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  1. Yes you did. You did not mention regimes in Iran and Syria.
  2. I am quite happy with AIRBNB and I hope they expand and grow as I am using them often when I travel and they provide good accommodation at very reasonable prices. I can see some may be unhappy with AIRBNB as they are a punch in the face of big corporations like hotel chains as they are not able to gouge the prices. I get twice the size of a hotel room and twice the comfort and at half the price. It is the big hotels gouging prices which should be banned not AIRBNB.
  3. Mullah's regime is collapsing while the nation cheers a cleric shot dead in the Iranian Western city. One less cleric, they posted. https://www.economist.com/middle-east-and-africa/2019/05/04/why-shia-clerics-are-turning-on-irans-theocracy Hoping they will collapse before the entire country is collapsed as they have done anything to destroy the country and its ancient nation.
  4. You forgot to include in your list the worse dictators the world has ever seen. Those who murder women and children, Threaten the world and rule by evil, fear and destruction. Yes Russia and China and North Korea all true but the list skipped the worst ones.
  5. It appears the US is getting serious to drive Iran regime's oil export to zero. This would be very serious for the regime which uses oil revenues to pay off its guards and its paramilitary basij mercenaries heavily to suppress its nation however, sadly it will be very painful for the Iran nation too. Is it true to say no pain and no gain but the pain may be so severe that it may cause the death of this ancient civilization in the hands of the regime as some regions with minorities may choose separation than remaining their 25 centuries ties with the Persian nation. All this because of a huge mistake by the past generation who started a revolution when the nation was prosperous with double digit annual growth and a regional superpower when the Shah was ruling.
  6. And now she is banned from returning home. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/17/sadaf-khadem-iranian-boxer-halts-return-arrest-clothing What a disgraceful regime.
  7. Iranian female boxer to be first Iranian female boxer on international stage asks Iranian females to be even more courageous and fight harder to achieve what they deserve after being declared the winner yesterday in France. Long live lion hearted Iranian females who are risking their lives to achieve freedom and equality they deserve. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/boxer-sadaf-khadem-to-break-barrier-for-iranian-women-11438838 And she was declared winner in a game against the French champion. And all these happening the same day when anther Iranian female Vida Movahedi was sentenced to jail for simply protesting the hated imposed mandatory islamic hijab. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/iran-hijab-protester-sentenced-to-a-year-in-jail-lawyer-11444246
  8. Despite extreme suppressive measures by mullah's regime Iranians flocked to Pasargad on October 29 to commemorate Cyrus the Great. Young people beaten up by mercenaries of the occupying regime and some vehicle impounded however many chose t walk across mountains t reach Pasargad as the mercenary police also had closed the roads days before. Iran’s authorities appear to have taken measures to prevent citizens from staging a gathering at the tomb of the ancient Persian king Cyrus the Great that attracted thousands of people celebrating the country’s pre-Islamic glory. Crowds of mostly young Iranians were compelled to use nearby hilltops to continue their path towards the tomb of Cyrus the Great near the ancient city of Pasargad in central province of Fars to celebrate the day unofficially marked in the Iranian calendar as Cyrus Day. Videos released on social media show them using different paths to reach the site, causing heavy traffic even on the adjacent village roads. Reports suggest that the authorities dispatched a variety of security units to Pasargad, to prevent people from entering the site. They blocked roads leading to the tomb from Sunday afternoon to limit the number of people who visit the tomb. Online footage purportedly shows concrete barriers erected on the roads leading to the area. The state security forces that were stationed at previously launched checkpoints, turned back vehicles that had come from other provinces, only permitting vehicles with local license plates (belonging to nearby cities of Fars Province) to pass through. Iranians with vehicles having license plates from other cities, such as Bandar Abbas, Yazd, and Lorestan Province are saying that authorities preventing them from heading towards Pasargad. Numerous state police and Revolutionary Guards Basij units were stationed in many areas near an exit from Shiraz leading to Pasargad, preventing people from reaching the site. Some people moved toward Pasargad by foot via detours and mountain paths. https://iran-hrm.com/index.php/2018/10/29/iran-blocks-gathering-at-tomb-of-ancient-persian-king-cyrus-the-great/ This Arab sympathizer occupying self imposed hated islamic regime is fearful of its own shadows never mind its own people. LONG LIVE PERSIAN EMPIRE. HAIL TO BRAVE IRANIAN PEOPLE.
  9. So you are claiming that women working in Turkey or other muslim states (if they are considered human to allow to work or drive or wear what they choose) are not being sexually harassed?? Or there lacks statistics because of cover ups or widespread harassment (being a normal thing and part of the job in muslim countries)?
  10. Do (some of) the churches in Turkey involve in terrorist activities against the state and population of Turkey. No I did'n"t think so. Do some mosques in the US involve in terrorist activities against the state and population. Yes I think so.
  11. Damn Hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As bad as this murder is BUT It is appalling that there is so much international uproar for a single journalist killed likely by Saudi regime whereas the world (and many posters here) are SILENT about all those hundreds of innocent journalists and environmentalists and students and workers and union leaders and women jailed and murdered in Iranian jails by Iran occupying regime of mullahs or MADE suicide in jailed or tortured to death. DAMN Hypocrisy or what?? Is this mullah's oil worth so much that the European so called democracies are prostituting themselves to mullahs and the world remain silent and blind to Iran regime atrocities?
  12. Worth is not the correct wording as on the contrary He worth shit like all other mullahs but yes he has accumulated a wealth of $300 by stealing from poor starving nation and his corrupt actions. The day of reckoning is close for all these murderous subhumans.
  13. Iranian teachers joined other workers to go on strike. https://www.rferl.org/a/struggling-to-make-ends-meet-iranian-teachers-go-on-strike/29544746.html A general strike by all deprived workers and citizens is the best way and least bloodiest way to bring down this anti-Iran murderous regime of mullahs.
  14. So the Europeans not born yet living next century are responsible for the actions of their governments prostituting themselves to mullahs' regime still trading with them and hence keeping them in power longer so that they can murder and destroy more or the current living people are responsible for these actions?
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