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  1. You are on the side of rich and powerful and against the poor and powerless. Essential workers are those who risk their lives and go to work to put minimum food on the table and a roof over their heads so that the pigs and powerful have their fridges filled with food and their homes filled with luxury. I support the poor and the powerless. It shows your distaste for the powerless needy people because we all know by July 1st pandemic will be less destructive but not over. People still will get sick in July and August but much less numberlike but you wish a premature end to paid sick leave
  2. There will be a reasonable limit per year (say 15 working days) and for long leaves (say over 3 working days) then a doctor's certificate will be needed. It is not that complicated and will not be subject to abuse at all.
  3. Doug Ford continues to refuse paid sick leave to Essential workers despite calls from experts, doctors and within his own government. Shame. These are the people who risk their lives by going to work in this Pandemic so that we continue to have food on tables and essentials in our kitchen, Even when they are sick they may have to go to work so that they can put food on table or keep roof on their family's heads. They may spread the virus to co-workers as workplace has been a major transmission route. PAID SICK LEAVE IN ONTARIO NOW.
  4. Well the budget also provides some outlook through 2025/2026 and there don't appear to be any major tax increases or cuts to government department but gradually and wisely to address pandemic related huge deficit without hardships to Canadians.
  5. Good that it failed. Chinese vaccine has little efficacy just like every other Chinese or Russian product it is pile of lies feeding their oppressed nations.
  6. At the time the vaccines were not proven or even close to approval last summer. No one was lining up for these probably effective vaccines at the time of contract and yes Canada could dictate the terms.
  7. They claim it is quality control but a good pharmaceutical company should anticipate all these and should have taken steps to avoid this (risk management). They are shipping half of what promised, It is not like they stopped altogether because something went wrong with their products suddenly. Do it faster, hire more people, keep your promises. Pfizer is a reliable company but Moderna is not.
  8. Once this is over, all Moderna products must be boycotted by Canadians and Government of Canada and replaced by Pfizer products/ This damn American company must be pushed to bankruptcy for what they did in delaying vitally needed vaccines
  9. Essential workers are our brothers and sisters and our countrymen and women who have to go to work so that we put essentials in our kitchens. They now form a relatively large portion of Covid patients, Some go to work even when sick because they can't afford not to. THEY MUST BE GIVEN PAID SICK LEAVE. DOUG FORD DID NOT HAVE THIS IN HIS LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT. DO IT NOW. They should also receive vaccination priority over other groups who can choose stay home.
  10. Too little too damn late. Doug Ford you acted too late because you put economy ahead of the safety and health of Ontarians and we are now in such mess.
  11. The federal government should have signed a better contract to force Moderna to ship vaccines on time without delay or face very heavy fines. There are some 20 million AstraZeneca vaccines sitting in US fridges with soon to come expiry dates that US is not using itself (FDA has not approved that vaccine yet) but they are not giving it to Canada either!!!! Stupid.
  12. What the hell they are delaying vaccine delivery again, That in spite of procurement minister, Anand saying on Monday that 853 thousand of Moderna vaccines are on their way to Canada and expected to arrive on Tuesday https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-set-to-receive-1m-pfizer-biontech-doses-moderna-playing-catch-up-1.5383586 and Trudeau claiming on Tuesday afternoon that they have landed this morning in Canada. Did those events really take place? If not then they both need to resign. Where the hell they get their information? https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/moder
  13. It appears they don't know what the hell they are talking about at Federal level. While procurement minister is saying that 853 thousands of Moderna vaccines are on their way to Canada and will arrive on Tuesday and Trudeau, the prime minister says Tuesday afternoon that a batch of Moderna vaccines has landed in Canada Tuesday morning but today being two days later after supposedly these vaccines landed in Canada, there is news that Moderna delivery has been delayed again and municipalities complaining that they may have to cancel already made appointments, Total incompetency at the Federal le
  14. Nobody is forcing anyone to take vaccines. Based on latest poll some 80% of Canadians are going to take vaccines, millions impatiently waiting for their first shot/ People in their right minds will takes the vaccines willingly and look forward to it but those who believe in aliens trying to kidnap us , take over our planet or CIIA put microchips in our bodies will refuse and may risk getting sick or even die. Good for me if you refuse the vaccine, since this means my turn will come sooner.
  15. I think Ontario over 60 population is 3 to 3.5 million alone though they have also vaccinated hundreds of thousands of health care workers (and rightly so) and more recently many were vaccinated in hotspots and some 1,5 million AstraZeneca given to those age 55 to 69. So the 3.2 million is not all those over 60. That said I agree it takes weeks to set up appointment for vaccine and many in age range 60 to 69 became eligible a week ago but have their appointment for vaccination scheduled for next months.
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