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  1. It was a good election campaign. Congratulations to the winners.
  2. Quite the contrast for voters to choose from- should be an excellent day tomorrow for the NDP. This election comes down to a choice Harper and his feral campaign Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff are not players in the battle for Quebec (who would have thought that, three weeks ago?). So what about them? Mr. Harper, clearly, has decided to try to win this election on the ground. He had a mainstream, majoritarian appeal available to him. But it would seem that appealing to Canada's majority is not in Mr. Harper's DNA. Instead he is seeking to squeak into a mandate through “micro-targeting.” Wh
  3. Bin Laden's death will be perceived as good news by most Canadians, and they also associate Jack Layton as a happy guy and good news guy, compared to miserable Harper, so the good news of Bin Laden's death will be associated with Layton and will help the NDP tomorrow.
  4. NDP - 126 seats Cons - 125 seats Libs - 39 seats Bloc - 17 seats Ind - 1 seat Total - 308 seats
  5. So the NDP & the Cons are basically tied given the margin of error - how many credible pollsters are saying it's tied now? My hunch is Mr Layton will be having a very good day tomorrow.
  6. Bryan is always flailing about cherry-picking polls, like Compas which isn't even credible. Nobody, and I'll repeat nobody, at this point knows what is going to happen tomorrow - there are only two sure things and that is Harper has lost any possibility for a majority, and the Liberals have tanked.
  7. Craig Oliver of CTV just predicted a NDP minority government but I'm wondering if it may end up being a majority for Layton.
  8. If today's polling is any indication, please, please bring out some more smears on Layton. The polls jumped 2% in the NDP's favour over the Cons overnite, and Layton is now pulling away from Harper in the best choice for Prime Minister Index.
  9. This poll and Layton skyrocketing away from Harper in the Leadership Index explain the reasons the Conservatives don't want to talk about the polls today - it's easy to understand why. Gap between Tories, NDP narrows to 6 points in 11th-hour polling http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/gap-between-tories-ndp-narrows-to-6-points-in-11th-hour-polling/article2005684/
  10. Leadership Index - what wins elections! Smilin' Jack must be feeling very very good today, this last day of the campaigning. Date / Pollster / Layton / Harper / Ignatieff May 1 / Nanos / 97.4 / 88.0 / 39.1 Apr 28 / Nanos / 95.3 / 83.2 / 34.3 Apr 27 / Ipsos-Reid / 45% / 42% / 13% Apr 27 / Forum / 33% / 32% / 14% Apr 27 / Nanos / 86.2 / 82.7 / 40.1
  11. Nanos Leadership Index Disaster for Harper and Ignatieff as Layton takes a HUGE jump upwards As I suspected that attempted smear by Sun Media has only helped to reimforce Layton as the person Canadians want to lead the country. Layton - 97.4, Up 16.9 Harper - 88.0, Down 6.5 Ignatieff - 39.1, Down 6.1 Duceppe - 8.0, Down 1.5
  12. Canada's tin pot dictator Harper will allow no quesions from the media today - what a coward!
  13. Jack Layton - The Comeback Kid Cane and able — Layton's humanity hits right note: observers But the pundits all underestimated the Tao of Jack and his Walking Stick — the crutch that has become a Churchillian-like symbol brandished with increased frequency in Layton's public battles against his political enemies. "It looked like the beginning of the end of his political career," said Ottawa communications specialist Barry McLoughlin. "We saw two things happen to him back to back, that showed his humanity. We saw him on our screens looking gaunt, older, frail and very vulnerable." Then, add
  14. Yea, let's choose someone who is miserable. Another terrible day for Harper on the campaign trail John Ivison: Why are Harper supporters heckling the media? Quite why the press conference needed to be held in front of a hostile crowd is not clear, unless it was an attempt to intimidate journalists. Other parties hold the presser in a separate room after the event. Party spindoctors suggest Mr. Harper likes the visuals of being surrounded by supporters but it lends the appearance of a lynch mob when the inevitable happens. One suspects the visuals of this morning’s episode will be replayed
  15. Jack's OK, but the coalition of losers, Harper and Ignatieff are both duds and need to go. That Jack, he's the mack 2 Despite the nutty policies, the polls say people love Layton. Why not? He's a hell of a guy They back Jack. Jack's got the knack. The others? They yak, but they lack. There you go: Some really (really) bad poetry, designed to neatly sum up Election 2011. There'll be lots of much smarter political analysis this weekend, but I'm sticking to my pithy rhyming couplets. Whether he captures the keys to 24 Sussex or not, the NDP's Jack Layton is the winner of this campaign, hands
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