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  1. You might become paranoid if you use facebook a lot and google "centra" Then read this and make up your own mind https://www.mediaite.com/news/watch-sen-hawley-claims-facebook-program-called-centra-is-tracking-users-across-the-web-zuckerberg-denies-knowledge/
  2. Obama didn't leave the white house until Jan. 20th after his term was over! Trump has 2 months to go in any event!
  3. Obama should mind his own business.... You don't see George Bush sticking his nose in there!
  4. Most intelligent people have stopped believing what the progressive globalist mainstream media has been telling them without proof a long time ago...................
  5. Here is one View............. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/what-joe-bidens-climate-plan-means-for-canada
  6. And some people just believe whatever m s m writes or says without question!
  7. once in a while I like to post this video on remembrance day.....
  8. How many times has Trump businesses gone bankrupt and he has come back swinging?
  9. Have you thought of purchasing a separate router of your own choice to put in line with your internet provider router, for added security if you don't trust the one that they supply? A neighbour of mine did that just to get more range with his wireless signal that he wasn't getting with the service provider router!
  10. If he pulls a Ross Perot It will only screw up any Republican's chance of winning!
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