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  1. The thing is there are both large countries and European countries (one with a much bigger population than ours) that have done better than us. As Attaran says, besting the US in a public health crisis is really setting the bar low.
  2. As Attaran points out, one of our most obvious peers is Australia. They are probably more isolated than us, without a US next door, but they do have a lot of travellers from China and resemble us in many ways, including size. What’s striking is how quickly they came out with a national policy document as I think I noted much earlier in this thread. The federal government also seems to have played a more active role there in keeping every jurisdiction on the same page.
  3. Lawyer and epidemiologist, Amir Attaran, is fairly critical of Canada's Covid effort so far: And he has some suggestions: https://www.macleans.ca/society/health/how-canada-has-bungled-the-covid-19-endgame/
  4. Handling it good? Is that standard Ontario lingo? I'd say he's handling it somewhat better than I expected, but there is huge room for improvement. As in the country generally, the response has been poorly organized and data takes too long to get back to stakeholders. Let's hope this appointment smartens things up a bit: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-ontario-appoints-jane-philpott-to-lead-pandemic-data-effort/
  5. What did I write in my final sentence? Is Trump named there? I certainly do not blame Trump 'for everything' at all, as I have made clear. In the US, and elsewhere, you can add globalization and automation to other causes for alienation between the elites and everybody else. Trump is merely a symptom of America's malaise, a hastily mocked-up facsimile of white nationalism that may pave the way for something and somebody far more dangerous down the road.
  6. BoJo talks tough on Hong Kong but has he really thought this through here? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/03/hong-kong-visas-why-is-the-uk-standing-up-to-china-now The prospect of up to three million Hong Kong Chinese arriving on an island that already has a housing crisis may not impress his Brexit supporters who thought they were about to take back control of immigration.
  7. When the US President sees fit to sully the memory of a young married woman (and Republican BTW) on Twitter and falsely claim she was murdered after having an affair with Joe Scarborough, what can you expect? Social media as it currently functions may make representative democracy impossible.
  8. There seems to an unusually high number of journalists being physically assaulted or hit with projectiles such as pepper balls by police this time. It's hard to tell if there's a pattern to this. Apparently, the US has something like 18,000 police forces, all with their own policies and manuals. That's a recipe for disaster. More specific federal laws on appropriate arrest methods and the investigation of officers when things go wrong are clearly required. What often emerges in these incidents is a history of misconduct, individually or within a force, that has not been properly dealt with over years and has been concealed from the public. Police unions have played a big part in protecting bad apples.
  9. Though it pains me to say it, I think Michael Baden’s autopsy conclusions are on this occasion closer to what we saw with our own eyes:
  10. The cost of killing Soleimani can’t be figured out yet. Ditto tearing up the JCPOA and all the other agreements Trump has walked away from. That’s the easy bit that pleases ones friends. Making new deals will be much tougher. What about North Korea?
  11. The phoney war between Trump and the platforms is like pro wrestling - pretending to hate each other is part of the act. The faux liberals of Facebook in particular stand to make a fortune from Trump's campaign and a man who found the conservative faith rather late in life needs to bypass the pesky fact-checkers of TV and print. Twitter has been very good to him and vice versa.
  12. Lord Haw-Haw? He sounded very posh. If he had really been from the top drawer, things might have turned out differently for him: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Haw-Haw
  13. 1. What I am trying to point out to you there is the gravity of what Trump did. I’m not perfect but I’ve never done that. Florida investigates deaths through a district-based system of medical examiners who are required to be practising pathologists. It does not have coroners. The determination of the manner of death by the medical examiner certainly does have legal significance and would be treated as such in any court of law. If Trump was sued over these tweets, it would be a powerful piece of evidence against him. BTW innuendo, e.g. ‘just asking questions’, is not an absolute defence in such cases:
  14. 1. I have never falsely accused anyone of committing murder, either explicitly or FYI implicitly with cowardly question marks or claims that other people are saying this. 2. There was never a court case because the death was fully investigated by the medical examiner, including a police investigation and a full autopsy, and was determined to be an accident. Here is the report: https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/medical-examiner-s-report-on-the-2001-death-of-lori-klausutis/4d82c16d-d9c5-4022-9580-2325b9774cf2/ The Washington Examiner is hardly a left-wing publication but, like many on the right, it has been appalled by Trump’s lies in this case: Take a look at other sane right-wing publications like the WSJ - same message.
  15. Have you ever publicly accused somebody of murder in a case that was ruled otherwise? It’s an extremely reckless thing for anybody to do, let alone a head of government, and it doesn’t matter how long ago it was if the person harmed by the libel is still living, or what you think of that person otherwise. There have been so many other disgraceful remarks as well that would have earned a man pistols at ten paces or a good hiding in other times and places. Public figures in the US deserve more protection under the law than they currently have IMO. Amidst this shameful morass, I’d forgotten about Megyn Kelly - that should have sunk him too with any right-thinking person. Disgusting.
  16. Trump’s remarks about Ted Cruz’s father and the Kennedy assassination should have been enough for Republican voters enough to reject him. Instead we’ve been subjected to an unprecedented stream of tabloid garbage from the White House. His recent accusation that Joe Scarborough was involved in the death of Lori Klausutis brings dishonour to himself and the office he holds - but his supporters just don’t care. If anybody, let alone the PM, did this in Britain, they’d be facing a libel suit for millions and an immediate, abject apology written for them by their lawyers. Here’s an experiment you can undertake closer to home; go to some livelier bars at closing time, start accusing random people of murder and see how far you get. It’s just not acceptable behaviour. It never has been.
  17. There’s a reason paramedics are told to protect the airway; humans need their oxygen and any manoeuvre that compromises its supply increases the chance of death dramatically.
  18. On the Central Park incident, Cooper the birder regrets the consequences for Cooper the banker:
  19. Better policies generally lead to better results. Here’s a striking example:
  20. Sobriety can have that effect too. Too much blood in the alcohol system is not for every writer. Regarding age-related effects, political columnists should be given a choice of retirement at 65 or an entirely different subject to cover. A lot of them go off and end up repeating themselves.
  21. In each province it probably means a slightly different thing. Clyde Wells’ Liberals were centrists by Canadian standards on most matters, if anything a little to the left given the economic realities of the province. Over the decades, I have seen Murphy’s views move to the right and his tone take on a much darker hue in the National Post. There’s not much of a mix to his ideologies now.
  22. Back in the day, Murphy ran for the Liberals twice as a candidate in provincial races and worked with Clyde Wells. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rex_Murphy
  23. Screening programs are generally directed at diseases that take years to develop. We’re facing a deadly pandemic that threatens the existence of many of us. Why shouldn’t we use tools that have been successful elsewhere? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-52579475 Privacy and fundamental freedoms don’t matter too much if you’re dead.
  24. Proof I have none but I suspect news about a project that big won't be possible to seal off entirely from the world. So we'll see how they do.
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