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  1. Internet Changes Coming to You By James Bredin I hear the UN wants to take over the Internet, Rearrange names and numbers but no reason to fret, Like their Human Rights Councils, they know what to do, Call it the International Internet Council but who knew? Where they can direct International Public propaganda, Influenced by some dictator’s pompous agenda, And indeed you may find that you are completely banned, Because of your attitude and political stand. But never mind, it will all be for a good UN cause, They’ll take the Internet from the Americans just because, They want to or
  2. UN Peace Keeping Missions By James Bredin Canada’s bureaucracy at the UN has been reduced, Despite the large numbers the adscam Liberals introduced, UN proposals are mostly vetoed but they’re not too bright, Various camps veto each other completely out of sight. A constant UN exercise in bureaucratic futility, Which sometimes can cause extreme international hostility, The war in Afghanistan is only one small sample, Dead UN observers in Lebanon is another example. And Saddam’s oil for food has been completely shredded, No evidence of where the billions went or where they were heade
  3. The Welfare System By James Bredin Building after building stacked with single mothers, Surly sisters with different surnamed half brothers, These future single mothers and now fatherless boys, Listen to their loud music and other ghetto noise. Subculture of smoke, guns, gangs, brothers and others, The top layer of this sub culture are the single mothers, Demanding their rights for government welfare support, As though they were on holidays in this ghetto resort. And none of this is ever broadcast in the media, No words could describe it even in the encyclopedia, And politicians l
  4. The Death Penalty By James Bredin They banned capital punishment a long time ago, No referendum, no pride, no recall and you didn’t even know, So you didn’t have to think if killers should live or die, Even pedophile serial killers or terrorists who lie. Goody-two-shoe left-wingers did it because they could, It was not democracy and it was not the common good, Then they allowed these killers out in fifteen years, “Faint hope” clause they called it with crocodile tears. Lethal injections seems the honorable way to go, It’s painless so they say and they ought to know, So instead of
  5. Immigration and terrorist Stuff By James Bredin Why secret immigration hearings, do you suppose? Is the justice system completely rigged by those? Special interest crowd with their own hidden agenda, Published in their papers with their left-wing propaganda. Why is it so difficult to deport these terrorist types? Is it the Charter, their culture or their media hypes? Is it politicians who sold their souls to this or that crowd? Claiming it’s secret stuff and has to be kept under a cloud. Why can’t we just grab a terrorist and kick him out? Though they all claim they’ll get tortured
  6. Toronto in These Serious Times By James Bredin Murders that were once on page one are now on page eight, These increases came slowly so there was no debate, The soft-on-crime appointees were proud of their decisions, Count the homeless and panhandlers and no need for revisions. These left wing politicians refuse to take the blame, They say these gun fights in the night are culture so no shame, And mollycoddling criminals will bring back peace, Plus easy bail for terrorists and early release. They released an alleged terrorist on bail today, And we still don’t know his name but they
  7. Third World Journalists By James Bredin Exiled journalists from thirty Third World regimes, End up in Canada or at least so it seems, From righteous theocracies where their religion is law, And secret police don’t fool around or hem and haw. Still trying to fight for justice from here, over there, Where powerful religious nuts are major players, Where dictatorship, hate, and secret police are the game, And those who disagree leave dead, lame or in shame. Where dictators righteously proclaim that god is on their side, And those who live there just better understand and abide, Or qu
  8. Canadian Criminal Justice System By James Bredin Soft-on-crime appointed judges love publication bans, Politically correct decisions to aid barbarians, No names or gory details revealed so they’re home free, And we the public, in the dark, are required to agree. And like minded politicians say they all concur, Its easy bail and short sentences that usually occur, Even the names are forbidden for those under eighteen, Though all the hidden details that could be obscene. And who ever said that the public had a right to know? Not in the Charter written by Chretien and Trudeau, No pro
  9. Toronto the Good By James Bredin Half the people in Toronto are working day and night, The other half are stuck in gridlock traffic out of sight, The politicians at City Hall are up to their necks, Counting homeless criminals which could be complex. As they tax, travel, spend and pompously pretend, Though gun shots in the night they still can’t comprehend, They said they’d fix these problems with the nightly guns fights, And everyone could claim Trudeau-Chretien Charter Rights. And just for that they periodically doubled their pay, No recall, no referendums and they never go away,
  10. Love and Hate By James Bredin Love is a powerful emotion but hate is even stronger, And like a disease it can both kill and last even longer, Mix in power, clerics, ambition and politicians, And all it takes is a switch for hateful warlike conditions. Hate can be taught to last for more than a thousand years, Point at their religion, race, politics and shed no tears, Forbidden to negotiate or even bother to sit down, While everyone listens to some loud clerical clown. Peace compared to love is like war compared to hate, Warmonger and hatemonger don’t want to debate, And those who
  11. Ottawa Kyoto Adscam Liberal Politicians By James Bredin Will we ever know the UN payoff for the Kyoto fix? The Ottawa adscam Liberal conspiracy tricks, Will an adscam guy get Kofi Annan’s job later this year? Payoff for Kyoto so listen carefully; do you hear? And will Kyoto global taxes be later introduced? Americans and Australians not involved or seduced, Is Stephen Harper in or out and where do we stand? Can we get away from what the adscam guys planned? China and India both got themselves UN excused, But it seems Canada and Canadians are confused, Is the fix in or out or can s
  12. Left-wing Propaganda By James Bredin Their omnipresent socialist propaganda is free, Pumped out carefully daily in the media and TV, And we are programmed to think along certain lines, Just like Lenin and Stalin did in their times. Except we’ve got soft-on-crime judges where no one hangs, Where terrorists with bombs can join secret gangs, Because they know if they’re caught they might get a kiss, Probation or they might get a lecture about being remiss. Then double the number of incoming refugees, Decisions made at meeting of left-wing committees, Don’t you dare ever ask, if we ar
  13. We have a real historical problem here that most Canadians are hardly aware of. The Indians were granted this land for their huge representation in the early wars of this nation. The Indians accepted this land -- five miles on either side of the Grand River. It was too much land for the Indians to even occuppy. It was given to them as a group -- not as individuals. Therefore individual Indians do not own this property. The tribe ownes it. Therefore individual Indians cannot sell their property. They too are caught in the trap of history -- tribal system versus Canadian judicial system.
  14. As far as I can see, Tobin was always just another left wing Liberal except he was worse. He was a Chretien left wing Liberal. And just because he hails from Newfoundland, doesn't mean a thing. He has as much of a remote chance as Hedy Fry from the Left Coast. Mulroney (he of the GST) gave us the GST. There is one man who should be ashamed of himself.
  15. The Adscam Kyoto Liberal Taxes By James Bredin We’re lucky with Liberals in opposition instead of jail, Plus their soft-on-crime appointed judges give easy bail, Their Youthful Offenders Act allows everyone to walk, We’re not allowed to know names of terrorists or talk. They hate the Americans for being what they are, Ordinary people suspicious of the UN gone bizarre, And not joining Kyoto like the Liberals did, And Liberal left wing socialism they forbid. These Kyoto Liberals are once again worked up, They and their UN cohorts never never give up, They have evidence that greenhou
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