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  1. Argus is a far-right ultra-conservative, not really representative of all conservatives. I think you've characterized the far-right well: They're fascists. Lol
  2. While it may be so, I see nothing in that article saying the attacker was Syrian. Nor does it say it was ideologically motivated. In fact, it seemed personal, with the attacker first yelling "Why did you do this?! Why did you do this?!!"
  3. I agree with you that there are some problems with corporate abuse of Airbnb. And some cities are already creating regulations to address that issue. If yours isn't, then there's your route to make the changes needed.
  4. That won't ever happen. The best you could do is try to ban it in your own town. But that isn't likely either. It's none of your damn business if people rent part of their house, etc. You have not provided any evidence of any problems.
  5. Prove it. If some cities are finding that true, they are free to regulate Airbnb in their city. Banning Airbnb worldwide is not going to happen. Your wild accusations just aren't evidence of sufficient problem. You have to deal with any problems it is causing at the local level.
  6. Clarify ... who are the "barbarous, illiterate foreigners" with no job skills? Do you know what the immigration criteria are? I don't know that "barbarous" is referenced, but literacy and job skills certainly are. You really are a very extremist dude. Are you thinking of running anybody down with a van?
  7. Have I ever said one solitary thing about Saudi Arabia other than they are responsible for most of the world's terrorism? Have you ever said that the USA is responsible for most of the world's terrorism? Because if you haven't, you're not paying much attention to the truth of how terrorism arises.
  8. Well, let's see ... every international issue you cited was a 'Muslim terrorist', but the Canadian anti-Muslim white guy who killed 6 Muslims in Canada doesn't warrant your concern? He's the only terrorist you mention who does warrant concern in Canada.
  9. They also rely on mainstream conservatives acting as dupes, to allow them to brainwash murderers like the Quebec mosque killer... all under the false flag of free speech. When 'free speech' turns to violence: Christian and white supremacist homophobics harassing, and then violently attacking Hamilton Pride Fest: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1559256643661/
  10. Calling for banning Airbnb is ridiculous. There will never be a global ban or a national ban. It's regulated at the municipal level. Go lobby your municipal Council. They're the only ones that can ban it in your area. But they won't because it's good for business. Unfortunately, they are also reluctant to regulate the real problem: developers, realtors & property managers taking up multiple rental properties and making Airbnb their full-time job, because those people have influence on Councils. Some cities are addressing these regulations: Vancouver https://vancouver.ca/doing-business/short-term-rentals.aspx Toronto https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/housing-shelter/rental-housing-standards/short-term-rentals/
  11. That's what municipalities have to do. Some already are. Go talk to yours. Stop bugging us with "ban it" nonsense.
  12. There are no two sides to hate crimes. Muslims in Canada are just being Muslims. White supremacists are committing violent hate crimes.
  13. It isn't feasible to ban Airbnb. Problems are few in owner operated homes. Nobody parties till 6am in my house,, because I live there too. Lol It's the sharks that are a problem: developers, realtors, property managers with many listings and little supervision. Municipalities have to regulate that, not Airbnb. If you don't know that your neighbours rent a room on Airbnb, it's obviously not bothering you, so why is it a problem? Lol
  14. 1 Racists are bolder and more obvious now. Trump has enabled them. Maybe you don't see them because you're not a target. 4chan Hate speech up 40% since 2015. https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/d3nbzy/we-analyzed-more-than-1-million-comments-on-4chan-hate-speech-there-has-spiked-by-40-since-2015?utm_source=vicenewscafbca&utm_campaign=global 2 I'm not sure where that stands now, whether he revoked temporary visas or not. Nonetheless, their application for asylum here may not depend on that, but on the credibility of the reason they don't feel safe returning to their home country.
  15. Ok, I'll take that back. Lol More accurately, I would say that it's the only thing that distinguishes Liberals and Conservatives ... neither of which I like ... and it's a fake and paltry difference for political gain only: Immigration numbers don't vary much regardless which is in power. Any PM can get hit with a wave of refugees from a new US 'war' (= takeover of resources).
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