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  1. There are particular kinds of characters who are drawn to anonymous public opinion boards.


    You are trying to deflect from the most obvious!

    Boredom and lack of self discipline. Not to mention some people actually like this format of discussion/communication/interaction. I should really be practicing/reading/learning more Mandarin right now

    I believe the percentage of posters that you are getting at would be around 20%?


  2. Do you honestly care?

    What difference does it make? Argus can not handle the fact that any idiot can see that the earth is flat. What is a moderator to do??

    What difference does it make what I believe???

    Careful careful careful Charles Anthony!

    What do you think will happen to this site if no one cared?

    You really have a knack for giving bad advise!


  3. PIK... there used to be a guy around here who probably could have answered that for you... unfortunately, he developed a severe case of Libertarianitus and has gone walkabout!

    Ya actually answering a question and giving you a response are two different things


  4. How much is it costing? Are trials cheaper by the dozen?

    Mac Harb's trial is scheduled for January, then there are these to consider:

    Here is a list of Liberal senators currently in trouble:

    What makes you think I give a RATT"S ASS about those others?

    I want to see Harper get roasted with questions after questions after questions in the media!

    Go use your debate tactics on someone that's gullible enough to play along!


  5. Harper was unusually testy taking questions at his northern stop today. How long can he not answer questions on why others involved in the PMO cover-up were not fired or demoted. This includes his current chief of staff Ray Novak.

    We all know about angry Tom, is angry Stephen about to explode?

    Good to see the media isn't taking cues from the PMO's office on this one!

    Keep nailing the liar until he coughs up!


  6. He wanted a elected senate. And duffy took everyone by surprise,even the opp like him. But then he turned out to be a greedy pig.

    Anyone who takes down Harper isn't such a bad guy after all!

    Ya no kidding I'm rootin for the guy!

    Man, misery really wants company.


  7. No... far to the right. He's a Libertarian now, from being an unabashed Trudeau supporter only scant months ago.

    I have made my mind up about this poster, and as much as I embrace the idea of changing ones position going from one extreme to the other (all the while posting "OPEN YOUR EYES" while writing your latest up-to-the-minute-all-new-opinion) naturally calls credibility into question so I don't blame those who are skeptical.

    Nothing wrong with a changing opinion or seeing things another way.

    But when your comments get bombarded with rambling responses way off topic repeatedly, then perhaps something else is going on?

    I myself am just ignoring it!

    Not just from one poster either.


  8. ... and the best news for the NDP in the latest Forum poll? The regional Ontario numbers show a vast improvement:

    NDP - 33

    Cons -31

    Libs - 31

    If the NDP pick up only a third of seats there Conservatives have no hope of forming gov't.

    Yes the numbers are looking very good for the NDP!

    Also looking very bad for the conservatives.


  9. What does this have to do with polling methodology?

    Don't bother trying.

    He's responding in the same manner with a bunch of my comments.

    Doesn't make any sense, like he's just rambling on about whatever. I admit that I may sound similar from time to time. But not way out there like this!

    I'm just ignoring it.


  10. Honestly, your extreme support for one candidate or another is hard to take seriously, given that you were giving equal praise to Justin and Pierre Trudeau on these pages rather recently.

    If everything should be so obvious then why wasn't it obvious to you ? Are you going to turn again and support Muclair soon ?

    I'm not responding to these comments that are way out there in relation to the topic being discussed.

    Can't really report them either. So I'm just going to ignore.

    I suggest you do the same. But maybe you have some different kind of idea or goal?


  11. A fake scandal kept in the news forever makes it appear as if this must be the scandal of the century.

    In reality, this Duffy/Wright payment is just about a wrong turn taken by a busy CoS.

    BTW: it is Duffy who is on trial for many more offenses besides the Wright deal.

    Ya actually by link was to a reference made to the bible that was used.

    But somehow you completely ignored that!


  12. That depends on the law. To be charged with bribery, you actually have to be trying to, you know, bribe someone.

    Oh ok so then Duffy knew the cheque that Wright was giving him was a bribe, so he gets charged.

    Wright claims he didn't know, so he doesn't get charged.(does wright claim he didn't know?)

    Is that what you are you saying?


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