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  1. Oh noes Harper is evil Harper is evil! /sarcasm
  2. I believe this fella is a spam bot, I've seen posts like this on other websites. Its talking about Georgia that's the give away.
  3. Now I'll start off with my philosophical deference in this subject, this is not a question of qualification... This question comes up quite often especially in debates about american presidents... Bt i don't believe for myself that anyone is "qualified" to lead the fate of millions and arguably billions with their decisions... So... I would say of the 3 (technically 4) candidates for the prime minister, harper is by far the best fit to lead the nation. He's been prime minister for 5 years, he's kept Canada in a strong position even after a global economic downturn that hit everyone pretty hard and for all his failings he's a politician who isn't perfect. If not him, interestingly I'd pick Layton over Iggy (who biasedly I'd admit i dislike very much) and i certainly wouldn't pick a traitor of a nation a prime minister (Duceppe). All in all. Harper will remain unless there's some major scandal or revelation and in view he hopefully remains minority, while i think Harper should remain prime minister, i don't want to see a conservative majority either. Your thoughts?
  4. Yeah i have to say i did like that. Layton to me is kind of like an old bulldog. I do not like Iggy so i appreciated the punch
  5. The biggest problem with Iggy is that he's only making the case about how bad a prime minister harper is, and not why he'd be a good prime minister.
  6. All in all. No one was incredibly impressive. They ALL on the whole debated like amateurs. But i think Harper came out on top.
  7. Well it wouldn't be if any of these guys were actually effective debaters. Give me an American presidential debate any day over this pigs slop.
  8. I like Laytons point about proportional representation. I share that view.
  9. Oh and everything that's come from Iggy's mouth is just the gospel truth. I'm not disagreeing with you I'm only gonna point out that saying a politician is telling half truths and lies is as redundant as saying that the sky is blue.
  10. None of them are exactly "blowing me away" Layton looks likes a deer in the headlights. I'm pretty sure ignotgonnawinfuckall has repeated himself about 10, 000 times so far. Harper... Meh he could definitely address some of the charges thrown his way a little better, Duceppe is still being well.. Duceppe... Useless and unimportant.
  11. Lack of Prosperity? Are you insane? Sure the more rural areas of Nova Scotia aren't exactly booming. But I'd say Halifax is doing VERY VERY well in these times.
  12. So you're saying a political coalition is not impossible then?
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