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  1. It is not that much of burden to donate a little bit to less fortunate. I don't mind being asked for donation at the cash out. After all I have $200 worth of grocery for myself and $5 is not going to kill me but may result in one person having one less night of hunger. That said what I don't like are those charities which I am donating on a monthly basis a fix amount I have agreed to, but in the middle of the month and sometimes more often, I receive emails or letters asking for even more and more donations for various reasons on the top of the monthly donation that we had agreed.
  2. Anti-Islamic regime demonstrations spread to Tehran and major Iranian cities as brave crowd loudly wishing the death of islamic clergy in power. https://www.intellinews.com/iran-protests-spread-to-tehran-and-tabriz-216493/ Ahead of next week’s inauguration of hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi (A mass executioner known as the butcher of islamic republic)) as Iran’s next president, there is a level of rising discontent in the country—over issues including water and power shortages, the fact that Raisi’s path to power was cleared by the disqualifying of top moderate candidates, high unemployment and inflation, decimated pensions, low wages in Iran’s energy industry that have prompted several-months-long labour disruption and widespread dissatisfaction amoung businesses and the population at how the coronavirus outbreak has been addressed—to potentially create tinderbox-like conditions. At the Tehran protest, people are seen in videos posted on Telegram Messenger outside malls and the British Embassy on Jumhouri Street chanting “Bury the mullahs!”, “Clerics get lost!” and “Neither Gaza, nor Lebanon, my life for Iran.” Again, however, it was not possible to verify the circulating footage. Other unconfirmed videos on social networks apparently showed people targeting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with chants including “Death to the dictator"
  3. I agree with you that for the home owners it may appear as prosperity but even that is fictitious as their home value has gone up artificially and can come down back again any time. Home is not a kind of equity like cash in savings account that one can use to have prosperous life like travelling, buying furniture, appliances, eat in expensive restaurants, etc, unless they wish yo borrow against home equity and spend but as i said that brings over only fictitious prosperity as loans have to be paid back and when the crash comes then they will be in big trouble.
  4. Protests erupt in Iran again as murderous islamic regime uses live ammunition to shoot peaceful demonstrators to death for demanding the right to clean water. https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/water-crisis-protests-continue-iran-with-chants-capital-reports-2021-07-20/ Activists called for demonstrations to support the Khuzestan protesters and videos surfaced late Tuesday and early Wednesday showing women chanting "Down with the Islamic Republic" at a Tehran metro station. demonstrators chanted "Reza Shah, bless your soul" in a video,referring to the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty which was overthrown by the 1979 Islamic coup. The imposed islamic republic consists of thousands of murderous islamic clergy and their paid thugs and murderous security forces and has been in power in Iran after a coup in 1979 and ever since has done nothing but complete destruction of Iran, and remained in power by resorting to mass executions, mass imprisonment, severe crackdown on opponents and shutting down of all news media and political parties and mass murder by islamic security forces against defenseless nation while the world chose silence and remained powerless.
  5. The housing prices in major Canadian cities have skyrocketed absolutely crazy so that a single incomer even with highest education and years of work experience cannot afford to buy even a small house. This is hardly real prosperity but fictitious prosperity.
  6. No it will be your constant lies and spread of false rumors that will cause millions of deaths in vaccine hesitant population in the next months and years and people like you will be responsible for these unnecessary deaths by pitting fictitious fears in their hearts by these false baseless claims. I will take the third jab as soon as they are available and I am eligible that they will be adjusted for mutated variants that people like you created.
  7. No I don't have the power to jail people who cause harm (including the use of capital punishment on those who harm women and children and mass murderers), or make vaccine mandatory but I do have the power to refuse an unvaccinated server in a restaurant or bank or house cleaner or repairer or mover (I will ask) or boycott a business I deal with if its employees who serve me are not fully vaccinated and disobey precautions or wearing mask any future lockdowns which based on all currently available data and scientific evidence will be caused by unvaccinated people. This is likely the best way to push those people who refuse the jab if enough of us do this as I am sure they will take the right step when they face losing their jobs and businesses. They are the cause that we would be losing our jobs and businesses in future pandemics after all. When governments are not doing their jobs by making vaccines mandatory or issue vaccine certificates without which unvaccinated people will be refused service, business, travel, entry to a public place then we need to step in and do the job for them. Boycott those who refuse vaccines.
  8. The woman also baselessly claimed the compound would cause an inflammatory immune reaction called a cytokine storm in people who got the vaccine In reality, there’s no graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine, according to the ingredient list and Kit Longley, senior manager of science media relations at Pfizer. There’s also no evidence to suggest the Pfizer vaccine would cause a cytokine storm, Longley said. The coronavirus itself, however, has caused this type of immune response in some patients. Chemical and medical experts who are not associated with Pfizer confirmed to The Associated Press that there is no way graphene oxide would be found in the vaccine. https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-does-not-contain-graphene-oxide-experts-say.html Those who are spreading rumors like the woman in the link in social media causing vaccine hesitancy should be jailed and keys thrown away for causing serious harm and deaths,
  9. Scientific evidence about what? Scientific evidence that covid has killed millions or are you claiming that covid is hoax like your friend taxman do? Scientific evidence that vaccines are effective?? There is so much data that in highly vaccinated population rate of hospitalization and death from covid has come down significantly. Scientific evedence about it safety? There are tens of thousands of data over many months that few side effects and no death. A death in a million was reported in mass vaccination. I have had it with illogical unscientific comments. I am done with this thread.
  10. My response was clearly about the safety of vaccines. I suggest you read my post again. Because everybody who dies after receiving vaccines, their family will be crying fool and demand millions of dollars in compensation even though overwhelming majority of them would have died anyways of natural causes but many relatives would be suing vaccine manufacturing companies and they may have to pay billions in compensation and they go bankrupt so no one dares to do research and manufacture vaccines and save lives in future anymore. Deaths directly related to vaccines are very very rare and the risk is by far far less than covid virus. People would have still bought tickets to fly even without compensation. So how did you expect them to travel between continents? Walk? Drive or riding horses? But that is a totally unrelated example. In case of plane crash it is clear that the death is caused by a crash so people who fly a plane but die a month later of say heart attack cannot sue the airline company. In the case of vaccines there is NO CLEAR line. Anyone dying of anything after receiving vaccines can claim that it was the vaccine which killed them and demand billions. You are using totally bad analogy and sadly you are not even aware of it yourself. I told you, freedom and right to choose in the past have caused sufferings and many death. For the same reason that we banned drunk driving and smoking in public places after millions of innocents died from them. YOUR RIGHTS END WHEN YOU INFRINGE UPON OTHER PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO SAFETY ANF GOOD HEALTH. You have no right to become a carrier of the virus and a factory for its mutation and then present yourself in public places and breath or cough in the same air and then infect others and kill some because you feel it is your right to refuse vaccines. There is no compromise. People who refuse vaccines must have a lot of restrictions placed in front of them for the sake of health and safety of others. because they become a carrier of the virus and a factory for mutation of the virus. For the same reason that we banned drunk driving and smoking in the public we should restrict unvaccinated people in sensitive public places like health organizations, schools, long term or elderly care facilities and places where vulnerable people may be.
  12. Not taking the vaccine is a bold step not taking it. 99% of new covid infections will be among unvaccinated people and close to 100% of deaths too. The vaccines have been tested on tens of thousands of people over months going through all necessary 3 phases and so far more than 7 months into mass vaccination, there has been less than one in a million death due to vaccination but millions of covid related deaths, All scientific data proven effectiveness of the vaccines. THE SCIENCE IS CLEAR. VACCINES ARE BOTH SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. There will be always very rare exceptions and that is why no financial compensation can be provided. You may also be struck by lightening but you chances of getting killed by a car accident id by far more than being killed by a vaccine. The future pandemic will be among unvaccinated population and it is possible that the virus may mutate in unvaccinated people and then vaccines become ineffective and then vaccinated people start dying too but for now that is just a theory but if it happens it will be unvaccinated people responsible for virus mutation and killing the vaccinated people. So much for their right to choose. Choosing to kill others like smoking in public which was considered as freedom of choice until many innocent bystanders started dying for law makers to take note. One was my secretary who never smoked but died of lung cancer because her husband was a smoker. Vaccines have better our lives and our health and lengthen our life span by decades. Remember polio, smallpox, plague or black death or cholera killing hundreds of millions. Well they are history now thanks to vaccines and covid will be history too but unfortunately after many more millions die and all because some people abusing the right to choose.
  13. The argument presented is invalid because it doesn't consider the right of the majority to life and safety and jobs and normal life. Our side of argument is that THOSE WHO REFUSE VACCINES WILL JEOPARDIZE OUR LIVES BECAUSE THEY BREATH THE SAME AIR. Their right to choose ends when they endanger the lives of OTHERS, the majority. They must be banned from leaving their homes if they exercise their given right to refuse vaccines. As for long term side effects of vaccines IT IS VERY RARE but consider the fact that long term effects of covid on those who caught it or will catch it will be by far more devastating on lungs, hearts, kidneys and livers. The pandemic has been devastating for everyone. We were promised that it will all end. The governments told us take it for a few more months for vaccination to complete and obey lockdown rules and we did. Now we will soon reach the stage that everyone who chooses to have the vaccine will have it. NO MORE BLOODY LOCKDOWNS. I WILL DISOBEY ANY MORE LOCKDOWNS. I am vaccinated and I will be safe. I may be asymptomatic which means I may carry the virus but won't feel sick because I made the right choice. The future pandemic will be among unvaccinated people. It will be unvaccinated pandemic. None of my concern or business. THE SURGING CASES IN US IS 99.1 PERCENT AMONG UNVACCINATED PEOPLE AND IT MAY BE SAME IN THE FALL IN CANADA. Those 20% who chose to refuse and they will get sick and some may die but THAT WAS THEIR CHOICE. i WILL REFUSE ANY LOCKDOWN (which if we have it again in the fall it is because of those 20% refusing vaccines now) PREVENTING ME FROM DOING WHAT I NORMALLY DO. I WIILL REFUSE WEARING MASKS AND LOCKDOWNS. ENOUGH WITH PROMISES. WE HAVE BE PATIENT ENOUGH. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
  14. So according to this madman some 80% of Canada's population will die from serious injury due to vaccination within two years. No wait it will be 80% of world population. End of the world is coming. I always thought according to fictitious movies that it would be super flu or alien takeover from other planets or sun explosion but vaccines ending the world!!!! Taxman just made a new movie of that? No limit to madness, Seriously.
  15. Dream on. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/poll-tracker/canada/
  16. 80% of Canadian adults who have chosen to take the vaccines are dummies? No you are the only stupid one taking your chances with a very dangerous virus which has killed 5 million people already and many of other 200 million who were infected will have damage to their body and organs permanently. All statistics and data available point to the effectiveness of the vaccines but blind people cannot see facts. https://www.publichealthontario.ca/-/media/documents/ncov/epi/covid-19-epi-confirmed-cases-post-vaccination.pdf?la=en
  17. The world population was under 2 billion in 1918 and 25 million died as a result of pandemic and a large portion of population got it so that herd immunity was established and it ended however, now with all the lockdowns we have had less than 5% infected a far cry from 70% needed to end pandemic. Also you didn't get my point. The longer pandemic takes the more the damn virus has opportunity to mutate and the less effective vaccines become. I am not spreading fear I am trying to clarify the importance of getting vaccinated for those who for no reason refuse and become a danger to all of us. And yes we can force people to get vaccinated because there are a danger to everyone. It is like drunk driving or smoking in public places. Some people still don't understand why we banned them many years ago as some people claimed violation of their freedom of choice. Well NOT if your choice is endangering my life and other people's lives.
  18. Yes I understand the point. We live in democracy and no one should be tied to a chair and forced a vaccine in his or her arm but what I don't understand is why the paranoia against vaccination is there at the first place. We are a nation of progressive thinking people mostly educated and still about 20% of eligible population have fully refused vaccines. In other countries they purposely go out without a mask to protest vaccination!!!! What the hell is going in their mind WHEN ALL EXISTING DATA AND EVIDENCE IS SUGGESTING THAT VACCINES ARE SAVING, HAVE SAVED AND WILL BE SAVING MANY MILLIONS OF LIVES!!!!!!!! Canada is on its way to a fourth wave of COVID-19, according to one expert, but he said it will look very different depending on your vaccination status. According to Dr. Colin Furness, an infection control epidemiologist and assistant professor at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, there will be a stark divide between those who are fully or partially vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated. We're going to have a fourth wave in the fall. I think that's pretty clear," Furness told Narcity via Zoom. "But the fourth wave will be driven by and suffered by unvaccinated people, millions of them." Furness said it will be "rare" for a fully vaccinated person to end up in the ICU, and the numbers suggest it will be rare to even catch COVID-19 at all. According to data from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated Canadians make up approximately 0.5% of all reported COVID-19 cases since the vaccine rollout began. Additionally, only 0.2% of Canadians who received a single dose of a COVID-19 vaccine reported a COVID-19 case after the fact. So while fully vaccinated Canadians can relax a bit, Furness said caution is still required — especially in environments like large indoor gatherings.My message to anybody who's been vaccinated is you still want to be careful," he explained. "You don't want to expose yourself to COVID. You just don't want to do that." What's the risk of being unvaccinated? Furness cautioned that the risk of COVID-19 is much higher this summer than it was last summer for unvaccinated people, largely due to more dangerous strains of COVID-19. "The Delta variant, for example, is about 50 or 60% more transmissible than [the Alpha variant, which is] 50 or 60% more transmissible than the original strain," Furness said. "So you're more than twice as likely to get infected in a given situation." "Millions" of Canadians are still unvaccinated, Furness said, though he expects the number to go down as the risk becomes more and more evident for those without protection from COVID-19. https://www.narcity.com/canadas-fourth-wave-will-look-different-depending-on-vaccination-status-expert-says And I can attach many thousands more links. THE FACT REMAINS THOSE WHO REFUSE VACCINATION WILL BE SPREADING THE VIRUS TO INNOCENT BYSTANDERS WHO ARE VACCINATED AND MAKE THEM SICK AND MUCH WORSE CAUSE VACCINE RESISTANCE MUTATIONS AND CAUSE THEM DEATH AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY CAUSE THE DEATH OF THOSE WHO FOR HEALTH REASONS CANNOT TAKE VACCINES, VERY SAD AND A VERY HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR THIS SO CALLED FREEDOM OF CHOICE THEN HOW ABOUT OUR FREEDOM TO STAY ALIVE, NOT GET SICK WHILE HAVING TO BREATH SAME AIR AS UNVACCINATED VIRUS CARRIERS OR GET THE ECONOMY BACK TO ITS FEET AND GET OUR JOBS AND NORMAL LIFE BACK. VERY VERY SELFISH OF THOSE WHO OUT OF PURE PARANOIA WOULD REFUSE VACCINAIONS!!!! THE GOVERNMENTS MUSH FIND THE BALLS AND DO THE RIGHT THING AND MAKE VACCINES MANDATORY FOR THOSE WHO CAN.
  19. The damn virus keep mutating because there are many people in the world who are not vaccinated. Vaccines we have now may become ineffective against future mutations and on the top of that future mutations can be much more transmittable and deadlier. For those who believe falsely that their rights or civil liberties have been effected then how about the right of the majority who wish life to return to normal and get their business open up or their jobs back and more importantly stay alive because some people for no reason at all out of stubbornness wish to refuse vaccines? As Army Guy said none of our rights are guaranteed in stone, and they can be suspended or canceled by the government at any time. However, we need to have a government with balls to do the right thing and make vaccination mandatory for everyone over 12 here and abroad and evidently we don't have such government here at home and just few abroad.
  20. While over 600,000 Americans have died from Covid already, the Republicans are cheering those who refuse vaccinations . New cases already in sharp rise in Republican dominated state like Missouri and Republican politicians are cheering!!! Now they have the right to kill themselves if they choose but the fact is that this is not going to end there. They are our big neighbor to the South and by refusing vaccines they spread the virus especially allow the virus to mutate and spread to North and mutated form is often vaccine resistance. In other word, they take us to grave with them and with their stupidity.
  21. Please guys this thread is about the birth of best country in the world, Canada. It is about respect, equality, prosperity, love of family and neighbor, freedom and justice and respect and equality of women.
  22. Listen I have nothing against people of white skin. I have myself the whitest possible skin on the planet though I agree referring to skin color as trash is racism however, my post was clear it was the evil acts and not skin color the word trash was referring to.
  23. Eastern European gang related crimes, their involvement in human trafficking and drug trafficking and forced prostitution is a fiction? I think you live in a fictitious world of your own. I have no problem with strict control on who enters Canada including banning individuals who may have been involved in crimes. But we cannot ban the entire nation because some percentage of them are involved in crime. Btw, US presidents have been assassinated too. Do we ban immigrants from the US.
  24. It is incredible how you distort what i said. I called those gangsters from Russia, Eastern Europe and Bosnia who are involved in worse crimes like drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder, prostitution and pimping as white trash and yes any black person or colored person who is involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking, forcing prostitution and pimping as black or colored trash as well. The trash referred to whoever commits evil acts not skin color but you knew it anyway.
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