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  1. This is pretty big news on the green energy front. Saskatchewan will become one of the first places where Carbon Capture technology is put into effect. This could be the testing ground for future green technologies! Really exciting stuff! http://abetterenergyplan.ca/#/news/canada_to_build
  2. The thing that bugs me when I hear about people talking about the Green Revolution that is supposedly coming in Ontario and other places is that the actual methods that people expect to start making us green don't work the way people think that they do. Wind power and solar power are not ready for primetime. Whenever you hear someone extolling the virtues of wind or solar power, ask them what happens when it's cloudy out, or when the wind isn't blowing. The simple fact is that they drastically underproduce energy. They simply aren't suitable to be the backbone of a real energy plan. The power workers union are not only extremely knowledgeable about power, they're also likeminded, and have a very informative series of videos that make that point: http://abetterenergyplan.ca/#/home/renewables-conservation/video-renewables
  3. Ontario's energy system is on the verge of some rather large changes and upgrades. Some politicians have you believe we can switch to renewables very soon, others say we need to rely mostly on proven, cheap and dirty options like coal. But what are the technical challenges that need to be overcome with our particular grid, and is it feasible? Here are the people who can answer your questions. I came across this site, and it really helped me get a solid understanding of the system as a whole. It was created by the power workers of Ontario. They certainly know what they're talking about when it comes to energy. Check out the site and the videos, very informative. http://abetterenergyplan.ca http://abetterenergyplan.ca/#/home/getting-smart/video-smart http://abetterenergyplan.ca/#/home/cares/video-cares http://abetterenergyplan.ca/#/home/renewables-conservation/video-renewables
  4. This is just another in a long line of massive F'ups by the Ontario government when it comes to energy. And I thought selling Wind power to the US for half of what it costs us to produce it was bad, but this is right up there as well.
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