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  1. 1 by compromise to get support. 2 working with reformation of voting system in parliament, which a mp should vote on her or his conscience. 3 US is not perfect but great, which means they still play leadership globally in almost all aspects, and our Canada is really living in their leadership.
  2. If you are a conservative, I hope you make a contribution to the reformation of Canadian senate for improving the representation of provinces and territories in federal politics.
  3. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/cartoons/cartoons_of_the_week/ Could Cruz separate them? ​ ​
  4. Both are needed but not enough. The direct election of PM itself is thought as a process to form new common sense of Canada, and no other political process can replace. All special interests are important for each of them represents a part of Canada, no matter how small, they should have their platform for their proper sounds, which is my idea of republic. ​
  5. Your solution is backward, and weakens the strength of political leadership. My main concern is on leadership, which should be well balaced between accountability and strength. My solution would increase both the accountability and the strength, and rise the balance of them to a higher level.
  6. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/ Trump still seems unbeatable on poll numbers in GOP.​ ​
  7. I believe Rubio is the forth strength runner of all candidates. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/ On my reasons of poll numbers plus potential, the top 5 runners are: Cruz, Clinton​, Trump, Rubio, and Sander. ​ ​
  8. Your opionion is reasonable. Anyway, GOP would have a hard time to choose one from multiple untraditional choices. 1 Trump, is too strong to keep stable. 2 Cruz, is very conservative. 3 Any one of others, their poll numbers are very low. Trump is a very hard test for them, they would choose any others but only after passing this test. As I reasoned above, Cruz would be the only choice who could help GOP pass the test of Trump somewhat easily, or GOP may be risk of losing a mass of voters. And also, tea party is a very big factor which farther limits the choices of GOP.
  9. I know. But in some degree, he also expressed some sounds about real concerns, which usually is not well expressed. To his present success, he just needs a mild refining. I know it is very hard for him, but worth to try for it is the only way to be success continuously.
  10. Your situation was very awkward. I hope our Canadian political system provides more choices for us.
  11. Trump would be at better position if he had refined his language.
  12. Now, the voters know Clinton much more than they know Cruz. But as both of them confront each other directly in future, Cruz's strength will be known fast.
  13. Cruz is a strategic and fast learner. He could learn from both of them and win them.
  14. Not more people, but greater leadership and then contributions on topics. Government system in China is much worse.
  15. Which one plays a leadership greater than US does globally in any area in long run? So all of them are not successful as US is.
  16. It is far behind US on real leadership nationally, internationally in all major areas. Just thinking this way: US system has the ability to replace UK system internationally and replaced it, but Canada system has not.
  17. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/2016_republican_presidential_nomination-3823.html New high Cruz, nationally. ​ ​
  18. 15 Citizen Community Globally, Political Philosophy for Human Future By Exegesisme 1 I just reflected the possible foreign policy of US tea party, for it might take more power of US in future. 2 basically its goals are lower debts and lower taxes. 3 positive and effective foreign policy on these two goals could only be citizen community globally. 4 by the phrase citizen community globally, I mean US successful private citizens would play larger role internationally, and US foreign policy would at least encourage this tendency to partially replace the function of governmental foreign relationship. 5 the tendency of citizen community globally would be a strong force for global peace, for the private citizens do not have the power to use troop for their goals. 6 as an example, maybe an US entrepreneur would teach entrepreneurs of other nations how to deal with the relationships with their governments, and force the change of government with more rational and prepared power. 7 this is a good way of more peaceful, more effective, and less expensive for a good national and international order. 8 I believe there are few US entrepreneurs having been preparing to get job done this way. 9 if US politics develops along the way, it would be benefits both to US and the whole world. 10 Cruz is a person prepared to play a role on the way. ​
  19. The Benefits Of Reforming Our Senate With US Senate As Model by exegesisme US senate plays crucial role in US politics. It equally represents each state, balances and adjusts the mood of people which reflects in US House of Representatives. It deals with much farther concerns and issues related to US benefits in long run, which integrate with the current benefits of US people represented by US House of Representatives. Comparing with US political system, Canadian Senate is near to useless. Although we have the Queen Governor General system in Canada, which somehow plays partial function in Canada similarly to the role of US senate in US, we still need a Senate more similarly with US senate. With a US Senate-like Canadian Senate, the benefits of each province and each territory are represented better in federal level, and some important concerns would be much better dealt through this mechanism than any other present mechanism. The reformed Senate would have many important and powerful committees for researching and understanding Canadian benefits in long strain. And also important, each Senator has the right to run for the Prime Minister directly, which increases the mental function of the position of Prime Minister, which means each senator who has right to run for PM in future, would naturally consider each legislation in the eye of a PM. Canada should admit US political system is more advanced in both political theory and human natural expectation, which has already proved by histories of these two nations. I admit our political system has some advantage which US political system has not. My argument is all in all, today we should have an ambition to unify the advantages of these two political systems for our benefits and the benefits of our offspring in future and far future.
  20. 2016 election USA would be an election US elites make compromise to US people again.
  21. I also believe and hope Cruz would deal with all crucial elements well enough to get his campaign done.
  22. On this prediction, the attempt of Bill Clinton wanting to copy 1992 election would fail.
  23. Obama has been making US politics a fartther left change, now US politics needs a farther right change. Both toegther would make a farther foundation for US farther future.
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