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  1. Yeah, I think I will apply for a position with WHO when I retire the rest of the way. I hear the corruption kickbacks there will be better.
  2. There IS a valid, proven serological assay that is in use to do just that. Read a paper on it a few days ago (awaiting peer review). Also, CDC is developing something similar. What makes it tough is that the COVID-19 virus is very, very close to SARSCoV1 and SARSCoV2.
  3. Had a long talk with my good friend in UK who is prominent guy in the NHS. He said at 95% ECU saturation (in Manchester area) is breaking point for them, but at 87% and climbing fast, they are still coping. His business partner is in China working on vaccine, so he gets some really current news. His big worry is not the breakdown of the NHS from current situation, but the fact that nobody yet knows if this thing can re-infect. I don't care what "ists" one listens to, reality is that if you DON'T slow down the transmission rate (and there is really only one way to do that right now...lock down since people won't self isolate in sufficient numbers) you will swamp the medical system wherever you are. What happens then? Look to Italy: essentially the "death squad" horror story of bureaucrats forced to make the "who lives, who dies" decisions that nobody wants to be forced to make, and even more don't want to be on the receiving end of such a decision.
  4. I he using them for Wuhan COVID masks? I could care less about the monarchy, their reputation, their activity, etc. If Harry wants to duck out of it, I think we at least owe him the same immigration options as any middle east terrorist or Jamaican gang banger.
  5. On the mask thing: makes essentially no difference at all for inhalation exposure. I looked it up this afternoon and the Wuhan Covid virus is about 100 nanometers in diameter (0.1 microns). That is 1/3 of the size of the 0.3 microns that an 95 mask will block 95% of the time. You would need ultrafiltration cartridges and a rubber sealed and tested mask to be anywhere near blocking it for inhalation. What they CAN do is catch droplets aerosolized by a cough or sneeze (and, of course the droplets carry the virus.). I do a lot of confined space entries with hazmat conditions, and have a son-in-law who is a firefighter, so, yes, a fair bit of experience with masks. AND - after doing that kind of crap for 50 years, I am still alive.
  6. This is why people in cruise ships have such high infection rates. Also why you don't quarantine them ON the ship, you get them the hell off of that float petri dish. On the mask thing: makes essentially no difference at all for inhalation exposure. I looked it up this afternoon and the Wuhan Covid virus is about 100 nanometers in dia (0.1 microns). That is 1/3 of the size of the 0.3 microns that an 95 mask will block 95% of the time. You would need ultrafiltration cartridges and a rubber sealed and tested mask to be anywhere near blocking it for inhalation. What they CAN do is catch droplets aerosolized by a cough or sneeze (and, of course the droplets carry the virus.).
  7. It was Dr. Michael Osterholm (Prof emeritus of just about everything in public medicine at U Min) who was speaking, and explained that the auto-immune response form Wuhan Virus was what complicated people with the greatest reaction. To those who have only a minor event, it is "just" a viral inconvenience.
  8. As I understand it, this is exactly how the Wuhan Virus works. Wish I could remember the exact words for the immune response and the link to where I read it. If I can find, will post.
  9. Many of those places have shared air handling systems...thus totally inappropriate for isolation wards. But, I guess by the time you are infected, it is the staff that needs protection. Biggest problem I see is the equipment to FILL a convention center. For that kind of thing, we are totally unprepared. Further: I LMFAO about the idea that you can call up a car manufacturer and have them start producing medical equipment overnight. There is a little something called "tooling", not to mention experience. Give them a couple of months to set up (as we SHOULD have done) and that would be a very different story.
  10. For mail and deliveries: We have a reception box at the office, doors locked. One person collects deliveries a few times a day (signs direct couriers). I go in only when the place is empty of other people. At home, we have started to put mail in a cardboard box and leave it in the garage for a day or so. Deliveries are left in the driveway for first day, then cardboard packaged stuff is unpacked outside. Plastic wrapped stuff place in back yard and turned daily to allow UV to attack possible contamination for several days. I wish I had a better way for food. We can alcohol wash/wife packaged goods, but not sure how to deal effectively with stuff such as produce. Also don't know what we will do when we run out of isopropyl. We are fortunate in that eldest daughter got box of nitrile XL gloves for me last week, so at least good for a while on that count.
  11. As I just showed you, it can be WORSE than nothing from an aspiration risk perspective. Better than nothing for expirational risk and reminder to not touch. In other words, could be worse for you and better for others. Best option: stay isolated.
  12. Our economy was already in the toilet. In a globalized economy, our costs of labour and low productivity make us a loser, not a winner. Our lack of investment to Main Street by copying the US model of putting all money onto Wall/Bay Street has destroyed what little entrepreneurial infrastructure to develop real business is gone. Time to start again anyhow.
  13. Ever work in a hazardous environment? There are masks that can indeed protect one from viral inhalation, but the paper masks hooked over your ears are NOT that mask. Hazmat masks are FIT TESTED and require a clean shaven face. Ever wonder why? When you breathe through a filter, there is a pressure drop across that membrane. If a mask has any leak at all, the pressure differential across the filter will cause a VERY HIGH flow through that leak. Paper masks have no such possibility of sealing effectively around the perimeter and the higher velocity of air through those leaks makes them essentially ineffective. What they ARE good for is reducing transmission from coughs and sneezes of the wearer. BTW: a decent mask is closer to $100 EACH plus appropriate cartidges (filters).
  14. We needed all of those things to be put in place at LEAST two months ago. Very late now to be effective.
  15. As much as I enjoy throwing barbs at politicians of any kind, this is one time where their response is appropriate, but inadequate, not overblown. In the workplace and marketplace, the level of interaction is HUGE. Cutting that to the absolute minimum is not doing much to change the ultimate level of exposure, but it will dramatically shift the shape of the curve. The problem is we simply don't have anything near the sick care capacity to handle even a modest number of severe cases. Watch the numbers climbing in Italy and appreciate just what that looks like. Also: think of the Chinese "hospital in 10 days". That was done to keep the infected patients SEPARATE from the overall hospitalized community - and we have no such ability or intention. We have been in economic crisis many times before, and the pain it causes is nothing like the results of a fatal infection. I am sure if you were of the latter status, your opinion would be very different.
  16. The first error in the assumptions is that Tur...TRUdeau is or can provide any sort of leadership. His selection of a cabinet based on political correctness and racial/minority inclusiveness was and is a recipe for disaster, and disaster we have. In all fairness, the political opposites South of 49 did an even worse job. The time to manufacture critical things was 2 months ago. Instead, we see the idiot child trying to score points by telling us HE is going to get business to manufacture ventilators etc. when nobody has even started to tool up for the purpose. Leaving airports open to international and even domestic flights with NOTHING in place to monitor condition of travelers was IMHO a criminally negligent lack of action. NOBODY can or could stop the virus, but those in position of power were and are obligated to delay long enough to put in place what they/we did not and do not have - adequate preparedness. IMHO: the world's gold standard in this has been Taiwan. The turd standard will probably be African nations.
  17. Smoking rope seems to be today's answer for everything. Contrary to Taxme's attitude, I believe the media is doing a REASONABLE job on keeping people informed of the Wuhan Virus' progress. It IS the politicians I rebuke for waiting far, far too long to do ANYTHING, putting this continent in an ineffective reactive position when news out of China should have made us proactively enact drastic measures. As much as I dislike the media in general, this is not an issue they have totally wrong. BTW: I also visit a very technical website that is international in membership, but the US members almost to a man agree with Taxme. When dozens of engineers and technologists can't even understand the very basics of how exponential growth shapes a curve, it worries me greatly. One of the companies I work with laid off ALL employees effective end of month (collapse of commodities market - triggered by Wuhan Virus, but coming anyhow), and my largest client (former partners) cancelled all of the projects outside of the shop (essential services, so won't be shutting down). Many of the cancellations are coming from their clients, and ALL of those are in rather essential services that have delayed things that are not an actual system failure until it is safe to do so. Once again, the Canadian ones are leading the US ones by about a week or so (largest is/was in CA - I pulled out of that one last week, but client has yet to officially cancel the whole project). The silver lining in this dark cloud is the re-thinking of HOW we do business. I was scheduled to be in West Africa this month, and our New York (New Rochelle, no less) office called that off over 2 weeks back. Told the client there is a LOT of planning to do for their project, and we can effectively hold all meetings by video conference and they can send the support data we need to be massaged by engineering. To my mind, the huge growth of international air travel has been a detriment to cost control in many business relationships. I would rather spend twice as much for a ticket and buy 1/4 as many.
  18. You know if we had some really smart people in Ottawa, we would let the US lock up ALL of our criminals. Would save us a fortune. Shoot, you even took Charles Ng off of our hands. Thanks!
  19. Careful, now. We have clearly demonstrated that the US can lock up more of its citizens than any other country - regardless of size. That's quite an accomplishment for the "land of the free".
  20. Since we have precious little capacity to manufacture anything but car parts and really stupid politicians, that might be the case.
  21. The US has 20% of the world's prison population while being less than 5% of that total pop. Much more convenient than having to chase all over looking for volunteers, and your subjects (sort of) speak an understandable language for US researchers.
  22. Because the US locks up 3 out of every 100 citizens, you have a great supply of testing "volunteers".
  23. As I already implied: there are several vaccine candidates now in approval process. EVERY government involved knows very well they have to move hard and fast, but there are still serious implications to re-assigning existing drug regimens or new vaccines to unknown diseases or with unknown results. This is why the delay thing is so important. People in Yurp and elsewhere are essentially guinea pigs for those of us who can come later. The higher/earlier community transmission in those countries have resulted in a lot of trial-and-error stuff we can benefit from.
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