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  1. The bat flip was fine. It was epic. He just hit a home run. He stood there in beast mode. CCCCCCCCCCCCCCOMBO BBBBBBRRRREEEEEAAAAAKKKKER!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't see how Chretien or PET was any different.
  3. The Conservatives have been quite good. Hardly any scandals at all compared to the former Liberals or PC governments. If anything people should vote for the NDP and not Liberal. You know what you get with Conservatives. Low taxes. Great fiscal management. Job growth and defending Real CanadIan Values and not imported foreign values. With the Liberals you get high spending. High taxes. Questionable foreign policy and the replacement of Canadian values with imported Foregin values and practices. I'd give the NDP a chance before the Liberals. So if you're progressive and looking to park your vote. Vote for Mulcair and his team of NDP.
  4. How can Harper be a dictator yet be voted out at the same time? Dictators are rulers for life. Like Castro etc. Isn't this an exaggeration?
  5. This thread is about the Gaza Cleric who us calling for the stabbing of Jews in Israel. If you'd like to discuss something else please make your own thread. I'm open to discuss this Clerics actions. Marcus do you find this acceptable? Should this Cleric be celebrated and obeyed.
  6. Trudeau has have some dubious connections with Islam that should be worrying to Canadians. I urge them to look into the links I've provided to be fully aware of what you're voting for when you vote for Trudeau. He's been very soft on Radical Islam. Will he continue to advocate for Islamic culture to be intertwined with CanadIan culture? This is called creeping Shariah and it's scary. Once we go down this road you cannot go back. Canada has a long history and rich culture and traditions. Is it in Canada's best intrest to embrace Islamic culture and tradition replacing our own? I don't think so but that's only my opinion. Do you want large swaths of hooded Muslims taking over our cities and towns? Is that Canadian culture? Do we need Mosques all over the place? Do we need potential terrorist funding and recruitment centre's in our country? With increased Islamic immigration all these will increase. 100% chance. If you're comfortable with all this mysoginistic, homo phobic and at times violent movement in Canada then vote fir a progressive party. To protect Canada vote Conservative. Islam is a religion just as much as it is a political ideology. Think and get informed before voting.
  7. We must recognize that this New Liberal party under Trudeau is the same as the old party with Chretien and Martin. The Gagneir affair is just another reminder that we cannot go back to another Liberal government. We had the Chretien and Martin Liberals Adscam and now we have Trudeau and his Lobbyist scandal and he isn't even PM yet. It's scary to think of another Adscam type scandal or worse coming back to Canada and what's worse is that we won't know how much a scandal will cost us until they've already broken the rules. We simply cannot afford another decade or two of Liberal rule.
  8. So Harper is a dictator that can be voted out? Sounds like domocraCy to me.
  9. Anyone who has to come here to ask about stock prices aren't serious speculators I would offer. Serious people know what's going on since it costs money to be ignorant.
  10. So, the system is "stupid and broken" because an NDP or Green government is never elected? The system works fine. You get the most votes you go to Ottawa. They are directly accountable to the voters. We have the ability to get rid of them. No such system of checks and balances exist in a PR system. The same crook can get elected over and over again since it's based on party seniority lists and percentage of votes.
  11. I don't have a problem with the finance Minister of my country not flying coach. He can fly business class or First Class in order to get some work done on the plane. Also have no problem with him staying at a reasonable Hotel. You guys want him flying coach and staying at the Motel 6? Lol.
  12. Uhhh...I'm far from being a defender of any Clinton, who's husband only gained power due to Ross Perot siphoning off conservative votes, but Alex Jones is not exactly a reputable source. As far as I can tell, he's pretty kooky.
  13. Why is it hard to believe that some who come here have been sucessful in professional life? Do you think that only mal adjusted loners would frequent such a forum? Charles Anthony is using his real name. He is a dentist in Ottawa and therefore obviously wealthy. You think he's the only one here who has found personal and professional success?
  14. Arabs are running down innocent Jews in Israel. Arabs are also stabbing Israeli Jews at the behest of Arab Sheikh's.
  15. Canada_First


    I sign ASL and yes ASL people move their lips and use facial expressions when signing. In fact it's much harder to get your point across without using facial expression and mouthing words. I'm not trying to attack you personally at all please don't take it that way. Just a fact.
  16. Yes the rot of the NDP has stopped and is beginning to reverse. Mulcair is having a great week so far. Go NDP Go!
  17. Canada_First


    This niqab wearer didn't sign and isn't deaf. So what you've said is irrelevant as it pertains to this topic.
  18. Stabbings of Jews are on the rise in Israel after a Muslim Arab Cleric told his followers to go out and stab a Jew! http://www.timesofisrael.com/gaza-cleric-calls-on-palestinians-to-stab-jews/ Here is a translated video of his sermon. He says that "the Jews don't build walls to stop missiles, but to stop us from stabbing them" The Sheikh "there is a curfew for Jews in Israel now. Stay inside or go outside to your deaths" he blames the Jews for destroying of Muslim homes in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc. he is calling for stabbing squads of 4 or 5 Arabs to go out and hold down Jews and cut them into body parts. And people are listening. The Arabs do not want peace. They want to rid Israel of Jews . Arabs openly attacking Jews in the streets of Israel. A radical Muslim Sheikh openly calling for the murder of Jews. It's 1939 all over again.
  19. Justin Trudeau is in his early 40's. Do you want to be stuck with him for 20-30 years as PM? As yourself that question before you vote.

  20. Canada_First


    I'm going to play devils advocate here and give approximates... CPC 150 Libs 120 NDP 40 Bloc 25 SID 2 Grn 1 Fill in the rest where ever.
  21. Oh, I hear you at least Harper had 5 promises and fulfilled them all. That was clarity. Trudeau is making everything his priority. So I don't know what will change and what will stay the same. I'm not against everything he's said. he has some good ideas that I like. The post secondary grants, the F35 and I'm sure others but those two off the top of my head I like. What worries me is that he plans to let in 150,000 Syrian refugees this year and next. he also plans to double the amount of family immigrants too as well as raise the age of dependents to 22 from 18. This will add a lot of unemployed and elderly people to our already stressed healthcare and social systems. What taxes and/or fees will be raised? What benefits will be cut? How will he raise revenue? All valid questions that we deserve answers to before the vote.
  22. Canada_First


    I guess, but then don't come here and tell us all that such a woman is progressive. That religion and that cultural practice is one of the most oppressive in our modern society. I don't see how it fits into a progressive, modern, secular society. If such a woman is so conservative in her views that she feels she must wear a veil in order to protect her then she also believes some pretty messed up things from that religion. You cannot have one without the other in this case.
  23. Canada_First


    Notwithstanding clause.
  24. I've actually read the Liberal platform and it is full of everything for everybody. Goodies for everyone. it's insane. If history has taught us anything it's that the Liberals federally don't live up to all of their promises. To me it seems naive to think that they will this time around. It looks as though Trudeau is going to get a majority and with such I guess we can hold his feet to the fire if he doesn't do everything he's said he's going to do. Today he's said that he will lift 315,000 children out of poverty. I am going to monitor this and see if actually does. He hasn't said how he will accomplish this. Also which benefits will be cut? he won't say. he isn't directly answering any questions posed to him by the media. he dances around every question and says nothing. Typical. I want some real answers.
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