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  1. You are confusing personal income with federal transfers to Bands for public services. That's like confusing your own income with your City's budget: Just stupid. Personal earnings of Indigenous people are income tax free if working and living on reserves only. They are not subjects of the Crown, not subject to 'the King's tax' but allies of the Crown who allowed the land to be settled, for considerations of (not yet) equal public services for their communities, etc. Businesses on reserves often pay Federal taxes. On one reserve I know of, the amount of federal tax paid by businesses is at least twice the federal transfer funding for that Band/reserve. The federal government is making money, "double dipping", even. Courts are very aware of the evidence. Indigenous Peoples have won a string of two hundred or more court cases against governments in the last few decades, where governments made historical Treaties and agreements, used the land, but never paid for it or for its use, etc. Can include payment for, or substitution of land, loss of use and revenues, etc. I'm quite surprised that you 'claim' not to know that. And there are many more claims to be settled, through negotiations or through the courts. Let's see ... my city government budget, or yours, consists of about 25% federal transfers, 25% provincial transfers, as well as 50% 'own source' revenues. Accountability is via public Budget reports of revenues and expenses and audited Financial Statements, and elections. 'Own source' revenues are accounted for, but business agreements/contracts may remain private. First Nations Band Council governments consist of federal transfers (as Trustee of Indigenous Trust funds) for public services, some provincial transfers may add some to that for specific programs or services, and 'own source' revenues. Accountability is via public Budget reports of revenues and expenses and audited Financial Statements, and elections. 'Own source' revenues are accounted for, but business agreements/contracts may remain private. See any City or First Nation website for Budget reports and audited Financial Statements. Pretty similar ... so what is it exactly that you 'claim' not to understand?
  2. I think this makes a whole lot of sense: "Instead of thinking of refugees as people who just want resettlement and people who are passive recipients of aid, how about re-imagining refugees as people who have assets to contribute, who have talents and skills that we need in Canada?" If refugees sitting in camps somewhere have skills that qualify them as immigrants to Canada, why not admit them that way? I note that the Canada resettled "the most" refugees simply because the US does not resettle as many refugees now under Trump as previously. And keep in mind ... other countries are hosting millions of refugees in camps. Tempest in a Tory teapot ... again.
  3. No it's because he's a fool who only listens to rich business people and does what they want. Then he's shocked and hurt when 'Ford nation' doesn't like his wild and crazy budget cuts that affect everybody. So far, his only justification for any and all budget cuts is "That's what I was told." Lol He just takes orders from rich businessmen telling him how they can get richer. He's just not too bright. He didn't even make the connection between cutting funds for Autistic kids and getting booed by Special Olympians.
  4. I guess it's always tempting to try to micromanage other people's business, but First Nations Band Councils are accountable to their Band members for uses of own-source revenues. That's how self-government works. Our obligation is to fulfill our Treaty and other legal obligations. So you might instead try holding our federal government accountable for the previous revenues of Indigenous Nations that disappeared into Canada's General Revenues and were used for the benefit of all Canadians instead.
  5. It's those abusing the system who are causing problems. Shut down the abusers, not the system. * Municipalities need to stop developers and real estate agents from building/buying properties exclusively for Airbnb purposes: Require that short term rental properties be occupied by owners at least part of the time. * Landlords need to enforce lease terms that limit 'subletting'.
  6. I assume by "free goodies" you mean programs for Autistic students? Or did you mean flood and fire prevention and damage amelioration? Is having a lawyer appointed when you have to go to court a "free goodie", or a Constitutional right? Define "free goodies"... because to most of us it seems that only Ford's rich business cronies are the ones getting "free goodies". The rest of conservative Ontarians have abandoned him because he has abandoned his voters. And his Conservative MPP's are on the verge of revolt. That's likely why he shut down the Legislature.
  7. Ford's is only doing what his rich cronies tell him to do. But he's polling at only 18% support for his leadership, because ordinary conservatives in Ontario have abandoned him.
  8. Who is "we"? How will the 'American' invasion begin?
  9. Polling Doug Ford: Only 18 per cent approve of his performance with 71 per cent disapproving and 11 per cent unsure. ... The senior Conservative strategists agree the boo-birds could be like canaries in a coal mine, a warning sign of things to come. They point to former NDP premier Bob Rae being jeered at the SkyDome after the Toronto Blue Jays won the 1992 World Series. "We saw that with Bob Rae. People just stopped listening to him and he couldn't catch a break for years," the PC insider said. Mindful the booing bothers Ford — a populist who styled his administration as "the government for the people" — opponents have started an online campaign to text "booooo" to the cellphone number he gives out publicly. "Over a million people booed #OntarioPremier #DougFord at Nathan Phillips Square today, but why stop there?!" the Twitter blitz says. https://www.thespec.com/news-story/9442856-is-ford-being-booed-a-sign-of-things-to-come-for-the-premier-/?utm_source=facebook&source=the hamilton spectator&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=630pm&utm_campaign_id=ontarionews&utm_content=is-ford-being-booed-a-sign-of-things-to-come-for-the-premier
  10. I hope you aspire to greatness.
  11. And who cares! We love them all. And we send a lot of hockey players south of the border.
  12. Have you finished writing your manifesto yet, Dougie? When's the big kaboom? Heading south of the border then are you?
  13. Booing Doug Ford is a thing. To date ... Special Olympics athletes Collision Tech conference Raptors NBA public celebration https://globalnews.ca/news/5400233/premier-doug-ford-booed-raptors-championship-parade/ What does Doug say? In an interview with Global News following the Special Olympics event and Collision conference incidents Premier Ford said “these are the same people that have their hands in the public trough that have been getting money from the public, hard-working people, in the back of factories, in the offices, small business owners.” Oh, that'll make him waaaay more popular! Lol Ford's widespread budget cuts are affecting everyone, including Conservatives. He's circling the toilet in the polls at present, has shut down the Legislature until after the Federal election - ostensibly so he and MPP's can campaign for Federal candidates, but in reality to SHUT HIM UP because he's damaging Andrew Scheer in the federal polls too. What's Ford going to do with his 5 months PAID holiday, when no federal politicians want him around, and he can't go to public events without getting booed? Filling pot holes perhaps? Call/text him and ask him what he's doing. 416-805-2156 And now this ... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/doug-ford-cabinet-shuffle-live-polling-1.5182720 Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli is no longer finance minister. He was demoted to minister of economic development, job creation and trade. Fedeli's departure from the top cabinet position comes after he oversaw the release of just one provincial budget. So Ford is punishing Vic Fedeli for the budget ... and the booing?
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