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  1. My last status update was about the Alberta floods.Wishing everyone stays safe.No responses!Seems like people here are more concerned about getting a warning point or blaming the floods on global warming.Unless it was a disaster in the US.Then everyone here would be writing about how tragic.Shame on you MLW members!

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    2. Shady


      You're exactly right WWWTT. Anything to push their agendas. It's pretty shameful.

    3. WWWTT


      Not at all Signals.Cpl.Just disappointed to see Canadian MLW members care more about people in US and Europe more than Canadians who have lost their homes and lives.Then turn this issue an political agenda.

    4. Signals.Cpl


      Political forum brings out the political agenda of people...

      This is in the hands of Municipal, Provincial and Federal emergency crew's not much any of us can do from our computers. Replying to your status will not help anyone in Calgary.

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