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  1. I looked at the video at the beginning of this thread. Floyd may have been lying about claustrophobia or it may have been genuine. It certainly does not look at all like opioid overdose as anyone who has seen Narcan videos from Vancouver knows. For whatever reason(s), Floyd looks highly agitated. I have no reason to change my opinion on cause of death here.
  2. I’m going on the visual and chemical evidence I have seen already of the actual death, none of which supports fentanyl or any opioid intoxication. In this other evidence you speak of, has the respiratory rate etc. been assessed? As several experts pointed out during the trial, in fentanyl fatalities one would expect a low respiratory rate before death and probably diminished consciousness, possibly snoring. A person about to die from fentanyl poisoning lacks respiratory drive which is why they die. They are not aware of their hypoxia unlike a person being choked who struggles frantically in the initial stages.
  3. Floyd wasn’t behaving like somebody about to stop breathing from fentanyl poisoning.
  4. Where is the evidence supporting a fatal fentanyl level? Dr. Martin Tobin’s analysis of the video led him to conclude that fentanyl was not a significant factor in death here.
  5. This sort of thing is just daft: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/17/us/police-air-fresheners.html?referringSource=articleShare At the very least, the US needs federal standards on policing (if any exist, they need to be greatly improved) and a federal register of law-enforcement officers to track and root out bad apples. There seems to be a chaotic approach to this at the moment.
  6. Actually, that was a typo on my part. It should have read: Making a serious mistake that leads to another person’s death may be considered accidental and can lead to criminal prosecution.
  7. Making a serious mistake that leads to another person’s death may be considered accidental and can lead to criminal prosecution. Anybody who intends to drive in the UK should know that driving on the wrong side of the road over there and killing somebody may lead to conviction and potentially a prison sentence or some type of community service. https://www.eastlothiancourier.com/news/18870459.wrong-way-fatal-crash-driver-caroline-bourgois-emmet-admonished/ Caroline Emmet would have been far less familiar with driving in the UK than the 26 year police veteran Potter was with the difference between a taser and gun. Same in NZ: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/395673/family-of-man-killed-by-driver-in-wrong-side-of-road-say-sentence-not-enough
  8. Actually, it’s easy to notice both. Mass-killings are a bizarre aspect of American life that the people down there seem to accept.
  9. On the mass-killing front, though, the US is an outlier. It has become a feature of their culture that they seem unable to do anything about.
  10. That’s not Covid’s risk for me. Don’t forget morbidity either.
  11. I would take AZ today if I could. The benefits far outweigh the risks for me. I do understand why governments are concerned by VIPIT, a potentially fatal condition that seems to be caused by the vaccine, and would want to protect healthy young people from it. Any time I get in a car I’m taking on risk. Life is full of such decisions but we don’t consider most of them.
  12. Phenomenas? That’s a word I fear whose time is fast approaching. Like criterion, and bacterium for that matter, phenomenon is doomed. It’s surprising that people still speak of rhododendrons.
  13. One small step I’d like to see: taking threats like this much more seriously: https://globalnews.ca/news/7734158/china-pressure-activists-canada-uyghur-hong-kong-tibet-spying/
  14. Exiting is what you should do with all that other guff. Gaetz is toast. His political career is done. Why you feel obliged to defend every shameless yob in the party is what is interesting.
  15. When did I say they were the exclusive preserve of any party or country? Of course, they are not. As I pointed out earlier, there are many US Republican politicians that would greatly surprise me as the subject of such rumours.
  16. You’re derailing the thread - changing the subject because you know your position is weak and now you’re resorting to rudeness as well, another telltale sign. When a public figure is besieged by multiple, distinct accusations from those around him, there’s usually something to it. I’m as concerned as anybody about connections to China other people may have but I’m not going to discuss it here.
  17. If you want to talk about somebody else, start a separate thread.
  18. Whatever happens on the criminal side, I don’t see Gaetz recovering from so many different stories of sleazery. His Republican friends have thrown him under the bus with considerable gusto. Of course, he shouldn’t be saying anything at the moment - it’s just leaving more evidence for prosecutors. There must a strong possibility they will flip Greenberg and get him to testify against Gaetz. Praise the lord for plea bargaining.
  19. Female lobbyists are in an awkward spot already without having to deal with dirtbags like these. The lack of support from Gaetz’s colleagues so far says it all.
  20. It’s a very small risk but a basic principle of medicine is primum non nocere, first do no harm. A brain clot is an extremely serious harm. Presumably, the frequency of less severe and sub-clinical clots is much higher. There’s a lot of grey in such decisions. On the pro-AZ side, here is the opinion of a physician who described a large series of such cases: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/what-the-doctor-who-found-the-link-between-blood-clots-and-the-astrazeneca-vaccine-wants-you-to-know-1.5370015 Here is the report by Greinacher. 9 patients in this series of blood clots or VIPIT (vaccine induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia) after AZ vaccine: 8 females, 1 male. 4 died. A Prothrombotic Thrombocytopenic Disorder Resembling Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Following Coronavirus-19 Vaccination
  21. I can see why Canada would suspend AZ for women under 55 as more evidence has emerged of CVST cases in that group. As a non-female I would still happily take that jab ASAP.
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