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  1. It's just a perception. If your political views are more aligned with another country's ones, than the current government of your own country, it might looks like you tend to belong to that other country, but you are not. Your political opinions are not enough to determine where you belong and your national identity. It's like if you are a Leafs fan living and born in Calgary. As much as you cheer for that team, you still belong to the city of Calgary. No matter how much you share the shame of losers who can't find the path to the cup for the last 53 years.
  2. It made me realize that I was a democrat just because I hated conservatives. Which is a very bad reason to be democrat. I cannot identify myself to that party anymore and I do not think I will ever be able to someday. For me, US politic is just doomed. It's not a surprise for me if Trump became the president and I wouldn't be surprise that he is renewed despite all the stupidities he has done and said. Because at some point, it's a wonder if we are not better off with a stupid man not smart enough to be credible while he is lying rather than professional liars that will steel your money for th
  3. The US's government bailed out the criminals that plunged the world into a financial crisis and the people having the greatest ratio of guns per capita never could do anything against it despite they were the biggest victims of it. Tons of people lose everything and were sent on the street back to square one after a lifetime of saving while those who created the problems received a lot of cash from Obama. So, no. I'm not buying it. It does not make a difference. The US government is lead by corporations, organizations, lobbyists, establishments, guns industries and the election are ran wi
  4. Why O'Leary is not trying to improve his french? Or try to learn french for a start? I do not know him actually. Just heard his name a while ago. I'm sure O'Leary does not target to win Quebec anyway. But if he can consolidate the traditional conservatives seats in Quebec by handling a basic french, it would be worth it for him. I doubt very much that MacKay's french is out of reach. Someone that really take this seriously can make it. Harper could barely speak french in his beginning of politics and he said it several times that he never regretted learning it.
  5. I am in favor of gun control and yet, I can only agree with argos and ProudConservative on this one. Whatever the liberals do with this subject, it's just wrong or inefficient. They clearly use this topic to keep a grasp on anti-gun voters rather than have a firm simple and efficient program to control (not ban) guns. No way you will see me defend them on the front line. "It's a trap" -Ackbar.
  6. Self determination is always a good idea. What you do with it is another story. I'll borrow Genesys' words for this post. Trudeau is selling Canada by the pound. You are using a wrong example. Trudeau lays a silver plate of total forgiveness to terrorists while he is pooping in the war veterans' plates. It might be a very bad use of the self determination but, it's not making the self determination illegitimated. La nuance est importante.
  7. If you were feeling the urge to conquer a land, would you conquer and handle people loving Trudeau? I wouldn't touch such land not even with a 20 feet pole.
  8. Could this have been planned? Yes. Do we have evidence of that? No, not at all. Can we conclude if this was planned or not? No. Can we investigate? yes. Are we going to do so? No. We want that one individual somewhere will be more courageous than all of us combined to reveal information that will make him/her enemy of the state for the benefit of mankind. Like Snowden.
  9. What a polite man. We can easily guess that in his mind, it rather sounds like "we're not here to talk about how much you s*ck".
  10. I know his real name is John James Charest and he is a child of both worlds. It is impossible to say what languages is better at, just like Mulroney. Both perfect bilinguals. Unlike Justin Trudeau, his french is so poor and hesitant, he sounds like he needs a french immersion. Or maybe it is just his personality.
  11. Harper has proven that it is possible to win without substantial supports from Quebec. Indeed. Not easy thought. Still, it is a faisable strategy. Now that Trudeau is destroying the little credibility left in the eyes of those unicorn-rainbow dreamers, it might be more possible than ever. Not exactly. He said, the Québécois are a nation. He did not recognized Québec as a nation-state or distinct society in the form used by Meech. He was very clear that for him, it means nothing and changes nothing. At least, he destroyed the Quebec Liberal's distinct society confusion bu***
  12. Actually, the only one time I remember we were mocking his french, is when he said "nous allons en erections" instead of en élection. Translated back in English, it is "we are going to have a boner". We got a good chuckle on that one.
  13. What to expect from a man that says "STAY HOME" and then go on vacation at his chalet later on. He is doing exactly what he is asking us to avoid. No, he is not only asking, we can be fined for that. Trudeau is an imbecile and no one can argue against that.
  14. Jagmeet rewarted in Quebec? Jesus! You definitely not looked at the results in Quebec. He got almost wiped out. Only one seat in Quebec while the cons had 10. It's the second time you say something false. You can easily found the facts on internet. 1) An anglo from Toronto with average french won Quebec's heart, Layton. No one cares if he is born in Montreal, there no differences between an anglo of west island and someone of outside Quebec. 2) Jagmeet got rejected and had less support in Quebec than Harper had. You are grieve yourself of rediculous. End of the story.
  15. Layton's french had a big english accent. His french was not better than the one of Harper. For several years, Quebec did not want him at all and he had no chances. Until the day he said Quebec must be bring back into the constitution. So yes, it's an excellent example that contradicts you. Following election was not Layton, it was Mulcair. Although he is an English, hs french was very fluent. Perfect biingual. However, in the past, he fought against bill 101. He took care to remove the promesse of reopen the constitution for Quebec. That is why he lost in Quebec. With Jagmeet, a guy who
  16. Jack Layton. Bang! You are demolished. Do not attempt to save your face by claiming he is born in Montreal. Because he was born and raised in a very English community and he moved to Toronto in 1970. I remember his poor level of french at his debuts. He eventually managed to make it fluid and understandable. He never been identified has, someone coming from Quebec, or a Québécois. Although he said it few times, he did not play the card "look, I am from Québec" that much. He never pretended to be something he is not. Jack Layton was having poor results in Quebec at every federal elect
  17. He can't sue. After all he said on Québécois, Europeans, Russians, women... he has no chance to win anything. Even if they fired him for the wrong reasons. If the neo-canadian wearing a puppy is an important subject for him. He can use its popularity to promote it. I am sure many followers would support him. Unless he does not really care it was just another topic where he could say something bad to pass his own frustration of failing to win the cup. In 5 seasons, his team got kicked out of the playoff 3 times out of 5 by the Habs (those damned frenchies).
  18. Cherry should have been fired or forced to appologies to many times before. Sexist, xenophobic, name it. After all he said on the women, russians, europeans, french, Québécois... there are tons of material to blame him for. Now that he is fired on his "you people", I get double mad. Because after all he did wrong, he is fired of something he did nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong by his opinion that immigrants should were a puppy. You may agree or desagree with him, but there is no blame of anything that holds the line. His sanction is not because he lied, statistically, it is tru
  19. Considering that many women are abandonned and have already one or many other kids they barely or can't provide support, abortions is also an effective solution but, I admit it is not necessarly constructive without proper education. What disgusts me is, if you just blow the dust off the surface, you will see the corruption and how the money is redirected into other interests. How much of that money really goes to the ones in need? It's surprising how big is the leak.
  20. Unless your religion says you can. To have any right in this country, you gonna have to adopt or create your own religion. Canada: "You can't ride anymore, not safe". Me: "My godssays I can". Canada: "oh, ok, sorry! I will tax more the other non believers so when you have an accident, they will pay for you. Because obiously, you need a tax break. I do not want to mess up with your god."
  21. I was talking about decisions like forbidding sikh to ride without helmets andother kind of rules like that. You think it's the ROC's taxes that makes us having more intelligent rules?
  22. There is no way Québec will accept such non sense.The only compromise I would do, is to revoke indemnity after a motorcycle accident. Same for public health care. When take the decision to not wear a helmet, it is at your own expense. No helmet, no public hospital. Go private! In Quebec, we have the automobilist insurance and every one are covered. We would do an exception for the sikh not wearing helmet. But we are not like that. We prefer to protect them from themselve and no helmet is not an option.
  23. They did not ask. They took. They give a little bit of money to YMCA to block their own windows. They forbid people to bring non kocher food into the jewish hospital (although it is a public hospital also funded by public money). They did not pay their municipal taxes in few cities. Like in Boisbriand if my memory does not fail me. And so on...
  24. hehe! It must have been a real pain for you to admit the french in Quebec are doing better.
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