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  1. It is racist because you seem to have a problem with the non-white people to be in the position of authority in politics. It is the hard work and the size of the brain that should decide who will be in the position of authority not the skin color or race and you clearly have problem with this. There is nothing wrong with either being white or nationalist. I am nationalist too and my posts show all that but not racist because I don't reserve the power or good life for British/Europeans, That said as I have said many times we should pay a lot more attention to who we admit in. Those who are against the Western values or democratic way of life or lack respect for women and lack respect for other cultures and religions must be barred and that by itself will ban a large portion for non-British and non-Europeans nations
  2. 1 - You have very good points on immigration however, even after cutting in half we must vigorously screen out immigrants for adaptability to our Western democracy. Your past posts indicated that you wish a regional screening (for example screen out all those from Middle East or Africa), that I don't agree because we deprived many good potential citizens for something they have no control of. We have t preserve this Western democracy therefore screen out vigorously those who have no respect for our values or have no respect for women and yes that includes a large portion of Middle East and African population but not all. On immigration none of the major parties have the balls to do the right thing and cut down on numbers and improve the quality for the fear of being labelled as racist. It is however an important issue for the future and well being of this country. 2 - Allow PRIVATE health care system for those who can afford it (or wish it ) will have to pay (certain income threshold) and private doctors and clinics visiting patients at home for a charge. This way publicly funded health care would remain for those who really can't afford it and overall our very sick health system would be much improved with lots of funding and incentives to take care of our sick and elderly. on 3 and 4 I agree. On 5 I totally agree and long overdue. On 6 to 10 I don't have enough knowledge to comment. on 11, make guns totally illegal with harsh punishment for violators. Guns are for killing and I see no use for them. I do not support hunting. It is taking a life for fun. It is unacceptable. One day human race will evolve to the extend that all types of killings will be prohibited. You can be ahead of time by having this in your agenda. Let me know what party stands for all these and I will move my Liberal vote to that party.
  3. Wrong. Prostitution was legal prior to December 2014 before the Conservatives and in particular Peter MacKay screwed it all up. Only solicitation in public place like streets and being found in a bawdy house was illegal but sex for money was legal. MacKay and his idiot Cons imported failed laws from Sweden and pushed them through parliament using undemocratic tactics I described before. Since then those paying for sex will be charged as criminals and any type of communications (not limited to public places) and advertisement will be criminal too. Those selling sex are immune from prosecution as they are seen as victims and buyers charged as criminals and rapists. The worse part is that the pimps can now get away posing as so called bodyguards or drivers!!!! A one sided law where selling is legal but buying is criminal just imagine if they had same laws for illicit drugs!!!!! These are laws based on conservative ideology and NOT evidence base. The old laws was challenged and ruled unconstitutional because it endangered the lives of sex workers but the new laws pushed through by MacKay and Harper are by far worse and endanger sex workers a lot more and until it is again declared unconstitutional (in decades as it is a very long process) God knows how many more sex workers have to be assaulted raped or even murdered thanks to those who imported and pushed these laws in an undemocratic manner in 2014.
  4. The important thing is that paid sex is consensual between adults and as the former Prime Minister of Canada (and the father of current one) said well that government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.. Sex should be allowed as long as it is consensual however I do agree totally that forced prostitution, trafficking, underage prostitution and pimping must be outlawed and those responsible must be severely punished by the law but what was stupid was that MacKay did extend the ban on also consensual sex (to keep conservative voters happy) and hence seriously endangered the sex workers for reasons I stated before in new laws and pushed it through parliament using undemocratic tactics. The version they have in New Zealand is working fine and it could have been implemented in Canada too. Btw, the need for sex workers may not be limited to very bad looking men but also those handicapped, or needing extramarital affairs or unable to find female companions for any reason or businessmen too busy to look for female companion or virgin men wishing to try first time but too scared or wishing to gain experience and many other groups. Workers in NZ also regularly tested for STD when their licences are renewal hence avoiding diseases to be transmitted. Ad they are much safer in there than here because they are able to screen out bad clients and ask for references and personal info and unlike here they don't have to face criminals every day in their jobs who refuse to provide info as who they are.
  5. No, Iran is not an outcast country but a country with a very friendly welcoming nation having a rich ancient civilization of a Persian empire based on rich Zoroastrian culture of good thoughts, good deeds and good talks, but its self imposed dictatorial islamic regime is outcast who came to power in a coup in 1979 and ever since has been using the most brutal tactics against its own defenseless people, terrorizing Iran nation is indeed an outcast state. Iran has rights but its murderous regime has as much rights as the regime of Hitler in Germany had so STOP talking about rights of outcast states or you look like a fool. The US or Trump has to do more than just talk and find the balls to make the world a much safer place by removing this regime by supporting the right opposition groups like Prince Reza Pahlavi who is very popular among Iranians who are told about the golden years when his father was the shah and in power and Iran was an island of stability with strongest economy and military and a regional power under his leadership and also support the Iran nation in their struggle to rid of this vampire regime.The Europeans also must stop prostituting themselves to these outcasts as the money they get from this regime is the blood of Iran nation.
  6. That would be the final nail in the coffin of conservative party. Peter MacKay was the architect of new prostitution laws in Canada (even though he was taking instructions from Harper who wanted to preserve his ultra conservative and religious fanatic votes at any cost rather than being concerned about safety and well being of many thousands of sex workers). The manner in which he (MacKay) pushed the new laws and got them through Parliament was very deceiving and undemocratic only expected in dictatorships. The sex workers were banned from speaking (even though it was supposedly meant to protect them), and pre-selected speakers made fake presentations in support of the new laws in Parliament and the conservatives abused their majority to push it through and make them laws. He brought in laws even worse than the ones already struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada as bad laws and pushed them through parliament in a deceiving manner. The new laws are also likely unconstitutional as the issue of safety for workers was not addressed and as a result f these laws by MacKay they have to face criminals in their daily work and unable to screen out potential bad clients as their clients refuse to provide personal info or references or report those workers abused of forced thanks to his laws making them criminals. I am not debating the laws themselves. That is another big debate but rather the manner they were pushed through and the reasons
  7. This is madness. Slow it down to a third and no that is not for economical reasons as I believe there is more benefits than harm but for having this Western democratic country being swamped by so many different cultures some are which are against anything Western or democratic as our immigration system does not screen enough or screen at all. Politicians should think more about their country's interest than their own.
  8. This is an economic fundamental please educate yourself.Interest rates increases during good economic times and hit rock bottom during bad economic times. The reason, they want to fight inflation and housing explosion. When growth in the economy is too fast both accelerate and the tool to fight back and get economy back to normal engine is to raise interest rates. This is what happened past 2 year sin Canada.
  9. What a load of nonsense. Unemployment rate is down because of what happened more than 4 years ago!!!!!. over 400,000 jobs created past twelve months that is because of what happened in 2014!!!!!!! GDP of 3.7% is not booming!!!!!. Lowest unemployment in decades is not positive? I did say that interest rates was artificially raise to avoid housing explosion!!!
  10. Low inflation, lowest unemployment rate, low interest rates, rapidly growing economy overall, housing sector was too rapidly expanding but purposely slowed down to avoid explosion. I am quoting your own quote on growth only: Expressed at an annualized rate, real GDP expanded 3.7 percent in the second quarter, faster than a 0.5 percent growth in the first three months of the year and beating market forecasts of 3 percent. On jobs: Canada has added 426,400 jobs over the past 12 months, the largest one-year increase since 2007
  11. Canada"s job surge for the most recent month https://globalnews.ca/news/5864444/canada-jobs-report-august-2019/
  12. Typical Conservative campaign style of negativity and attacks rather than issues vital to Canadians like the booming economy under Liberals. And they soon forget all Harper era collection of scandals!!!!!.
  13. Indeed he is a coward and a liar. All talk and no action. Full f hot air and bluffs but no action. He has the most powerful military and use it in a positive way to make the world more secure and better for everyone but he is too coward to use it.
  14. Trump sacked Bolton. Trump is a coward and hypocrite. He is all talk and no action.
  15. Justin Trudeau will win another majority this October. The economy is doing great. There has been many sunny days in Canada past four years, the nation still remember the nightmare when Harper ruled for years and he has proven that in spite of young age he is a great politician, leader and campaigner. Harper underestimated him 4 years ago and he paid a heavy price.
  16. Exception not a rule. Besides this situation when arises only applies to middle eastern immigrants which is less than a third of total immigrants and to some not all. As I had said it many times Canada's immigration policies should change in favor of adaptability to Canadian values. If it does those type of immigrants will have a hard time qualifying. Do they have schools of their own? Universities of their own?
  17. That is not likely to happen because the children of all those foreign born will be born in Canada and effectively adapting the homegrown culture. The 3 million foreign born arrivals every decade (and ten times that are Canadian born as we speak now) will never hence put them in a majority position. Statistically very unlikely if not impossible.
  18. You problem is with foreign born in general or those immigrants who are or may be a burden on Canadian economy or a danger to Canadian culture and values? Lets clarify exactly what you stand for.
  19. Canada is a western democracy where people are treated equally before the law regardless of race , religion, gender, orientation and wealth. Where women are respected and enjoy equal rights where minorities are treated well.Where there is a freedom of choice on what to wear and what t drink and what to believe. We are trying to protect these values. Bring over people of the culture who by teaching do not believe in equality of women or respect for women or try to imposed their backward values upon people born here is endangering those values. The two people who did those deplorable acts are the ones who are a danger to Canadian values more so than the worse of immigrants. This is not what Canada stands for. Just like every democracy freedom of speech has its limits. As long as it doesn't harm any other citizen. They crossed that line and deserve punishment though I think facing criminal charges for first offense or losing their job is too much since they did not cause any bodily harm..
  20. The two main parties still neck to neck however, liberals are in slightly better position with a better chance to win even a majority than conservatives. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/poll-tracker/canada/ Still 6 weeks to election day a lot could happen.
  21. I agree. But state the facts as they are to advance your side of debate. Don't manipulate facts and figures. Facts: There are some immigrants who are a burden on our social programs not all. There is a long term net economic benefit from immigration not loss. Canadians are more prosperous now compare to the past likely due to immigration resulting in faster economic growth and GDP per capita. There are some immigrant who turn to crimes but not all and some Canadian born who also turn to crimes though percentage wise it is likely higher among immigrants (again selectivity) plays a major role). Our health and education and other social programs are overcrowded so that those born and pay taxes all their lives cannot receive the quality care when they need so we need to cut back on immigration but not stop it. There is a danger of cultural conflict as we have open the doors to those who differ in their beliefs as we stand n equality and respect for women and western style democracy so again we must become more selective and make adaptability the main criterion and cut back on immigration levels to minimize tge potential for future conflict.
  22. Those people are among those born here too and not limited to some immigrants. Percentage wise it is likely higher among new immigrants because they need time to adjust, learn the language for some and acquired skills to make it in the new land. But yes as I have said again and again we have to be more selective not totally ban immigration. I see hard working immigrants in my every day life who are also tax payers so painting all immigrant with the same brush saying that they don't pay taxes and demand government to raise yours is a BIG LIE.
  23. Do not make idiotic comments out of total ignorance. I was referring to the sending to exile action of post revolutionary Russia in response to someone who was suggesting sending new arrivals to northern cold areas and remote areas not the mass murder committed by the regime. Go back to high school and learn how to read and understand and learn how to properly debate topics without making personal attacks.
  24. Select the right people based on adaptability, education and assets not location who in long term will not contribute. Not 300,000 are there 100,000 jobs in areas where 2% of population lives? Because that is not what I said. I said if we don't give an equal right of choice on where to live to new immigrants then they become second class citizens.
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