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  1. I don't like minorities. I like majorities where we can actually hold the PM accountable. With a minority the PM can and will just blame it on the other guy. Trudeau won't have that luxury if he's weak.
  2. Let's see what he does before criticizing him. We will have lots of time to criticize him once he does something. For now I will offer my congratulations to Trudeau for a well fought campaign and deserved victory. He ran a good campaign, good for him. Now he's going to have to decide who he will piss off because he won't be able to give everything he promised to everyone. That's just reality.
  3. Taxes are high enough. Why cant the government learn to live on what it has now instead of continually raising taxes? They won't be happy until we are all paying 100% tax.
  4. If you want a free stock tip. If Trudeau keeps his promise to fund infrastructure massively then buy up some stock in infrastructure companies, construction companies, etc...lol.
  5. I totally agree with you. Let's give him a chance to see what he will do. I don't hate Trudeau I just don't see how being a substitute drama teacher for one year then going on a speaking tour makes one ready to be PM. If he wasn't PET's son would he even be leading the Liberal party? Would a drama teacher be leading the Liberal Party if his name was anything other than Trudeau?
  6. People who over $200k are already paying 54% of their money in taxes. AT what point is enough, enough?
  7. eh, he did well. I won't criticize him until he actually does something. SO far he has done nothing. I would hope that even his most rabid fans wouldn't accept everything he says and does as gospel. The guy cannot be perfect. I will reserve judgement until he does something I don't like. So far he's perfect.
  8. I don't think it's appropriate to criticize a poster but it's certainly ok to attack their positions.
  9. NO because we will have to make a low percentage ceiling. Probably at the low cap of 5% of the vote in order to get any seats. Greens would get zero seats according tot heir most recent result.
  10. I don't think Trudeau will be beaten in an election by anyone. He will win another majority in 2019 or 2020 then he will a minority in 2024 or 2025. He will then step down as leader sometime during that minority and we will then have a chance at getting a Tory PM.
  11. Did you read past the first sentence of my post? You obviously did not. Go back and try to read a whole post before jumping to conclusions. Thank you.
  12. This election was a anti Harper election not so much pro Trudeau. What will the left use to scare voters in 2019 or 2020 I wonder? They won't have Harper around to use as fear bait. Will they simply transfer their hatred and fear to any Tory leader?
  13. Would love to see Bernard Lord as leader. I don't like CHarest. He's a spineless leader and will not be able to defeat Trudeau. I don't think anyone will ever defeat Trudeau. I think he will get another majority after this one then a minority and he will step down during that last minority. So maybe have Charest for now to run against Trudeau until the last Trudeau win in 2024 then Dr. Kellie Leitch oe Bernard Lord will be ready to lead the CPC to victory in 2026 or so.
  14. Thank you for admitting that it is wrong for the Arabs to be stabbing Jews in the streets.
  15. If BiBi said it than it is true. He is a great man who actually cares about his citizens. We need to listen to him more closely. He is trying to educate us in the ways of the truth. It only makes sense to listen to him. He is a world leader whos country is constantly under attack by the Arabs surrounding Israel in the West Bank and Gaza. Instead of having a knee jerk reaction I think it would be better to listen and do some research and find facts instead of swallowing whatever the anti semitic people would say. Doesn't make sense to get anti Jewish laws info from the same people who hate the Jews.
  16. Same as it does now except with more Muslims in niqabs. Some Niqab clad women in public service and I predict the next election we will have a niqab clad woman as an MP and down the road a PM who wears a niqab. Anyone who is against this is Islamophobic. ANyone who is against Muslims honour killing will be deemed Islamophobic.
  17. A COO makes millions of dollars a year, in some cases ens of millions per year. An MP makes about $150k and it's often a thankless job. I have no problem with them having some perks.
  18. What do you have against old white men? That sounds racist to me.
  19. Results ate going to be all over social media anyways. No secrets. This isn't 1982.
  20. Hopefully Israel will attack Iran and destroy it's nuclear hopes. Launch a missile onto the Iranian enrichment site.
  21. Marcus that will never work large scale and remain a tiny movement. Too many Jews are in positions of influence in western nations. They will never go along with an isolation of Israel.
  22. Right on the money jbg. The Arabs in palestine territories need to be moved to neighboring Arab countries.
  23. Canada_First


    It's caled loyalty. I wouldn't start fighting a war with Canada then switch sides if we started losing. To me that show's lack if conviction and integrity. Just Imo which really means the same as anyone else's opinion....have a good election day. Making a pot of chili so I can watch the results come in!
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