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  1. Oh really. The United Nation, Amnesty International and all eye witnesses and journalists and the whole world is lying and you are the only true and stable one. I let the readers decide who is biased and unstable here. You have remained silent about Iran regime crimes because they are anti-Israel. You do not care about many killed and millions suffering unless they are Palestinians. This is a clear case of being biased.
  2. No but you start a thread about a Palestinian man being shot in the back BUT you have stayed totally SILENT when over a hundred poor protesters are being shot dead from top and back and don't say a word about it. Btw, the thread title is "Living in Denial" Not Israeli or Iran regime crimes specific and I pointed out that YOU are living in denial yourself.
  3. The OP is incredibly biased in his assessments. He forgets all the terror and bombing carried out by Arab terrorists against civilian Israelis and only concentrates on Israeli crimes. If you want people to give any credit to your posts or comments then be fair in your stories and don't just focus on ONE side of the facts. It is incredibly saddening that while many likely over a hundred of citizens of likely his own land getting shot in the back by islamic republic militia for a peaceful protest against regime induced poverty in their homeland for which he hasn't said a single word about, but has posted about a single Palestinian man being shot in the back by opening a thread about this. SHAME on you. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iran-gasoline-protests/more-than-100-protestors-killed-in-iran-during-unrest-amnesty-international-idUSKBN1XT0X7 Amnesty International said on Tuesday that more than 100 protesters had been killed in 21 cities in Iran during unrest that broke out Either Snipers have shot into crowds of protesters from rooftops and, in one case, from a helicopter, Amnesty said.. Either YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS IN DENIAL OR YOU ARE a Coward to speak about it.
  4. Deadly resumption of mass anti-regime protests in Iran Small scale Protests against the islamic republic never ended in Iran since started in late 2017 but as mass protests resumed last weekend the regime cracks down even more violently while Western democracies remain silent. While the regime has completely shut down internet so that the outside world would not find out about the violent crack down and made it criminal to post videos of the uprising, amnesty International fears over a hundred killed by regime's militia and thousands more wounded or arrested. Protests however continue unabated with peaceful crowds gathering in over 100 cities calling for the overthrow of islamic regime. In what the opposition and eye witnesses reporting from inside the country it appears that plainclothes regime mercenaries are purposely attacking public buses, emergency vehicles, government buildings and hundreds of banks setting them on fire to give an excuse and legitimacy for regime to crack down on hungry poverty stricken demonstrates in a brutal manner. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/11/pattern-amnesty-106-killed-iran-protests-191119182957473.html Amnesty International researcher on Iran says: "The information that we have obtained reveals a horrific pattern of unlawful killings across the country," she told Al Jazeera from London. "The information that we've received so far suggests that in a pattern consistent with past practices, security forces are even refusing to return the bodies of many of those killed to their families, or are forcing families to bury their loved ones under rushed circumstances and without an independent autopsy, which is of course against international law and standards.
  5. I think it was clear from my post that I meant both right and left, on the extreme.
  6. I believe fascism (both racial and religious fascism) and communism are the same points on a circle 360 degrees apart. Hitler murdered 6 million and Stalin murdered 10 millions. They both crack down on freedom of expression and silence and oppress opposition in a violent way. They are both murderous and oppressive.
  7. You are complaining about internet freedom is declining in the US. Read about how dictatorial regimes completely shut down internet to deprive their nations of freedom of expression in the slightest manner. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/18/middleeast/iran-protests-explained-intl/index.html
  8. Why is that the US gets always the blame? How about massive Russia"s crimes? These Syrian refugees are the victims of Russian crimes in Syria for propping up the murderous regime of Assad and so many thousands are dead and millions are refugees. Please get the facts right before posting.
  9. I seem to agree with this statement. I find it hard to believe Syrian refugees who are mostly unable to speak English or French suddenly integrated and got good jobs so soon. In my view immigrants from third world countries in particular Middle East take longer if not much longer to integrate than Europe or South America.
  10. Nonsense. Their soul is happy and in peace because they see their children and grandchildren are free (they are not under communist dictators of Russia or Fascist dictators of Germany or religious fascists) and live in a democracy in democratic West because of their sacrifices. But yes they are not liked by red anarchists or right Nazis because they would have taken over the world if it wasn't for their sacrifices. On anther note the red anarchists always see the wrongdoings by the west. They magnify the few wrongdoings by the West but they are totally blind or purposely ignoring massive crimes committed by Russia and China (their masters) in Syria, mid east and all over the world. These Russian red dictators even killed their own people in millions not long ago and colonized half of Europe but it is always the West in their eyes.
  11. I had no problem with the pictures you posted but this appalling comments with reference to racial minority women and you know it.
  12. Your comments were very demeaning to women and racial minorities. If it was a joke it was appalling.
  13. Tomorrow is the Remembrance Day in Canada. Lets remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives all over the world in Europe, Africa, Afghanistan etc. so the we live in democracy. Lets not take our Western democratic system and freedom for granted. Many lost their lives so that we have what we have. Lets not jeopardize our democratic system either by going extreme and hence undermine sacrifices made or populate our land of freedom with those with do not believe in freedom and democratic values. God bless all those who made those sacrifices. May then rest in heaven and peace.
  14. Real class PPC!!!. Sexist, racist and likely a Nazi too. Women to you are just like tools. No difference between you and those women hater mullahs in Mid East you just likely wear a tie instead of turban. I quoted you in case you edited so that intelligent people who may agree with some of your views know where you come from and what you stand for. Shame.
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