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  1. Amnesty International's recent report on Islamic Republic Regime in Iran. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/09/iran-detainees-flogged-sexually-abused-and-given-electric-shocks-in-gruesome-post-protest-crackdown-new-report/ Widespread torture including beatings, floggings, electric shocks, stress positions, mock executions, waterboarding, sexual violence, forced administration of chemical substances, and deprivation of medical care Hundreds subjected to grossly unfair trials on baseless national security charges Death sentences issued based on tor
  2. Typical of conservatives to make a judgement or attack based on looks and outside rather than what is inside like the size of the heart. Remember Kim Campbell's comments about Jean Chretien's so called embarrassing looks if he ever represents Canada abroad as PM? For a fault he was born with? It will backfire on you too if you attack our Prime Minister based on his looks, or dress. The latest CBC poll tracker proves my point.
  3. Very well done. I couldn't do it better myself.
  4. It shows your lack of understanding and judgmental nature. I was referring to the PROCESS of pushing a bill through the parliament using undemocratic means and I used Bill C36 as an example and not the content of Bill C36 (that is a separate debate) so no wonder you are a conservative supporter as your moral standard must rule the nation. Anyone outside your narrow religious circle is immoral and deserves punishments. The conservative supporters are provided with a golden opportunity (WE charity scandal) to hit at Liberals hard and they are making a maximum use of this opportunity while s
  5. Yes no comparison. Harper Government was much more corrupt and worse decisions being made based on what THEIR supporters desired in order to keep their votes in general elections not evidence based (like the manner in which Peter MacKay under instruction by Harper manipulated and pushed bill C36 through Parliament in 2014 in a rushed manner which jeopardizes the safety of many or laying off many people just prior to election in order to artificially balance the books). No thinking person would compare the two. I didn't. You did.
  6. I don't think conservative supporters showed much of frustrations with years of Harper abuses. They were mostly silent (and now they are out in full with tooth and nail criticizing Trudeau) as most Liberal supporters are now.
  7. It is serious and I am disappointed. I didn't expect such behavior from a Trudeau Liberal government. That said the Cons(ervatives) especially if headed by a petty dictator like MacKay is not in any way a better alternative in my view but by far worse. I still remember Harper's years of scandal after scandal and his government's manipulations and how MacKay behaved as injustice minister. This is likely why with all the controversy and yelling nothing has changed in favor of conservatives. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/poll-tracker/canada/
  8. Iran's islamic regime message to its people: If you revolt, you die The Iranian authorities are ramping up repression. They fear mass protests now more than ever. Today, Iranian people are fed up with the government's totalitarian desire to control all aspects of their lives and its apparent inability to address pressing environmental threats, such as air pollution and drought. Moreover, they are extremely dissatisfied with its bungling response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But above all, many Iranians from all walks of life are experiencing unprecedented, crippling economic hardship as
  9. Mulroney failed Canada not Quebec. If Quebec were voting for separation (Quebec said YES to Canada for a second time) then it would have been Canada which would have been broken up not Quebec. Appreciate Quebec more which by its presence in Federation makes Canada so unique and distinct. Vive Le Canada. Vive le Quebec.
  10. Yes in spite of executions, arbitrary arrests, mass intimidation, beatings, torture, and many other actions by mullah's regime of islamic republic the brave nation of Iran continues its opposition to this self imposed most hated murderous regime of subhuman mullahs and marching towards a massive uprising which would end this dreadful days of islamic republic and bring about democracy and prosperity to Iran and Iranians. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/breaking-news-protests-break-out-in-iran/30732043.html As mentioned before the nation has also taken to social media to bravely condemn b
  11. Since I witnessed how the Cons(ervatives) ruined this country during their governing years. Harper was the worse but even before that Kim Campbell, Brian Mulroney. Believe it or not I used to be a conservative supported. Back in 1988 I voted for Mulroney and his free trade which by the way was very positive for Canada and we still enjoy the fruits, however, after his failure to bring Quebec into constitution which almost destroyed this country in 1995 and Campbell's heartless comment i 1993 about the unemployed having to wait until year 2000 for jobs to appear and Harper's corruptions and righ
  12. This is the first case for Trudeau after 5 years but in Harper's case corruption cases were numerous.
  13. Who is that this country deserves in YOUR opinion. Some idiot dictator like Peter MacKay who was an injustice minister during corrupt Harper regime as Justice minister pushed the bills through Parliament, totally in undemocratic manner through deceptions and calling his own hand picked witnesses and etc.
  14. Corruption is when someone do something wrong knowingly or is proven to be involved in a wrongdoing. There is no proof that the PM himself was involved in that affair or aware of it. He is running a country during a crisis. He can't possibly know about all the details of government and his family. He need a hundred brains and eyes to do all that.
  15. You have no proof that he did this. As I said he is busy with running a country and he cannot be on the top of everything and know in details about everything done by his government or his family. You are PROVED my point that is desperate Cons wanting to make popular Prime Minister look bad!!!!
  16. This is just another conspiracy by the desperate conservatives who were fast losing support among the public to take a shot at the popularity of Trudeau government so that they cab reestablish their corrupt scandalist regime. Mistakes may have been made by Trudeau and his family however, him being busy with running a country and economy and Pandemic and everything else he can't possibly have an eye for everything which is happening around him or actions of all members of his family. He has admitted ha has made a mistake and deeply apologize for it. The Cons are after blood.
  17. I meant the passport of which country they hold. Like Canada's color of passport is different for example with green US passport and every country has its own color like a flag. Why was it so hard to understand?
  18. And high number of new immigrants into this country. More than what a country of only 30 million can absorb.
  19. Not sure why exclamation would caused such a misunderstanding but I have many posts here fiercely attacking dictatorships in Iran, Syria, Russia and China so I was shocked to see your comments. I mean what kind of person would I be if I support these murderous regime especially the ones in Iran and Syria? That is okay though as misunderstanding happens my apology too.
  20. You are using scare tactics. All economists are saying that the debt will come down next year as the pandemic related government aids this tear over 200 billion will end and economy will grow at 5.5% so where on earth do you get the 600 bil figure for next year, Already due to partial opening last month alone close to a million new jobs was created.
  21. You sure have lots of issues reading and understanding simple English. I am attacking them calling them murderous and similar words and somehow it looks like I am scared of them or apologizing for them!!!!!!!! Really weird!!!!!!
  22. You have problems reading English asking me whose side I am!!!!!!!!. Do I look like to be on the side of murderous regimes of Iran, Syria, Russia and China. If you don't understand from my posts whose side I am then go back to kindergarten!!!!.
  23. It is up to their own people not me and you to bring about change. And change will comes. Murderous regimes are diminishing. It used to be the whole world in 18th century and then Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia in 20th century and only about a dozen regimes in 21 century. Human race is evolving. The Apes are diminishing.
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