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  1. Drea, 100% agreed. Spanking is a useful tool. It can't be done out of anger. The rules must be clear before hand to the child as far as when a spank will happen. It represents a line that has to be crossed behavior wise. I have yet to meet a 2 year old kid who can be reasoned with. How many kids do you know that have ever touched a hot stove......twice.
  2. Thanks for the insight Polly, Now I know that 911 was an inside job. Hmmm, I wonder who did that? 3 trillion is out there somewhere unaccounted for....yep. I'm going on a treasure hunt next summer vacation. War is a mere money making scheme for governments and the 10 corporations that control the media. I just learn so much reading these threads. Thanks!!
  3. " a racist prick huh?" GO LAY DOWN!!! You're a bad dog.
  4. Umm, I'm Canadian. Have been my whole life +9 months. The real question is whether Albertans think anybody east of Winnipeg is Canadian.
  5. BD, let me enlighten you for just a sec.... To me it's impossible to walk on both sides of a fence while there's a war going on with my country, I feel strongly that this war on terrorism was not started by us, nor is it our fault. Therefore, it's the fault of people in Africa and other places, which I generalized, ok, I said n*ggers, big deal. There's many different races of n*ggers. As a matter of fact, there's lots of white n*ggers living here in Canada. Anyway, I digress..... So, when I strongly support our cause, it is very hard not to be judgemental on the people who are shooting at ou
  6. Come on. There's no way this: QUOTE Put the blame firmly where it belongs.....on the uncivilized bunch of African Africans(n*ggers). If they'd behave and act like people, none of this crap would happen. Same with Iraq, same with Afghanistan. ...is anything but a statement saying "what's wrong with them lazy darkies?" Actually, I was trying to be slightly funny. What is an African African? One that hasn't emigrated to the USA yet so they can be an African American. To call the USA or basically us as well, terrorists, is just plain propaganda meant to incite reactions like mine. I will no
  7. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...eoid=1673372459 I find this appalling to think that natural wildlife is treated this way.
  8. Reported for what? Maybe my language was rough, but that's how I feel. I guess you don't think we're all alowed our opinions??? If I have violated the rules, I apologise in advance. I didn't mean to.
  9. Yaddayadda..... Put the blame firmly where it belongs.....on the uncivilized bunch of African Africans(n*ggers). If they'd behave and act like people, none of this crap would happen. Same with Iraq, same with Afghanistan. How many years have orgs like Oxfam and others been handing out aid to starving Africans? I'd say 50 years or more. Why can't they start to pick up and fend for themselves? I wonder?? Perhaps they can't because they they're used to handouts? Welfare begets welfare imo. Off my soapbox. This crap about American terrorism struck a bad nerve with me.....
  10. Charles, There is land in Saskatchewan that is merely not being farmed. Abandoned because it costs more to put in a crop than it's worth to sell. After all is said and done, the farmer can not make it rain. Also, farmers are the eternal optimists. They love their lifestyle and are into their farms for so much that it would be financial suicide to get out. Working off the farm is a viable solution to remain afloat.
  11. Yeah, I think so too. Iraq, for instance has rampant muticulturalism and what good is it doing them right now?
  12. Some of you are perfectly right, this thread is dumb. It's obvious to me that when our side can't tell the difference between perfectly fine civilians and combatants, then we MUST screen all who look like that to be sure. I have no problem with that. Any darkish person with a middle eastern accent should be screened before I'd feel comfortable to get on an airplane with them. Do you honestly think they'd give this any debate if the shoe was on the other foot? Not. Not only that, Canada should decline entrance to anybody from the middle east until all this terrist crap blows over. Keep it o
  13. I guess when you are a conservative traditionalist right wing country dude like me, it's hard to be sarcastic, because everyone takes you seriously. I'll try to push my sarcasm further to the right so everyone can recognise it. However, how can this be a jihad on their part and non religious on the other side? Don't the gloves ever come off?
  14. I think the west should now call the war on terror a war of religion. That way we don't have to piss around trying to pick the good muslims from the bad ones. Shoot everthing with a rag on his head. Lets get it over with. Somebody had to say it.
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