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  1. Trump is a great man. A great friend of the Jews. He will make a great president. I hope America is smart enough to make sure he will be elected.
  2. Keep door to door. Expand door to door. Remove all existing superboxes. Door to door for everyone. Or to end of driveway for rural dwellers.
  3. If we weren't Israeli allies many Jews would leave Canada and take their money with them.
  4. Meh....this is somewhat newsworthy. Not really much discussion value.
  5. I'm not attacking you. Please don't take it that way. Just that almost any post I see you make to me is mean spirited. Why? Asking me if I'm teary eyed? Do you literally think I'm sitting here weeping? Over a Web board no less. Come on man.
  6. I'm a Jew so more or less yes. God commands it under penalty of stoning to death.
  7. Not usually. You're right. I didn't try to imply otherwise.We have a huge shortage of body parts in this country. Transplant lists are very long. So why not remove the BS counselling and all that. If someone wants to kill themselves just sign this paper here and lie down here. Injection. Harvest. Scrap body. Next. No need for people to slit wrists. Jump off stuff. Etc. Nice clean and orderly.
  8. Of course it's not a problem fir you since you all read from the same playbook.Teary eyed? No. Why can't you have a normal conversation without all the sarcastic stuff man? Is this how you behave in public too? Honestly...come on Guard.
  9. Lol. Very nice.However I'm not so pessimistic. I am a conservative yet I firmly care about the environment and want to see it protected. Maybe even take over all natural resource harvesting from private companies. We need to reinstate protections to our fresh water for one. Very important. If Trudeau can do something on this file and stand with Israel I may vote for his party next election.
  10. Killing someone is definitely doing them harm. Like I said I'm in favor if having a killing floor in hospitals for all those suicidals. Let's kill them. Harvest what we want and scrap the rest. We can do a lot of good with the organs and body parts. Lots of people in need of new liver lungs hearts etc...
  11. I see. How is this helping to solve our mod problem of having two stern lefties in control of the board?
  12. The Red Dragon awakens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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