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  1. The arbitrary arrest and torture of Iranian citizens by The most barbaric and hated occupying regime of islamic republic is not limited only to dual citizens and regime critics but this plague republic has a history of going against the brightest and most genius in the country and these are the most recent. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/astronomy-award-winning-student-arrested-in-iran-and-family-asks-why/30577400.html https://en.radiofarda.com/a/beaten-during-arrest-prominent-iranian-female-activist-on-hunger-strike/30439913.html The peaceful struggle by the nation of Iran against this murderous islamic regime will continue till this land of Aryans is freed from these subhuman mullahs who made the fictitious movies of the 70's "Planet of the Apes" a reality/
  2. Iran nation is in dire conditions but they will survive and come out victorious at the end as their 25 century survival is an evidence of such prediction which includes many invasions by barbarians like Arabs 14 centuries ago, Moguls and finally Islamic clerical invasion 40 years ago. They all survive these disaster and Iran (Persia) still remains intact and solid and will over come this latest disaster (Islamic clerical coup) as well. The poor defenseless nation of Iran has been through so many disasters past 40 years starting with the Islamic clerical coup in 1979, New regime oppressions, Iraq invasion, mass executions, economic downturns, natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, sanctions, regime executions and tortures and lastly Coronavirus that they now have become resistance against the worse human disaster of the past century which is coronavirus. https://theprovince.com/opinion/lotfi-in-iran-covid-19-is-just-another-crisis-to-survive/wcm/eb9265ff-eace-4bf4-9052-4dfda303c69c
  3. This show how little you know about this evil regime. They feed on hate and war ever since the clerical coup . They create enemies to survive. and they don't care how many will die. They are the ones who sent children to cross minefields and they are the ones who kill in thousands to survive like a virus. Much worse and more dangerous than coronavirus.
  4. Correction. Iran regime has refused help. That is because they don't care less about their people. They only care about their own evil survival at any cost even if the whole nation dies.
  5. Lift the US sanctions. Iranians are paying a heavy price for the regime's actions. They suffer from this brutal regime and at the same time they pay a price with US sanctions, At this time Coronavirus also has hit them hard mainly due to corrupt incompetent nature of this murderous regime. To ease the suffering due to the pandemic May be it is time that US sanctions against Iranian people should be lifted so that there would be one less pain this defenseless nation to have to deal with so that food and medicine urgently needed can flow again and not blocked by the banking system..
  6. As the Persian New Year Kicks in, Iran's King in Exile Reza Pahlavi sends a massage to the nation. Prince Reza Pahlavi called on Iranians to recognize the urgency eliminating "the principal infection", that is, the Islamic Republic. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/exiled-prince-says-iran-s-regime-primary-barrier-to-overcoming-coronavirus-crisis/30495291.html In a video message on the occasion of the Iranian New Year (Nowrouz) on March 21, the exiled Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi has said that he considers the Islamic Republic the "primary impediment in remediation and containing the [coronavirus] crisis". "This year I will not celebrate the New Year, he said and told Iranians he will be observing a moment of silence, both in his own solitude and with his family, in the memory of all those who lost their lives to coronavirus and other natural disasters as well as anti-regime protests in the "black year".
  7. Lies lies and more lies by the regime though insiders have started telling the truth. Some Iranian officials including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and IRGC Commander Hossein Salami have said that the outbreak could have been part of a biological attack against Iran, but they failed to explain why it started in China, and why over 130 countries including the United States are also affected. Khamenei charged that "There is some evidence this may be a biological attack." On Friday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to Khamenei's comment, saying that "As Khamenei knows, the best biological defense would’ve been to tell the Iranian people the truth about the Wuhan virus when it spread to Iran from China. Instead, he kept Mahan Air flights coming and going to the epicenter in China and jailed those who spoke out. In the meantime, Deputy Health Minister Reza Malekzadeh rejected the idea of biological warfare as the cause of the outbreak in an interview with the Iranian state TV. Iran’s hardliners have been alluding to “the possibility” of the United States using coronavirus against Iran. Malekzadeh said the delay in announcing the start of the epidemic and failing to control flights between China and Iran have caused the massive outbreak in Iran. Some social media users have reminded Malekzadeh that Health Minister Namaki lied to the people on 29 January telling them there were no coronavirus cases while several patients were hospitalized at Tehran's Masih Daneshvari Hospital. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/up-to-70-percent-of-iranians-likely-to-contract-coronavirus/30487845.html
  8. Iran in dystopian situation as the regime threatens the people with silence. The regime is directly responsible for this situation with their lies and deceives and hiding the facts and figures on coronavirus spreadin Iran for parliamentary elections for weeks until it was too late and the disease was out of control. https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Irans-Rouhani-warns-media-seeks-to-suppress-coronavirus-coverage-620941 “All Iranians will be monitored by cyberspace, telephone and if necessary sent to prison. All sick people will be identified,” he said. His directives could be an excuse to begin a military coup, as it would be the perfect time with people removed from the streets and many leading clerics and officials and members of parliament already sick from the disease. Scores of leading officials are sick and some have died. With the army in control of the streets and the president seeking to wrangle the media, Iran is entering an era of total control over every aspect of society, even more than was already the case under the regime. Last year the regime killed as many as 1,500 protesters. Freshly-dug mass graves likely containing coronavirus victims have been identified from satellite photos. The regime has no compunction against burying dissidents in the same graves. Medical workers who were able to send out messages through sources have said that the situation borders on apocalyptic scenes from movies. One image that was smuggled out showed the parking garage of a hospital full of beds preparing for the sick to arrive, as there is no room in the hallways of the hospital.
  9. Unfortunately the virus doesn't discriminate and it takes many tens of innocent Iranians before killing one regime associate. That said many regime thugs and a few regime ayatollahs have been sent to hell by this virus so far. The virus spread wildly in Iran directly as a result of regime purposely lying again and hiding the facts and figures from Iranians and the world for weeks so that it doesn't affect the parliamentary election turnout and as a result of them lying again to the nation and to the world many thousands are dead or dying now including many in Canada as many recent sufferers have been travelers from Iran. When the world is going to wake up and take this regime out by any possible means? It is now the safety of the whole world in jeopardy not just Iran nation.
  10. Israeli scientists may be close to developing a vaccine!!!!!!! https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/science/scientists-in-israel-likely-to-announce-it-developed-coronavirus-vaccine/articleshow/74592807.cms?from=mdr If so, then hail to Israel. The Israelis would save so many lives as western scientists all have said that it would take at least a year to have a vaccine for coronavirus.
  11. A slow down is more likely than a recession but it all depends how Canada can contain the spread of virus. If it infects a large number then a recession is certainly a possibility and if gloom and doom side is right and between 35% to 70% of entire population infected then a depression is also likely but for now my bet is on a slow down as I am optimist.
  12. Why not? All corovirus related case till March in Canada were travel related. Overwhelming majority of those in March as well were/are travel related. I don't understand why? It is like home isolation nobody else would catch it but this is countrywise isolation and nobody in that country will catch it if borders closed. The virus doesn't travel like a bird does but it travels within a patient's body by airplanes and enters through airports.
  13. Their own survival is the only thing they care even if they have to kill the entire Iran's population ...wait the entire world's population even. Iraq is not the only one they help what they can take from their own hungry people. They also help Syria, Lebanese terrorist groups and Palestinian terrorist groups not to mention their other few friends like China. They gifted Chinese for example with many thousands of surgical masks so that when the virus hit Iranians they didn't have much left for their own people. Young doctors and nurses are dying now due to lack of protection not to mention thousands of other Iranians while they are hiding in remote motels on the Caspian sea, Wish the virus somehow could only kill mullahs, it would have been historically recorded as Godsend!!!!!!!!!!.
  14. Not sure how factual it is but I read somewhere that this disease and likely ones before all originating from China initially started from people eating live animals. If true, then What the hell. Live like humans, practice like humans and eat like humans!!!!!.
  15. It would be much less costly than economic consequences of a serious epidemic. The problem is that politicians don't do or courageous enough to do what is right otherwise at the end f January we would have closed the borders/airports and we would not have a single infection now and likely sad prospects of tens of thousands of deaths in future.
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