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  1. In a sham undemocratic election for which the lowest turnout in the history of hated islamic republic reported even by the lying deceitful regime hardliners took control of a sinking regime. https://www.arabnews.com/node/1632021 Iran is experiencing a tumultuous plunge in living standards, combined with soaring prices for basic goods. During 2019 alone, the economy contracted by 9.5 percent, while inflation was estimated at 40 percent. This regime prefers to see citizens starve before even considering meaningful cuts to its bankrolling of overseas terrorism and paramilitary operations, which amount to several billion dollars every year. Indeed, financial data quoted in the currently circulating draft budget is widely assessed to be wholly disconnected from the unremittingly dire state of the regime’s finances. Widespread public disillusionment with the corrupt, incompetent leadership was recently compounded by the regime’s botched attempt to cover up the shooting down of a civilian plane packed with its own citizens. The regime has also clumsily sought to cover up a major outbreak of coronavirus, which is already causing multiple deaths, with Iran rapidly becoming the most critical vector for the epidemic outside of China. The ruthless suppression of continuous bouts of uprisings has already cost hundreds of lives. For Iranians themselves, this farcical vote abandoned all pretenses of democracy and accountability. With domestic disenchantment worsening by the day, perhaps the radicalizing consequences of these elections represent a moment of divorce between the regime and its citizenry, which are moving in fundamentally different directions. Islamic Republic is a sinking ship. Those collaborating with this murderous regime or supporting it in any way will be sinking with it and drawn in the sea of anger by Iran nation.
  2. Donald Trump wins Iran's election!!!! https://nypost.com/2020/02/21/the-winner-of-irans-latest-election-donald-j-trump/ Iran’s “supreme leader,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared it the “religious and patriotic duty” of people to vote in Friday’s elections, demanding a high turnout to strike a victory over “US propaganda” that seeks “to create a division between the Islamic establishment and the people.” Oops: Looks like this is another election President Trump won. The regime may report otherwise, but all independent accounts show that Khamenei’s call — and others, like a top presidential adviser’s warning that low turnout would “please Iran’s enemies” — went over like a lead balloon. Citizen journalists tweeted pictures and videos of empty polling booths Friday; London-based news site Middle East Eye reported that government data showed only “a fifth of registered voters” showing up to cast their ballots. A correspondent for the UK paper The Independent saw “only relatively small crowds,” commenting on a “subdued and somber” mood among Iranians. It surely didn’t help that the Khamenei-controlled Council of Guardians kicked 9,000 moderate and reformist candidates off the ballot. That was apparently the only way to ensure the new Parliament didn’t back negotiations to end US sanctions over the regime’s push to build nuclear weapons. Of course, no election can change the Islamic dictatorship’s power structure — Khamenei, the unelected religious leader, ultimately pulls the strings no matter what. But this public show of no confidence may bring Iran closer to the day when the regime finally falls.
  3. Polling stations deserted on the sham parliamentary election day https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/21/nothing-will-change-apathy-and-a-lack-of-queues-on-election-day-in-iran http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2020/02/22/Videos-images-of-Iran-polling-stations-show-low-voter-turnout.html as the regime of mullahs kept spread of Coronavirus hidden for long time endangering the nation of Iran and the whole world. https://irannewsupdate.com/news/socially/6880-iran-covered-up-coronavirus-to-boost-election-turnout.html enthusiasm for the parliamentary elections is likely to be the exception. By mid-afternoon there was just a smattering of people queuing to vote by the same mosque, while the nearby Tajrish bazaar was, in contrast, teeming. The mosque itself, too, seemed more attractive to mid-afternoon visitors than the chance to vote.Some people recalled the queue at the same polling booth in the equivalent election five years ago snaking back half a kilometre. At 3pm, the head of National Election Headquarters, Jamal Orfi, said around 11m votes had been cast up until then. This constitutes slightly less than 20% of all eligible voters.At 3pm, the head of National Election Headquarters, Jamal Orfi, said around 11m votes had been cast up until then. This constitutes slightly less than 20% of all eligible voters. Walking in the park with her husband and mother, a woman who gave her name as Mina said: “There is no ‘we’ in Iran There is just ‘they’, the government, the 95%. We don’t exist as a voice. Why should we participate in an election for which nothing will change?” Bijan, a 54-year-old restauranter from Neyshabur, says he comes to the park to soothe his anger about politics. “But every step I make I get more disappointed because our fathers made a huge mistake by starting the revolution of 1979. Why should we vote? I voted during the period of [former president] Khatami, but it seemed for no purpose. The mullahs may wear soft sandals, but they use them to suppress and kick us.” Mariam, 35, a fitness instructor, said: “We have lost our freedom of expression, thought and voice. Five years ago with the money I earned I could afford two holidays abroad and now it is none.” Asked about her view on the reformists, she answered: “Excuse me? What are they reforming? If you protest in this country you are shot, and they will not even tell you how many they have killed.”
  4. Popular pop star demands change and brings hope to a nation taken hostage the Iran regime. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/02/10/googoosh-iran-voice-of-hope/?arc404=true
  5. 76% of Canadians want more sanctions on Iran regime. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/poll-in-canada-shows-76-percent-support-more-sanctions-on-iran/30422742.html
  6. Iran regime police targeting hijabless mannequins!!!!!!!!!!!! https://en.radiofarda.com/a/iran-police-targeting-indecently-dressed-mannequins-in-shop-windows/30423021.html
  7. Long prison sentences for defying to wear the forced hated imposed islamic hijab by islamic republic court. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/iran-court-upholds-long-prison-sentences-of-anti-hijab-women-activists/30420949.html
  8. It is completely the reverse of what you say. The religion has all those rules but choices made by some (educated) individuals not to practice the rules or obey by it. Like divorce in Christianity strictly forbidden and now we have a situation where most of marriages in Christian countries ends up in divorce. Ask them the religion if they are not committed to a religion or strictly practicing or fanatic about the rules or believing in them they would answer no religion.
  9. The last thing I am is religious or worse fanatic. I am also as per my posts a very strong Liberal supporter. Though I am also a very reasonable person while I believe in total Women's rights, freedom of choice and equality and very hard campaigning for all them especially in regions where a certain religion suppresses them however, it is not part of a women's right to control the life and death of an entity which is no longer a part of her body. This is scientifically proven that in the last 3 months of a women's pregnancy the fetus is now a baby with a heart beat and a separate entity than a women;s body. It is NOT a women's right to kill a baby just because it happens to be in her body anymore than it is her right to kill that baby after she was born.
  10. No abortion should be allowed only when it is a fetus which scientifically proven to be the first few months and must NOT be allowed the last 3 months of pregnancy. It is a women's choice up to a point. If the women cannot make up her mind till the final 3 months when the fetus is a living baby with heartbeat then it is not her body anymore to have a control over. It is a separate entity in her body and someone else's body and life. Her baby.
  11. I agree with this but there has been also good immigrants from Middle East so we can't imposed a regional ban from that region without probing further.
  12. The religion being practiced by applicant should be added to the questionnaire. Those religion(s) forcing women what to wear, marry at 9 years, inherit less than half, allows a man have more than one wife ...... if anyone commits alliance in writing should be screened out of the immigration system.
  13. Those who come here and find the values and culture uncomfortable go back home. Simple and easy.
  14. Criticism yes insulting no. His policies may be criticized though personal attacks on him are insulting.
  15. I told you that seeing the (misleading) title is no option but reading the OP is that most people won't exercise that option and only see the misleading title which is intended in an unfair manner to offend Mr. Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau is a democratically ELECTED leader of this great country called Canada. He is not one who came to power in a coup or stays in power by hired thugs. By insulting the elected leader of Canada you and others who follow this route are in fact insulting all Canadians.
  16. My comment was with reference to the TITLE not the comments made within OP and I stand by my original comments. Most people only see the title without reading the related OP as we can't help not seeing it as we have no option but we do have the option not to read the OP.
  17. I agree with you and it is a very sour fact I have to painfully swallow. The fact that Trump has indicated he is ready to negotiate with this brutal regime (and at the same time he calls them murderous so he is fully aware of atrocities this regime is committing against Iranian people) is evidence to this fact. As fr change from within it is already established that this regime is not reformable. Any real change would mean this islamic republic must go to the garbage bag of the history. However, the change may mean a lot of bloodshed at current state as we both agree this regime is bloodthirsty and prepares to murder the entire population for its survival. I am not sure the change will come at less cost or there will be less bloodshed than a full scale foreign invasion. So I cannot agree that foreign intervention would be more costly than a revolution. My only hope is that if the sanctions continue and tightened and Europe Joins the US (for their own interests of course) and the regime runs out of money to pay its thugs and the economy dives further and faster then a general strike and massive uprising will follow and the regime security forces would refuse to open fire on the masses (their own brothers and sisters) to save a corrupt bankrupt unpopular regime and hence with little bloodshed a change may come. This is the scenario that the regime is very aware of and as why they react at the start of any protest and shut down the internet immediately to prevent it from fast gathering momentum. Again and again but all that is needed is ONE time success for the good over evil.
  18. A few corrections are warranted here with all due respect. 1 - eyeball comments quoted below is clearly about the admission of guilt not apology. 2 - It was Reagan not Senior Bush and he apologized in 1988 a few days after the tragedy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1988/07/06/reagan-apologized-to-iran-for-downing-of-jetliner/9523c6dc-a244-4b3b-90e9-054168d98c79/ 3 - Why it is so difficult to see the very clear distinction? The US shot down a plane full of another country's citizens very likely by mistake as there was no gain for the US in that tragedy. BUT the Iran murderous islamic regime shot down a plane full of its OWN citizens and at this point in time I cannot prove that it was totally intentional because they refuse to hand over the black box or release communications that took place between the revolutionary thugs at the time. Why is that they did not close Iran's airspace as any country would do during the war or heighten tension?? Because it was part of their plan. Using their own citizens as human shield is only expected of regimes like islamic republic or Assad of Syria they deserve each other. 4 _Iranian citizens are being targeted by both evil sides and they are the only victims. On one hand Iran regime's thugs targeting their hearts and heads and kill hundreds of them or shoot down the plane full of Iranians and on the other the US president announces support for them but prevents them from entering the US.
  19. That is NOT true. The US admitted shooting down the plane by mistake immediately not 8 years after. So in your view murdering 176 people in a plane is a screwup? They only admitted to it after overwhelming satellite and video evidence. May I also remind you they went after and arrested the Iran citizen who took the video and put it on social media. And they are refusing to send the black box overseas!!!! Why? It is a mass murder and when it is finally discovered that the regime shot down the plane ON PURPOSE so that to blame it on American attack, then it is a mass murder and Iran leaders must face international justice. The US attack which never came and screwed up their plan so you may call this latter case as screw up not a mass murder that this islamic regime keep committing (like targeting and shooting to death over 400 women and children and over a 1000 defenseless unarmed protesters last November and many similar massacres before daring back to 1978 (burning alive over 400 people in Cinema Rex at Abadan). How can anyone as a human being try to minimize violent crimes committed by this murderous regime?
  20. Immigration program is not a charity program. It is supposed to allow in people ALREADY highly educated or those with enough assets to open up new businesses and benefit Canadians. However, by far more important criteria the program is currently lacking is to keep out those who do not believe in Canadian values like respect for women's choice and their equality and respect for other religions and cultures.
  21. I agree. This is one case that I agree with a regional ban. Stop travelers from China and any other infected country till it is more clear what is going on.
  22. I agree with you. I was skeptical about the topic (screening terrorists in interviews) and I didn't think it was serious. There is no way anyone can determine if someone is a terrorist by asking questions. However, my questions may keep some who in my book are undesirables out but not terrorists.
  23. For that I need a NO test (do you have any kind of STD)!!!!!!!!. Both tests however are designed to keep out the harmful.
  24. Trudeau was not in the UN to vote. Canada's representative did and that is how it always worked and still work for all countries. Trudeau is an elected Prime Minister of Canada. He is not some dictator who came to power by a military coup or an unelected murderer trying to preserve his regime by manipulation, intimidation, jail and and killing its own citizens. It is insulting to all Canadians to call Trudeau a dictator as many have tried to do.
  25. Smoking pot is not a sign for terrorism but if it was up to me I wouldn't allow pot smokers around myself.
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