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  1. Cruz On The Way, 2016 Election USA by exegesisme Cruz will win Trump first, then win Hillary, a new US President will be born on this way. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/nh/new_hampshire_republican_presidential_primary-3350.html Reason​: 1 US needs preparation for long term growth, the economic moral foundation should be laid by GOP. 2 Trump has dug US politics farther away in his campaign, no other candidates can deal with its influence well. 3 Trump himself was injured in his digging and would be injured with his attitude towards Putin, only Cruz could receive his supporters positively. 4 And also, Cruz is a very good self-disciplined candidate, and in general a very good self-disciplined person. 5 My confidence about US political system and good will for a good leadership of US and so to the world gives me some more energy to put this possibility over other possibilities.
  2. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/ia/iowa_republican_presidential_caucus-3194.html Trump vs Cruz​ ​
  3. You forget the vise President of US, its counterpart in Canadian political system also is a fault.
  4. Strengthening Canadian dollars, refining Canadian collective desires and forming new Canadian common sense, all these need direct-election-of-the-prime-minister of Canada, and the qualified candidates should be widely inclusive by encouraging Canadian people taking part in politics of Canada with greater passion. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/25400-1-federal-politics-and-the-desire-of-people/
  5. 7 Rewriting World History, ​​My Spiritual Work​​ by exegesisme 1 rewriting world history, all crimes are recorded as they are. 2 nationalist party and communist party in china are two evil groups of serious crimes, until now still have been decorating their serious crimes under name of revolution, and heavily have been twisting chinese history. both of them should be forbidden in constitution, democratic progressive party should take the duty rebuilding china. 3 all other nations should take china as example, get serious crimes in their nations being recorded as historical lessons of each nation. 4 all religions should take all nations as examples, get their serious historical crimes being recorded as they are, and reform their theologies for preventing such sorts of serious crimes reappearing in future. 5 all financial markets should take all nations and all religions as examples, get their serious crimes being accounted and recorded, the borderlines of all serious financial crimes should be very clear for preventing financial fraud. 6 all massive weapons are illegal, should be forbidden, and except some crucial preparations for dealing with natural disaster. 7 world population in total should be well controlled. all other environmental measures and human improving measures are trivial without the control of world population. 8 basic equal living rights, job importance related privileges, and contribution related awards should be equally paid attention to. new theories of politics, economy and others should on this trinity. 9 refining desires to meet more needs are welcomed, and should be supplied on priority, and serious self corruptive desires should be taken into moral or ethical observation, or be met with higher prices. 10 human beings would enjoy peaceful healthy living in a world with real liberty and true goodness. ​
  6. 6 Are They Unreal Or Real, Evil Or Good, ​​My Spiritual Work​​ by exegesisme 1 in my sleep meditation, both in sleep and in awareness, I see many different images and hear many different sounds, they are assumed with different identities. 2 some of them are my living family, classmates and friends, I am sure now they do not know their images and sounds were used in my sleep meditation by others. 3 I believe some of them are other meditators. They appear in my sleep meditation as I appear in their sleep meditation. 4 some of them called themselves gods or goddess at beginning, but I argued with them for they are not qualified with the definition of god according to the theology of Christianity. 5 there was one or two I once referred each independently as god, but each of them told me he is not perfect. 6 I met my father in dream and heard his sounds many times, each time gave me a neutral and sound help, but I do not know his position in my sleep meditation. I heard some other sounds called me son, but I do not admit I am son of any of them other than my parents. 7 some of them in some of my sleep meditation tried to give me very high positon, but I refused such position, for I know I do not meet the common human concept of such a position, or some of mythological positons apparently are very high but practically are useless. 8 the style they take in communication with me is usually very vague. they often try to make me lose confidence about them, and then send me some messages very real to recover my confidence about them. 9 for I started my style of sleep meditation along, so I do not know the situations of other meditators, I only try to understand them by imagining their possible reactions as they are in my situation, and by records in meditating literatures including bible. 10 I am sure the media of communication through sleep meditation is not electromagnetic waves. I guess gravity is more likely than dark matter or dark energy for communication in sleep meditation. For human natural sciences do not record such things yet, I call them supernatural, which I believe will be natural in future. 11 sometimes some of these sounds are very evil, their aim may be to irritate the meditator. in total, these sounds form some extreme controversies, which undermine the mental health and disturb the behavior of a meditator, and may be strategically mislead human meditator until the death of human meditator, as some poisons of alchemy of Tao were made and eaten by Taoists out of their misleading. 12 although there are some benefits to increase human understanding faculty, in total I do not suggest a person easily to try meditation. and on my experience, now the propaganda of meditation is far underestimate its dangers, and far overestimate its benefits. Some scientific observations of meditation are too shallow to make a real conclusion. human meditators also would develop some moral and ethical measures against their misleading. ​
  7. 1 Federal Politics and The Desire of People, My Theory of Collective Desire by exegesisme 1 strengthen canadian dollars in long run, let market work in short run, which means the motion of market should be in the framework of non-market in long run. 2 the framework of non-market is the infrastructure of market, a good market should has a good infrastructure. 3 the most important infrastructures of market are good education, good scientific technology and good desire of people. 4 good desire of people is even more important than good education and good scientific technology. 5 the people with good desire know how to distribute their finite resources, usually including their faculty, time and money, for meeting their needs in long run. 6 a good leadership knows how to promote the people to refine their desire, and the refined desire plays more efficient role in the behavior of people. 7 in my observation, the good leadership ultimately can only grow from a well designed political campaign. 8 really, the running of the well designed political campaign itself is the goodest way to promote the people developing and refining their desire. 9 I admire political campaign of us, Canada learns from us on a long way, maybe never has chance go ahead of us. 10 however, I still hope Canada can elect Prime Minister through direct election with many qualified runners. .
  8. 5 Collective Psychology, My Spiritual Work​​ by exegesisme 1xπ there is a master of collective psychology, whose name is trump. 2xπ he would reshape both politics and religions of us. 3xπ no matter you like him, or dislike him, you would prepare to live in his influence. 4xπ he hears the sounds directly from the grassroots. 5xπ the elites also do not dislike him, but just are not habitual with his style. 6xπ his style is compatible with human genome, which has been creating by god since 4 billion years ago. 7xπ this is the reason why his polls were higher each time against lower expectation of others. 8xπ his style showing in his campaign is a micro model of the creative evolutional process of life, and which is recorded in the genome of each human. 9xπ there was a sound called him lord in my sleep meditation, this sound was only appeared once until now. 10xπ the above is my witness, in both my sleep meditation and my clear analysis. ​
  9. 4 Definition of Exegesisme, My Spiritual Work​​ by exegesisme 1xπ exegesisme, under reference from god, in grace of god and holy time, and with words in the framework of omega theology of bible, I study, research and create my own me, for approaching my identity of future Christian, as preparation of the second coming of the Christ with his new name. 2xπ revelation3:12 him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my god, never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my god and the name of the city of my god, the new jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my god, and I will also write on him my new name. ​
  10. The secular is easier to be arrogant, case as Kantian philosophy, which started ways for communism and fascism, both are sources of wars. The knowledge of religions is too old to assist believers live a good life in 21st century, so hardly make major contribution to world peace in 21st century.
  11. Either faith of ideology nor a special existed religion can make world peace in the 21st century, so I have been creating omega theology for future Christianity to approach world peace in the 21st century. Three obstacles to world peace in the 21st century:​ 1 greedy; 2 ignorance; 3 lack of healthy creativity. Ideology and alpha theology more likely Three values to world peace in the 21st century:​ 1 sound private; 2 good order of knowledge; 3 healthy creativity. Omega theology of future Christianity pursues these values.
  12. Are you sure you read my account carefully and understand my meaning? Please read these sentences again: 9xπ let's say a person 100 years old, we know her or his photos 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago and so on. All these photos are about the same person now 100 years old. 10xπ I mean, what we know from cosmology 12 billion light years ago, 10 billion light years ago, and so on to 1 million light years ago are possibly about the same thing now where we do not know. The problem of cosmology is not about past, but is misleading. This is my key: Light year is misused as a scientific concept only for spatial distance, and might include meaning of time. Light might be hold to move in the same space repeatedly by gravity for 13 billion years.
  13. 6 Cosmology Is Not A Science, My Scientific Work​​​ by exegesisme 1xπ Human being lives in three cosmoses, one real cosmos human never knows, another cosmos as human sees directly in day and night we think it is what as we see now, and the third cosmos is the cosmos we know as cosmology tells us. 2xπ Sun is the nearest star to human, however, human can only know its information as fast as 8 minutes ago. 3​xπ The second nearest star to human is 4.24 light years away, which means we can only know its information as fast as 4.24 years ago, and we never know what it really is now. 4xπ The farthest star human can directly see is 1550 light years away, which means we can only know its information as fast as 1550 years ago, and we never know what it really is now. 5xπ The farthest object human can indirectly see is 13.2 billion light years away, which means we can only know its information as fast as 13.2 billion years ago, and we never know what it really is now. 6xπ Therefore, although the most scientific knowledge about our cosmos is the knowledge from cosmology, it can not tell us what our real cosmos is now, and it can only tell us what its history might be. 7xπ Here, I want to introduce a proposition, maybe our real cosmos is much smaller than our cosmology tells us. 8xπ Our real cosmos, now as it is, is much smaller than we know from our cosmology. Our cosmology is just a long history of our real cosmos now as it is. I mean, many different things as our cosmology tells us is actually the same thing in our real cosmos now as it is. 9xπ let's say a person 100 years old, we know her or his photos 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago and so on. All these photos are about the same person now 100 years old. 10xπ I mean, what we know from cosmology 12 billion light years ago, 10 billion light years ago, and so on to 1 million light years ago are possibly about the same thing now where we do not know. Our real cosmos at this moment we do not know and never know is very likely much smaller than what the cosmology describes it. In other words, the cosmos in cosmology is not the real cosmos at now in which we are living. Cosmology is not a science, in cosmology now we do not know what are the same and what are not the same. Cosmology now is only about some past information of our real cosmos. Light year is not a scientific concept for spatial distance, and might include meaning of time. Light might be hold to move in the same space repeatedly by gravity for 13 billion years.
  14. What you said is your problem, and also is very common thought. My theory transcends your thought too much. What I reason is for the beginning of life four billion years ago. 1 Could you think anything before a chicken and an egg, and made chicken and egg possible? 2 Do you know anything before the first modern computer and made modern computer possible?
  15. As you said, that is just your feeling! Could you show any evidence of the same theory before my theory about the origin of life?
  16. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/2016_republican_presidential_nomination-3823.html Trump achieved new high, 41% nationally. A real change of USA has been happening.
  17. 3 Omega Theology Indexing Spiritual Resources, My Spiritual Work​​ by exegesisme 1xπ revelation 21:1 then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea. 2xπ revelation 21:5 he who was seated on the throne said: I am making everything new. then he said: write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true. 3xπ revelation 22:13 I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. 4xπ my omega theology is on the words above, and views all other theologies as alpha theologies. 5xπ my omega theology is for the new heaven and new earth, and everything new. 6xπ my omega theology is indexing human spiritual resources, which in turn are indexing human intellectual resources, and both of them will cooperate with god creates everything new in future for new heaven and new earth. 7xπ my pure symbolism with my sleep meditation is the way for my omega theology, with them sleep meditators would see and talk with the angels of god about their spiritual homework, of which my omega theology is one example, and supernatural internet of things may be another. 8xπ some of the angels are fallen angels, so sleep meditators should be very careful, gradient salvations are only after gradient overcomes against the fallen angels. 9xπ holy father, holy son and holy mother are holy three in perfect one, holy mother represents the tree of life and holy time and holy spirit , for no life can be without a mother, and anything in time is a life, with a beginning and a course and an end. 10xπ for the bible already told about holy father and holy son, my teaching with my omega theology is mainly about holy mother. my teaching is a new framework for exegesis of the same bible, and as a preparation for the second come of the Christ. ​
  18. its-cruz-not-trump-who-looks-more-like-the-favorite-to-win-gop-primary
  19. This thread was created from a requirement in a dream, and was admired by a dream I had just now which marked my achievement in my sleep meditation.
  20. 2 Pure Symbolism Assisted Western Civilization, My Spiritual Work​ By exegesisme 1 western civilization is the most advanced civilization of human being. 2 the most advanced means survived from the hardest fights, which include the cold war, the second world war, and the first world war only in the last century. 3 these fights are destiny, for they were from the core of western civilization, the fights between Christ and anti-Christ. 4 in each hope of western civilization, there is a Christ to help realize the hope, there also is an anti-Christ to refuse or to twist the realization. 5 the fate of human future depends on the way of fight between Christ and anti-Christ. 6 I have been experiencing a new way to witness the fight between Christ and anti-Christ, this time communism, Buddhism, Kantian philosophy, history and terrorism join in the side of anti-Christ. 7 I have overcome all of them spiritually by pure symbolism assisted western civilization, and created a new theology for a new denomination named as omega Christianity. 8 speaking simply, pure symbolism assisted western civilization is a system of new symbols with only few aesthetically advanced immediate understanding meaning as a carrier, refining all good meanings from western civilization to endow the system of symbols, and at the same time keeping compatible with other traditions. 9 in the pure symbolism assisted western civilization, Christ can keep position upon anti-Christ quietly and peacefully by words, anti-Christ has no way to return the position. 10 I believe god would choose the pure symbolism assisted western civilization for human future.
  21. 1 Words For A Good Muslim, My Spiritual Work​ By exegesisme 1 what is the core of quran? the words of god through the mouth of the prophet. 2 what is the core of hadith? the calculus of the prophet through the words of the people. 3 what is the function of the calculus? the islam on the words in quran and hadith. 4 what is the core of the islam? an effective way for an effective goal. 5 what is the most effective? a peaceful way for a peaceful goal. 6 what is the most effective and the most peaceful? a good muslim quietly fights with the power of words. 7 why is quietness important? quietness let you use the lest energy for the most detail. 8 why is fight important? fight let you learn good from evil. 9 you are a good muslim only after you can learn good from evil. 10 now you are a protector of good with calculus of goodness, which is god asks for the ultimate judgement.
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