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  1. In another election yesterday, the NL Liberals won half the seats and vow to form a minority government: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/nl-votes-2019-election-winner-1.5138888 Not much public enthusiasm was in evidence during the campaign. The spectre of provincial debt and deficits hung over the contest.
  2. Just one his buddies. Nothing to see here.
  3. It is rather irritating to read of this story when CRA is so keen on such items as foreign property worth over 100k. They seem to prefer the low-hanging fruit that requires little effort to pick.
  4. Some of them take a pay cut. It’s a line of work better suited to the vain than the greedy.
  5. Meow. Anyone who’s been PM can’t really be called a failure by ordinary Joe standards and ‘not that good looking’? Really? Exactly how demanding are you in that department? I’d happily swap physiques with him right now and if there was a woman in my life I’m sure she’d concur. In some ways Trudeau is a more modest Canadian version of the Trump phenomenon. A photogenic minor celebrity before entering politics and from a wealthy family, he dispensed with the long apprenticeship we usually expect from aspiring leaders. Let’s hope our parliamentary system pushes back against this trend. For the record, I preferred Garneau until that guy almost put me on a Max 8 with his dithering. And I’m pleasantly surprised that the ‘hate’ bait wasn’t taken by posters. In a humdrum, safe, well run country like Canada, we shouldn’t hate politicians of any stripe. They are generally doing their best in a very difficult line of work. Irritation is about as much as one should feel.
  6. Negative campaigning is de rigueur these days. Everybody does it. Nobody is really surprised by JT's volte-face.
  7. Some legal progress on the fentanyl front: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/5/3/18528123/insys-fentanyl-trial-verdict-john-kapoor-opioid-epidemic
  8. Not even on the level of the Ottawa River? I see Goodale is announcing money for better flood-plain mapping in Canada, among other things.
  9. Any story is hyped these days. Given that we’re talking about the nation’s capital there will be a fair amount of attention devoted to it.
  10. These are record-breaking floods and it looks like worse is to come over the next few decades: https://globalnews.ca/news/5218234/the-new-norm-ottawa-mayor-floods/ Whatever plans there were to fight this problem will have to be radically augmented.
  11. What I mean is we will be seeing record-breaking floods on a regular basis.
  12. It looks like we will be seeing this more often in future.
  13. Don't underestimate hom sap. Yes, climate is always changing but not like this. The decades to come will serve as a sanity test, separating those denialists who can recognize their error from the unfortunates requiring medical care.
  14. The US is now telling India and China where they can and can’t buy their oil. That will be a problem for both countries, especially India which has a good relationship with Iran.
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