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  1. Israel did not create any enemies from stealing Palestinian land and homes. Israel did not create any enemies by blockading all the Palestinian people from food water energy medecine and a future! It is perfectly normal for a country to slaughter anyone who stands up to their oppression. And when the Palestinians stand up to Israeli oppression, then they are terrorists that must be slaughter including children as the Israelis cheer as their bombs destroy Palestinian lives!

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    2. cybercoma


      I never said that, but it's quite clear that you couldn't possibly care less about Israelis having to take shelter from rocket attacks. On the other hand, I think the violence from both sides is despicable. That's cool though. You show how enlightened you are with your nonsensical Israel Apartheid rhetoric, as though Hamas isn't a violent aggressor as well. Hey, maybe you can even go to Palestine and kill some Jews with Hamas. Only then can those poor Palestinians who elected...

    3. cybercoma


      ...Hamas can be free.

    4. AngusThermopyle


      Sure, and lets forget that the region had one of the fastest growing economies and highest standards of living before Israel turned over administration to the Palestinians. If we're forgetting things lets not leave anything out of the forget fest.

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