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  1. Gaza is free now. Yet they choose to attack Israel with that freedom and promote the hatred Jews. Israel is no longer in Gaza and haven't been for years. Israel gives Gaza concrete to build infrastructure instead Arabs built tunnels to attack Israel. Gaza government, Hamas, mandates in its charter to kill all Jews in the world and to destroy Israel. So I don't see how peace can possible under these conditions. Abbas, the so called moderate did his PhD thesis on Holocaust denial. How is that moderate?
  2. I applaud the efforts of PM designate Trudeau on the way he's handled this upcoming conference so far.
  3. No need for reporting. You're not saying anything antisemitic. The world has been rough with the Jews so it's appropriate to respond roughly to such treatment. If Arabs put down the bombs and guns we will have peace. If the Jews put down their guns, Israel will cease to exist. See the difference? As long as we have Muslim Imams, Clerics and Shiekhs issuing orders to slaughter Jews I don't se how we can have any peace. From cradle to grave the Arabs are taught to hate Jews, even in schools. How can we have peace under these conditions?
  4. Oh, we agree on that then. I don't think we should be allies with them either. Any enemy of the Jew is also an enemy of western nations, or at least should be. Am Israel Hai!
  5. How do I have extremist views? The world has lots of places for arabs but only one place for Jews. I believe that the Jewish people are the true people of Israel. They were promised Israel by Hashem. It is the rightful place on Earth for Jews and Jews alone. The fact that Jews allow any Arabs to live in Israel at all merely proves that the Jewish people are a kind and gentle people. All that kindness just gets Jews killed and most recently stabbed. Hatikvah...Am Israel Hai!
  6. Israel will never allow a full State to be on their borders. If anything Israel should annex the west bank and Gaza and push the Arabs into neighboring states forever. Jews need more room to live and the whole west bank devoid of Arabs would provide that room.
  7. Maxime Bernier for CPC. Mulcair for NDP.
  8. It's disgusting that a poster here would want to sever ties with a democracy so we can bow down to a theocracy which kills homosexuals. Wants to kill Jews and destroy Israel. And has no respect orvequal rights for women. I guess we know the kind of laws he'd like for Canada. And these posters call Harper backward...Thats a laugh. Supporters of Iran would put Canada back 100 years. No thank you. Canada's military is weak anyways and doesn't really matter because of the US. The US and UK are great allies of Israel and I doubt any nation on Earth would take on those three. It's almost time for the Jews of Canada to leave here like they are in France right now. It's unsafe to be openly Jewish in France now because of the Muslims. Soon Canada will be like this as well. Then it will be time to go. Either to Israel or to the USA.
  9. If it was in a so called rich area school the child would've listened to the teacher the first time and the cops wouldn't been called at all.This student didn't listen to anyone due to poor upbringing with no discipline at home. Probably single parent home, no father, this child running the streets all night. Drinking and smoking weed. Not doing homework. A soon to be loser who will end up arrested and in jail.
  10. I'll only say this once. The topic we are discussing is at the top of the page. If you'd like to discuss something else please make a new topic to discuss it there. I won't let you derail our discussion of the Muslim Arab Shiek who gave orders to go out and stab the Jew, with this. Thank you.
  11. The mere mention of the word Jew conjures up bile in some people's bellies which they spew forth like venom of the cobra. I have no idea why they hate the Jew so much. The whole education system revolves around antisemitism in the Arab world. It's taught to children in schools. Until that changes I see no hope for the end of the hard times ahead. It's sad that many Canadians views are much the same as the Arabs on the Jews. They are in lock step. Rue, the world has been rough with us, with our tribe. It's only right to respond roughly to such treatment. Never apologize for being a Jew. Don't make excuses for these antisemites. Even if they do wear nice suits.
  12. That wasn't beating the shit out of anyone. Have you ever been in a fight in your life? One usually beats the shit out of someone with fists not restraining them and physically removing them from a classroom.I didn't see any wrong doing. Maybe he should've tased her first but still. If you don't listen to the police bad things will happen. Don't want to be physically restrained then listen to the police commands. She got what she deserved. Even then not enough in my opinion. She's obviously not being parented at home properly. No discipline at home causes this. Takes away from the other students who are trying to learn.
  13. They need to choose a leader who isn't Stephen Harper and will not remind people of Stephen Harper. Someone totally different. Fresh, New face. Someone unexpected.
  14. No. No religions should be accommodated at work. No food restrictions or prayer rooms. Equal rights for everyone.
  15. Should be repaired. This is a non issue.
  16. It's up to the op to research their own posts before posting and to present that evidence in any post made.
  17. It's quite obvious the Mufti was a Nazi and had a significant role in the Holocaust. To deny this is rabid antisemitism at its core. We must fight against antisemitism where ever we find it. The Jewish people are a great treasure to the world. The chosen people. An ancient people. God's own people. And Israel is our home. The promises God made to the Jews are coming true now. We are living in the end times.
  18. Restore door to door for everyone in the nation. The postal workers want more money then it's time they work for it.
  19. I don't want silence on this issue. It's very important that Jews are not slaughtered in the streets if Israel. Israel is supossed to be a safe place for Jews to go. If we cannot be safe in Israel then Jews have no hope anywhere and care doomed to be slaughtered and erased from history. The Jewish people are the only ancient people who have survived without being assimilated. It's important that we continue to survive and even thrive. I don't understand all the hate for the Jewish people. I really don't. Are they jealous because Jews took a piece of that was a desert and turned it into a sucessful farmland beside a high tech areas that people are thriving on? I don't know. It's sad. Instead of hating Jews why doesn't the Arabs befriend the Jews and learn from them so they can turn their own areas into prosperous ones too? Instead they listen to Clerics who tell them to go into the streets and kill Jews with knives and bombs. Sad...it truly is sad.
  20. Israel has hundreds of its own brilliant scientists. We don't need Hawking who will be dead within 10 years or so. He's past his due date and his most important works are already known to the scientific community. I hope he sees the error of his ways. That Israel is necessary for the safety of the Jewish people. We simply cannot have another holocaust. It can never be allowed to happen. The Arab countries surrounding Israel all want exactly that. With the exception of Jordan who is now a friend of Israel. Thats what you're supporting marcus. The destruction of the Jewish people in Israel would be another holocaust. Can you not see the error of your ways? Look into your heart marcus and ask yourself if you really want to see all those Jews in Israel pushed into the sea and murdered. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to really see that happen. Only people with such fervorish hate would enjoy such an outcome. The Arabs in the territories can have long lasting peace tomorrow if they simply will put down their guns and bombs and embrace Israel as a neighbor and an equal. If they do that this hostility will end tomorrow. They must recognize Israel's right to exist. If they do this then the Jews and Arabs can live in peace and prosperity for a long time.
  21. Will that evidence include race/religion based stats for crime so that we can finally make some realistic decisions in justice?
  22. Maybe. Who knows. I have hard believing that Trudeau will bring in PR or whatever scheme he has talked about. He's not going to want to hand over power to someone else. If he does, I'll be shocked.
  23. So in the four years of his majority he will never raise taxes or add a service fee or premium or anything?
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