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  1. Why do so many people dislike Israel? I just don't get it. They have never ever started a war, yet have never lost one either. It's not their fault that all of their surrounding neighbours (and a lot of the rest of the world) see them as inferior just because of their religion. I wouldn't say Israel is aggressive or intentionally does anything to harm or offend others (except in the obvious case of war). So please enlighten me on this hatred of Israel.
  2. Hi Weegie. You posted something that was completely taken from Yahoo.


    Please note that that's against forum rules.

  3. It's easy to understand why the Middle-East hates America, you all seem to look down your noses at them as if they're inferior to you. Infact you seem to look down upon all non-americans, I mean c'mon, I'm a patriot and everything and believe my country is the best thing to grace this planet since sliced bread but I don't pretend were better than anyone else or look at others as if they're less of a man than I am. Get real.
  4. Don't know where you live but it would have made UK news regardless of the reasoning behind the riot, and we couldn't care less about what happens to US troops.
  5. Why can't everyone just be an athiest, would make loads of things so much easier... sigh.
  6. I live in the UK and if you even look at a foreigner the wrong way, you're a racist. A black man racially attacked one of my friends (physically) purely because he was white, my friends only retaliation was a racial slur. He was convicted of racism whilst the attacker walked free. Is this fair? Freedom of speech? I don't know what this means anymore.
  7. Very good point, something like this could be the cause of more of them taking up arms and thus put our troops at even greater risk. Think about the consequences before you commit action.
  8. Conservatives are idiots, they make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.
  9. I thought the US was supposed to be civilised, they're just as bad as the fucking nutjobs from the middle-east. Apparently more than 50% of Americans think it's a good idea to invade Israel... I'm sorry, what? Israel are pro-western and dislike terrorist scum just as much as we do.
  10. Muslims Are Taking Over The World At An Alarming Rate Watch it all... if it's true then this is down right scary and I'd hate to think what the future holds for us. May have been posted before, sorry if it has been.
  11. Anyone hear this? A pastor from Florida reportedly burned the Koran (Islamic holy book) last month and it's just appeared on the news just now that Afghan protestors have raided a UN building and killed at least 14 people. Honestly, American Christians can be just as crazy as Muslims when it comes to religion. Why the fuck would you burn someones holy book? If you can't see it would have horrific repercussions then you're an idiot.
  12. http://www.glasgowgangland.com/apps/blog/ Great site, this link takes you to the 'newsflash' section. It lists most of the crimes that make it into the local newspapers. Read through this and tell me that gun crime isn't a problem in Glasgow. Last weekend, four people shot in just one area. I should also point out how small Glasgow actually is (pop. 600,000), the different areas (schemes, districts, projects, whatever you call them) consisting of sometimes only a few streets. London's population - 5million +, Gangs - 170 +. Glasgow's population - 600,000 +, Gangs - 170+. Scotland's popul
  13. No where in the entire world has complete freedom of speech.
  14. Big topic but it's worth the read if your interested in this sort of thing. Ever since Glasgow was named the most violent city in the developed world I have seen many topics attempting to highlight the points where it all went downhill for Glasgow, yet I have rarely seen anyone get it right. I was part of the west of Scotland gang culture for four years of my life, the only reason I left the gang was because it was disbanded, yet I didn't totally exclude myself from the violent culture. It was only after I was faced with a hefty jail sentence that my views began to change. Even after the case
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