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  1. You should discuss on my major reason. I did not say "DNA being the original form of life", what my proposition is "a small peace of DNA was the earliest and simplest life". Their works are just some material for my proposition. And even my proposition is not the major topic of this thread. The major topic of this thread is the title: The Reproduction of The Earliest And Simplest Life. I believe I accounted the major topic contributively to scientific knowledge, and no one else accounted this form of life, and this form of reproduction at the very beginning of life on earth. You forget science always grows from hypothesis. I believe I provided a new and sound theory for scientists to discuss, and finally they will agree with me, for this is the most likely way of the origin of life.
  2. One more information. My hypothesis is more advanced than theirs, and answers the origin of the earliest life directly.
  3. This is my judgement on my inspiration from my sleep meditation with scientific common sense. Just now I looked for and found some information for you.
  4. History is in its records. Our future is from our view of these records.
  5. 2016 Election Should Debate For Real Solution On Real Issue​s By Exegesisme 1 the moods of peoples may be driven by many transient factors, the social institutions have the duty to rule the moods of peoples into the efforts for a real solution of real issues. 2 safety is always a fundamental concern for all existence, which should not be twisted to lose balance by momentum from any transient factors. 3 a strategy of safety should always be considered as a whole solution on all issues of safety, any special issue of safety should be considered on its relative importance to the whole solution. 4 for a whole solution of all issues of safety, I think all these factors should be considered on its importance. http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/usa/suicide 5 even only to the categories of homicide, suicide and accidents, there were 180,000 deaths in 2013 in USA. The 2016 election should debate how to decrease this number as most as possible, and should not be twisted to a few rare but striking events. If the attention is twisted, a solution may be good for one reason but bad for other reasons, then as a whole the solution may not make a proper contribution to the decrease of the whole number.
  6. 5 The Reproduction of The Earliest And Simplest Life, My Scientific Work​​ By Exegesisme ​ 1 more than four billion years ago, a small peace of DNA was the earliest and simplest life. 2 the first small peace of DNA was formed naturally in grace of god, which means the natural conditions were created directly or indirectly by god. 3 god also created a natural mechanism similarly as the polymerase chain reaction of human science. 4 the day for high temperature, in which the double chains separated into single chains; the night for low temperature, in which new single chains were formed on the model of existed single chains, and paired with them to form new double chains; this process in cycles as day and night, and slightly different with weather and climate on seasons, years and other less regular factors. 5 such small double chains might be the earliest and simplest form of life on earth. From then to now, weather and climate are important to lives on earth.
  7. Justin Trudeau Owes An Apologize to Conservative​ By exegesisme http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-defends-nannies-1.3358162 I agree Justin Trudeau needs the tax dollars as child care benefit for his children, but disagree his attacks on the universal child care benefit of conservative, and also disagree his answer is enough for the question from the conservative MP Karen. For justifying the current needs of his family and his behavior to meet the needs, he needs also to make an apologize to conservative for his wrong attacks on the issue of universal child care benefit in the last federal campaign.
  8. More than 2 centuries ago, the constitution of USA had born from the civilized achievements of words then, the future of USA should be born from the civilized achievements of words in our very era. More than one and a half millennia ago, Islam had born from the civilized achievements of words then, the future of Islam should again born from the civilized achievements of words in our very era. So do all nations and traditions. To those who unfortunately have not a civilized achievement of words before, now you are fortunate to rebuild your future with all civilized achievements of words in our very era.
  9. To Fighters of US and Islam​ 1 By Exegesisme fighting with words the way of god your constitution your Koran on the way of god not fighting with armaments the way of evil without armaments you would be you finally without words you would not be any more 1 this poem is on requirement from sleep meditation
  10. "Propose Law: Canada is the center of the world." I heard very clearly in my sleep meditation just now. I, as a Canadian citizen, record this message here with my humblest soul.
  11. In sleep meditation just now, the supernatural teacher induced to learn the G-spot. Its position is backward than usual, more benefit for pregnancy, and felt with a shape of streaks or strings. The teacher named as 色子, in English means Colour-on, according to her own introduction.
  12. Just now I understood the de-modifiers of gravitational message, one of them is the third eye, which is experienced by many high level human meditators.
  13. Just now I got the principle how to record messages with graviton as I meditated on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uGZdo-fsjI. This principle I have wondered for many years.
  14. My harvest in sleep meditation just now is inner nature of nucleon, and understand the reason why human scientists can not see quarks. Quarks should exist in gluon, and can not without gluon. When a nucleon is destroyed, quarks with gluon are destroyed so quickly, scientists have not time to watch them. This breakthrough is on work of many years.
  15. My model of the structure of atomic nuclei to now I have examined on about one third of all stable isotopes of all elements, the compatibility between the structure and its binding energy of each isotope is very well, a more beautiful structure is usually more stable, and with a larger binding energy. But also there are special cases, in these cases, a larger binding energy does not mean a stable isotope, and I also have found the reason why these unusual cases exist.
  16. My scientific training is in medicine, chemistry and physics are my love. My model includes major advantages of the following nine models. The most advantage of my model is for understanding radiation in detail. http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/watkins/nuclearstruct.htm
  17. The key concept is the binding relation. There are all stable binding relations among nuclei in a stable atom, and any unstable relation would cause radiation until achieved the state of all stable relations.
  18. Just now I studied, meditated on the cubic structures of nuclei of Pb 204 and Hg 200, and discovered them. The cubic structure of nucleus of Pb 204 is less symmetrical than the cubic structure of nucleus of Hg, which is perfectly symmetrical, theoretically the binding energy of Pb 204 should also be less than the binding energy of Hg 200. I looked for their binding energies. Pb 204 is 7.8799 Mev per nucleon, Hg 200 is 7.9058 Mev per nucleon, the relation of their binding energies meets the prediction and associates the difference of their structures.
  19. 4 Fundamental Changes of Science Will Be Very Soon, My Scientific Work​​ By Exegesisme 1 Fundamental changes of science will be very soon. 2 I am discovering the structure of atomic nuclei and a crucial progress was made recently. The structures of atomic nuclei such as Ca, Fe, Ni and so on are as clear as the structure of molecules in front of me, the positions of every proton and neutron are careful arranged in my model of atomic nuclei. 3 The modern physics has been built fundamentally on mistaking principles, their validities will be recounted on new principles. 4 Sleep meditation will become the most fundamental mothed of scientific research and other human important practises. 5 Some results now are already well prepared for journalism to make big news.
  20. My expression "the condition of some people in minorities" include all your three categories. I am thinking about a designed civilization to cover all of them and other issues such as suicide and accidents. ​ http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/usa/suicide http://www.suicide.org/suicide-statistics.html ​ The rate of suicide in USA decreased from 13.2 in 1950 to 10.4 in 2000, and then increased again to 12.6 (per 100 000 population) in 2013, the period of increase is overlapping with the war against terrorism, which now we know the effect of the war globally is zero. The rate of homicide in USA is in process of decreasing, but still is much higher than other advanced nations, new approach may be needed for making the decreasing process continuously. The gun control as you mentioned, is a way to prevent things worsen, but may hardly make any meaningful contribution to improve the relevant conditions. ​
  21. http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/04/politics/donald-trump-poll-cnn-orc-national/index.html The third time up of Trump.​ ​
  22. http://sites.nationalacademies.org/cs/groups/dbassesite/documents/webpage/dbasse_083892.pdf ​The History of Homicide in the U.S. ​ More information on the above webpage. 1 In a summary, the accountabilities of the government is key to decrease the rate of homicide. 2 The rate of homicide is in tendency of decrease in recent 20 years, although the rate of mass shootings is in tendency of increase. This converse is unusual, and may mean something. Directly, it may mean the condition of general improvement with the condition of some people in minorities is not improved, and even at least relatively worsen. This view is compatible with the opinion in the main post.
  23. The Increasing Mass Shootings In US Mark Human New Era By exegesisme http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/where-san-bernardino-ranks-among-the-deadliest-shootings-in-us-history/ar-AAfXkfb?fullscreen=true#image=1 1 This information shows the deadliest ​12 mass shootings since 1949 in US, half of them happened in recent 10 years, the rate increases from once ten years to more than once two years. 2 What most remarkably happened in recent 10 years? That is the war against terrorism. 3 I believe the model of the war against terrorism causes US inner tension, which would flow and accumulate in the society. The tension decreases the wellbeing of general people in US, and accumulates in special ones. 4 Once other factors gather together, would breakthrough the borderline of the most tolerance of a weak and violent soul, and trigger a mass shooting. 5 I believe it is the time to discuss the model against terrorism, which should not decrease the wellbeing of general people, should not increase the tension of the whole society, and should prevent the weakest links be broken. Considering the rising of ISIS and so many citizens take part in it from western nations, I believe the model now in using is absolutely failed. 6 I study the information again, I find more details of the deadliest mass shootings. Their distribution in time is following: from 1949 to 1983, 2 times with 29 total dead in 34 years; from 1984 to 2006, 4 times with 71 total dead in 22 years; from 2007 to 2015, 6 times with 110 total dead in only 9 years. 7 The increasing tendency is very obvious with the three periods. What is most remarkable for the three periods? Maybe, from 1949 to 1983 is before information era, from 1984 to 2006 is the growth of information era, from 2007 to 2015 and hereafter is post information era. 8 In the post information era, it is much easy to look for information of any thing, and so to do any thing much easy, doing good things, doing bad things, and doing evil things are becoming easier. Everyone are much more powerful than before. 9 Therefore, the wellbeing of everyone, and the morality and ethics of everyone are more important to the whole being than before. The tragedy of one is more likely decreasing the wellbeing of others. 10 The inequality before emerges so obvious and so striking in eyes of everyone, the old answer can not explain the actual and fast naked facts. Therefore, the increased rate of the deadliest mass shootings is only a striking mark for the change of era. Everyone should confront we are in a new era with new traits, we contribute its issues and also are part of its answers. We are condemned to change ourselves, no one can escape.
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