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  1. But wait... I thought Conservatives were the party of fiscal prudency, and the NDP the spend into debt party? This can't be right.
  2. They are both equally terrible. Nevermind the great Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  3. Considering conservatives/Republicans were the first ones to vote a movie star into major office (I'll let you guess who that is), you really should just zip it.
  4. Québec the least likely: http://www.cbc.ca/ne...ebt-europe.html Makes sense. Conservatives think too much about the short term and ignore the longer term issues with relying on such things as volatile revenue from energy sources. Ontario is just out of control from a long line of mismanagement from all three parties.
  5. This and building more refineries in Canada makes a lot more sense than shipping all of your oil down to the US or out to China. I think it is important for Canada's energy security... not to mention a nation with as much oil supply as Canada should not be seeing such high gas prices.
  6. Please go see a doctor and consider hospitalisation or medication. Thanks.
  7. He can run and win, and I'm sure he will bring the Liberals up in the polls after he wins. ...but can you picture a debate between him, Harper, Mulcair, and May? Harper and Mulcair will absolutely destroy him. His lack of experience will cost him tremendously, and he will be exposed as someone with a pretty face and name, but just simply an empty suit. I am not concerned at all about him.
  8. The number is not a percentage... it is an index score. The number can go above 100, it does mean more than 100% of Canadians approve of the job a leader is doing.
  9. LOL perhaps you need to learn how to read your own Constitution. Technically since the constitution defines the name of the country as "Canada"... that's the official name of the country. There is no Dominion of Canada.
  11. To the OP: Shut up. Seriously. This thread just highlights how people who are stuck in the past seriously need to get a life and move on. The rest of the world is progressing and leaving you behind. The "Dominion of Canada" doesn't even exist anymore... you might as well celebrate Soviet Union Day.
  12. This. I just can't believe how blatantly the Cons wanted to screw over the Atlantic provinces.
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