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  1. This isn’t obvious and has been debated for months. The microdroplets referred to here are aerosols. This means that covid virus could infect somebody minutes to hours after the person who expelled them has left the room.
  2. The debate on how Covid spreads has figured in this thread for a long time (although still only months). Droplets are certainly involved but what about aerosols, smaller particles that can linger in the air much longer and travel farther too? Well, it seems the consensus is shifting on this. Aerosols do seem to be a factor in Covid transmission:
  3. Nobody is going to argue at that extreme end but the law in many Western countries also protects underage females from exploitation without violence. Some of these offences occurred in remote locations like Epstein’s island or other properties which were not possible to leave immediately. Under such circumstances, there was an implicit threat.
  4. Epstein was doing more than simply attract girls. He was actively luring them through an organized network of women run by Maxwell. They were spotted outside places like high schools and given all sorts of stories to pull them in. Benefits were offered, including money. In many jurisdictions, coercion or physical force are not required to find a person guilty of trafficking if the victim is under 18.
  5. I should have added above that AFAIK France does not extradite its own citizens which is a bit ridiculous. Instead they can sometimes be tried in France. Both Poland and Switzerland refused to extradite Polanski when the Americans tried. He's safe in those three countries.
  6. Isn't trafficking any person under the age of 18 a criminal offence in Canada? https://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/AnnualStatutes/2010_3/page-1.html It certainly is in the UK now. The recruitment operation run by Maxwell for Epstein's benefit does not look like a regular boyfriend-girlfriend situation. There are other potential offences under Canadian law here as well: https://lop.parl.ca/sites/PublicWebsite/default/en_CA/ResearchPublications/201724E#a3-12
  7. In the first instance they want him as a witness. He was a close friend of Maxwell's and visited Epstein's mansion on numerous occasions. It is pretty clear he is not fully cooperating with them. All should be equal before the law.
  8. I agree. Polanski should have been extradited to face justice decades ago. Failing that, he should at least have been shunned by Hollywood.
  9. She's a survivor. It must be a worrying time for his buddies, though.
  10. It’s notable now that Harvard failed to consider Epstein’s history of outlandishly fraudulent financial deals, never mind the rumours of ‘girlfriends’ on the younger side, before pocketing millions and, even more preposterously, appointing him as a Visiting Fellow. Worse than that, he was allowed to continue an official association with the institution long after his conviction. I know I shouldn’t be naive about these things but I remain surprised by what a mega-rich psychopath could get away with at America’s, and the world’s, leading university. After considering this case, one might conclude that all the warehouses of worthy SOPs on appropriate behaviour are applied in a fashion inversely proportional to one’s wealth. But that is not the case. Right? https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2020/5/5/editorial-what-harvard-sold-jeffrey-epstein/
  11. Hard to believe, but that was the style back then. Ivanka got her looks and height from both sides of the family. I can’t fault her there. By contrast, in the comeliness department, Donald was fortunate to take after his mother more than papa.
  12. Why did they lay hands upon him in the first place? He was walking home from the store and was clearly terrified when they started grappling with him. He was no threat to anybody and certainly not the police.
  13. I would imagine that mitigation and adaptation are complementary strategies and both will be needed. Adaptation is easier to achieve locally in the short-term to address the problems we can see already. For example, we’ve probably only seen the start of the megafire phenomenon in Western North America, storms in the East and flash flooding everywhere.
  14. There seem to be two debates here: 1. Is AGW happening? 2. What should we (individuals, provinces, countries) do about it? I’ve just been admonished for quoting too much so you’ll have to take yourselves over to the google machine to answer question 1. Given the data available, I can’t see reasonable people coming any conclusion other than yes at this stage. As to 2, no country wants to go first, obviously. I think the private sector will tend to lead there until the consequences of continued inadequate action become more severe.
  15. This sounds like a facility that responded well to the challenge of the pandemic:
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