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  1. 1. National self image. Why do the most "patriatic" flag waving Canadians say we don't have talent, ambition, value and wealth, it all has to be imported through immigration? 2. Globalization. Dependence on foreign investment and trade. Why must we have to literally give away our natural resources only to import the same at world prices? 3. Extremely complex and discriminatory tax system. Why is it you need to be a scholar in tax policy, have lots of money, be extremely lucky in the person you use to do your accounting and taxes to find all the loopholes in Canada's tax system? 4. Environment. Canada has the potential to lead the world in environmental policy but it seems nobody actually cares or are so ill informed they just can't see how simple the solutions can actually be. 5. Insurance. Why must an industry that is supposed to protect the population from undo stress and hardship actually in business to protect itself, it's investors, it's board and it's bottom line? Canada is such a great, rich country with so much potential. Why can't people realize we should take care of ourselves first? Look at all we created just to endup giving it away. If this keeps up we are going to be the next third world nation, we can't play with the mega economies, we lose far more than we gain. We are like the six year old trying to play with the nine year olds, it's time for the economics scholars to wake up and start creating plans that work for this country, not multinationals and multi billionaires.
  2. LOL, cutting carbon output in half ain't gonna happen and even if it did it would result in climate change acceration. Your thinking all this conversion to carbon free doesn't come with its own contribution to climate change? Where do you think all the materials and manufacturing processes for these rechnologies come from? If Trump succeeds in bringing manufacturing back home he will have done more to curb climate change than everyone else combined. Transportation of raw products and finished goods is a huge contributer to greenhouse gases and pollution and in North America alone they say we're short a million heavy trucks on the highways, making them all to electric is not going to fix this. Don't preach to me we need to reduce greenhouse gasses then push globalization, we all know we have the technology and ability to cut greenhouse gasses by a factor of ten within the next ten years, nobody is interested, especially the wealthy and influential and of course the masses will just follow.
  3. The government knows exactly what it's doing. It's become an equation to buy votes now that the next election is coming up. Get the unpopular policies (legacy projects) out of the way during the first half of the term, do what appeals to the voters the second half. Politians that don't want another term stick to their unpopular agendas.
  4. "up to 50% improved fuel efficiency" is a very important statement. Travelling any distance hybrids lose their advantage and can bacome even less efficient than their petroleum only counterparts due to their extra weight and less efficient powertrains.
  5. Andrew Scheer? Don't know much about him, he makes news when doing damage control when someone in his party does something stupid and to criticize Trudeau. Some polls suggest he's running neck and neck with Trudeau so about fifty percent Trudeau's popularity in the real world. Trudeau still has his looks and that creepy charm that'll attract the young female vote and of course he should do well among new Canadians. It's definitely Trudeau's election to lose at the moment.
  6. So almost every country on earth is headed toward Greece's situation then?
  7. They happen to tell you where this bottomless pool of money governments are borrowing from is?
  8. Amazing, all this discussion about saving the planet and non of what's being proposed or agreed to is going to make any difference... It's probably going to make it worse. Trump has done more to reduce CO2 then every other leader combined and he doesn't even believe it's real, or even know it for that matter. Reducing carbon output by doubling our heat absorption and output into the lower atmosphere is not going to change global warming. We have the technology, I bet holding a virtual climate summit over the internet would have reduced carbon output by 10%. It's a case of "monkey see, monkey do" suddenly the masses see leaders taking climate change seriously by reducing their own carbon footprint they will follow suit. We have the technology, instead of shipping raw materials and goods around the planet several times in the process of manufacturing we can do the whole process locally. I learned a couple years back that even a simple $4 ball bearing assembly has components made in four different countries all over the world. Although there might be a slight economic advantage to this it's an environmental disaster (not to mention there is around two ships lost at sea every week). Same goes for producing food, diversify and bring locally grown back home. They should really stop crying "the sky is falling" and quit forecasting the weather is going to get worse, they have no freaking clue what the weather is going to do tomorrow let alone ten, twenty, thirty years from now. For all they know the climate may just become more stable. It's possible windmills may contribute more to climate change as they remove energy from the air currents it slows air movement resulting allowing more time for the air to stay in areas that cause it to become more unstable. Computer models for climate still only work with the data we give it, our atmosphere is very complex and fluid there is no way they are even close yet, there are millions of factors still not being considered. Yes the sea levels may be rising but it is gradual, as they do mankind will just build farther back, most infrastructure has a lifespan of 50 years anyway so it'll just be reclaimed and given to the sea. Yes, islands will eventually be made smaller, some may become uninhabitable but that's the price you pay, erosion is completely natural, it's been happening since the planet was formed. As far as hurricanes are concerned looking here https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/top10.asp the hurricane season hasn't changed that much, you need to remember reliable storm tracking wasn't even invented till the late sixties, how many were missed completely before then? What has changed is the population along the coasts, I bet the east coast of the US has exploded almost a hundredfold since the 50s and that's what makes it so noteworthy and expensive now. Storms that used to bypass populated areas were not even noted whereas now the population is almost continuous so of course there is going to be more damage to man made areas. AND STOP CALLING IT "MAN MADE" CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Climate change happens every second and it's happened since the climate was formed on this planet, it's mans contribution to climate change that's the issue.
  9. I'm not arguing electronic technology hasn't improved operation of complex machines. I love the fact that if the machine has the energy in the batteries and fuel all I need to do is turn the key and it is running, fuel management and ignition are all taken care of. BUT, the fact that I need a two hour course just to figure out how to use a machine that was formerly logical and intuitive has totally defeated the technology developed for this purpose. We have two generations of this same machine the older version you turn the key, it starts the electronically controlled engine, you release the park brake, you push or pull the MFH and the machine begins to move, the farther you move the lever the faster it goes, simple. You can inch it forward or reverse, it gives you infinite control from zero to max speed and the reponce is quick and firm. The newer generation you start the engine, you must flip two switches and push a button before it moves, it has a similar MFH but you don't move it a certain distance, you must bump it forward or back to achieve movement, then it moves at a preset low speed then you must bunp it up or hold the MFH until it is traveling at the desired speed. It makes the unit difficult to control and potentially dangerous for doing some tasks. The MFH is moved sideways to stop or set the machine traveling at a preset speed. You can set the responce time and aggressiveness but it requires adjustment of another switch. This is just one example of what appears to be overzealous engineers fixing problems that didn't exist. Why change the simplest operation of a rotary light switch to three buttons with three pushes each? Also it's not just simple programming these people have used to achieve this, the new unit has four additional modules and probably another hundred feet of wire with it's own set of potential problems. There are still bridges standing a thousand years old and there are new bridges still falling down. Failures have more to do with shortcuts and poor workmanship then technology. FEA and CFD programs may give you a shortcut to the desired results but it is not infallible. You still need real world testing. Again, technology in the right places is very beneficial. Why is there such a desire to overdo it though? Just because it's right under our noses doesn't mean we have to use it even if it makes life more complex and frustrating. , simpler and more intuitive in many cases. I think we're drifting off topic though...
  10. It's not the "alot of folks" he needs to worry about... He's pissed off people from almost every group if you think about it. This fiasco is irritating to normal people who are trying to make a living, it makes me wonder how many get pushed that much closer to either ending their lives or going on a rampage.
  11. I find the arrogance of this guy pretty incredible. After virtually being let off his charges, given an apology and over ten million of our dollars he is still making demands. If Canada is not big enough for this guy maybe we should kick him out. If were him I'd be keeping a low profile, this is going to get him killed.
  12. I guess it's GM's lack of investment in the present that is pissing people off. Anybody research how many plants they are opening in Mexico and China? LOL, actually I didn't finish my thought there, my wife cut me off. The gist of it is whether it's shoveling grain, driving truck or taxi, typing letters, delivering mail, building cars, troubleshooting or trying to get likes, subscriptions and shares etc. people are always complaining about how hard they have to work to make a living. And technology isn't changing that.
  13. Of course in the "good old days" you didn't have issues that required your specialized skills to resolve either. Most equipment was simple enough the locals could figure it out. If you have an issue that takes seconds or minutes to resolve in systems that big it sounds like they are caused by the technology that controls them, technology that didn't even exist yesrs back. In other words problems are being created that weren't there before. Heavy industry and utilities still run wires, fuses, contactors that are still susceptible to mechanical failure. It's the same issue with mobile equipment, it's another system with it's own set of problems. I'm not saying advancement in technology is bad, the problem is we are going overboard with it. Technology should be making our lives easier not more complex. Those damned computers did a great job in the nineties and early 2000s for most diesels, moving on to the mid 2000s on things have gone backwards a bit. Today there is more pollution being produced building, maintaining and repairing this technology then it's saving. Again technology has done wonders for engine management over the last thirty years but explain why the engine controls need to be linked to the entertainment system in a vehicle? Your vehicle gets broken into and the radio gets stolen you get hit twice because now the damn thing won't even run. You need to call London and the French and inform them how clean your diesel truck is.
  14. LOL, it was a private business worker that sent my crate England to Mexico only to have to ship it back to England because it didn't fit in the plane to forward to Canada. It was a private business worker from another company that quoted me six times the rate I got to ship said package as well. It is engineers in a private business that can't stop the muffler brackets from breaking on a new peice of equipment I own, it is two private businesses that can't figure out the electronic sequencing on other new equipment I own. It was a private business that tried to charge me three times the quoted price to do work I requested. Government isn't the only organization with the people you describe, they are everywhere, at every level of education and in every position. How many headaches does your computer, tablet, phone create through the course of a day? Actually we had the incredible lifestyle well before the technology of the last twenty years. There are still many the system doesn't work for. YouTubers are whining because they have to work so hard to maintain followers, nothing's changed...
  15. Prime Minister of Canada is a serious job?
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