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  1. SpankyMcFarland

    Mohammad bin Salman

    Well good, because Congo is one of the most neglected stories in the world in terms of publicity per casualty. It’s not a nice place for journalists to visit.
  2. SpankyMcFarland

    Mohammad bin Salman

    Well, you are, so it’s not nobody. Of course, the Israelis should not have done that. Technically speaking, I think you’re talking about the events in East Pakistan there rather than Bangladesh which didn’t exist at the time. If you really want to complain about something that’s being undercovered, pick an African country like Congo.
  3. SpankyMcFarland

    Is Canada Being Fair To Aung Suu Kyi?

    They simply can’t see that parallel. You’re wasting your time.
  4. SpankyMcFarland

    Is Canada Being Fair To Aung Suu Kyi?

    A few points. I criticised the post, not the person, i.e. what a sad post. The poster already asked me ‘who the hell’ I was which naturally didn’t raise your ire. And the content is ludricous. Basically, anybody killing Muslims is a great guy or gal here. Suu Kyi had the option to resign and speak out rather than collaborate with genocide. That’s not a minor failing.
  5. SpankyMcFarland

    Is Canada Being Fair To Aung Suu Kyi?

    What a sad post.
  6. SpankyMcFarland

    Is Canada Being Fair To Aung Suu Kyi?

    You’re just trolling now. She abandoned an ethnic minority (have a look at those people for a second and tell me if you notice something) and let it be slaughtered. She is an utter disgrace.
  7. SpankyMcFarland

    Is Canada Being Fair To Aung Suu Kyi?

    I call his name often enough. Are you telling me you’re so cynical about every other human you’ve never been disappointed by one?
  8. SpankyMcFarland

    Is Canada Being Fair To Aung Suu Kyi?

    Ah now, c’mon there. Our expectations of other humans are not all the same.
  9. SpankyMcFarland

    Mohammad bin Salman

    I see there is talk of Trump sacrificing another Green Card holder, this time to Erdogan, to cool the heat on MBS. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/white-house-weighs-booting-erdogan-foe-u-s-appease-turkey-n933996 Meanwhile, Trump is looking for a way to avoid blaming MBS for the murder he committed. https://abcnews.go.com/International/president-trump-receives-cia-briefing-jamal-khashoggi-murder/story?id=59265282 If you do business with the Saudis, you constantly run the risk of disgracing yourself
  10. SpankyMcFarland

    Is Canada Being Fair To Aung Suu Kyi?

    As I have mentioned before, this isn’t just a sectarian pogrom; it’s also a race war against South Asians. Take a look at the people who have been driven out of Burma. Ethnically, they clearly resemble Bangladeshis and Indians. Suu Kyi should have resigned as soon as these despicable crimes against humanity were made known to her; instead, she has chosen to be part of the cover-up. It’s deeply disappointing to watch an iconic figure disgrace herself but that is precisely what has happened.
  11. SpankyMcFarland

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    I’d like to see more pessimism from Pinker on environmental issues like overpopulation, species and habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. We are not seriously addressing these frightening problems. On housing, it is surprising how Canada was a pioneer on housing insulation in the Seventies and is now far behind the Passivhaus standard developed in Germany and Scandinavia.
  12. SpankyMcFarland

    Trump vs. Obama for U.S. Mid-term Elections

    The Senate race in Texas was fascinating, a Kennedy-Nixon contest where the JFK reincarnation was frighteningly fit. It's hard to believe that Cruz and O'Rourke are almost the same age. While Beto ran an extraordinary campaign, his opponent is widely respected as one of the outstanding legal minds of his generation and the closeness of the election may say more about the changing demography of Texas than the undoubted charisma of the challenger. Anyway, enough of the nonsense, here is Triumph the insult comic dog interviewing the candidates:
  13. SpankyMcFarland

    Are two conservative parties better than one?

    Conservatives are already a minority in Canada. Mix two parties with FPTP and you're looking at NDP-style significance for both of them. Politicians are interested in their own conversation in the corridors of power right now, not about subtly shifting the direction of the national political needle for the next generation. That's a job for the likes of Coyne and Co.
  14. SpankyMcFarland

    Doctors and opioids, a troublesome connection.

    Here's an excellent recent article on how doctors were hoodwinked by some of their over-optimistic colleagues and unscrupulous drug companies: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/nov/08/the-making-of-an-opioid-epidemic The dream of a pain-free life turns out to be a dangerous one.
  15. SpankyMcFarland

    Should Ottawa allow collection of personal financial data?

    I don’t know if the Germans ever followed through with this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/15/germany-typewriters-espionage-nsa-spying-surveillance