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  1. O'Leary isn't a populist and has voiced concerns about Trump. He won't be the one to to carry ascendant Populism to Canada. The Reform Party in the 90s could have been a major force but the country just wasn't ready for them yet. There needs to be a strong messenger for a movement to work and be successful.
  2. I would think that too, but BC just isn't Alberta. I would hope it's just an issue of poor leaders and their "leadership".
  3. Like it a lot, personally. Status Updates are overrated.
  4. Yeah, I can't see how the NDP will lose this election, even though they have had the ball snatched away at the last moment before. Part of me will miss Clark because she had a certain style that was appealing, but her government probably needs to go and almost certainly will.
  5. I guarantee you it will get worse. If you keep importing immigrants, people will get increasingly angry, and we'll have a Donald Trump.
  6. I wish we could become a unitary country myself.
  7. Translation services in Chinese, as this is an English (and French in Quebec) speaking country, right? The problem with multiculturalism when you have the constant pipeline of immigrants that we do, is that it becomes uniculturalism fairly quickly the more move into an area.
  8. The Liberals are unwilling to face the gigantic elephant in the room, which is the promised benefits to our rapidly aging baby boomers, but they have instead created a pyramid scheme where they will rely on ever increasing levels of immigration to ensure these benefits. They are playing politics with peoples lives, and they know it. Also, it's worth pointing out that the 500,000 new immigrants per annum translates into most of said immigrants voting Liberal, allowing them to pick up the "Natural Governing Party" mantle. If it weren't so short sighted and dangerous, I might say it's a brilliant scheme. But hey, no need for the long face, at least we get some good ethnic food while our housing prices rise and our wages fall!
  9. I'm sure they can speak English, but it's the quality of English that is the question for me.
  10. I know, and that's why I support your idea. I'm saying that it isn't fair for it to be equal as things stand currently. And New Brunswick would be English, as the Francophone population there has been declining and it isn't close to a majority. Perhaps something special could perhaps be worked out for them, though.
  11. Definitely a good idea, and one that I would support wholeheartedly. French is a dying language in Canada, so it should be treated as such - with respect, and official in the jurisdiction that contains the most French speakers, but no need to treat it like it's equal with English, because it isn't.
  12. This entire situation is an example of how dearly we are paying for Nixon and Trudeau's disastrous decision to open relations with China. After the Sino-Soviet split there was a massive opportunity to isolate & destroy the 2nd largest Communist power on earth and the West pissed it away. The PRC should have never been recognized or given the ROC's UNSC seat, and we should have established a cohesive strategy to isolate them economically & diplomatically. All of East Asia, let alone us in Canada, is being threatened by Chinese expansionist policies because we messed up.
  13. Our governments seem content with enabling the Chinese ascension at the cost of Canadian economic interests and our future autonomy. That is extremely disconcerting. Since China is currently setting our immigration policy, perhaps in the near future they may want a hand in setting our educational policy. I mean, a good bit of BC is essentially a Chinese majority..
  14. Over/under on Hillary not seeking a second term in 2020, setting up an extremely competitive battle between the old establishment Democrats, and the new progressive Berniecrats?
  15. The latter. Multi-party gerrymanders are very challenging and wouldn't benefit those doing it.
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