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  1. No its Shady's policy on supporting Romney!

  2. Doesn't matter who wins the US election.Harper's getting some new lipstick ready to put on for u know what!

  3. Hey Shady the 70's called!They want their pimp hat back!

  4. REMINDER FOR REPUBLICANS:Do not accept any government help today.YOU built that.YOU can clear the roads.YOU can restore power,not FEMA

    1. Shady


      That doesn't make any sense. You're becoming irrational in these last days of the Obama presidency.

    2. DogOnPorch


      Are all electrical workers Democrats?

  5. Bush's FEMA director during Katrina criticizes Obama for responding to Sandy too Quickly!Thats like a convicted DUI fellon giving safe driving lessons!

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    2. WWWTT


      Michael Brown made the comment in an interview for the paper "Denver Westword"

    3. Shady
    4. WWWTT


      Do you think I am making this up?

  6. Dear Mitt.Reciting a list of counties you want to invade is not a foreign policy speech.

  7. I think William Ashley is back.You remember him,the only guy here that would stick up for that Markuze or Mabus character.He goes by xjusticexxx or something like that.Anyways enjoy!

  8. Oh ya and by the way.Star Trek/Science fiction movie pictures are the best!May I suggest a "Klingon!" You get it?Oh forget it!

  9. I just stopped by to get a close up of your picture Jack.But be careful,the admin. is very sexually conservative here and they deal with a heavy hand!

  10. Whao!You finally got a picture,good for you man!

  11. Hey buddy why the foul language and suggestion of violence?

  12. That would be opposite day I guess

  13. If you are not gay,but then one day you become gay.Or if you are attracted to females,but then are attracted to males.

  14. WWWTT

    I don't think anybody hates you man.

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