swing full right overnight - they rightfully need to see incrementally what rewards there can be for constraint, freedom of choice, property rights, genuine equality, competitive marketplaces, etc. This is not limited to Canada. Europe and the USA have crashed their economies by allowing a lot of things (bankng/finance, legal liability lottery, big pharma, etc.) be given the privilege to exploit consumers and taxpayers, actually entire economies - and the opportunity to be corrected in 2008/9 failed because they had sufficient control over governments to be rewarded for their treachery, instead of being flushed down the toilet and subjected to protective legislation as happened after 1929.
  3. I don't understand the crusades, progroms, jihad, etc. NOTHING to do with religion makes any sense whatsoever to me (other than edicts to prevent death from food - such as by trichinosis)
  4. crusaders might not agree. If you REALLY want the country to work, no need to ban immigration, just ban religion.
  5. You think that's goofy? Shit, there are other religions out the that tell you to pray to some imaginary spook and you will live forever.
  6. even if the mucky-muck was only hot and breathing hard. Then it usually comes off.
  7. SOME kind of actual interview and investigation, not allowing hired "immigration consultants" to coach them on what to say, fill forms out for them and make every aspiring terrorist into a model Canadian citizen (actually that DOES fit the exact profile that the Liberals seem to want).
  8. If you have ever spent much time in MENA, India, Japan or dozens of other regions/countries, you would know they are extremely racist, intolerant and discriminatory. What makes me gasp in horror is that we are not only accepting (even seeking) immigration from such cultures, we are expected to tolerate and celebrate THEIR intolerant culture once they arrive here!
  9. I have been working on a project inside of Manitoba Hydro for much of this year. If you could see the level of overstaffing, overpaying and outright waste you would be sick (i.e. if you were a Manitoba Hydro customer). After leading the country in electing NDP governments for decades, Pallister has a huge mess to clean up, and wisely chose to make damn sure he had a mandate to do so. The side benefit is that the Liberal Party of MB no longer has official status. Yeah, the people really DO (for good reason) associate the Federal and Provincial wings of each party.
  10. The Liberals will not appeal anything, since spending taxpayers' money is simply what they do - ESPECIALLY if it can be construed as virtue signalling. What really bothers me is nobody holds the communities and families responsible who's actions and/or inaction CAUSED the need for children to be placed in care. Just blame Whitey and pass along the bill.
  11. Canada is broken economically because it mindlessly follows the rest of the world. We as a species fail to understand how wealth is created and differentiate that from wealth that is merely redistributed. We have ceded responsibility to financial institutions who in turn pretty much own government and get things their way from the golden rule (he who has the gold, makes the rules). Canada is broken politically because we lack the leadership giving us the clear vision of how to reduce government from a meddling screw up of bureaucrats to doing what government SHOULD be doing...governing, regulating and enforcing to provide a level playing field. As it is, government here is just like government in most of the rest of the world and uses itself merely to dispense privilege to those who can buy or in other ways cause government to provide said influence. Sadly, given a stable democracy, the people don't seem to realize that they have the power to change things...but, as I said, to do so will require actual leadership. Sheeple follow. That's how we got into this mess in the first place.
  12. The ultimate market for oil is international but there is very much a different domestic market when it comes to supply, demand, transportation and most of all wellhead pricing. When you see a price for WTI, that is delivered to a tank in Cushing OK and sold as a one month future contract on the NYSE. If you produce in say WY, 20 years ago sweet light greens would have sold into the midstream for a premium every day, and WY heavy sour (asphaltics) range from slightly discounted from WTI to as low as $2 a bbl (against a then WTI of $10-$12). Those same crudes at a $55 price today would be only $45-$50 for lights and in summer near $40 and winter can even be $-0.50 to empty the production tanks. In Canada, WCS (Western Canada Select) is priced similarly at a discount to WTI, but wellhead could be 1/2 of WCS quotes or in busy paving season, close to WCS. The reason for that is very limited transportation, and unless there is a local market demand, Athabasca, Lloyd and Cold Lake heavies (Husky asphalt refinery for latter two) are near worthless - regardless of what the international market is doing. BTW: WY heavy sour can tank when desperate producers in AB ship heavies for peanuts to stay alive. This winter you could pick up a heavy oilfield in either Lloyd or WY for free.
  13. this is a really difficult question for me to answer. Will try to do so in as few terms/lines as I can. Of course, I support the petroleum industry in Western Canada, as we live in a very hydrocarbon dependent society/economy and we have a HUGE reserve of same in the form of the Athabasca Oil Sands. While to most that means mining in Ft. Mac, to others it is the extraction of heavy oil from existing (transitional) technologies until far better technologies can be applied. In a perfect world (or at least in a better one that should be just around the corner) electicity generated by nukes in AB/SK could be used to provide power to RF well/field stimulation to produce heavy crudes (extra-heavy by some frames of reference) without SAGD kind of hydrocarbon-intense production processes. This is not pie-in-the-sky, but proven existing technology pretty much off-the-shelf. In it's current form, exporting heavy oil is extremely difficult as it is extremely difficult to ship as produced. Shipping it as "dilbit" (diluted bitumen) is something I do NOT support. If you want it in a pipeline as "crude" (sort of) you need to dilute it with some very light ends. If you spill that, you have a heavy component that sinks to the bottom and is a proper bitch to recover, and a very light component that is rapidly dispersed and damaging, not to mention a HUGE fire risk in transportation. Transporting by pipeline might be infinitely safer than rail (which is what happens when you protest/block a pipeline - the oil IS going to be produced, and IS going to be shipped...PERIOD) but the whole thing means taking a resource from the ground and exporting without seriously adding any value (there IS a cost and process in producing diluent). IMHO: best to make it very expensive to do so and encourage/reward the step of creating synthetic crude (such as Suncor, Syncrude, SK Co-op, Husky and Shell do now) and far better yet, produce final products in refineries here fed by synthetic crude from upgraders (as happens in Regina, Ft. Sask, Ft. Mac and Lloydminster) BTW: don't be upset with Saudi for selling oil into Eastern Canada, get upset with the provincial governments of Ontario and Quebec who are so stupid as to block pipelines from the West into their marketplace. The tanker ban is aimed DIRECTLY at the Athabasca resource. In the act/regs it specifically prohibits transport of more the (IIRC) 12.5k tonnes per vessel of crude or "partially processed bitumen". Knocking the light ends off, one can easily make bitumen (a non-haz, unclassified product) shipable. It can even be rendered as a solid, thus extremely safe to ship. But: blocked by the very people who co-incidentally own the pipeline that competes with this (Prince Rupert) export route.
  14. Fair comment. I am several time zones ahead of you now, so will try to get back tomorrow.
  15. Such a genuine BC answer. Consume energy and resources at a staggering rate, take a walk in the park and protest what others are doing to work and think it makes you some kind of 'environmentalist". An entire province that consumes like crazy but produces next to nothing. There: you have my environmental report.
  16. Courgar: Wait a minute: you have left your energy wasting abode, while off of work from what is no doubt a pollution creating job, got into you old beater wagon and polluted your way to the top of a mountain...to bitch about someone else polluting and wasting energy>?????
  17. Mulroney was a Quebec labour lawyer...you can't really get much lower on the pole than that. We need leaders who have actually accomplished something in their life, who have been productive and successful. Being a silver spoon drama teacher or nice guy with pretty dimples are hardly qualifications to lead a brass band, never mind a country.
  18. No, I would gladly vote in a Maggie T, but not another version of PET Jr.
  19. His problem seems to be too much estrogen. needs a BIG shot of testosterone to get his shit together.
  20. Au contraire. The problem is not climate change, it is creeping Liberalism falling off of the left end of the spectrum
  21. Dougie: this may be your most insightful post - best of all. Thanks.
  22. No doubt they are simply following the Liberal's success. Sadly, their failure as an effective party means any vote would not have gone Cons will go Lib. Even those that WILL go cons are going to be watered down by Bernier.
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