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  1. Take that money and use it to produce what we import at home you have a viable solution. Let's take care of our own needs then worry about trade.
  2. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Trump-Trudeau Fall-Out

    He hasn't changed, he was exactly the same in the seventies. Thing is allot of what he says makes perfect sense. It's too bad other leaders are not using what he's preaching for themselves instead of taxing their own citizens into oblivion with their "retaliatory" tariffs. Step back, look at what we are importing from the US (and others for that matter) and ask why we aren't doing this for ourselves. Instead of turning local companies into welfare cases to try and prop them up till Trump is eliminated, give them incentives to take care of Canada first. The next time a Trump comes along whenever or wherever we will not be so affected because Canada is taking care of itself. We have everything we need to make Canada great again...
  3. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Trump-Trudeau Fall-Out

    Why doesn't Trudeau start to use the thousands of people that are sitting around coming up with useless statistics and information (pollsters for instance) and figure out what Canada's trade situation is with the US and the rest of the world, find out numbers of what we're exporting and importing then go from there. Then he could have a round table meeting with the provinces, figure out what and why we are squabbling over trade and setting barriers with each other all the time and work on fixing that. He claims he's Canada's prime minister it's time he shows some leadership instead of being the worlds poodle and running behind the rest. The fact that Alberta has to invest huge money into exporting crude at reduced prices so we can subsidize Ontario importing refined petroleum at world prices just blows me away. Ontario exports automobiles, why not supply for the Canadian market first then export excess? The same goes for every other industry in Canada. We have a dairy industry that's vibrant and taking care of itself, why not leave it alone. The US isn't the only country that we have trade issues with, there is always some country that's banning Canadian exports for whatever reasons, beef, chickpeas, canola, wheat are a few that come to mind recently, countries go to war, go broke, don't like the way we do business, steal our technology etc., I say we take care of our own first instead of trying to turn the whole population into truck drivers and paper pushers. Trump is the biggest idiot on the planet at this time no question but he is 100% correct about bringing industry back home. It's ironic that he will be doing more for the environment then anybody else just by reducing worldwide freight movement, look at this https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travel-truths/lost-container-ships-bizarre-world-of-global-shipping/ (if he succeeds...).
  4. How much foreign investment was involved in the American freeway system? I believe it is still the biggest infrastructure project ever. ... While slowly bleeding Canada dry. Our children will be proud. It does by the simple fact it's part of the world. I'm not sure how that's "your logic". Why does Canada have to have a percentage removed from that world based price? If we produce what we import we wouldn't need to put so much effort into trade balance. The mess is Canadian elected officials running around the planet trying to secure trade deals instead of running the country and doing something about our runaway debt. Well, what was Canada's provincial and national debts back then? Our quality of life? People's opinion of life? Keep following the the thinking that got us here and see what the future brings...
  5. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Our very own Pinocchio

    Well, if "knocking the Indian" out of these children is considered a success story...
  6. Ever hear of the British Empire? They owned half the planet (people included) from countrys they invaded. Or are the English not white? What's birth rate got to do with it?
  7. Nonsense, where there is will there is a way. You don't need a bucket of foreign money to accomplish things. The reason foreigners are investing in Canada is they can exploit our resources and make huge profits. You all seriously underestimate Canadians and Canada's capabilities, I can't believe you have so little faith in this country. Canada is a follower who wants to play with the other kids. There are other even smaller countries who take the lead, think outside the box and are doing very well for themselves. We have everything we need except the will, it's one of the reasons people like Trump are getting elected. We are watching our country sink deeper and deeper into debt, we are virtually giving our resources away, we are exporting more and more manufacturing, talent and resourcefulness every day using the exact thinking you are promoting. Using the same thinking that got us into this mess is not going to get us out. Doesn't this country have think tanks? Are they trained monkeys prohibited from coming up with ideas that can actually save this country? Maybe we should fire the whole group and hire a bunch of kids...
  8. Maybe the thinking needs to be revised... Selling companies off to foreign interests can't be good for Canada in the long term. The second things don't go their way they pack up and either take the work elseware or shut it down. Domesticly owned they at least put some effort into keeping it going. This capital argument is interesting, you say foreign investment is required for capital but after that all profits leave the country. Do economists consider that side of the equation? Maybe it's the reason Canada doesn't have enough capital in the first place.
  9. Ah, we can't fix our domestic issues so let's go international, play with the big boys and really get bent over.
  10. Canada had/has all the domestic capital it needs, we should stop giving our resources away. If the US can borrow money from an imaginary entity why can't we? How long do you think businesses would exist selling product at 25% discount then buying it back at retail plus refining and transportation? We need to stop being so dependent on foreign entities and take care of ourselves, we have all the resources we need including capital, brains, technology, labor, domestic markets, we just need to diversify and start filling our shortfalls. The US isn't our only problem with trade, at the drop of a hat China decides they are going to slap tariffs on Ag products, they decide to stop taking our garbage, We have to follow the US and other countries with sanctions against Russia, a bunch of countries are going broke and for some reason we just need to trade with countries with terrible human rights records the list goes on... Instead of being the nine year old that wants to play with the tanagers following them everywhere we should encourage growth from within and take care of our shortcomings. The more independent we become the more the world will turn to us for leadership. We have it all, people just don't have the vision or will power to make it work. And you know what's funny? It took me 45 years to figure it out
  11. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Should we legalize and regulate all drugs?

    Banning drugs ain't working, may as well give it a try... https://mic.com/articles/110344/14-years-after-portugal-decriminalized-all-drugs-here-s-what-s-happening#.kFCDKHBMN https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11942245 Over regulation won't help.
  12. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Ontario Poll Tracker

    It's no wonder voter turnout is so low... After reading this and listening to taxpayer funded "experts" state their point of view on taxpayer funded polsters Swag results (as stated by their disclaimers) and discussions on "strategic" voting, vote splitting and politians padding their platforms with fake promises to win votes why should we even bother? Polling during an electoral campaign is just a legal form of meddling. Polling during electoral campaigns should be banned, candidates run based on their original platforms, beliefs and track records, voters select who best represents their interests, simple as that.. Why is it human nature to over complicate everything?
  13. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Conservatives vs Liberals.

    Something occurred to me just a little while ago regarding our discussion on technology and the topic of this thread. Maybe the best place for self learning AI is in government, then we'd get decisions based on logic instead of political biases. The parties from all sides could enter their arguments, the algorithm would be designed to consider all arguments plus data and considerations not covered by the participants then offer the best solution. Take big brother from Canada's bedrooms and put it into the hallowed halls of our political institutions...
  14. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Conservatives vs Liberals.

    That is true... At this stage it is more passive and limited to devices. Do you think smart homes will catch on? Having the likes of Alexa, Home or Echo watching and listening to your every move should be creeping people out and there is no viable benefit.
  15. Thinkinoutsidethebox

    Conservatives vs Liberals.

    You both think human beings will be comfortable being monitored every second of our lives from birth to death? People sitting around telling their virtual assistants what to do? Personally I think humankind will always need a barrier between us and AI. As much as silicone valley is burning up profits trying to figure out the next fad they have run into a barrier that might be difficult to overcome. AI assistants will have a hard time becoming more than just a novelty because they are just a middleman between you and your life, basically an irritant. I've heard Google duo can make appointments for you, sounds just like a real human, it'll never be able to make decisions on your behalf, it doesn't know what your thinking. If it does you've given up full control, is that what we want? May as well call and make the appointment in person...