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  1. The thing that is the "laughing matter" is the way the Canadian tree(or terrorist) huggers wailed & cried for this murderous traitor. He is a traitor to Canada, he should be tried for that & should then, with his whole family, be "invited" to leave Canada. In the interview he stated that he considers Canada his home country. I lived in Clairesholm Alta for 1 1/2 years (the approximate time he has spent in Canada to date, and I don't consider it my HOME , I was born in a village in Manitoba and lived there for 3 years but that's not my HOME--- My home is where I live & work and his is also. Send him back to Afghanistan and see how he likes his HOME.--- or how they like him.
  2. If our immigration laws made any sense none of this traitorous family would be Canadian Citizens nor would 9/10ths of the foreign nationals living permanently out of Canada, the “citizens” who use Canada as a back door to safety. If you can’t live at least 2 years out of 5 in Canada, any claim to citizenship should be revoked. If you haven’t paid any Canadian income tax in the last 2 years any claim to citizenship should be revoked. If you have served in ANY other army, official or not, any claim to citizenship should be revoked. If you have acted in a warlike manner against any treaty Canada has with any other country any claim to citizenship should be revoked
  3. If we provide a different Chaplin for each prison for each religion we'd end up with not only a gigantic(ER) deficit but we'd have as just a cause as the idiocy that requires us to provide English speaking prisoners with a French interpreter when they request it in Butthole Creek Alberta or any other town that has a 0% French speaking population. If any religious person prescribes to one God (as all non-pagan persons are supposed to) they all can use the same religious interpreter For myself, I am leaning towards Baal or perhaps Isis therefore I would need a parson that belongs to the same faith as the ancient Egyptians
  4. Yeah--- those bastards--- With the world economy as strong as it was/is, it isn't as if the deficit was due to recovery financing---
  5. As with the Ontario voter-------- some people need to be hit on the head with a 2X4 to really appreciate people like McPremier & Mulcair. Was your's the stock kind or was it treated with that green crap?"
  6. No--- he deserves all the vilification he can get --- he's entitled to it, he earned it.
  7. "Lets say trudeau won" indeed ---- as if there were a doubt about that. I can hardly believe the fortunes of Canadian politics. Within a short period of time the political field of Canada has been blessed, first of all with the death of a man who is slated to posthumously receive the honor of being named the "best Canadian Ever" Jack Layton, ( "Better dead than we'd be Red") and next --- the volunteering of a great & seasoned liberal to the leadership of the great bastion of democracy, another Turdeau, sorry, Phideaux, sorry --- Trudeau. Canada can do nothing but exalt at the selflessness & kindness of a person of his stature offering to lead us out of the political wilderness to which PM Harper has dragged us. I'm sure for example, that on of the first things he would do after the election (which he will of course win & restore the liberals to their great former honorable position in Canadian politics) will be to apologize to that other magnificent organisation, the United Nations. By apologizing to each of the 82 new African Nations that are now the mainstay of the UN, Trudeau will appease them for PM Harper's snubs & stinginess with the foreign aid the leaders of these countries so sorely need to swell their personal bank accounts. Trudeau will undoubtedly assure each of those freedom loving leaders that The Canadian taxpayers will be only too glad to triple said aid in the near future. Alas, none of these marvels can come about until the next election, the end of which will undoubtedly end in a victorious Liberal party under the again glorious name of Trudeau.
  8. You buy a brand of car--- find that it's the best car you've ever had--- you don't buy a different brand. You buy a brand of toothpaste--- find that it's the best toothpast you've ever had--- you don't buy a different brand. You vote in a political party that, in the main, has doone a super job for your province, you re-elect that party. You vote in the NDP, find that they've driven your province into a freefall of debt & union favoring longlasting costly contracts which end up making the Province a "have-not" haven for freeloaders--- you dump them in the garbage of "never again" politics.
  9. First--- the 14 yr old had a gun, grenades & knew how to use them. We are not discussing the age requirement of the Canadian army What is the official age requirment to join the Al queada's army? If there was no age requirement he was a soldier at that time. Having said that---- what is the status of a Canadian joining a terrorist army? If it is a treasonous act he should be hanged. By the way--- he was sentenced to 8 years about 18 months ago--- he still has 6&1/2 years to serve
  10. Canadian Justice: On one side of the loonie we have a murderer, a person who killed another human while fighting on the side of the criminals/terrorists against the country of his birth, who is being discussed on the news in terms like "we have to find what is best for him" by some idiotic female lefty treehugger/bleedingheart and on the other side of the coin--- a pedophile arrested as he stepped off the plane in Vancouver after serving his full sentence in Thailand for a sexual crime committed there. While I am not defending him in any way I find it hard to equate buggery of a juvenile to murder of a medic. In one case the inane bleeding heart lady almost in tears at the terrorist's plight and on the other the pedophile was vilified and verbally attacked as the worst kind of criminal possible, one who should be jailed for the rest of his life. Is this situation a little out of balance?
  11. He was a volunteer on the side that was killing our allies--- he is a war criminal, murderer & a traitor to his country.
  12. he was not a soldier, he was a civilian volunteer. He should have been shot & then rendered with the remains of a pig's large intestine.
  13. the key is in the words "billions of years" if you pile a hundred feet of something per year for a billion years you end up with a hundred billion feet of the something which a pile as high as the pile of infogarbage put out by the various governments & politicians in Canada each month, in other words, a pile unclimbable.
  14. Yes he was handled poorly--- he should have been shot & then rendered with the remains of a pig's large intestine.
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