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  1. I'd be thinking the scope for tourism on the Kurils is modest https://eugene.kaspersky.com/2014/09/10/kuril-islands-vacations-climate/ The islands mean a lot more to the Japanese than they do to the Russians. If Putin was interested in making Russia more prosperous, he'd be getting what he could for them. Selling that real estate would be much less hazardous for Russian security than Chinese investment in Siberia.
  2. I think I am being real here. Her behaviour was outlandish by any standard. This wasn’t an argument that got a little heated.
  3. It never ceases to amaze me how competent those astronauts were and how calm they managed to sound as they faced numerous glitches and the distinct possibility of death.
  4. Maybe Trump should go back to his mother’s birthplace on the isle of Lewis, if they’d have him.
  5. Australia is a good country to compare ourselves to - similar size, culture and population. Places like Switzerland may be more difficult to emulate for many reasons. We need a mixed system of public and private care. One good thing is that CIHI is providing a lot more data on where we need to catch up.
  6. The British may be dragged into this conflict if they are not careful. The Yanks would really like some accidental Western allies to make this resemble a group effort.
  7. I’d rather the PM, any PM, stayed quiet on Canada Day.
  8. Sisi is already worse than either. Morsi brought about his own downfall with authoritarian policies but the West should have protested the overthrow of Egypt's first democratically elected leader more vehemently.
  9. Being the only NBA basketball team in the country, the Raptors became Canada’s team in that final. Basketball looks like it’s in the way up in Canada, unlike hockey. The franchise system does have some good aspects but the worst thing about it is that it rewards mediocrity. The Leafs owners can turn out a useless team every year and still have an asset worth more than a billion.
  10. Here is some good news from Turkey for a change: Justice, equality, love, that’s more like it - Radical Love to be exact.
  11. I would assume that Iran attacked the tankers. The mullahs have a very weak hand to play. Their economy is being destroyed by sanctions and they face an armada a few miles off their coast. But there’s no way they can meekly surrender to the neocons and accept grossly humiliating terms from America, of all countries. Their only hope is in challenging Trump with escalating incidents and see if he really wants to start a war that could doom his re-election chances. Perhaps he would then be willing to negotiate some minor change to the status quo that would let both sides claim victory.
  12. What would you suggest? Scheer’s proposal isn’t serious at all. It’s merely window dressing, designed to give a fig leaf to Conservative candidates in the next election so they can say their party has a plan before they run away. Even National Post columnists can see through it:
  13. To my surprise, NP columnist John Ivison reviewed Scheer’s ‘plan’ fairly caustically. Here’s a line he quoted from Edmund Burke:
  14. I like Power and Politics and the local news. Our media’s problems are faced by nearly any small country (in population) next to a much larger one that speaks the same language.
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