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  1. I tend to think that we can sacrifice the societal attendance of someone who's only barrier between decapitating someone and not, is a prescription. Now maybe someday that sort of behavior will be normalized and the rest of us 'normals' who don't decapitate people will be locked up, but for now I like my head right where it is thanks. How anyone could find it necessary to protect this individual is difficult to imagine, probably an illness all it's own, and it's not as though he's being mistreated, he was just removed from society so he can't cut off anyone else's head. With an attitude like that we might as well not have prison time, or institutionalize anyone for any reason, if this guy is an acceptable risk well Christ there must be 99% of everyone else in prison that should be set free and never should have gone, and if you asked around you would find that about 99% of the rest of us would think that to be crazy, and no, if you're in the 1% it sure as hell isn't because you're smarter than the rest of us. O, and I would like to add that the idea that conservatives don't care about mental illness is just another example of why this forum is difficult to participate in, the person saying this is a moron, beneath the vast majority of us, and brings all discussions down, should have been banned long ago. I just this week had a family member die under suspicious circumstances, someone who attempted suicide more than once, and suffered with mental illness her whole life. But she never harmed anyone but herself. Regardless, I cared, so f*** him for saying I don't, and to hell with you for letting swine like that exist here.
  2. And tonight on the National this story showed up 11 mins in, the biggest story of the day, and the CBC shapes the news to make it seem like it's unimportant, now, chicken and egg of course, but im willing to bet that if the biggest news broadcast in the country gave the story a higher profile more people would find reason to care about it. They did the same thing with the mydemocracy survey and the castro eulogy, it seems to the CBC every negative Trudeau story is something Canadians dont care about, maybe they are right.
  3. Which promise of this scale did Harper or his government repeat, according to Tom Mulcair, 1800+ times and the refuse to try to follow through on? This was a, and you could argue the marquee promise of this govt, they could't get it their way with ranked ballots, so now they don't want it at all. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/john-ivison-scuttled-electoral-reform-betrays-those-who-saw-trudeau-as-antidote-to-political-cynicism Remember how this guy was supposed to finally be the change politics needed, well right from the start that hasn't been the case, they are liars and they want to be in power, at least some of them are honest about their cynicism, Harper didn't pretend he was trying to change the world, he for example didn't lie to native people across the country about UNDRIP, Trudeau lied to get the votes, then told them no, and he was far better financially for most of us than this guy is, and clearly no more of a liar than Trudeau is either.
  4. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/andrew-coyne-its-not-the-liberals-fault-for-lying-about-electoral-reform-its-yours-for-believing-them This sums it up pretty well.
  5. So ban reuters the bbc, lapresse as well? they all had similar tweets on their feed when the complaint when out, they can be deleted, but they weren't. At least try to be a little consistent, yes FOX is trash, but this was political grandstanding, over tweets about a mass murder.
  6. Honestly this moderate liberal shtick is just such garbage, it was in fact a lie, ultimately the liberals only wanted reform if they were going to get the reform they preferred, not the reform Canadians preferred, when they realized that a ranked ballot wasn't in the offing they killed it. They lied. Just like they lied about UNDRIP, just like they lied about the deficit, just like they lied about that cap on indigenous spending, home mail delivery, small business taxes, balance budgets, etc. They lied with election reform to be more appealing to NDP voters just like they lied about UNDRIP to get more native voters. Yes, he was there, and he said some really stupid things, like not wanting election reform because it's not good for Canadians...after he told us we had to have it, he also basically admitted that it was ranked ballot or bust, but you go ahead and spin for them.
  7. Its amazing how willing to yell about, and I would argue how correct the left is about how crazy Trump is but at the same time they seem to give him lots of credit when it comes to kindly accepting a tweet from our PM that clearly was meant as a shot against one of his policies.
  8. There are promises you break and then there are outright lies you tell to get elected, UNDRIP, deficit, election reform, and several others. They would only have accepted a ranked ballot system because that means liberal rule forever, they weren't getting it, so they killed it. It's pretty cynical, but the liberals are always the worst for this sort of thing, and they always get away with it more. UNDRIP was another prime example, they vilified the cons for not adopting it and two months after they were elected suddenly figured out it wasn't possible, they wanted to buy those native votes, so they lied to them, the conservatives were honest about it and were evil for it, that's Canadian politics in a nutshell.
  9. No, he shouldn't be commended. There's nothing wrong in my view with being very careful who you accept and being selfish in doing so despite the talk of post nationalism by the progs, but there is no good reason to ban entire countries or though the back door, some religions.
  10. I guess we could start with it not being true since they have announced there is no plan to change the number of refugees we are taking. And in light of that you could say that the tweet was another liberal political move for the domestic audience, surely the fortunes of the liberal party are worth threatening our relationship with the US for. Look at Ontario, it's going to hell in a hand basket but the liberals are still in charge, and good for them!
  11. They did it for effect knowing full well that to most smug liberal Canadians sticking it to FOX is cool, and a good political move for them, so, playing politics with a mass murder is apparently ok to them if they get to look like white knights slaying the dragon. Lots of other news orgs had similar tweets up, nothing was said to them, but that just gets ignored by most of the faithful. Credit to some for noticing.
  12. You never really bring yourself up by bringing others down. I am not a civil servant, but I have benefits. Anyway, the CPP changes that most experts didn't think we needed will cost me around 2k a year when fully implemented and I wont get it back when I retire, the carbon tax that won't reduce carbon? who knows, I have also seen estimates of thousands a year, I did get a small tax break, around $500, you know, because they care about the middle class, but I also lost income splitting, cuz im middle class rich you know, which was worth nearly a couple thousand a year to me, if this health benefit change happened maybe another thousand. So yea call them taxes or don't but this is what the libs do, they convince people they are taking care of them while taking the money away elsewhere. Of course I work pretty hard for myself 350 hrs of ot last year and what I get for my hard middle class work is punished so liberals can buy votes, I didn't need the money for my kids education or anything. At this point in my career the liberals are making it so any raises I get for the next 5-10 years will be eaten up by increased 'taxes' for the benefit of people who don't work as hard as me, not to mention inflation. Considering the way they spend and the economy etc, I expect there will be other 'taxes', it's funny though, if the GST cut was the obvious problem why don't the liberals honestly appeal to those who voted for them and simply increase it? Maybe that wouldn't be... good for them, instead, lets pretend a carbon tax is really about carbon, that'll fool those sheep.
  13. Well thank goodness for me that i don't think very much of you, otherwise i might be upset by your slight. Anyway, outside of never never land a leader of one country, in particular your nearest neighbor, biggest trading partner, and best friend, doesn't normally take a shot at the others policies on twitter, of course intellectual children might think otherwise. Yea, surely those mp's running to be leader of an opposition party that when it speaks doesn't represent the official position of the nation is how we should determine what the actual man in charge should be saying, surely. Similarly when other leaders of other nations who aren't nearly as dependent upon the US for their livelihoods speak out it's exactly as easy and devastating for them to be punished for doing so, surely. You're just so cute when you come up with things like this, a lot like your leader. Or perhaps they have already agreed to disagree, if so great, if not well the reason to avoid doing this is so obvious that i can't begin to imagine what it must be like to be trapped inside the mind of someone who can't see it, anyway, you're a sweet kid.
  14. He gets to take the credit because people like the above are happily allowing him to lie and get away with it, it's as simple as that, there are a lot of bad people out there. Of course it's about 'tidewater' when they are questioned, but he repeats the lie over and over without saying that word, happily knowing that after more than a decade of lying about Harper people want to believe that he was evil and incompetent, they happily welcome the opportunity to find more reason to believe it. Most of the media is happy to let them believe it, want them to even. The score is 5-2 Harper for approvals, 4-0 for constructed, they all mater, but the truth is inconvenient, the lies will have to do.
  15. I don't agree with anything trump has done and would never have voted for him. However, his decisions are his to make, now I get that some of you are immature and you want to stick it to the man, not all but some in this thread have said as much, and that's super cool of course, oohhh the anarchy, etc. Perhaps, Trudeau and Trump have already discussed this very thing, both willing to go their own way publicly to their own benefit. But what strikes me as odd is all the complaints about Trump using twitter the way he does, but when our PM governs through twitter for his own political benefit, and don't kid yourself, it's not just about being Captain Canada, suddenly it's ok, suddenly there is an inherent nobility in this sort of smug governance, instead of a more measured, nation to nation discussion. Anyway, who knows, maybe Trump couldn't care less or has been told what to expect ahead of time and is ok with it, idk. But I know this, many millions of us have real families to take care of, we don't have the option of being the noble, superior, smug Canadian stereotype that so many of you seem to stake your identity on. Here's what's real, we are an ant, and if they so choose to be, the Americans are the boot, perhaps there is really nothing to be concerned about, lets hope so, but this isn't necessarily a little game we get to play without consequences, and while there are some worth fighting for I don't think this is the (ant) hill worth dying for, perhaps a little humility and reality about our true place in the world, not the imagined, particularly liberal smugness about our place is in order before we decide to play moral hero on this particular issue. It's wrong, but did we make similar twitter pronouncements about a hundred other equally or more wrong things done in a hundred other places? Nope, not like this we didn't.
  16. Idk, maybe the same way we spot the sort of trash who does this. https://t.co/YHYvYD5Rn2 Or maybe thinking people who think its ok to blacklist people for voting a certain way is enough, like you, and the other lesser lights in this thread, hey, maybe that guy posts here.
  17. So anything you disagree with is inaccurate, but you have stats you cant prove, the most wanted list is also inaccurate despite the obvious, and you think equating police to Bernardo is a completely ok thing to do, sure, all reasonable positions... Police arent perfect, but if you think most of them are out looking for a reason to kill a minority you're too extreme to be having this conversation with, I might as well be telling a Trump voter that the Mexicans aren't stealing all the jobs. Im not saying there aren't racist cops, but the idea, that in Toronto of all places, the police are simply some form of collective serial killer, is ludicrous, show us the stats, do a comparison between numbers of actual crimes by race and the number of unjustified homicides by police so we can do a comparison, do the police regularly engage in violent conflicts with some races in numbers disproportionate from that particular races crime rate relative to the rest of the population? We don't know, but we are supposed to take the word of extremists and ban police from a community event when the vast majority of them are doing nothing wrong and when the death of anyone by the hands of police is very rare? As of 2015, 51 deaths by police since 1990 in Toronto, in a city of what 5 million? https://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2015/08/16/how-many-black-men-have-been-killed-by-toronto-police-we-cant-know.html Now how many of those were unjustified, what percentage of people killed of each race were unjustified, is there no actual difference in the crime rates between certain communities, is there no underlying reason for that, and do the police have no good reason for reacting differently with different groups, etc. and many others im sure. Parse all of that down and figure out exactly how many of those 51 deaths were simply a racist cop killing a minority for no reason at all. Good luck. The real problem is we cant talk about the facts too much because eventually someone will call someone a racist, and those people doing the calling are willing to hold others hostage over it. Which is what happened in this case.
  18. Sure, maybe we can take that one step further and determine by race and or gender who commits relatively the most murders in Toronto and ban those people as well, or maybe that is as stupid a thought as i find your assertions to be, police=bernardo, o yea, thats rational. I dont think we even keep those stats, cuz you know, the numbers would be racist, but you go ahead and provide them if you like. I know, this cant be true, just cuz, he made it up right? https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2015/08/17/a-thorny-history-of-race-based-statistics.html "Twenty-six years ago, a staff inspector by the name of Julian Fantino — future Toronto police chief — sat in a small committee room and delivered a slew of explosive race-based crime statistics focused on the Jane-Finch neighbourhood. Fantino, then head of 31 Division, told North York’s committee on community, race and ethnic relations that, while blacks made up 6 per cent of the Jane-Finch population, they accounted for 82 per cent of robberies and muggings, 55 per cent of purse-snatchings and 51 per cent of drug offences in the previous year." Things must be different now. If not, i still dont think it's a good reason to ban certain groups. Anyway, it's a Pride parade, not an Israel and cop hating parade, or wasn't supposed to be. If i was one of them I would refuse to work the parade.
  19. You say something dumb, someone notices, then there is an investigation, then they take your stuff. Pay your taxes.
  20. Well yea...but the evil though, the evil..
  21. Every time he does something stupid a liberal finds some way to twist either what he said or the context he said it in. Yes, the official language of Quebec is French, however, there are people, even in Quebec, who don't speak French, i know eh, hard to believe. It's incredibly rude to do what he did, frankly this isn't new, he's already told us that he thinks Quebec is superior to the rest of the country. Just a few minutes ago he said this, "I’m very proud that Quebec has such a prominent role in the federal government. It’s been a long while" Yes, poor Quebec, so hard done by. It's clear where his allegiances lie. Anyway, Curses and elbows, private dinners with communist billionaires, free vacations from lobbyists, it's all fine, look at that hair. Not ready, never was, never will be.
  22. Honestly, the hateful and heartless nature of socialists is on full display in the thread, it makes me sick. If a carbon tax that MIGHT knock a few percentage points off of our only 2% contribution to global AGW would actually be enough to prevent it, then maybe this tax would be justified, but it won't do that. Not a single person here or in this government has proven that it will, not once, it's all touchy feely bs about leadership. Meanwhile out neighbor who dwarfs our production doesn't have and will not have a carbon tax. They convinced the rabble that they got a "middle class" tax cut, which for most is very small, convinced the same that income splitting was an evil tool of the rich social conservative, which it was not, and for many was better, then increase costs to taxpayers with increases in CPP premiums, something we didn't need, and now a 'world saving' carbon tax, which wont save anything. BUT, it is a revenue tool, remember when wynne coined that phrase a while back? So the socialists pretend to be cutting taxes while instituting others that we don't need and wont have any effect, it's cute that some people believe them, playing on your ignorance and as a result of a lifetime of brainwashing, your desperate need to be seen as 'nice'. By the time all is said and done I will be losing 5-10k a year, no exaggeration, but surely the squids, et al. of the world needed it more than me, more than my kids, I only work for it, right comrades? It's funny, because im the middle class he's supposed to be working so hard for, perhaps the problem is I should have done better for myself, since im clearly not as stupid as most of the middle class seems to be, or that at least this government thinks it is. The Marxists never went away, they've won.
  23. Nope, you can't answer anything honestly, spread manure yes, answer anything like a decent human being might, nope, no chance. Answer the question, How is it not a conflict of interest to accept this gift from someone who lobbies our government and gets 10's of millions of our dollars?
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