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  1. My identity is male, only my compassion is for good female, especially good girl.
  2. 5 The Important Role of Mother in Future, My Study with Sleep Meditation​ By Exegesisme 1 the influence of early stage on a person is still heavily ignored. 2 the influence of mother on early stage is still heavily ignored. 3 the influence of a girl on her own development to be a mother is still heavily ignored. 4 the influence of a society on a girl is still heavily ignored. 5 we should have a culture which encourages a girl to be a good mother. 6 we need the love of a mother for her children. 7 we need to see human society from the love of a mother. 8 the most benefit investment is the social investment to encourage a girl to be a good mother. 9 A girl with an ideal to be a good mother for her children is more important than to be a good lover for her husband. 10 A girl with beloved knowledge to nurture her children is more important than to do any other job.
  3. Your prediction may be true, no a lot of responses. Your reason may not true, because I ask for every real answer from every real Canadian soul, no matter what the answer is and who the person is, so long as with a real Canadian soul. And a real non-partisan answer can only achieved after the reflection of all partisan answers and meet their just partisan needs.
  4. Thanks. I learn from the discussion until now, Canadians and their youths need a non-partisan youth service program. So, a next question is: How to build a non-partisan youth service program? I believe more concerns about this program, which may be more likely none partisan, less concerns about this program, which may be less likely none partisan. So, a farther question is: What should the standard be to distinguish a partisan youth service program and a non-partisan youth service program?
  5. This answer is not enough. You are in hope of a more constructive opposite in eye of Canadian youths.
  6. Ok, let's approach this way, what do you want to do for Canadian youths if the power is in your hands? Would you reason any practical relationship between your future and the future of Canadian youths? What do you want to do if you hope to change this relationship?
  7. What Do You Hope of A Youth Service Program of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? By Exegesisme ​In the mandate letter, a Youth Service Program is mentioned, under the goal: Increase the number of good quality, permanent jobs for younger workers. I am interested in the Youth Service Program. I wonder how this program means for Canadian youth, and what do Canadian youth and general Canadian hope of this program. So, my questions are: What Do You Hope of A Youth Service Program of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Should the program be more than "Increase the number of good quality, permanent jobs for younger workers"? If should, what do you hope to add into it?
  8. No, you are wrong, I do not want to see any claim of communism, they all are of evil, of violence, or of cheat. You try to define a Jew in new ways, which I do not think the majority of Jews will agree with you exactly. However, I also notice the diversity in your account about Jews, and I agree this diversity of Jews, and also agree in some degree this diversity is an advantage of Jews.
  9. If you want to try to separate communists from commies, you will find you get nothing, no matter in your imagination or in your actuality. Even Karl, he is such a commie in your mouth, even that biggest one, but not a communist on any real standard.
  10. Even on your account, capitalism will be much later to be there.
  11. 4 Canadian Liberal and Canadian Conservative, My Study with Sleep Meditation​ By Exegesisme 1:58 AM 2015-11-22​ 1 Canadian style is more conservative than American style, this is an advantage of Canada on criteria of quality life. 2 So, Canadian liberalism on Canadian nationality, is more conservative than American liberalism. 3 Conservative in my eye, is making the greatest achievement with the least change or efforts, in other words, the most efficiency. 4 So, Canadian style conservative is not for no change, but is for most valuable change. 5 As Canadian conservative looks chance for the most valuable change, maybe loses the chance for the second valuable changes. 6 So, the mission of Canadian liberalism, is carrying on the second valuable changes along the way looking for the most valuable change. 7 Canadian conservative prefers to keep resource for the most valuable change, and Canadian liberal prefers to use resource in the second valuable changes. If this is not their marked difference now, this should be their marked difference in future, and this marked difference should lead other differences. 8 So, the most second valuable changes are done by Canadian liberal, which leaves Canadian conservative more momentum to make the most valuable change. 9 But the time may not be sure to provide them the chance in this way, the time may assign Canadian liberal the chance for the most valuable change, and leaves the second valuable changes for Canadian conservative. 10 This account is in grace of god.
  12. 3 Science of Word, My Study with Sleep Meditation​ By Exegesisme 1:45 PM 2015-11-21​ 1 John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 According to my experience of my study with sleep meditation, the Word knows everything meaningfully to her. She pays attention to me to guide my work. I use the words she and her to represent the character of the Word. The word her represents her identity, the word she represents her intention-attention system at each moment. 3 I found usual human words and grammars are not enough as I tried to express more meaningfully after I studied much human knowledge. I invented a new style of poetry as my grammar of expression, and many words with sounds but without meaning. 4 I used these meaningless words in my new style poems, and tried to taste, feel and sense what sort of delicate meaning would appear. Through this account I opened the door of the testament of meaning. 5 I have been noticing a new language is emerging in my account of poetry with sources from present English and present Chinese. The language is deconstructing the old meaning world and is constituting a new meaning world. 6 The new meaning world is nearer to the pure meaning world of the Word, so everything is more accountable, more responsible and more liberty in the new meaning world than in the old meaning world. 7 Accountability is key, not only to person of human, but also to per-being of everything. 8 My new language is building on the science of the Word, and will provide ideas, methods and materials to the formal sciences and other theoretical sciences. 9 My experience is meta-empirical, which means essentially empirical, and is the experience to understand other empirical experiences. 10 This account is not in new language, but some meanings are from new language.
  13. 2 Duality, My Study with Sleep Meditation​ By Exegesisme 8:35 PM 2015-11-20​ 1 I read the webpage missioned before. This time I noticed the concept duality in expression: a powerful tool called “duality”. A group of children sounds, which have been in my deep left ear since a sound told me they would be here several years ago, cried "they don't know the meaning of duality". 2 I lay down on bed and tried to get some meaning of duality. Many sounds appeared in my mind, but none of them means a lot about duality. So I got up, and made study on internet again. 3 This time I got a meaning as following: a special relationship between two elements in a wholeness, the whole influences are the same as their positions are exchanged; or a special relationship of two changes to the same wholeness, their influences to the same wholeness are the same. 4 I lay down on bed again and had a dream. In the dream, maybe in a room in a hospital, I saw a test result on a table was treated specially. I asked why, many sounds explained, no explanation was the same. 5 I woke up, still lay on bed, and my eyes were lazily closed. I was asked by a silent meaning in my mind to explain the dream. My silent explanation got a sound "c" in my mind. I explained again. 6 A while, in my inner vision, a young black man appeared in a room with an attitude of very obvious confidence. "Comment this young lord", a mild male sound asked. The name Carson appeared in my mind, I had not obvious physiological reaction. 7 A while, the name Obama appeared in my mind, I saw some spherical waves in my eyes. Sometime later, the names King and Mandela appeared in my mind, both caused physiological reactions on me. 8 The word duality, the dream, and the vision after sleep would share some meaning similarly, I believe. Each of them could be seen as a symbol with many different meanings, each is proper in its situation. 9 This might be a form of general understanding. 10 This record might be seen as a home exercise of me on super understanding to supernatural being.
  14. 1 M-Theory Non-Perturbative Region, My Study with Sleep Meditation By Exegesisme 2:27 PM 2015-11-20​ ​ 1 I read the mother of all superstrings from the website http://mkaku.org/home/articles/m-theory-the-mother-of-all-superstrings/​ 2 I felt it is important as I read a concept as non-perturbative region, which appears in the sentence: But until recently, there has been a glaring weak spot: string theorists have been unable to probe all solutions of the model, failing miserably to examine what is called the “non-perturbative region,”... 3 I tried to fix this idea by myself. I thought it is not the center of the universe, which is center, the gravities from all directions are balanced here, so the composition of forces is zero, and an any other trivial force can act on the universal center, makes the composition of forces become non zero, and then makes the center of the universe move a little, no matter how little it is. 4 so the non-perturbative region may be at the very edge of the universe. Any particle there may be pulled by gravities from all other particles from the same side, so the composition of forces is large enough to make it hardly feel one other trivial force. I guess the very edge region of the universe may be very likely the non-perturbative region of M-Theory. 5 then I went to sleep, tried to see what the supernatural being tells me. 6 I lay on bed, and fell into sleep faster than usual. 7 I see I stand in a classroom, and there are a few other students in the same classroom. I try to bend to do something, but I fell down into the air without touching the floor. My body is in the shape of Cleopatra in the film Cleopatra, as she is carried on the should of others and sent to in the front of Caesar. My body keeps straight and moves around in the air of the classroom. Meanwhile, I hear a familiar woman sound about something of a meal. A while later, I hear a peaceful and warm and unfamiliar woman sound in Chinese 信赖, in English means trust. 8 I wake up, and try to feel the farther meaning of trust. A great trust should mean this way, your trust ultimately works for you. As you trust, your soul is on the peace of trust, your sound is in the calm of trust, your behavior is on the way of trust. 9 ultimately, you trust your soul, you trust your sound, you trust your behavior. 10 others you trust, ultimately are around your soul, around your sound, around your behavior, no matter transiently on each moment where are they.
  15. As a tone of following discussion, I like to tell you some of your information is very important. Thank you for your attention and serious attitude. Good and evil are two opposite values, their meanings according to bible the book genesis, god knows first, human learns to know. I agree. ​ You may be true at about 10% degree. ​ There is a line of super nature, the science community knows, but can not prove. Entertaining ways are also important in the area of emotions at sometimes. Here is on the key issue. Did you mean some clear facts of history by your expression "some clear truth of history"? I believe the evolution of the words along the way of the Word. As theoretical mathematics? As good and evil exist in nature, then they do not exist in human civilization? As good and evil are flipped on their ends, we are very hard to fix them, then we should give up our efforts? I try to taste the whole tone of the bible, not only the earlier wanderers. Don't forget book revelation 21:6, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End." Would you try to touch the deep beginning with the up quote? The information in down quote is very important, which means faith should be useful, and the Jews is the people who first understood worshiping idol is worse more than useful. Here is very complex, where lay the reason I try to feel good politics from evil politics, at the same time deconstruct the reason of terrorism. You can not say "I am only who I am", for you are limited and in change, you should account yourself in certain way certain situation. Your explanation for you is acceptable, for the expression is unacceptable. Do you mean you do not worship god by your expression "I am no god"? Your following claim is too arrogant on your account above. One more question, your expression: I might repeat, "I am only who I am" too. Where did you say it other than here?
  16. Thank you. But why did they disappear from the sub forum Moral and Ethical Issues? like the following one The Reunion Of Altruism And Selfishness On Selfish Morali...​
  17. Here you showed your skeptic passion of your own imagination, nothing is related directly to my account. Although your question is out the topic of this thread, I still try to give you an answer. I use numbers for the clearance and efficiency of ​my expression, as simple as this. No compulsion, no numerology. However, from eye of human civilization and modern science, words including numbers are really powerful. The power of words and numbers are true and real, rather than magical. Can you imagine a human civilization without words and numbers? In the book John, verse 1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God". Just on this meaning, I promote spiritual conflicts. I believe this is the goodest way for human being to confront terrorism with religious reason and all other human issues. I wish you can get my meaning. Here I refine the key concepts for you. 1 role of good politics, 2 example of good politics, 3 new spiritual value, source and role, 4 confronting idol worship, 5 value of personal spiritual war. And 5 in 1, power of words.
  18. In sub forum Moral & Ethical Issues​, I can not find my several well organized threads, the viewpoints of them are from my deep reflection. Where are they now?
  19. 14 Spiritual Conflict Is The Mother of Good Politics, Political Philosophy for Human Future By Exegesisme 1 human civilization can only developed from good politics, evil politics should be deconstructed and then reconstituting in history and thought, only after that can make contribution to human civilization. 2 spiritual conflict is the core of bible, and makes good politics. Traditionally, good politics is not without violence, but with limited violence of good reason, and achieves good stage with limited violence. 3 spiritual conflict is through reflection and speech in form of well organized spiritual debate, refines and creates new spiritual value from old ones. New spiritual value opens the door of future, and new human civilization grows around new spiritual value. 4 spiritual conflict is the form of good righteous non-idol worship, is the way to receive the grace of god. Religious violence is sure to be a form of idol worship. Any violence of religious reason is equal to worshiping idol, and no grace of god to idol worship. The winner and audience of good spiritual conflict should provide compassion and console to the loser of good spiritual conflict. 5 if you believe you are good and righteous, but be treated unjustly, fight your spiritual war. Done every preparation to avoid any violence, you will win your spiritual war. Even if possible to lose, but you will gain compassion and console in this situation, and you might also be possible to see a new you growing from the lose of your old one. ​
  20. The proletariat was just a tool in eye of Karl Marx, he deliberately agitated hate of proletariat towards capitalists and governments, aimed at the liberation of Jews from the religious conflicts through denying its position at the core of civilization and history, and trying to replace it with class conflicts.
  21. No. Capitalism is good more than evil. Even with scrutiny, you can only hope a title as How to Improve Capitalism.
  22. 13 That Evil History of Communism, Political Philosophy for Human Future​ By Exegesisme 1 Now it is very clear in my reflection, that addiction of communism regime was concocted by a Jew named Karl Marx for liberation of Jews out of religious conflicts, by replacing the position of religious conflicts with class conflicts. The civilized good religious conflicts are the real driver of the creative evolution of human civilization, rather than evil class conflicts. 2 Carl Marx did that work by evilly taking use of two human arrogant processes in his era, first arrogant process of Kantian evil philosophy to put human as end and tried to trap god in a region Kant defined, second arrogant process of human war armed with capitalism and scientific technology on nature and society. 3 Western civilization has cognitive faculty to insight that evil addiction of communism and has avoided that evil end of communism of Karl Marx. 4 That core of Chinese civilization is fa school, which takes evil as human nature and has developed an evil system which has been taken use as core of all systems of all Chinese rulers since that emergence of fa school. That evil is nature and fa school takes use of that evil nature. 5 That evil core of Chinese traditional civilization concocted with that evil core of communism had concocted Chinese communism party, that evil party apparently still takes evil communism as its end which actually is only a disguise took by that party to cover its evil and ugly behavior.
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