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  1. 1. Until the fetus is viable outside of the womb it is dependent on the body of the mother and therefore subject to her right to control her own body. An abortion before viability is no more murder than denying someone who needs an organ transplant from you in order to live is murder. A difficult ethical situation on a personal level perhaps, but not one where the state has any right to meddle Also, if your objection is religious in nature, be aware the bible directly encourages abortion in certain circumstances 2, 3. Non- white, European, Christian, heterosexual, sis-gendered, ma
  2. 1) For several reasons: (1) I can read and comprehend the contents of the pact (2) most of the governments of the countries that have refused to sign are anti-immigrant, most (all? I've not kept up) of the rest have significant internal anti-immigrant pressure (3) "Sovereignty issues" apply to every international agreement ever signed. It is convenient, and in this case irrelevant. Responding to your comment. Migration is by definition international Bingo. In addition, if declared explicitly non-binding, they cannot be used or interpreted by internal or external courts in a wa
  3. "sovereignty issues" are a convenient political smokescreen, nothing more By definition migration involves at the very least two countries: the country being migrated to, and the country being migrated from. It means in accordance with international law. Is it your belief that there is no current international law on the subject? if so you would be wrong
  4. The term reported was "valid", not "binding". Regardless, should the EU decide to make binding regulations on its member states, that would be the decision and prerogative of the EU, and not anything inherent in the document; the EU makes binding rules on its member states all the time ... that is one of the points of the EU. Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration Preamble: ... 7. This Global Compact presents a non-legally binding, cooperative framework that builds on the commitments agreed upon by Member States in the New York Declaration for Refugees and M
  5. I typically do not watch videos. I will read links to text though. I got about 1 minute into the first video. He seemed reasonable until he started equating Trudeau's "post-national" beliefs with actual loss of sovereignty. Actual loss of sovereignty would require the signing of actual binding agreements and/or changes to our constitution. We have given up some sovereignty through agreements in the past (particularly trade agreements), but not this one. Regarding the Merkle one, I again only watched the first minute. The wording was "valid", not "binding". Meaning it will become an offi
  6. It follows from that famous quote of Christ "Fuck the poor, I need to take care of myself first"
  7. Look, the two arguments you keep repeating goes like this: (1) if we sign this document it is going to force us to do something we don't want (2) we don't need to sign this because we already do everything this document asks If you can't see the contradiction there, I don't know what else I can add. Pick one or the other. If (1) the response is no, it does not. If (2), the response is no, we should sign as a measure of solidarity and agreement with the rest of the world on the topic I have given you answers: this document creates no special rights, does not require us to change immig
  8. Usually I like knowing I've made an impression...
  9. You are the one that brought this up as "scary" wording in the document. Again you are arguing against yourself. Congrats. You again demonstrate the lack of fundamental understanding of the topic necessary to even participate in a debate. Fortunately this is off topic for this thread. You quote the lack of debate as proof of something nefarious. The simple fact that in Canada treaties in general, and especially those not directly impacting legislation, are not debated in parliament. These agreements are the purview of the executive branch and not the legislative. It is not n
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