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  1. People don't usually want to kill themselves. They may do so when they are being killed by a disease which is terminal, and painful. Do you realize just how ignorant, callous, arrogant comments like yours are? Thank god you don't have anything to do with running the world.

    Not usually. You're right. I didn't try to imply otherwise.

    We have a huge shortage of body parts in this country. Transplant lists are very long. So why not remove the BS counselling and all that. If someone wants to kill themselves just sign this paper here and lie down here. Injection. Harvest. Scrap body. Next. No need for people to slit wrists. Jump off stuff. Etc. Nice clean and orderly.

  2. I'm afraid I don't agree with your assertion about a "problem" Or are you all teary eyed like Argus because you got a suspension for being insulting?

    Of course it's not a problem fir you since you all read from the same playbook.

    Teary eyed? No.

    Why can't you have a normal conversation without all the sarcastic stuff man? Is this how you behave in public too? Honestly...come on Guard.

  3. The waste of time and money going into this meeting, is a fraction of a drop of a bucket compared to the potential waste of time and money coming out of it.

    Lol. Very nice.

    However I'm not so pessimistic. I am a conservative yet I firmly care about the environment and want to see it protected. Maybe even take over all natural resource harvesting from private companies.

    We need to reinstate protections to our fresh water for one. Very important.

    If Trudeau can do something on this file and stand with Israel I may vote for his party next election.

  4. I think their oath is to cause no harm. Not killing someone when they want you to do so is definitely harmful to them, so I think they would be okay.

    Killing someone is definitely doing them harm.

    Like I said I'm in favor if having a killing floor in hospitals for all those suicidals. Let's kill them. Harvest what we want and scrap the rest. We can do a lot of good with the organs and body parts. Lots of people in need of new liver lungs hearts etc...

  5. You know a lot about god do ya? Go ahead enlighten us.

    I feel G-d's presence in my life everyday. If you do not, that's fine. I don't think it should give you the right to belittle people who do believe though.

    Many of the Muslims who you protect are far more religiously fanatical then any Christian or Jew. Watch some videos on You Tube with Muslims in it. They constantly Yell "Alluhu Akbar!" - "G_d is Great!"

    I don't see massive amounts of Jews or Christians doing this here in North America or anywhere overseas yet we see practically whole Muslim nations doing it in the ME. Wondering around in war zones yelling "Allhu Akbar!" they are fanatical.

  6. Meh, if people are that weak that they want to kill themselves. Good, let them do it and get it over with so the rest of us can do the important work of running the world. I just don't think a Doctor can do it or should be forced to do it because of their oath. Maybe we can set up killing floors in hospitals where those who want to die can be killed there then have their organs and body parts immediately harvested before being incinerated on site. Their burning bodies can then be used to heat the hospital or to fuel electricity.

  7. If it leads to Eurocentric Canadians having more children then I am all for it. Then perhaps we have a way to save Canada from being over run with cultures that are not traditional Canadian cultures. Cultures that refuse to assimilate into a cohesive Canadian identity.

    As it is now the only groups of people having more than 2 children are Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, Sikh's and Christians. Your run of the mill Canadians are not having children or waiting until very late in life to have them. So if it boosts our birthrate, good. Lets do it.

  8. I love your extremism. You spell out the extremists' thoughts, who we have a few of on this forum, without masking it.

    Gaza and the west bank are free regions not occupied by the IDF at all. Arabs choose to break the laws of Fatah and sell their property to Jews then Jews move into Arab neighborhoods who are then protected by the government. Are you saying that real estate selling should be racially determined? A practice that's illegal in Canada.

    Hamas and Fatah choose to spend the billions in aid money on building tunnels and rockets and not on supporting their people. Did you know that truck loads of aid is trucked into Gaza and the West Bank every single day by Israel. Strange behavior for a group of people that supposedly hate Arabs and want to destroy them. Israel could wipe those Arabs of the planet tomorrow if they wanted to but they want peace not war.

  9. Now as soon as I mention the removal of the Isreali illegal settlements, the anti-semite gets applied to me without hesitation.

    It depends on what is considered an illegal settlement. Who is labeling them illegal? The West Bank is basically part of Israel so they have sovereignty over those lands. The West Bank should be annexed by Israel and the Arabs moved to Jordan.

    Egypt wants nothing to do with Gaza and has flooded all of their tunnels and sealed the border. Hamas has made enemies of Israel and Egypt now. Then they blame the Jews for it. Hilarious. If Hamas would put the aid money towards building their economy instead of Jewry hatred they'd be much better off. so until the Arabs in those areas demand change and stop blaming Jews for the problems perpetrated by their government they will die old men in refugee camps waiting for Palestine.

    Palestine doesn't exist and never has. They've never had their own currency or anything. It's a fantasy dreamed up by the Arabs and antisemitic people.

    I don't understand why so many people would like to destroy Israel the only area in the ME that supports gay rights, women equality and democracy and replace it with "Palestine" that would most certainly be run like a theocracy with no gay rights, no woman equality. It is baffling to me. The same people who shout "Free Free Palestine" are the same ones who push gay rights and feminist agendas. It's weird..

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