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  1. I try to imagine you try to. ​However, how do you do as the reaction of others out of your expectation?
  2. Now, let's look for its cause or causes. Do you think its your scratchy made it disappear, or it disappeared by itself, or something else made it disappear?
  3. Now you fall into your own controversy. Your one principle is, "They should do as they like as long as it doesn't harm anyone", your another principle is, your speaking making others uncomfortable feeling makes you feel good.
  4. Do you think how others think about you when your speaking makes them uncomfortable feeling?
  5. It is your feeling in your skin. Do you define it as comfortable or uncomfortable?
  6. So, do you think they should worship themselves as you worship yourself? And how do you feel when your speaking makes worse feeling of others?
  7. Let's return to now, do you feel comfortable for everything in the world?
  8. What's your sense when you worship your own?
  9. However, you use your words in your thinking, speaking, writing actively everyday, and even you want to use them more powerfully, don't you?
  10. Do you think everyone are just comfortable in their own skin now at this moment?
  11. The Word according to the bible. My words study and try to live in the light of the Word, for the eternal life promised by the Word.
  12. How do you think before the big bang, and beyond the universe?
  13. You make even much more chaos. I worship the Word. You worship your own. Don't you think they aren't the same?
  14. Answer yes is arrogant, and answer unknown is getting rid of your right. It is a crucial topic for study of anyone who desires to follow the Word.
  15. Then, how can you understand others?
  16. Not mojo, but follow the Word and measure all others with the Word.
  17. Do you think the created can define its creator?
  18. Your understanding is of the word, not of the Word. If you understand of the Word, you will modify the imperfection of the word by the perfection of the Word, which is the force for the progress of human civilization. As an example, about murder: Revelation 19 (read the whole thing, especially verse 13-15 & 20-21) Do you know the meaning of "the sword coming out of the mouth"?
  19. Please read this verse. The Spirit of truth, in my understanding, is much more than the teaching in the church today, and is what should guides the scholarship today.
  20. According to the verses: All human thoughts are from the Word. No matter a thinker is aware or not aware this truth. The verses above tell that the light of all mankind in my understanding include all good inspirations of all good thinkers.
  21. This is actual. However, this is not enough. If the ethic is only concerning reciprocity, then how about what is beyond the reciprocity? So the Word has been creating Christianity.
  22. Please show me the verses which on your view support your claim "There are also many of the teachings of Jesus Christ that I outright objet to: slavery, murder, abandoning my children to follow him, etc.".
  23. Atheists are idolatry of beliefs of their own or each other's, so they have not superior stance to any good faith of the Word. What you are right is that whenever they reason successfully in common sense, the common sense is really formed in a good faith of the Word. Atheists in my concept are not only refer to who identify them as atheists, but also refer to the images derived from the world, even they are in the mind of a theist.
  24. Education is important in faith of the Word, and will go wrongly if without faith of the Word. Logical positivism, which depends on language, logicism and empiricism, is proved not enough even in scientific area. In my topic, http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/25166-science-is-not-truth/, I reason that science is not truth. If science is not truth, then what is truth? My answer is the Word.
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