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  1. Nobody from the Wildrose intends to have a referendum on something like this. This is just fear monger stuff from the pcaa.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildrose_Alliance Danielle Smith identifies herself as a fiscal conservative and while she believes in libertarian principles,[41] the party is home to many social conservatives.[42] Opponents have attempted to paint the party as being extremist; former Liberal leader David Swann, in congratulating Smith on her election as leader, argued that Albertans would be "uneasy" with the "rather extreme, socially conservative, economically irresponsible vision of the party".[43] Smith stated that controversial social issues such as would not play a part in the party's elec
  3. The Wildrose are an actual "conservative" party. The PC's are a Liberal type party, lead by a Liberal/NDP type leader!
  4. The latest polls. http://www.electionalmanac.com/ea/alberta/
  5. I think the closer to the election we will see wild swings in the polls. If the scandals following the PC's catch up to them, we might see a shock come election day!
  6. I read that she is some kind of theater actor and just trying to make a name for herself. "All employees of the Senate are expected to serve the institution in a non-partisan manner, with competence, excellence, efficiency and objectivity," Kinsella said. "The incident raises serious security concerns which the Senate will fully investigate."
  7. This stuff is about as useful as the BQ party. While our democracy is flawed, mostly because of the ME generation of selfishness, it is the same in most of the democratic world. What is happening here is no different than what is happening in the US or England. What you are suggesting is foolish and a waste of time. It proves nothing and does not make a difference. My simple statement is: get out and vote for the best party for Canada! Let the results decide. Ignore the BS that the MSM is spouting and listen to the leaders & the local candidates and vote for the one who sounds like they
  8. A typical trait of trolls everywhere! I am sure Greg has warned him before!
  9. You're missing August's point. APTN has become(if not always) irrelevant to Canadian TV. Forcing cable/satellite subscribers to have a channel they'll never watch is ridiculous. They know their funding may be in jeopardy so the best way to take focus off yourself and build ratings is to find(or engineer) a PMO scandal!
  10. How about you have some respect. His name is Stephen Harper. Nobody is bashing your leader.
  11. Not really leaving out the Bloc, they would be included into any Coalition that Ignasty forms. It's hard to tell them all apart when they have each others heads up their anuses!!
  12. She just adds one more idiot screaming at Harper. She was rude and interrupted at every opportunity and made no sense during the last debates. She should absolutely be punted from the debates. If she is invited, so should the Rhino party, Marxist party and every other FRINGE party.
  13. Not the meeting I was referring to. The meeting I meant was when the MSM decided how to cover up their bosses"(Ignatief) intentions.
  14. You're distracted people from the CURRENT facts that Ignatief would crawl into bed with anyone who would give him the PM seat. Harper's sins from 7 years ago are irrelevant. You must have been in on the meeting with the MSM when they figured out how to handle Ignatief's latest attempt at Canadian fame!!
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