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  1. peoples advocate

    Energy East is done.

    Last posting on this site, People on this site feel as though they have true knowledge but a lot of time they have no facts and when presented with real facts they try to fudge things to make it seam as though they are right I guess the moto of this site is a lie becomes the truth when you make enough people believe it. Also the moderators try to make it as though they are lords of knowledge when in fact they are only reading articles and putting a spin on it . You all live in this fantasy political world where you pretend you have some say. None of you works toward solutions you just act like gossips. I leave you all now so you can go on and debate things while real men and women are working at change. And by the way to the site monitors " kiss my ass "
  2. peoples advocate

    Energy East is done.

    wrong those are pipeline stats add the small little ones and it becomes a much larger story
  3. See the way you think is a little off even if you look at fast food places like MacDonald's now you see more adults because jobs are no longer as abundant . So you have adults trying to raise children on a wage that is below poverty and you are ok with this ? if you are you should be ashamed . Another thing I do Pay that wage and I survive I guess it depends on greedy you are. I think we know what you are like . You don't seem to have a serious answer so I have a little advise ... Reading more then comics could broaden your horizons. Maybe
  4. peoples advocate

    Energy East is done.

    Well lets see since 1986 - 2016 there was 9000 that is nine thousand pipeline related incidents and 8.5 Billion dollars in damage and in U.S.A alone since 2010 9 Million Gallons spilled. so let me see, should we allow the oil companies who have shown no thought process at all about truly protecting our environment permission to do more damage just to put money in the pockets of shareholders ....NO
  5. peoples advocate


    Being Canadian all I can say is sorry that the left in your country are wacked , Why not outlaw the wearing of face coverings by everyone at the protests and then you would probably find all these people are living in mom and dads basement playing video games , They have no self worth and are trying to justify their existence. Good luck everyone
  6. peoples advocate

    Democracy is big nonsense

    The Idea of a true democracy is a good one but sadly will never be achieved and one reason why is people that get elected really don't care about the people that have elected them , we have seen this over and over every election. They steal , Lie, cheat and ignore election promises they build up their own egos and nothing more. To find true democracy you will spend eternity looking.
  7. peoples advocate

    Is this really racism

    I did and your picture was there.
  8. peoples advocate

    Imagine a Trump, but also Popular in Hollywood

    I am sorry but people that voted Hillary do not have a finger on the pulse of the average person. Make the lists and compare if you do not see her for what she is our hope is gone for you , so long
  9. peoples advocate

    Election Signage

    I am not sure what it is like in other cities but here in Calgary at Election time the people running for election absolutely flood the streets with signage. I know that they think most people are stupid and do not pay attention to political platforms and because of that they want each name seen every two feet. Here is what bothers me we have in this city a Bylaw about signage and it applies to Politian's signs as well but guess what our bylaw officers told me and I am talking about the sergeant in charge of Bylaw that the Mayor of our good city told them to ignore it at election time . This to me is troubling in a couple of ways #1 why are they any different then the average citizen who wants to put one sign up to advertise his company ? they put signs 6 inches from the curb instead of the 6 feet the law requires and they are spaced every foot instead of 20 yards. #2 if these people show total disregard for the simplest laws in the city how do we trust them to abide by the rest? Governments know why younger people do not trust them and I think we have to speak up please call the 311 number and complain and then ask to be put through to the mayors office and complain to them. Remember this is a round about way of saying you are stupid.
  10. peoples advocate

    The Responsibilities of Citizenship

    They still have responsibilities and there is no way around that. As do we all.
  11. peoples advocate

    Canada's Federal Deficit

    Hey for starters let everyone see the money in and out of general funding That is a good first step. Then let us make each member responsible for spending in respective departments and then how about real punishment for the politicians that break laws . Partial pension losses for wrong doing . complete transparency after all it is the peoples money they are spending is it not. People are always looking at the hard way to do things when the answers are usually obtained by the simplest means so lets get real and make simple demands .
  12. peoples advocate

    Compensating Khadr

    Well I am not sure you do.
  13. peoples advocate

    Compensating Khadr

    RIGHT I see
  14. As if anything you say can not be debated from a better side . You my friend rant and again from a clouded sense of thinking like big business. You know the points I make are valid and You are just a person that is always right so go ahead and wrongly be right.
  15. peoples advocate

    Are Fire Fighters wasting our money?

    Really it would seem this time you are the one lacking the facts I think you should be a little more knowledgeable before you talk . When you talk with such erroneous misleading info as you do a lot . you lose credibility . I would make the suggestion that you do not believe everything you read and actually get off your ass and investigate. But wait that is the meaning of work and you would not do that it is easier to quote someone you do not know to make yourself seem all knowing. I feel bad for you . Have a good day of reading