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  1. So, in future, you would advocate 'creative incompetence' when the US puts in an extradition request with Canada for a top Chinese person?
  2. SpankyMcFarland

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    So what would he have done in the Meng situation?
  3. SpankyMcFarland

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    Gove would be a better candidate than either BoJo or Moggie, more credible.
  4. SpankyMcFarland

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    Johnson is an unserious chancer who wasn't even trusted by the Leave crowd when Cameron resigned. May was also opposed by the Brexiteer wing of her own party who want a hard Brexit. Corbyn is a complete mess, a Leaver in charge of a pro-Remain caucus who offered no leadership. May should still have reached out to him much sooner to try and get cross-party support for her deal. Brexit divides both parties so any deal should be supported across party lines. Now we know what MPs are against but we still don't know what they want. If a hard Brexit is to be avoided, they may have to ask Brussels for more time (after two and a half years already!) to get their collective act together.
  5. SpankyMcFarland

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    The Brexiteers don’t understand how the world has changed. There’ll be no plain sailing when deals have to be done:
  6. SpankyMcFarland

    Doctors and opioids, a troublesome connection.

    I should clarify that fentanyl is ideal for smuggling, but was not synthesized with that in mind.
  7. SpankyMcFarland

    Doctors and opioids, a troublesome connection.

    More legal trouble for the opioid industry in the US:
  8. There will always be individual examples like that but what one can’t tolerate is politicisation of the legal process in such cases. If that becomes accepted we’re going down the Chinese route.
  9. Extradition requests like this are complied with in good faith. If the US undermines trust by politicizing extradition as Trump has done here then the process will break down.
  10. These stupid remarks by Trump make our arrest of Meng look like a political move orchestrated by the president and further endanger Canadians in China. Although it’s heartening to see pushback from Freeland and US politicians the damage has been done.
  11. I see the family have two houses in Vancouver, together worth 20 million, which they use in the summer and that Meng let her permanent residence lapse 9 years ago.
  12. SpankyMcFarland

    Environmental Scams!

    What about the drastic decline of insect populations? Is that a makey-up story too? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/27/magazine/insect-apocalypse.html I wish it was.
  13. SpankyMcFarland

    Bernier's Party at 13% in the polls

    FPTP only works tolerably well with two parties. Beyond that weird results start happening. Conservatives are a minority in Canada and a new party that draws primarily from their ranks will keep them on the Opposition benches.
  14. SpankyMcFarland

    China deliberately letting fentanyl flow to Canada

    I can’t see our current Huawei problem helping us on this file.