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  1. Argus said it all SIX months ago that now appears to have been true, My question is how come the Prime Minister did not know what Argus knew? Harassment at the workplace causes many immoral but also illegal issues like long term health issues out of stress for employees and must not be tolerated by anyone or at any level. As for Payette, I am not sure her resignation would go far enough. She and the toxic secretary she brought in with her both broke the law..
  2. Even right now I am not leaving home. I think that Ontario should follow Quebec and declare a curfew after 8 pm. If there are restrictions like not leaving my home then there are good reasons for that for the good of all. And yes travelling during pandemic and drunk driving are exactly the same thing. They are endangering the lives of innocent people.
  3. A person is free to risk his or her life by taking risks like parachuting from a hill into a lake but they have no damn rights risking the lives of other people by their reckless actions like travelling abroad for leisure during pandemic or drink and driving.
  4. Covid-19 response by various levels of governments has been weak. Vaccine rollouts slow and more importantly Federal government must close borders even to those citizens who choose to travel abroad. They must stay out until this pandemic is declared over because they are endangering many lives of many Canadians who followed the advice and stayed put. They have no right to do so.. So far about a dozen Canadians have been diagnosed with mutated easily spread UK Covid-19 virus and very likely many more will be diagnosed and some will lose their lives because some selfish (idiot) individuals
  5. No, because that person poses a danger to me and you and others by refusing vaccination not just to himself or herself in which case I agree a choice should have been given but this is not the case with covid-19. It is like drunk driving, You put the lives of other people in danger if you drink and drive not just yours so the law says it is illegal to drink and drive. Same for vaccination. Alternatively, If one chooses not to be vaccinated then he or she must remain in his or her home until pandemic is totally over. Random checks of vaccination cards by law enforcement will be made and th
  6. In my view vaccination should be made mandatory since those not vaccinated have much higher chance of being infected and if infected then they can infect others since vaccines don't provide 100% immunity but it can provide herd immunity if everyone is vaccinated.
  7. Soviet Union was an evil empire suppressing its own people and half of Europe not to mention military invasions of other countries. A state based on repression and suppression will not last forever and will sooner or later collapsed by its own people, We have seen many examples of that in Europe and South America past many years and we will see more examples in Iran, Syria and ....... hopefully sooner rather than later.
  8. One famous Iranian said so well. 1 - Alexander the Greek burnt Iran in 334 BC. 2 - The Arabs killed Iranians in 633 AD. 3 - Mongols destroyed Iran in 1219 AD. Islamic republic did all 3 above un 40 years.
  9. It is not extraordinary to seek immunity for pharmaceutical companies especially in this case that billions will be vaccinated and in very rare cases (which out of billions could be hundreds of thousands of cases) when someone comes down with a disease years down the road they may blame the vaccine and try to sue the company. I for one as soon as it is my turn (essential workers and elderly must be first) I will be the very first on the lineup to get the vaccine. Covid-19 is no fun to have with likely long term consequences even for younger people.
  10. Yes you also likely believe aliens from other planets are among us trying to take over our planet. It is all government conspiracy. Elvis is still alive hiding somewhere.
  11. You are distorting the facts again. You know well that the Governor general acts upon the will of people and appoint the head of the party who secures most seats in the Parliament by the people of Canada. You are misrepresenting again pretending that a petition can oust the elected Prime Minister of Canada. I meant the act of misrepresentation was idiotic not the people who may have decided to sign on to it. I believe in democracy and will of free people unlike you who so openly insult the democratically elected Prime Minister of this great country.
  12. I was responding to a question as how deficits comes down and I think the poster may not have been aware that it was annual deficits not cumulative and I explained how annual deficits come down in a particular year when emergency expenders end. The rest of your post is pure nonsense. It shows how much you hate Trudeau family and you even change history. You can be a great Russian historian during soviet evil empire who used to distort Russian history to show how great their murderous revolution was. The petition you have included is idiotic. It is only the Canadian people (same peop
  13. No these figures are annual deficits not cumulative deficits. You don't have to pay them off for annual deficit to come down but not spend as much in that year.
  14. The government cannot oversea all singled out exceptional cases. Those obvious cases will be followed and prosecuted however, this does not apply to the majority in need. You post reminds me of Marry Antoinette. They told her situation is grim just before French revolution as people don't have bread to eat. She responded let them eat cake. It is easy to claim situation is not grim from the comfort of your home. But i agree situation is not as grim because Trudeau government intervened and did not allow Canadians to become homeless and without income and that is why we now have 381 billion
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