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  1. 5 or 6 years ago? taxme was pushing it a week or two ago as part of the UN subversion of our system
  2. The reason we can't see eye to eye is that you see the wprking to eliminate xenophobia, intolerance, and racism as something scary you must fight, as opposed to simply a description of how decent human beings should act I have very little problem making a non-binding agreement to do something I either already do, or would do anyway. Funny that. Well, this proves your lack of any credibility as far as world history. About the only measure in which the world is more dangerous is due to technological advances we have made in killing each other ... which has nothing to do with the UN But I thought you said it was coming to take away our sovereignty? How is this toothless organization you describe going to do this. Or are you arguing the UN should be given teeth to make it more effective? Could you please not try to have your cake and eat it too Non sequitur. I have no idea what you are talking about The compact does not change any nations ability to set immigration rates. If you are talking about refugees and asylum seekers, non-refoulement is already a principle in law, and has been for 50+ years
  3. TTM

    The Trump Tax Plan for Individuals

    4. Do you honestly believe these non western people come here with the sole purpose of subverting our western values? Give your head a shake, man. 6b1. Not "nationalism", but "right-wing nationalism", which for the most part has little to do with "right wing" and more to do with "white". 6b2. This is the future, not now (although the impacts are perhaps starting). There are still economic arguments for immigration ... There will always be some reasons for migration. But yes, lower immigration targets if/when this occurs might make sense ... That is not a significant change from the rate for the last 2 decades ... Productivity (wealth generation) would not go down (other than potentially due to loss of consumers) with automation, but the ability of the average citizen would be cut off from this as they can no longer offer their labour for wages. The universal basic income would be a mechanism to distribute this wealth, it would not need to be debt financed. Prior to that it would replace the existing social safety net with one that is simpler to administer, more comprehensive, and more encouraging to retraining, work, and entrepreneurship. ... I don't fear brown people 6b4. "Tariff Man" is the one responsible for this. ... No, blame GM. But it is amusing you can't place any blame at all on Trump when GM itself does ... Your argument is schizophrenic... GM plant closes in Canada, 100% Trudeau's fault ... 2 GM plants close in the US as part of the same set of closures, just GM trying to maximize profits 6b5. Lol. Perversions 7a. When voted in, they were empowered to make decisions on our behalf within the limits of our constitution. What other "permission" do they need? If the majority of the country do not agree with their decisions, they will be voted out when the time comes. 8. I'm sure on the websites you peruse, they talk a lot about this "white genocide".
  4. 1. Yes, that would be the point of signing. 2. Yes, should "unexpected consequences" arise, or should we decide we no longer agree ... No. The hope would be that having the world sign it would result in some positive effect. 3. Agreed, this is an arguably marginally problematic statement in the pact, but only if you believe (1) that state funding of media is a good thing and (2) that the CBC is going to start inciting hate against immigrants. Canada could also decide this is problematic as a conflict with freedom of speech and simply not enforce this one statement while upholding the rest of the document ... and there would be zero consequences, except for maybe a few tsk, tsks. Though if the CBC did start encouraging hate crimes I woul expect to see their funding pulled regardless
  5. 1a. Mocking the inability of most anyone (you, other posters, those authorities you are getting your misinformation from) to simply point to a line in the document and say "that there is problematic. Without that, I dont see how we can have a real conversation about it. One side says "this pact is full of a bunch of bugaboos" the other side says "here is the text, where are your specific issues" and the first side goes "well, I cant say specifically, but the document is giving off bad vibrations, which is scary and I left my protective crystals at home" (sorry, more mocking) ... You are also assuming they have no ulterior motives, while also assuming those who wrote / agree with the pact do ... confirmation bias or just plain hypocrisy? ... I blow them off because they are divorced from what is actually written in the document, which I can read 2. You said "can high light some of the areas in your source documents that Canada or for that matter most western countries are not already providing" Canada and most Western countries are substantially doing what is in the document, which is why they have no problems signing. I gave you an example from one western country that does not. And "coincidentally", it is also one of the few that doesn't want to sign. ... I would be fine with somewhat reduced immigration as well. But I'm good with anywhere between 0.5 and 1% of total population. Which it is. ... Irrelevant as immigration targets are set nationally and not affected by this document 3. I wouldn't hazard a guess, but large enough Scheer would stoop to saying some things he almost certainly knows is not true to attract back the ones that are eyeing up the new People's Party 4. A handfull is not "so many" 5. Some of my best friends are right-wing! After a while you don't even notice the mouth breathing "Both" types of nationalists though want to limit immigration in order to to protect "white european Christian culture".... 6. I'm suggesting they don't hide under your bed to get you when you're sleeping 7. That would be fine. Although based on recent irrational comments by Scheer, likely to turn into a circus ... Do you know the details of all of the other dozens of non-binding agreements Canada has signed over the years? The document was created openly, the text is freely available, there are news articles detail it and Canada's leadership in helping craft it going back to at least July. It was not widely reported because it was considered (until the nationalist's hysteria--in the traditional sense of the word) not very interesting. Or do you think the government should be telling the media what to report? 8. Lol. So now the compact is toothless. I thought it was an instrument of world domination. Please try to keep consistent 9. National issues not having anything to do with the UN or this document ... Non-refoulement is part of other (binding) treaties that we have signed. It is irrelevant to whether we sign this (non-binding) one ... And yet they are secretly taking away our national sovereignty as part of the vast underground plot of establishing the "New World Order"
  6. 1. "I have nothing but vague irrational fears that I can in no way back up from the text of the document. Nor can any of my so-called "sources" " 2. Yes, we treat migrants fairly well. A certain country to the south that is not wanting to sign the document has had its leader call immigrants rapists, terrorists, an infestation, an invasion, etc; tried to ban immigrants based on their religion; forcably separated children from their parents as a matter of policy and for the purpose of deterrence (and in many cases lost track of who the belonged to). A famous conservative pundit from that country recently suggested the military should cross the to the other side of the border and then gun down unarmed migrants seeking refugee status. The rhetoric and actions of other countries with "right wing nationalist" governments or strong nationalist factions can also be used as an example. Coincidentally these are also the only ones that do not want to sign the pact. 3. Yes, he's pandering to the nationalists. 4. Not possible 5. "right-wing nationalist" is a almost always de facto a politically correct way of saying "white nationalist" 6. UN conspiracists are nearly as sad as flat earthers and moon landing deniers 7. So what's the problem then? 8. And also works to *minimize* "irregular migration" (read refugees) 9. ?? Boot them out of the country, just like before.
  7. TTM

    The Trump Tax Plan for Individuals

    1. I don't have time to wade through that cesspool. My simple test is if something is believed by the same sort of people who believe that 9/11 was a hoax, it can usually be dismissed. UN conspiracies fall in that same category Per RationalWiki, there's nothing there: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Agenda_21 2a. I meant the debt went down and back up. Debt: Deficit: We have the lowest government net debt to GDP ratio of any G7 country 2b. Maybe, but I appreciate most of those programs. Note the GST brings in 6-7 billion per point. Last year I think it was ~33 billion 2c. Purchasing power parity in Canada is at ~80 cents, so the exchange rate is close to where it theoretically should be. 3. Perhaps 4. Multiculturalism is not genocide. Worst case is that in theory "white european culture" may, at some time in the distant future, no longer be the dominant one in Canada. This is not genocide by any definition of the term ... any more than the slow erosion of French culture in Quebec and Maritime Canada is genocide. Note that should "white european culture" become a minority, multiculturalism would make it a priority to protect it. 6a1. I dont think all is hunky dory. I disagree with the vast majority of what our government does and how it does it. But in the details, and not the overall foundation. The modern secular democratic welfare state is empirically the best form of government from all that have been tried. 6a2. A century ... how old are you! 6a3. They have permission. This is how representative democracy works 6a4. Being part of a "global nation" makes Canada no less free than being a part of the Canadian nation makes you less free. Anarchy at any level is not good, and is not "freedom" regardless. Not having (well, having but much weaker and more informal) an overarching framework for national conduct prior to WWII lead to things like ... well, World Wars. 6b1. No. I am to an extent nationalist. Someone could, in theory, be right wing and nationalist without the attendant prejudice, but "Right Wing Nationalists" have a long, consistent, and disturbing history, of using nationalism to mean superiority of race, culture, and/or religion, and to use this "superiority" to justify prejudice, discrimination, hate, and violence. So sceptisism is warranted. 6b2. Debt: In general I would do a combination of temporary tax increases combined with program cuts. As the debt reduced and so the interest spent maintaining I would use that money to first reduce the temporary tax increases then use it for tax decreases, program spending, or accelerated debt repayment as appropriate. Jobs: I am of the opinion that the "hollowing out "of manufacturing is inevitable, and due to the gains in artificial intelligence and automation we are a few decades away from "the end of work", meaning that increasingly jobs, both unskilled but also many white collar jobs as well will be eliminated as huge sections of the workforce are automated away. While this will result in a small amount of new maintenance and computer related jobs, it will not offset those lost, and there will simply not be enough jobs for everyone. Productivity will not decline, but without jobs there will be no way to convert that productivity into income for an increasingly large portion of the population. I would therefor work to implement a universal basic income. In the short term, a universal basic income encourages entrepreneurship and retraining as it provides a measure of security to allow experimentation, and does not "punish work" as most welfare/EI programs do 6b3. That's an exaggeration and you know it. 6b4. Trumps tariffs were one of the major factors GM cited in the plant closures 6b5. I disagree with ~75% of Trudeau's actions. But I lived through Harper where I disagreed with 90+%. And the country survived. It is quite resiliant. 7a. Again, representative democracy = permission 7b. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/white-farmers-south-africa/
  8. 1. No I'm saying here are the actual words. Show me in the text the basis for these fears 2. ENF are anti-immigrant right wing nationalists. Why would they support any migration pact? Also, see #4 below. 3. The pact addresses a whole host of issues relating to migrants and migration. 4. This does not exist in the document. No special human right is added. At best it says "apply basic human rights to immigrants." Problematic to those who would prefer to demonize them (and worse).
  9. TTM

    The Trump Tax Plan for Individuals

    1. Is it possible I cant see it because it's not there. I mean you have not given me anything to work on other than "it is a conspiracy because it is" 2. It went down and then it went back up. Priorities changed. I agree they shouldn't have. 3. The GST was brought in by Mulroney to raise general revenues to help regain control of runaway deficits. That is what happened. That was also ~30 years ago -- lots of things change in 30 years 4. You would be surprised how many do believe in most or all of these things. For the minority that dont, an even smaller percent of their children follow them ... one of the benefits of an universal public secular education system. For the rest, it is what it is ... many "natural citizens" do not believe in some or all of these things either. Freedom of belief and speech and all 6a. Agreed, but also note that based on your posts, my idea of better is very different then yours 6b. I would support pretty much the opposite of everything you said here. "Right Wing Nationalism" is typically not much more than fueled thinly veiled prejudice and xenophobia, and right wing governments have historically been no more or less competent then left. They typically believe in freedom of speech only insofar as that speech is in agreement with them ... see Trump as an example: "The media is the enemy of the people". I prefer effective government to less. I'm for carbon taxes and the climate accord. Trumps tax cuts were terrible unless you are rich or a corporation, and is massively adding to the US deficits and debt. GM closed 2 plants in the states at the same time as the Oshawa one ... Trudeau's fault? 7. I have no particular affection for Trudeau and his government. But I have no issue with a certain amount of foreign aid. It is a false dichotomy ... he can do both.
  10. TTM

    The Trump Tax Plan for Individuals

    1. It sure is. Unfortunately people seem to prefer conspiracy sites to the actual documents posted freely on their website 2. Yes 3. False dichotomy. We had a GST reduction, which reduced its effectiveness, then a recession, then a change in priorities. 4. We live in an relatively safe, open, free, tolerant, country with "peace, order, and good government" opportunity for the "pursuit of happiness", and a safety net if we fail or become sick. The vast majority of the world's population does not. https://assets.weforum.org/editor/Jjm4BbK8hjTBFPDOInCJWeIZv-6a_9M_7kihVwGY9Gc.png 5. Per #4, your chances here are as good anywhere, and much better than most of the rest of the world 6a. Per #4, things could be much worse. We could definitely be doing better (or at least different) with poverty, taxes, and regulation, but you would need to be specific. I'm sure my idea of better is not the same as yours. 6b. There are many changes that could be made to improve our democracy. But if you dont believe in it, feel free to suggest a better form of government.
  11. 1. You notice how I said "might not". My argument did not depend one way or another on your beliefs on the topic. Apparently your grasp of what a "straw man argument" is is about the same as your grasp of what fascism is. 2. lol. Yes, I'm the only Holy Grail fan on the planet. What were you saying about straw man? My assumption was scribblet, who I was responding to, had probably not. And he basically admitted he had not in his last post, so...
  12. Allegory, of course, about the European colonization of the New World... A rather false analogy for the current situation since the whole power dynamic and motivations of the parties don't line up. You might not like immigration, but the government encourages it as a matter of policy to "fill up that living space". If we decided not, beyond the possible exception of non-refoulement, nothing but internal and international opinion would prevent us. We have full sovereignty over our borders, and nothing in this pact reduces it.
  13. Not a Monty Python fan then... The appropriate passage from the scene, in response to your comment of "if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck..." was (parphrasing) "if she weighs as much as a duck then she must be a witch!" But no longer funny if you have to explain it