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  1. Ya, you and Yzer both did, which is why I was poking fun at it. Here's you: There will be scapegoats. I would expect those to be the usual suspects, immigrants, gays, transgenders, feminists, academics, peaceniks, etcetera, all the sacred cows of the left. The hunters will become the hunted.
  2. Patrik Mathews, white supremacist disgraced ex-soldier on the run, in the news again. It was never clear why he ran, as he has no charges, (except perhaps illegally entering the US) but there is an open investigation on him: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/8xwwaa/neo-nazi-terror-group-harbouring-missing-ex-soldier-patrik-mathews-sources "The Base is a global, accelerationist organization intending to hasten the collapse of society through a future armed insurgency, and establish a caucasian ethno-state from the chaos of a “race war.” The Base is unique in the extreme-right ecosystem as it aims to create a coalition of online neo-Nazis, pooling members from street skinheads to other U.S. based terror groups like Atomwaffen Division, which has already been linked to a string of murders." Gee, sounds just like Dougie93's plan.
  3. I wasn't referring to Quebec, but to your post inciting and promoting race wars in Canada. Remember that one? Lol
  4. Your health costs are subsidized from general government revenues. I have no idea what you claim "American (sic) daddy" is funding. But as an 'American' (sic) conspiring to overthrow Canada while taking advantage of Canadian health care, I'd say you're on pretty thin ice.
  5. But it's the health care that keeps you here. You're a closet socialist. Lol You talk big and nasty and run home to momma Canada when you have an 'ouchie'. Lol
  6. I understood that the CAF investigation already identified 53 or so last year. That was before the RCMP & CSIS had a legal mandate to investigate, and I doubt they'll be talking about the results of their investigations until they're laying charges.
  7. Why would US'n white supremacist agitators conspire on a forum called 'mapleleafweb'?
  8. Your propaganda skills include making up lies. Noted. Except you have that habit of fomenting terrorism and the breakdown/overthrow of governance in Canada.
  9. Oh, you're US'n. Strange that there's such a group of US'n white supremacist agitators on here ... talking to each other. Lol
  10. But ... you're not really qualified to answer, being a Canadian only for health care purposes and otherwise having no allegiance.
  11. It's white supremacists who are promoting a "race war". Review your own posts. What is this ... playground taunts? Lol Maturity seems to bypass some people.
  12. I make no personal attacks: Just observations on your own posts. It is not "reasonable" to expect answers to personal questions on an anonymous forum. Charles appears whenever threads go off topic. I never flagged him.
  13. Nefarious and dougie, you might want to heed Charles' posts. Dougie, your personal question was out of line, so I treated it as ridiculous, as it was. It was good for a few laughs. Lol Banana, your generalized personal attack is out of line. I think both of you have some good insights to share about white supremacist terrorists in Canada, so get back on the thread topic, please.
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