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  1. Jews have every right to have a homeland and to defend it. Violentry if need be. If you're not Jewish then it's really none of your business. Israel is the Jewish homeland and nothing can be done to change that. Jews will fight to the death of every last one before leaving. If you've never lived in Israel then you have no real idea what it is your talking about. Israel is the only democracy in the ME. They respect LGBT rights. No other nation in the ME does that. So if you hate Usrael completely that makes one an antisemite.
  2. Canada has tons of racists once you leave the politically correct utopias of Montreal Vancouver and Toronto. The cities are turning into mostly non white while the whites leave to the suburbs and beyond. The suburbs are getting bigger because non whites have now started taking over the traditional suburbs so whites that work in Toronto and the gta are starting to flee to places like Alliston Barrie etc. Of course it's due to race. To think otherwise seems naive to me.
  3. Now only if Jews participated in terrorism en masse you'd have something. Treason. Terrorism. Type convictions are required. Jews assimilate into their host countries. Other groups do not or not as much and remain separate while Jews choose to join society largely.
  4. Doesn't change the facts of what I've posted. Liberal supporters here must be embarrassed by it which is why people are trying to let the topic die.
  5. So should this Cleric be listened to? What should be done?
  6. Canada_First


    Mulcair may be PM with cpc in opposition with the Liberals remaining in third place. Let's go with the third choice. The real choice. The orange choice. The NDP.
  7. Canada_First


    Lol.I'm hoping that progressives will see that only the NDP is the correct choice if the left. The Liberals are already in hot water for the new lobbyist scandal. Same old Liberals. Not new. Not ready. Vote for Mulcair. He's a real leader.
  8. hmmm...ok. Thats strange and suck at the same time. What iPhone browser are you using?
  9. Dr. Kellie Leitch would make a good leader and perhaps PM some day.
  10. It's important to take polls with a grain of salt. They've been really wrong lately. It can still go either way. The NDP is going to see a bump on election day I think as will the Torys. I still think the BQ will see a resurgence in PQ. I think they'll take at least 15 seats maybe 20. Same with the Torys in PQ. It's important to not think of the election in national numbers to me. I look at the regional break downs because a national election in Canada is more like a bunch of regional elections.
  11. When I view the site on my Android I can only see the first initial status update until I use a button at the bottom of the screen called "Full Version". Does your iPhone show the same button?
  12. Canada_First


    Conservatives will pick up at least 20 seats in Quebec. Bq will be getting 25.
  13. I'm a loyalist. I will always fight for my team. I'm not a traitor like Coyne.
  14. He's useless. We don't need him. He can go play with Trudeau and brush his hair. Coyne is not the picture of a conservative. He's the picture of a Liberal.
  15. Canada_First


    It turned out this woman's husband who looks like her grandfather actually was ranting and raving and screaming at citizenship staff insisting she be allowed to wear her niqab.Also same women belongs to a group that has terrorist ties. But none of that matters does it?
  16. If you could refute my facts you would've done so but instead you attack me....what's that called again....Hmmmm. .. #predictable
  17. Coyne is a Liberal through and through. He should go write for the Star. Or go to the CBC or something. He's a total red.
  18. I'm posting facts not spurious criticism. These things really happened and I've provided sources to say the same thing. You just don't like it cause you cannot explain why your guy would do such things.
  19. We have a new choice this election. Catch the orange wave. Vote NDP. Don't support Liberal corruption.
  20. So in order for anyone to be critical of a government they must be perfect? Is that the new criteria? Show me where it says that. Or us it that Liberal corruption us excusable and Tory corruption is not? More reason to vote NDP. Give the third party a chance. We Have a new choice. A progressive choice. The Orange choice. Vote NDP.
  21. Canada_First


    Afaik no one forces those women to work there plus they make hundreds of dollars a day. They empower women not take away power.
  22. The Liberals have just shown us yet again that they haven't changed at all. Same old same old.
  23. Thats what happened in this case. Influence peddling g is the same as giving envelopes stuffed with cash.
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