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  1. 1 Racists are bolder and more obvious now. Trump has enabled them. Maybe you don't see them because you're not a target. 4chan Hate speech up 40% since 2015. https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/d3nbzy/we-analyzed-more-than-1-million-comments-on-4chan-hate-speech-there-has-spiked-by-40-since-2015?utm_source=vicenewscafbca&utm_campaign=global 2 I'm not sure where that stands now, whether he revoked temporary visas or not. Nonetheless, their application for asylum here may not depend on that, but on the credibility of the reason they don't feel safe returning to their home country.
  2. Ok, I'll take that back. Lol More accurately, I would say that it's the only thing that distinguishes Liberals and Conservatives ... neither of which I like ... and it's a fake and paltry difference for political gain only: Immigration numbers don't vary much regardless which is in power. Any PM can get hit with a wave of refugees from a new US 'war' (= takeover of resources).
  3. You're on the list of targets for their campaigns, and then you work for them for free! Lol I cancelled North99 because they sent out memes with no verification of facts. I don't make it onto right-wing lists, but occasionally see stuff circulated by other people: memes or photos with no explanation, no link, no validation ... just some white supremacist nonsense scaring people unnecessarily. Some of the people I know who circulate anti-Muslim garbage are decent people who would be the first to welcome a Muslim family to their communities with kindness and help. They just have never met one and they're politically manipulated into fearing the unknown. Don't let the memes get to you. They're fake. You're just being manipulated for someone's personal or political gain.
  4. I posted that in the Migrants thread, where I also noted that in the article it says that some farmers are approaching refugee groups offering them work. If you want to know why we still have irregular border crossers, the answer is ... Trump and ... Trump. Trump is deporting everyone he can. First he threatened to cancel visas from certain countries, sending people scurrying to the Canadian border. Second, he refuses to cooperate with Canada in revising the 'Third country agreement' so they can apply at our regular border crossings. Under the terms of the agreement, an asylum seeker must make their claim in the first safe country they arrive in. That means that Canada and the U.S. will not consider applications from individuals who had the opportunity to make a claim in the other country first. But that provision only applies to asylum seekers who try to make their claim at official points of entry. That means anyone crossing into Canada at an unofficial point of entry from the U.S. (or vice versa) can make a claim for asylum that would normally be rejected if they had tried to do so at an official border crossing. As Global News reported last year, Canadian officials recognize that the agreement is “no longer working as intended” but have encountered difficulty in trying to get the anti-immigrant Trump administration to open talks on fixing the loophole. I note that irregular border crossings have dropped to half of what they were last year. https://globalnews.ca/news/5425884/canada-irregular-border-crossings-decrease-by-half/ It just isn't the huge problem that some people try to make it. It is a 'problem' created and sustained by racism, and I agree with Michael that there are social media forces working to sustain the rage of racists, and the fears of the feeble.
  5. Well maybe hire more people to process them faster. How much money do you think countries located next to war zones pay to support refugees? Canadians complaining so mightily is pathetic nonsense ... or just racism. Gives the grumpies something to chew on I guess. Suddenly you all love regular refugees and immigrants! Lol
  6. Once they are here, they have temporary status as "refugee claimants" awaiting a decision on refugee status in Canada. This is exactly the same way the law operates in any UN member country, many of whom have millions of people crossing their borders, fleeing war, famine, drought, natural disasters, persecution, etc. For a comfortable Canadian to moan for months about a paltry few entering Canada ... is just pathetically selfish and downright stupid. ARE YE DAFT, MAN?!
  7. I agree: Canadian companies operating in Honduras should not be allowed to use raping, murdering criminal actions against Indigenous people defending their territory from mining, nor to criminalize the Indigenous defender. But Canada does allow Canadian companies to use violence in other countries.
  8. Christianity is a systemically bigoted religion, which can be proven by looking at how the Christian states operate. As I've said before, none treat women equally, and none treat unbelievers equally to Christians. You'd think at least one or two would! I mean, there's lots of them! But nope. And you want us to respect that?
  9. Well, they're earning a living somehow, likely staying out of trouble to avoid being found. So where's the harm?
  10. Show me evidence of that! All refugee claimants are screened to determine eligibility. If not eligible, they are sent back. There's no criminal offence involved. What's the point of putting them in jail here? That's just more expense. Lol
  11. I call horsesh!t on that. It's systemic Christian supremacy that dehumanizes those 'lesser than' them. It covers up for and sustains the evil deeds of those "people", because revealing that behaviour publicly would reflect on their religion.
  12. Religion itself is disgusting, imo. Catholic, United and Anglican 'church people', raping, torturing and killing Indigenous kids, killing the babies born of rape, burning their remains in school furnaces or cementing them into foundations, or selling them alive into sexual slavery. And that's just Canada. Religion is the true evil in the world.
  13. Review info and sources, and provide your own sources, and rationale. Just saying "no because I said so" isn't sufficient. Lol
  14. Everyone deserves the respect of care for basic human needs. The US in general, I find, does not always offer that respect, especially in these Trump years, because of their focus on 'every man for himself', 'pulling yourself up by the bootstraps', 'survival of the fittest' and such inhuman nonsense. They're letting children die in detention down there, ffs!! Greedy, selfish and manipulative narcissists/sociopaths get my respect only long enough to remove myself. Lol And they're usually the ones who wish more suffering on people who are already struggling to survive. I don't respect that. I do believe that people desperate enough to flee their own country in difficult circumstances deserve respect. My ancestors fled famine in Ireland on the "coffin ships", where half of the people died in transit, and the rests were treated vety inhumanely on arrival. When tempted to mutter madly at refugees/undocumented people, It's always good to remember your ancestors who struggled similarly, or your privilege that you don't have to. It's also good to remember that many of the (mostly Indigenous) people fleeing Central America are fleeing the land theft, environmental damage and violent oppression that results from Canadian and US corporate invasion of their countries. In fairness, Canada should be taking most of the Honduran refugees who are in US detention, because 70% of the mining operations there are Canadian owned and viable only because of an oppressive and violent regime (fraudulently 'elected') that Canada's government funds and supports. Canadian 'snowbirds' are also invading, buying cheap Indigenous land, without compensation for the Indigenous peoples who are pushed out. Ashamed to be Canadian: Corruption, Fear, Humiliation and Militarization in Hondurasby Janet Spring, mother-in-law of Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal https://simcoecountyhondurasrightsmonitor.wordpress.com/2019/06/06/honduras-human-rights-political-prisoners/ As I visit this community, I am embarrassed and ashamed to be Canadian as corrupt Canadian investors have given Canada a bad name.
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