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  1. According to the Bible, it is okay to beat your wife with a stick.
  2. So, if God created everything, where did God come from? Do NOT give me taht tired old answer, "He always was." That is just a cop out for someoned who cannot aqnswer the question.
  3. i'm no fan of this either, but I am only a small voice. However, as I said, it isn't just Scouts that does this. Minor hockey, 4-H, minor soccer, etc have all done this.
  4. This happens in many cases, not just with SC. Businesses do it as well. The British Columbia Teachers Federation has for years "policed themselves" by settling cases out of court, and with confidentiality agreements.
  5. OWOOOO! Werewolves of London!

  6. We stringently watch each other. It is second nature with long time Scouters. The case with the Scouters who went to the BPSA wasn't about pedophiles. It was putting the youth in physical danger that could have ended in serious physical harm, or even death. They ignored the rules and went ahead with what they were doing. One of their leaders was suspended, so the others quit. In my opinion, if the BPSA is willing to take them on, they can have them. The safety of the youth is PARAMOUNT!
  7. No, I'm not an executive. I am just a leader. However I HAVE seen the type the BPSA enlists. Leaders who put an entire Cub Pack at risk, and were called on it, so they quit because they didn't think the risk warrented their being called for it. They went to the BPSA who are so anxious for leaders they would take them.
  8. Other scouting type groups? The BPSA? Bunch of disgruntled, angry Scouters who left Scouts Canada because they couldn't do things the way they wanted, whether it endangered the youth or not?
  9. So, you feel that depriving the youth of Scouts is going to be a good thing? In every case I know of, any money donated to a group was given over by National to the tune of 100%. To my knowledge, they have never skimmed anything from donations.
  10. Unfortunately, not everybody thinks as you do. Infact, I have, since Friday, been called a "pedophile', and other wonderful names by adults. The attack agaisnt SC by the CBC was unwarrented. When their questions were answered, they wouldn't stop repeating the same question. "Where is the file?" was asked five times. Five times they were told, "There is NO file.", to which they said, "Yes there is! Where is the file?" When our CEO declined to answer the question anymore, and walked away from the reporter, it was clamed she "was running away with something to hide." As I said, yes, in the past there were cases of abuse. We acknowledge this. But I truly believe that CBC was using cheap, yellow journalism to prop up their sagging ratings. I asked in an e-mail to CBC why they didn't look into abuse allegations in minor hockey, and was replied with, "Hockey is a Canadian institution. CBC does not wish to interfere in minor hockey." Wonderful.
  11. As a long time member of Scouts Canada, I object to the way we were portrayed recently on Fifth Estate. The article made it seem that we are all pedophiles,and SC is hiding that fact. They used an incident from 40 years ago to illustrate their claim. Scouts Canada has some of the most stringent requirements for becoming a leader. We go to extra lengths to protect the youth. Police record checks, fingerprints, references and an interview are all required. CBC claimed SC has a "secret file" on pedophiles who have infiltrated (or tried to) our membership. We have a "Two deep rule". No leader is EVER alone with any youth except their own child coming to and from meetings. There is NO file, but CBC attacked our CEO for not turning this imaginary file over to them. Sadly, yes, there have been creeps who snuck in, and sadly there have been incidents of molestation. These scumbags are immediately suspended, reported to the police, and parents are notified. All this was said to CBC, but they would not accept it. ALL youth organizations attract these scumbags, even the blessed and sacred hockey, but it seems the CBC is after only Scouts Canada. I believe that they are so low in the ratings, they have instituted a witch hunt, and won't be happy until they destroy Scouts Canada.
  12. Wow. An Islamic country run using Islamic law. Who'da thunk it?
  13. I was pretty well incapacitated with a severe back problem, but I went to a rec centre near Vancouver airport, and helped to entertain kids who were stranded. I read them stories (about all I could do), and I spoke with some parents. Many of the kids could not speak English (mostly Chinese), but the stories still seemed to hold their interest. There were a goodly number of volunteers. What amazed me was the food donated by local pizza, sandwich, bakery and candy businesses. It was good to see how many people truly cared.
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