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  1. Hey lets draw pictures about Islam and publish them. It's called freedom of speech. But when Islam does it, it called GRAPHIC IMAGES! This is now about how bad Iran is! No mention of freedom of speech anymore.

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    2. WWWTT


      Ya that's quite the comparison there Ash 74. Would you complain if an Islamic drew a picture of an American going into a theatre with a handgun and shooting people? Or a school killing children? How about you draw those pictures, shuv them in everyone's face yelling FREE SPEECH FREE SPEECH!

    3. Ash74


      Yes I would complain. Because I have that right. So does the person that draws those terriable things. Does not mean I feel the need to walk into a busy street and open fire. Or think have the right to kill said person.

    4. Shady


      You're comparing apples to oranges WWWTT. It's nonsensical. Regardless, nobody's trying to kill anybody because of the image. It's just not something world leaders participate in.

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