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  1. Canadian Military Chief is complaining that military cutbacks will hurt military readiness. If I had it my way, I would cut military spending by 50% and lay off the first cry baby that complained! Useless good for nothing war pigs!

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    2. WWWTT


      Coming from someone who has to wait for other people to do things for them, you give up waiting pretty easy.

    3. Boges


      So you think if Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth wouldn't have declared war on Germany, they'd have just let us be?

    4. Signals.Cpl


      I was not waiting for anything because its apparent to me that 1) You don't know anything about the military as is painfully apparent by your status update 2) You have zero knowledge about the government of Canada, the military and the interaction between the two. 3)You are apparently trolling because you make a stupid update and are afraid to state your opinions where they can be destroyed like they usually are.

      I suggested if you hold those opinions to start a thread fully ex...

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