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  1. Is it your position that wanting to change ones sexual gender identity is a normal behaviour?
  2. So, on this forum it's expected that no poster use the term "many" or any word other than an exact number that is accounted for by a reputable cite. Do that or it's not real. Is that what you are meaning to say? Everything in the world has a cite or it's not real? How can one be expected to find a cite for every single thing they ever say on a forum? Wouldn't that practice make the forum move really slowly? I'm just curious here as I'm new. Thanks in advance. Ciao.
  3. It seems to me that anyone who is of a conservative nature isn't necessarily a bigot which is often portrayed today in the media. A lot of people whom I speak with regularly whom may sometimes describe themselves as conservative believe that government should control spending, be fiscally responsible and not go into debt at an alarming rate. I don't see anything wrong with being fiscally responsible. After all we all must be fiscally responsible in our own lives, Iis it really so out of line to expect the government to do the same? Are their bigots who are conservatives? You bet their is but the same could be said of any political leaning. Bigots and racists are everywhere, in all walks of life, in all age groups in every demographic. I think it's unfair to point the finger at one small slice of the political spectrum and yell RACIST! BIGOT HOMOPHOBE, ISLAMOPHOBE! How is that helpful in furthering us as a society of well intentioned, good people? One is free to disagree with immigration, homosexuality and Islam without being a racist, homophobe or Islamophobe. We don't all have to agree and these names that slung around mostly by the left aren't helpful. It's akin to plugging ones ears and yelling LALALALALALA....not helpful to any constructive discourse at all.
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