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  1. I will keep gold coins around somewhere (always tradeable), I reckon I will need them soon. Government monitoring every transaction possible, that GST is important.
  2. Eight years Not happening. Maybe thirty years, than the gasoline engine will be obsolete. Owners of electric vehicles should be forced to purchase there power first prior to vehicle purchase. Solar system for home 4-5 KW units. $20,000-$25,000.00. Therefore less abuse of grid for everyday functioning. electric engine is simple, no efi,carb, pistons, air cleaner, oil changes, etc. Yes I will be early buyer of EV vehicle (motorcycle). Keep my f150, indefinitely.
  3. Whoever Wins. Tough Economic times ahead. If I were the Winner, I might demand a recount. Not a good situation coming up. Good luck to whomever takes this role.
  4. True about the #. This is a forum, not a paper. Generality is accepted. But you have a good name "Marcus". PB43
  5. Never voted Conservative since the PC went back on promise to not Tax Income Trust. Don't trust the Party or him. But the majority do! People like being deceived. Or there are to many st$&@1? Canadians. PB43
  6. Follow the money! What Director, Manager received a big raise or promo. Consider the fact that ESRD is a small area of government. Has 30 members in Edmonton. Yet has 15 Managers. Crazy!
  7. No! Welcome Green Party's view. Election will be decided, Ontario, Quebec.
  8. Prefer Gold/Silver coins. 300WSM 180grain.
  9. My brother in law is swede. He bleeds blue/yellow. I am a Canadian, I bleed red. How much more nationalist do you need?
  10. Do you guys just argue, for the sake of arguing? Waste of valuable time in your life. Good luck.
  11. True. Chicago has revenge (powerful motivation). Loosing in OT Last year on a lucky bounce. Prediction Chicago in 6.
  12. Sounds like any Canadian. Better get your $$$$ out of the bank soon. Bank Run!!
  13. Now the playoffs begin. Chicago vs Anaheim.
  14. Yup 5 posts and I am already in the bad boyz books. True Albertan!
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