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  1. They're entitled to fire someone who's and for business. I'm pretty sure there are some Conservatives who are not racist.
  2. Wrong. You are very naive. Free speech only means you won't go to jail. It doesn't protect you from getting fired. Your employer can fire you for many reasons, and racist comments that reflect on your employer are certainly one of them.
  3. Don Cherry is popular with the white supremacists. Who would have guessed! Lol It's too bad that he was allowed to carry on until he had to be 'retired' in shame.
  4. Quite willing. I buy few clothes, and only natural fibres. I don't drive. My cabs are electric. I don't have a computer. Find me an environmentally friendly smartphone, and I'm golden. Lol
  5. I distinguish between healthy capitalism and predatory capitalism. Predatory capitalism lies to people and corrupts governments to promote products that are destructive to people and environments. I'm not sure how we address that, but the distinction is absolutely necessary.
  6. "mass immigration" is caused by predatory capitalists destroying other countries to steal their natural resources. Protest that.
  7. You are speaking truth, bcsapper. We need to address the predatory capitalist destruction of the environment that is destabilizing populations worldwide.
  8. Hahahahaha! Well, it's true of many of the posters here, you most obviously. If I was a Marxist, I wouldn't be ashamed to admit it. (But I've never even read Karl Marx. Lol) But white supremacists always deny being white supremacists. Why are you ashamed of it? Syrians are integrating very well into Canadian society. You quoted some 3 year old data from the time they were still arriving. Your data is not accurate. If you expect Turkey to integrate the 3.6m refugees already there, then I guess we could be taking a whole lot more. 1.5m immigrants and refugees over 5 years is only 300,000 per year. That's no biggie. Of course, the best ways to reduce people's need to migrate worldwide is to stop subsidizing fossil fuels: - reduces climate-related migration (a factor in Syrian instability) - reduces invasion and destabilization of countries for their oil. (the main factor in Syrian instability) Syria is just an example. But many other waves of immigration (after the second world war waves) were caused by US wars of aggression for oil and minerals - wars that were deviously instigated to destabilize countries and take control of their natural resources for private profit, causing people to flee. Fix that.
  9. Albertans would be wise to listen. There's nothing but expensive appeasement of the stupidest among them in what Kenney is doing. He has no vision for a future for Alberta beyond oil, and that's absolutely necessary in a leader.
  10. Hey, taxme and PPC ... the thread is about climate change. Overpopulation is not the problem. Fossil fuels are the problem. But don't fret, we've already solved it: We remove public subsidies from the fossil fuel industries, because they're not profitable without it. Investors flock to green industries, renewable energy. Done. You can start another thread about overpopulation.
  11. Hmm ... there may be some hope for you. White nationalism is also for "rubes".
  12. You missed the fact that we're shutting down the oil industry by removing public subsidies. That's all that's necessary, because the fossil fuel industry isn't profitable without subsidies, but renewable energy is.
  13. Just fine so far! The only problem has been the stupid and disturbed white supremacists showing off their extremist idiocy. In Canada, Syrian people are getting jobs and opening businesses, integrating into the country. Turkey can't integrate 3.6m refugees. Are you suggesting that Canada just keep sending support money forever, to people with no hope of ever getting a job to support themselves? Kinda stupid, but what I expect from a NIMBY white supremacist like you, whose opinions are not even worth consideration.
  14. Human ingenuity, free enterprise, free markets, free speech, and all those issues can be addressed. We can't fix the whole world, but we can fix ourselves and be a model. Human ingenuity, free enterprise, free markets, free speech, and all those issues can be addressed.
  15. No problem. Human ingenuity is an amazing thing. Renewable energy is more profitable than oil in the instant that we remove about 30% of the subsidies that are the only thing still keeping the oil industry afloat. All of the challenges you mention will be quickly addressed, because human beings are incredibly inventive, already ahead of the game. 1) Vehicle retrofitters are already doing good business in some countries: https://singularityhub.com/2019/08/05/the-newest-way-to-go-green-retrofit-your-old-car-to-make-it-electric/ 2) The billions in federal subsidy money currently propping up the otherwise unprofitable fossil fuel industries can be re-allocated to support all of the retrofits, etc. that will be necessary to switch to electric, including vehicles and home heating. 3) Current provincial subsidy money can be used to support Alberta and Saskatchewan oil workers through the transition to new industries. No one person - like you or me - has to figure out all the details. We all just have to free the market to work as it should, and let human ingenuity and free enterprise fill in the necessities.
  16. Canada resettling "tens of thousands" doesn't make a lot of difference when Turkey has several million Syrian refugees. The millions of Syrians in refugee camps in countries bordering Syria cannot find work, cannot be absorbed and integrated into those countries. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refugees_of_the_Syrian_Civil_War Turkey is the largest host country of registered refugees with over 3.6 million Syrian refugees.[3] Plus 2m more Syrian refugees split among Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, all requiring humanitarian assistance. (And 6m displaced within Syria itself and also requiring humanitarian assistance.)
  17. The technologies exist now. What we need is a free market breakthrough. The oil industry is now only profitable because it is propped up by public subsidies, distorting the free market. Get oil off welfare: Remove only 30% of public oil subsidies, and the renewable energy industry is immediately more profitable. Investors immediately abandon oil, and both investments and profits flow to the renewable energy industry. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/aug/01/fossil-fuel-subsidy-cash-pay-green-energy-transition Redirecting small portion of subsidies would unleash clean energy revolution, says report Easy. Not complicated. Remove some oil subsidies. Free the market. Save the world. It is that simple.
  18. Burning fossil fuels is killing the planet and human life on it. There is no such thing as "ethical oil". Taking money out of every Canadian's pocket to subsidize the floundering, failing, destructive oil industry is a crime of immense proportions. The oil industry is not profitable without public subsidies. IF we had a free market now, renewable energy would be booming with investments and profits, and the oil industry would be dead. The oil industry is just a huge welfare scam now. But you don't really care about business anyway, WestCanMan. You're just one of those white supremacist trolls who are latching onto the oil industry as an excuse to push your anti-Muslim racist propaganda.
  19. The 'currency' of importance now is not money. The only 'currency' of concern is a healthy planet we can continue to live on safely. Other oil exporting countries may continue on a homicidal and suicidal track. We can only take care of ourselves, make sure we are not the problem. Here's the 'currency' that matters: https://www.nationalobserver.com/2019/05/27/analysis/surprise-most-canada-track-hit-our-2020-climate-target This on-target group includes Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. Unfortunately, the good news story turns sour when we include the two remaining provinces — Alberta and Saskatchewan. Those provinces increased their pollution by 17 per cent. Oil operations are no longer even economically feasible without public subsidies. And they are a major problem for pollution and for life on the planet. That's the 'currency' we have to be concerned about.
  20. He lost his majority, barely held on. And TMX is not a done deal yet. Wait for it ... No, that's %gdp for the entire energy sector. Oil is less than half, ~5%. Alberta oil, less still. I understand that, and it's frightening. But ... either people are going to plan ahead for a smooth (and early) transition out of the oil industry, or it's going to hit them when they least expect it and they're unprepared. Again, oil is only 5% of GDP. It's important to all Canadians, but not as important as you inflate it to sound. And it's an industry on its last legs, only profitable now because it's propped up by public money. Truth. And I really hope Albertans are paying attention so they are not caught unaware. Certainly, oil companies won't tell people the truth.
  21. Ya ... no ... being a noisy, nasty ill-informed fanatic doesn't make one a leader. You have to say things that make sense. That's why I asked if you officially represent the PPC. Max might not appreciate it. Lol 1) Indigenous lands and revenues subsidize all Canadians, bud. 2) In a free market - ie without Canadians giving welfare to oil companies - renewable energy is more profitable than oil. Investors will pull their money out of oil. Companies will lock workers out and run away with all the money. Pipelines will no longer be an issue when the investment money leaves, the jobs leave. People have to prepare for that. Alberta has to deal with that, not waste money and effort shrieking and babbling stupidly about separation, which could only make things worse for Albertans. The militant white supremacist fanatics pushing separation are predators, preying on the fears of oil workers, feeding them nonsense about benefits from separation, fuelling hate and rage. You are destroyers, not leaders. With no significant oil industry in Alberta's future, better plans are needed, and fast.
  22. Liberals and Conservatives are both corrupted by attachments to corporate interests and distorting the free market with welfare for their corporate cronies. Stop subsidizing oil with our money, let the free market work and we'll all be better off. PPC2019, Argus, Taxme, Army Guy, Dougie93 ??? Thanks, but I'll pass on the fanatic set.
  23. That's true worldwide. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/aug/01/fossil-fuel-subsidy-cash-pay-green-energy-transition The new analysis shows how redirecting some of the fossil fuel subsidies could decisively tip the balance in favour of green energy, making it the cheapest electricity available and instigating a rapid global rollout. Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF “Almost everywhere, renewables are so close to being competitive that [a 10-30% subsidy swap] tips the balance, and turns them from a technology that is slowly growing to one that is instantly the most viable and can replace really large amounts of generation,” said Richard Bridle of the IISD. “It goes from being marginal to an absolute no-brainer.” Investors go where the profit is, and oil collapses without investors. Fast.
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