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  1. State sponsored fear gives you two choices. You can have climate change, or you can take terrorism. You'd think the free market would give you more options.

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    2. Canada_First


      The right left and middle have all prven that they cannot be trusted to run a fiscally responsible government and that is my biggest issue so I don't know what to do. I would vote Green but I cannot stand Miss May. Maybe I have to throw my vote away on one of the fringe parties.

    3. Freddy


      If Harper didn't keep dropping taxes, we would have a huge surplus.

    4. WWWTT


      Ya I don't think you guys really get the status update thing. You're starting to drift already and you're only like three freekin comments in this thing! This isn't a Canadian election status update! I'm going to leave those comments there so everyone can point and you guys and say "Look at those posters, they don't get it"

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